Any kind of outing is pretty cool if you have got a solar charger. Absolutely, it keeps you always powered and connected to the world. No doubt, solar is the most reliable and easily accessible power source when you are on the move. What about a folding solar charger? We have a list of the best foldable solar chargers below. A folding solar charger is ultra-portable and handy as you can fold it down and store neatly in your backpack.

Best Foldable Solar Chargers

Surely, a folding solar charger gives you more freedom in wild than a flat glass or metal solar panel. Typically, it comes with foldable arrays of solar panels. They are usually PET polymer solar cells that are sewn into durable polyester canvases, making sure ruggedness and portability at the same time.

The best foldable solar chargers must be ideal for all climate conditions and terrains. You might come across rainy, dusty or other rough condition as you are on a camping or hiking. Hence, if you get a great foldable solar charger capable to withstand worse conditions, it should be the best to take for your camping and hiking trips.

10 Best Foldable Solar Chargers 2018

We have compiled a list of the best foldable solar chargers after a research on all major retail sites. Of course, two important things we have considered for the selection are popularity and design uniqueness. Therefore, it would be easy for you to find the best folding solar charger in the industry.

A foldable solar charger is typically a plug-and-play solution. That means you can just put it in sunlight, connect to your gadget and juice it up directly. Definitely, there are solar chargers with battery backup as well. When it comes to a solar charger with battery, it gives you an extra advantage. That is, you can store some power for later use. Yes, you don’t need to expose your valuable gadgets to the sun heat for charging.

1. Sokoo 22W Folding Solar Charger

We would like to start this list with Sokoo’s cool dual USB folding solar charger. This three-layered 22W solar charger sports SunPower’s highly-efficient solar cells. In addition, crafted with high-wear, rugged PVC fabric, the solar charger is perfect for use in rough outdoor conditions. So this product looks an amazing choice for those who take part in water sports and hike into rainy, dusty, and high humidity weather conditions.

Check Price and Buy @ Sokoo 22W Folding Solar Charger

Like all other plug-and-play solar chargers, this model highlights a built-in chip to regulate solar charging. See, that helps intelligently identify your devices and accordingly adjust the charging speeds. So, don’t worry about the safety of your valuable phone or tablet while getting charged under the sunlight. Thus, per port, you get 2.4A max at 5V DC or 3.3A maximum power as a whole. Use the link above to buy a unit of the charger.

2. Anker 21W PowerPort Folding Solar Charger

This Anker solar charger is the most popular one in our list of the best foldable solar chargers. Amazingly, over 1000 customers have posted their comments under this product on Amazon with an awesome star rating. The lovely thing with this 21-watt dual USB solar charger is its extremely rugged design. Anker has crafted it with industrial-grade PET polymer-faced solar cells. They are sewn into the highly durable polyester canvas.

Check Price and Buy @ Anker 21W Folding Solar Charger

Of course, those materials offer extra durability for the solar charger. In addition, you get the solar charger in a very compact and lightweight size. It is also easy-to-use for campers. See, the Anker solar charger highlights stainless steel-secured eye-holes on all corners. They let you simply rug it up to virtually any surface like a tent, window, RV, boat, or bicycle. Use the link above to buy a unit of the folding solar charger.

3. Nekteck 20W Folding Solar Charger

The next one on our list of the best foldable solar chargers comes from Nekteck. It is a stylish 20-watt folding solar charger with three layers of high-efficiency SunPower solar cells. Well, the neatly-designed portable solar charger is capable to offer up to 21% to 24% of conversion rate, claims its maker. It features dual USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time under the sunlight.

Check Price and Buy @ Nekteck 20W Folding Solar Charger

To ensure faster and safe charging of your devices, it features a built-in smart IC chip. It will guarantee secure charging of the connected gadgets by identifying the same automatically. Fine, charging speed of this charger can go up to 2.0A max per USB port or 3.0A max as a whole. This ultra-thin solar charger is also highly portable and camper-friendly. Use the link above to get a unit of the Nekteck folding solar charger.

4. BigBlue 28W Foldable Solar Charger

It is a four-layered foldable solar charger with a 28W output. With the good solar efficiency of 21.5 to 23.5%, it could offer enough juice to power your gadgets on the go under the sun. Thanks to its dual USB ports, you can connect multiple devices to it at the same time. By the way, the built-in smart chip ensures a stable flow of solar energy like all other folding solar chargers on the market today.

Check Price and Buy @ BigBlue 28W Portable Solar Charger

Certainly, the BigBlue foldable solar charger is quite ideal for rough outdoor uses. It is made waterproof and highly durable with the use of high-wear PET polymer material. Anyways, the important thing that makes it different from the crowd is its increased solar output at higher conversion rate. Still, it is an ultra-thin and extremely lightweight solar charger so it is easy for campers to carry it along hassle-free.

5. PowerGreen 21W Portable Solar Charger

Here comes yet another cool model of the best foldable solar chargers 2018. Feature-wise, it actually keeps almost the same attributes of all the above models. Remarkable facts about the model, however, include its great durability, ultra-thin design and high performance three layers of SunPower mono solar cells.                                             Check Price and Buy @ PowerGreen 21W Solar Charger |

The PowerGreen 21W solar charger is also waterproof and rugged in nature. Made with PET polymer panels, it is very much compatible with rough uses outdoors. It can resist all tough situations out in the wild like rain, dust, and shock. Thanks to dual USB ports, you can use it to juice up multiple gadgets at the same time.

6. TalentCell 24W Foldable Solar Charger

TalentCell’s foldable solar charger is truly a versatile solar charger. It differs from other models in the list with a range of accessories. Well, it comes with several cables and wires as well as a pair of alligator clips. Plus, it touts a built-in charge controller to support a variety of batteries other than just phones and tablets.                                                 Check Price and Buy @ TalentCell 24W Solar Charger

The SunPower solar cell-featuring solar charger is a 4-layer unit. It can offer 24W solar energy at a conversion rate of 21.5% to 23.5%. Like all other models, it also boasts an intelligent overcharge protection technology to safeguard connected gadgets. Notably, another nice thing with the solar charger is its three USB ports.

7. iSnshineTech 28W Folding Solar Charger

It is another cool lightweight solar charger with three solar layers. Different from the above models, it sports a large bag with a zipper to let you store your gadget safely during charging. Sure, exposure to sunlight during charging is not good for your gadgets. Hence, it is a cool idea to get this iSunshineTech solar charger as it touts a big pocket to accommodate your gadget. Use the link below to buy a unit of the charger. 

Check Price and Buy @ iSunShineTech 28W Solar Charger

With a number stainless-steel-secured rope holes, you can easily rug it up to your camping tent, RV, and boat. It is actually a 28W solar charger with all advanced features including rugged build and high solar conversion rate. That is why it is on our list of the best foldable solar chargers.

8. Suaoki Portable 25W Solar Phone Charger

It is one of top-selling best foldable solar chargers on our list today. Fine, it is seen that quite a lot of customers have bought it and shared positive notes on all key retail sites. The main features of the Suaoki solar charger include 25W high-efficiency output, thanks to SunPower mono solar cells. And it features a built-in TIR-C smart IC chip for ensuring a stable and secure flow of energy.                                                    Check Price and Buy @ Suaoki 25W Solar Phone Charger

By the way, the Suaoki folding solar charger also touts dual USB ports so you can tether two devices together to charge from the sun. When it comes to durability, like all other similar chargers, this model is also built with rugged and sturdy materials. Moreover, it is waterproof and dustproof as well. That means, there is nothing to worry about using it even by a poolside or in a rainy condition.

9. AllPowers 60W Folding Solar Panel

It is a highly powerful item on our list of best foldable solar chargers 2018. As its name speaks, the AllPowers solar charger is a 60-watt model with dual 5V USB ports and an 18V DC port. So, apart from your handhelds, you can also charge your laptop and other DC devices with the 9-layered large folding solar charger.

Check Price and Buy @ AllPowers 60W Folding Solar Panel

The key attractions of the AllPowers solar charger include its use of the iSolar technology to ensure faster and safe charging of your devices. The next is that it highlights SunPower’s high-efficiency solar cells. Above all, it comes quite easy-to-use for backpackers and campers. You can just use its eyeholes to attach the charger to your backpack, bicycle, or camp tent. Use the link above to buy a unit of the solar charger.

10. Dokio 80W Foldable Solar Panel

We have a more powerful Dokio solar charger as the next entry on our list of the best foldable solar chargers. Well, this relatively new product is a bit different from all the above items in terms of design. Coming in two large solar panels, this 80-watt variant is indeed foldable. However, once folded down it is a bit larger than the other picks on our list today. But don’t worry; its gives you more output. 

Check Price and Buy @ Dokio 80W Foldable Solar Panel

The most exciting thing with this Dokio charge is its included power inverter. That means you can even charge your 12V battery with this solar charger. Indeed, you have also got USB ports on its inverter to charge your handhelds right under the sun. Whatever, though looking like a metal or glass solar panel, it is made of thick fabric, thus letting you fold it down like a suitcase after use.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best foldable solar chargers 2018. If you are a hiker or backpacker you might need a reliable solar charging solution. It is not an idea to go for a glass or metal solar panel as long as you will have to carry it anywhere. So find one of the best fabric-based foldable solar chargers. That would be quite nice for you to carry in your backpack with no trouble at all. Hope you have enjoyed our list. Share your thoughts on the list in the comments section below. Solar ChargersPortable Solar PowerBest Foldable Solar ChargersAny kind of outing is pretty cool if you have got a solar charger. Absolutely, it keeps you always powered and connected to the world. No doubt, solar is the most reliable and easily accessible power source when you are on the move. What about a folding solar charger?...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |