Hope you have everything set in your RV for an outdoor living or adventure trip anytime. Got a portable solar panel kit? If you haven’t found one so far, it is high time you could buy it now. Fine, we have a list of four top-seller best portable RV solar panel kits below. Certainly, you could find one from here and fill in your outdoor living with more funs. Absolutely, a solar charger will keep your RV batteries not run out of juice anywhere.

Best Portable RV Solar Panel Kits

4 Best Portable RV Solar Panel Kits

There is indeed no dearth for portable solar panel kits for RVs. With different power options, you have variety of models. We have picked some best-selling items so you could find the most suitable one easily. To set up a portable solar panel kit in your RV or caravan is an easy job. Anyone with little bit knowledge of electronics can do it hassle-free. What’s more, you get sufficient guides with most models to fix them in your RV in quick steps.

A solar panel kit may commonly pack solar panels, charge controller, voltmeter, wires, cables, and mounting hardware, and etc. Well, what all you need in extra is battery that you will have in your RV or camper. Anyway, it is a place where you could find four best portable RV solar panel kits. See, we have picked different power variants for this list. And so you could certainly come across a suitable unit for your RV.

1. WindyNation 200W Solar Panel Kit for RV

We would like to start our list of best portable RV solar panel kits with two 200-watt units. This first one comes from WindyNation, a popular maker of portable solar panels. This unit, as you see, looks quite perfect for RVs, campers, boats, and other remote power use.

Come to RV, you could mount the pair of 100W solar panels on top and fix the included inverter, and charge controller to juice up your RV battery. What you get in return is unlimited access to solar energy. Thus, you could enjoy more fun out in the wild.

Check Price and Buy @ WindyNation 200W Solar Panel Kit

Coming to detailed specs, you have a pair of poly-crystalline solar panels. Then, you have an 1500W VertaMax DC to AC inverter that could offer 3000W in peak hours. A 30Amp P30L solar charge controller with screen is another attraction. Plus, you have a host of accessories including mounting brackets, screws, 12AWG cable, MC4 connectors, and 2AWG battery cables. Overall, the WindyNation kit is worth buying for its price.

2. Renogy 200-watt RV Solar Kit

What about a Renogy solar kit for your RV? This 200-watt bundle is absolutely a perfect option for setting up an off-grid power system for your camper or caravan. What makes it different from the WindyNation kit is it packs a pair of mono-crystalline panels.

Meanwhile, the included charge controller is well-known Renogy Wanderer that is a 30A PWM negative ground charge regulator. Hence, it becomes perfect to work with a vehicle that has battery negative on its chassis.

By the way, it is the only model from Renogy in our list of best portable RV solar panel kits. I could certainly recommend the brand for your off-grid power needs. Its solar panels and charge controller keep good quality. And they have an awesome number of good customer reviews and rating. You could buy a unit of the solar panel kit from the link below.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy 200-watt RV Solar Kit

You have the high quality panels made on corrosion-resistant aluminum frames. And the glass panels highlight increased stiffness and shock resistance for longer life on top of your RV, boat, or home.

3. HQST 400-watt RV Solar Panel Kit

The next one is a 400W solution. An off-grid system with this kit can provide you an output of 500 watt hours per day depending on the intensity of sunlight, though. That is quite enough to charge a 100Ah battery fully from 50% in a time of 5 to 6 hours.

In other words, you could go into the wild in your RV with full confidence as it could charge your battery for essential needs on a day. Specs wise, as you see in the pic, what you get is four units of 100-watt mono solar panels.

Check Price and Buy @ HQST 400-watt RV Solar Panel Kit

The included charge controller is a 40A MPPT unit. Plus, the pack bundles up 20-feet of 10AWG adapter cables, four sets of Z mounting brackets for the panels, and required screws. I would like to recommend this solar kit for a variety of other applications than RV. Yes, you could mount it on your sheds, remote cabins, boats, and home to ensure essential off-grid energy and safeguard yourself from blackouts during an emergency.

4. WindyNation 400-watt Solar Panel Kit

The final one in our list of best portable RV solar panel kits is again from WindyNation. Like the above 200-watt model, this 400W solar kit also features poly-crystalline panels. It is a bundle of four panels along with other accessories. We have more details about the WindyNation solar kit below. 

See, this is a large and complete kit with power inverter, charge controller, and a host of accessories like cables, wires, brackets, and connectors. If you like this kit use the link below to order a unit.

Check Price and Buy @ WindyNation 400-watt Solar Panel Kit

This cool WindyNation solar kit packs four pieces of 100W poly panels, as you see. The next comes is the same VertaMax 1500-watt power inverter that could offer 3000W surge power. Plus, it bundles a 30A solar charge controller and all essential accessories for an off-grid solar system. You could also buy this solar kit with mono-crystalline panels also. The currently available mono variant of this kit also packs three 300Ah batteries.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best portable RV solar panel kits. If you are a regular RVer, hopefully you could find a cool model from the list above. Or you have a wide range of similar products available on Amazon and other retail sites. Anyway, what you need out in the wild is unlimited access to energy so that you could make your outdoor living rather funny and thrilling. The ideal solution for that is installation of a reliable solar power kit. If you have any thoughts on it, please share it in our comments section below.

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