What about the idea of cooking your meals by solar power? I am sure, as a camper, you might love to see an awesome solution to cook your essential dishes under the sunlight. That is why we are here with some of the best portable solar cookers and ovens that help you prepare your meals right anywhere under the sun. Sure, solar cookers are a new concept that utilizes the otherwise wasted sun heat to prepare your camping meals.

Best Portable Solar Cookers

Best Portable Solar Cookers for Camping and Survival

Do you wonder how a solar cooker works? Of course, a solar cooker has nothing to do with the solar energy you are familiar with. It is just about utilizing solar heat for cooking by concentrating it to a certain angle in use of some reflectors. The result is you get a particular angle (see the photo) to place your cookware, which cooks anything you put in it for quenching your appetite during a camping trip or a survival situation.

For camping, outdoor events, and emergency, a solar cooker is indeed a worthy pick. It lets you prepare quick meals with no use of fire, gas or electricity. Solar ovens work nicely anywhere there is the sun. Whatever, we have a list outstanding solar cookers below. On market, we came across nearly a dozen solar-based ovens. In this article, we would like to introduce you to some top-selling and best portable solar cookers. Stay with us.

1. Sol Source Solar Cooker

We would like to begin this list with Sol Source’s much-touted solar cooker. It is indeed one of the top sellers of the kind on market today. We earlier had a look at all features and specialties of this popular solar oven here. Under a brighter sun, this oven could create a 1000-watt cooking zone quickly.

Obviously, that lets you prepare your meals by boiling, grilling, or sauteing. Going on an outing, it would certainly come out to be a wonderful pick for you to instantly prepare meals for you and your family. The best part of this Sol Source solar cooker is its capability to hit high cooking temperature, i.e. around 550F in a matter of time.

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Amazingly, compared to a traditional charcoal grill, this solar cooker heats up five times faster. That said, you can prepare your meals steady faster. Surely, with Sol Source oven, you are going to enjoy outdoor cooking in a new style. It discharges no greenhouse gases and leaves behind no carbon. It weighs 40.8 pounds and keeps a size of 32.3 x 28.4 x 11.4 in. Use the link above to buy a unit of the solar cooker.

2. All American Sun Oven Camping Cooker

This is an advanced American-made solar cooker. The upgraded Sun Oven highlights a host of lovely features like a highly elegant, rust-proof, and anodized aluminum reflectors. Further, it is bigger than its prior variant. Yet, it is very lightweight and handy and so is ideal for moving.

Earlier, we had a write-up on All American Sun Oven solar stove on our blog. Well, as its name says, it is an ultimate solar cooker with several unique American features. However, compared to other leading solar stoves, this is more affordable. And is to work fantastically well in your outdoor cooking.

Well, Sun Oven becomes one of the best portable solar cookers for all the reasons. The best part is it comes in a bundle of essential accessories. Thus, it packs up a dehydrating and baking rack set, a pair of easy stack pots and loaf pans for an enhanced outdoor cooking experience.

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Coming to portability, Sun Oven is definitely a lightweight solar oven, weighing just 22 pounds. In terms of size, it measures at just 24 x 15.5 x 20.5 inches. Under direct sun, it can produce temperature up to 400°F. That indeed makes it worth buying for preparing your quick meals anywhere you want.

3. Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe

The next comes another most popular solar cooker. It is Sunflair’s Solar Oven Deluxe. This is a versatile pick on our list today in terms of both features and design. It supports cooking of a variety of your favorite dishes. And so is one of the best portable solar cookers out there.  

By that way, we already talked about Sunflair Solar Oven Deluxe sometime back on our blog. Amazingly, weighing just 2 pounds, it is worth buying for camping, hiking, tailgating, and emergency uses.

Its function is incredibly simple. You just need to place it under the sun and it starts to heat up your cookware quite instantly. This Deluxe solar oven kit packs up a variety of cookware and other accessories to make your outdoor cooking an exciting thing. Use the link below to order a unit of the solar oven.

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Under a bright sun, the Sunflair portable solar oven can reach the temperature up to 285F. And, of course, it may vary depending on the climate, though. Coming to portability, along with its ultralightweight design, it is flexible too. You can fold down the oven to a seat cushion size so its transportation is never going to be a burden for you anytime anywhere. The solar cooker measures 19 x 15.5 x 2 inches.

4. GoSun Sport Portable Solar Cooker

It is a bit different solar cooker with a unique design and cooking style. Though the basic concept of cooking is the same, it has a totally different look. It can bake, saute, and roast anything you have in the cookware. On a bright day, it would take only 20 minutes to cook your dishes as its temperature goes up to 550° F.

Different from above models, it is up with a parabolic design that touts a spherical tube in the middle. It is inside this tube you need to insert the cooking chamber with the content to be cooked. According to its maker, this stove is special because it retains real flavor and nutrition of your foods, in tact.

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Coming to its portability features, it is indeed a brilliant product. You can fold down its reflectors and carry it anywhere with no hassle at all. It weighs just 8 pounds and that makes it a nice pick for you to go with. For camping, outdoor party, or emergency situation, GoSun Sport looks to be one of the best options for you to cook anything in a matter of time. It measures 24 x 5 x 8 inches.

5. All Season Solar Cooker

SolCook’s All Season Solar Cooker is another interesting and affordable solar stove on our list today. This is a box-like lightweight and portable solar cooker. It is capable to capture sunlight from dawn to dusk and use it effectively to cook your dishes outdoors.

Well, that makes the SolCook solar stove perfect for cooking in both short and long periods. Needless to say, that gives you a chance to try out various dishes that need different timings for cooking.

SolCook works quite nicely anywhere there is the sun in the sky. The overall process of cooking is also very simple as you just need to load the cookware with your food and place it its position inside the oven. Use the link below to order a unit of the solar stove.

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The best parts of the All Season Solar cooker are its lightweight and boxy design. Indeed, both the features add to the effectiveness of the solar cooker as an outdoor cooking solution. All Season soar cooker kit bundles the basic accessories like a custom built trivet, adjusting clips, and a pair of large reusable cooking bags.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best portable solar cookers. We have included the best selling five items so it will be easy for you to find your favorite model in required style and specifications. It is indeed a cool way to carry a solar oven on your camping trips. Or in case of an emergency, you would be lucky to have a solar-based cooker. You can survive any worse conditions with your favorite meals as long as there is the sun in the sky.

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