Are looking to buy a solar generator? Here we have had multiple lists of top portable solar generators before. But it is a time we should put together another list of solar generators for 2017. It is because we witnessed to the release of a line of new solar generators this year. Hopefully, this list will help you find the best portable solar generator 2017. Further, it will give you good insight on all major solar generators worth buying.

Best Portable Solar Generator 2017

Portable solar power market has been quite lively with many developments this year. First, Goal Zero, leading USA maker, surprised us all with a bunch new Yeti series with the much-awaited lithium batteries at CES 2017. Later, a number of other brands like Anker, Renogy, Kalisaya, Inergy, Suaoki, and Humless made some notable releases. Overall, the market has been doing well for whole the year. And people’s love towards green energy sources for portable power has also had a rush, above all.

10 Best Portable Solar Generator 2017

Typically, a solar generator means a power bank with built-in solar panel. That makes the good sense. In that case, a solar generator works just out of box. It starts to absorb sunlight and stores power in the integrated battery. However, we have some other models like Goal Zero’s Yeti, which is only a power bank by default. But you must add extra solar panels to make them full solar generators. Whatever, in our list of the best portable solar generator 2017, we have included all those varieties.

Anyway, below comes our list of the best solar generators 2017. As said above, mainly we focus on the models that hit the stores this year. Of course, Goal Zero’s new Lithium Yeti series is the major one. Moreover, Renogy Phoenix solar generator is also a new one, which looks to be a replacement to its old model, Firefly. Stay with us after the break and check out what solar generator matches your needs the best from our list.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

It is the flagship model of Goal Zero new Yeti lithium line-up. Well, it replaces the current top-ender Yeti 1250 with a host of awesome features. First, as you know, it sports a powerful lithium battery that can store quite enough energy to power up a wide range of your gadgets and appliances off-grid. However, its title of being top-ender lithium model would go when Goal Zero would surface Yeti 3000 Lithium late this year.

Clearly, Yeti 1400 is a 1425Wh solar generator with a 10.8V 132Ah battery inside. To charge it from sun you can use a pair of 100W Boulder panels. Or connect it to you wall outlet or car charger if don’t want to go solar.

But as a solar blog, we strongly recommend to use it with a solar charger. Thus, you could save both your power bill and reduce your carbon footprint. The suggested solar charger is the new Boulder 100 Briefcase.

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Unique Features

  1. Lithium battery: First, it makes difference with a lithium battery inside. As you know, lithium battery is more lightweight and long-lasting. Goal Zero has replaced its older flagship’s lead acid battery with the new lithium one in Yeti 1400.
  2. Lightweight and portable: Thanks to lithium battery, it is more lightweight and portable. See, it weighs just 46 lbs, which is more than half of its older variant.
  3. Best seller: Needless to say, it one of the best seller solar generators on market currently. There are indeed a lot of takers for this large solar generator. And so you could buy it without a second thought.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar Generator

There’s a good chance for the new Yeti 400 lithium to be the best portable solar generator 2017. Its forerunner Yeti 400 lead-acid has been one of the best selling solar generators on market. Hence, there is a possibility its lithium variant, though priced a bit higher, would attract good number of customers. Coming to specs, the new Yeti 400 doesn’t make a huge difference from its lead-acid variant. Its overall output is 428Wh and the battery inside is a 10.8V 39.6Ah unit, which means it keeps only slight variations from its old variant.

Yet, the most appealing thing with the new Yeti 400, as you know, is its built-in lithium battery. That ensures less weight, longer life and more charging cycles for the machine. Above all, you can replace the battery after long use.

Well, Yeti 400 lithium has an overall weight of 17 lbs. And you have four USB ports, a pair of AC ports and a 12V port to charge your devices. You can use a 100W Boulder panel to charge it from one day sun.

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Unique Features

  1. Lithium battery: With Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium also, its lithium battery is the unique selling point. It has replaced older Yeti 400’s lead acid battery with a more lightweight and long-lasting lithium battery.
  2. Top seller: If you are a kind of person that prefers to buy popular products you could go for this model with no doubt. Since its release some months week, it has been selling like hotcake. Thus, it has become an amazing upgrade to the old Yeti 400.
  3. Stylish and portable: There is actually nothing surprising in the stylish design of Goal Zero’s products. This model is indeed looking very cute, compact, and stylish. You could take it anywhere with no much hassle and enjoy unlimited access to solar energy.

3. Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator

Renogy’s brand new Phoenix solar generator briefcase does look like a copy of its former model, the Firefly. Well, it has nearly the same design, same features, and same capacity. It sports a 150W built-in pure sine wave inverter and a 16Ah Li-ion(NMC) battery that are quite enough to ensure limitless power for you off-the-grid. The coolest thing with the Phoenix is, however, its built-in pair of 10W monocrystalline solar panels.

Fine, as noted above, Phoenix solar generator becomes rather cool with its design. Though less powerful than the former Goal Zero models, it is a stand-alone unit.

That is, you have all the main components of a generator in a single case, which is friendly for easy carrying from one place to the other. It features four USB ports, one AC port, one CIG/12V car port and a pair of DC ports to support a wide range of your gadgets on the move.

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Unique Features

  1. All-in-one solar generator: Though a less powerful variant, it is a superb all-in-one generator. You have all its components inside a handy suitcase case. So you could easily take it anywhere with no hassle.
  2. Brilliantly portable: Being an all-in-one machine, naturally it is highly portable. After use, you could fold down the lids, lock the latches, and carry the 12.8-pound generator easily on its handle.
  3. Expandable panels: As you know, it comes with just 20W integrated solar panels. Most of the time, that won’t be enough to charge the machine fully from sunlight. So you could expand the PV capacity up to 120 watts with additional panels.

4. Anker PowerHouse Solar Power Station

Anker PowerHouse is another best portable solar generator 2017 worth buying. Simply, it is a compact power bank with a solar charging port. That said, other than solar, you can charge it from wall outlet or car charger. And if you want to go solar you can use Anker’s 21W dual USB charger or any other powerful solar panel for quick charging. Coming to specs, PowerHouse offers an output of 400Wh and it packs 120,000mAh battery.

Anker PowerHouse is indeed a very portable device. It weighs just around 5kg and it has as size of 5.71 x 7.87 x 6.5 inches. And it features different output ports (AC, DC, and USBs) to charge a variety of your gadgets on the move.

Well, as an off-grid power solution, it works quite nice because you can take it right anywhere hassle-free. Solar input option lets you charge it from virtually anywhere with a good solar panel.

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Unique Features

  1. Perfect output weight ratio: It is, in fact, a powerful 400Wh power station, but its weight is very low at below 10 pounds. Inside you have a powerful 120000mAh battery as well. So you do have not many power stations on market with that lightweight design and high capacity in one pack.
  2. Awesome camping partner: Yes, thanks to its lightweight design and good capacity, PowerHouse is a perfect camping partner. See, a fully charged PowerHouse can run a 15V lamp for 100+ hours, making it a really outstanding source for portable power during an outing.
  3. Good popularity: Certainly, Anker PowerHouse is one of the top seller power stations on market. When you buy it with a solar charger, it could come out to be a perfect off-grid power solution.

5. Inergy Kodiak Portable Solar Generator

Inergy Kodiak solar generator is another brilliant product. The best part with this highly powerful machine is its lighter design. Though weighing at just 20 pounds, it could deliver an output of 1100W continuous power and 3000W surge power. Plus, you have a 1.1kWh lithium battery inside to store solar energy.

Being a power bank basically, you could indeed charge it via AC and car sockets, but we recommend solar charger that only turns it to a solar generator. Inergy sells a 100W Storm mono solar panel for you to buy along with Kodiak.

To your surprise, different from all other above solar generators, Kodiak features seven AC output ports. That lets you power several AC appliances from the generator at the same time. What’s more, it features four USB ports and a pair of 12V DC ports. Well, its total size is just 14 x 7 x 8 inches, and so it is quite handy and highly compact for portable use. It features a strong carrying handle to let you take it anywhere you go.

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Unique Features

  1. Lightweight and compact: It is the most lovely thing with Inergy Kodiak solar generator. You won’t get such a powerful solar generator with that low weight profile. Therefore, you could take it as a perfect camping partner. You could carry it anywhere with no hassle. Wherever you go you have a compact and lightweight portable solar generator.
  2. Crowd-funded project: Hope you remember the highly successfully Indiegogo campaign of Inergy for this solar generator. To be popular in crowdfunding means there are a lot of serious takers for that product. Hence, Kodiak would come certainly out to be a great pick for you.

6. Kalisaya KaliPak Solar Generators

The best portable solar generator 2017 list should certainly include the line-up of KaliPak solar generators. Like Kodiak, it is also the outcome of a successful crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter. As you know, it is a line-up of three solar generators with different power capacities for different users. Clearly, they are KP201, KP401, and KP601, respectively 192Wh, 384Wh, and 558Wh variants.

Like Peppermint Forty solar generators, all Kalisaya devices are exactly same in size and design. Meanwhile, they are unique in total output, storage capacity, and, of course, price. See, the models respectively highlight 13Ah, 26Ah, and 38Ah lithium batteries.

By the way, they are basically portable power stations, but you could attach solar chargers to convert them to cool solar generators. We have links for all the models below.

| Check Price and Buy @ Kalisaya KaliPak Solar Generator KP601

Unique Features

  1. Multiple options: Of course, that is what the most exciting thing with this model. Being a camper, you might love to see multiple power variants of a same device. This one, as you see in the banner above, offers you three options for different prices.
  2. Portable and lightweight: Absolutely, you have the KaliPak series with lightweight and portable design. So don’t worry about the difficulty of carrying it along your outdoor trails.
  3. KaliAPP: This is indeed a unique thing with a solar generator that you get it with a mobile app. Well, you could connect your phone and tablet to the generator via its built-in Bluetooth transmitter and thus access all information about the machines from anywhere.

7. Goal Zero Yeti Lead Acid Series

Though Goal Zero upgraded its Yeti series with fresh lithium batteries, it continues to sell old models. So we can’t miss out those popular Yeti series in our list of best portable solar generator 2017. They are still getting good number of takers. And when we contacted, Goal Zero customer executive said they would sell the older lead acid variants for the time being. Great thing with the those models is absolutely price. Compared to the new lithium line-up, they all come for cheaper prices.

As you know, we have three models of Yeti lead acid. They are Yeti 150, Yeti 400, and Yeti 1250. Clearly, they are respectively entry-level, medium, and flagship models. We have a banner below that lets you have a look at the prices and other details of the models on Amazon.

Of course, these models have been the champions of portable solar power market for a long time. I am sure they will be getting more takers even after the launch of their more refined and lightweight upgrades. Have a look at the products below.

Unique Features

  1. Very popular models: What makes these devices in our list of the best portable solar generator 2017 is indeed their popularity. Yes, there are still a lot of customers who would opt for the lead acid variants.
  2. Multiple options: You have different models with different power. That would indeed meet the needs of all customers. If you need only a small solar power bank for camping you could go for Yeti 150. Sadly, you don’t have a replacement for this model in the new Yeti lithium series. Meanwhile, RVers, caravan owners , and other high-end users can opt bigger Yeti 1250.
  3. Affordable prices: Absolutely, you get the lead acid Yeti variants for cheaper prices compared to their lithium variants. That would indeed be a way for beginners to own a cool portable solar generator.

8. AcoPower 400Wh Solar Generator

The next pick in our list of the best portable solar generator 2017 comes up from AcoPower. This is a 400Wh complete portable solar solution when bought with AcoPower’s 70W folding solar panel kit. You may be wondering to see the same product with exact design and specs from Suaoki.

Perhaps, it is because both the brands have hired the same OEM to build this compact portable solar generator. Whatever, with a powerful lithium battery and a 300W pure sine inverter, it guarantees you good amount of portable solar power.

Inside the machine has a versatile MPPT charge controller. That would make sure the device gets no damages in the unstable flow of solar energy. Coming to output, it features four USB ports, 110V AC socket, and two DC ports so that you could use it to power a variety of your camping gear, and home appliances. Are you looking to buy a unit of AcoPower solar generator? Follow the link below to see its price and other details.

| Check Price and Buy @ AcoPower 400Wh Solar Generator

Unique Features

  1. Perfect for camping and emergency: This model has already grabbed attraction for its compact and lightweight design. Certainly, that makes it in our list of the best portable solar generator 2017 and an ideal pick for both campers and those who are preparing a survival kit for an emergency.
  2. Best seller: No doubt, it is again one of the best sellers of the market currently. As said above, it comes in the same design and specs from other makers also. Still it has attracted good sales with its compact design and good capacity to run a range of your electronics and gadgets.

9. Humless Portable Solar Generators

Here is the next possible best portable solar generator 2017. It is Humless’ 640Wh solar power bank called GO Mini with a pair of 130W folding solar panels. With an advanced lithium battery inside, it guarantees you long life and better performance to juice up nearly all your camping gadgets.

Most interesting thing with the solar generator is its compact and solid build. You can use it for rough outdoor needs and it weighs just 65 pounds.

Humless also sells a top-end model called, GO Plus, an 1300Wh sleek and stylish solar generator. Of course, both models are highly travel friendly. You could take Go Mini anywhere you go. Also, you could use it to set up an off-grid system in your cabin, mini home, work site, camping tent, and more. The powerful solar panels make sure that the power station could grab enough solar energy steady faster.

| Check Price and Buy @ Humless Portable Solar Generators

Unique Features

  1. Sleek design: Humless Go Mini has a sleek and athletic design. With a size of 9 x 9 x 14 inches, it looks a perfect fit for camping needs. And alone it weighs just 35 pounds. The pint-sized power bank can put an end for all your off-grid energy woes.
  2. Powerful solar panels: The solar generator kit has two powerful solar panels that are foldable too. That is, you could carry the solar panels in much comfort. With high capacity panels, you could charge the GO Mini very faster from sunlight.
  3. Highly portable: Portability is indeed one of the highlights of the machine. You could take it anywhere with no hassle. So it becomes the best portable solar generator 2017 for camping needs.

10. Peppermint Solar Generators

Here comes the final pick worth buying as the best portable solar generator 2017. Peppermint Energy sells a series of three solar generators with various storage capacities. The best part with this line of solar generator is its integrated solar panel. Well, like Renogy Phoenix, the series comes up suitcase-style with multiple solar panels on the inner lids. Thus, you could open up the lids and put in sunlight to charge the internal batteries.

As said above, this solar generator is available in three models; Forty2 Pro, Forty2 Pro+, and Forty2 Max. They respectively carry 500Wh, 1000Wh, and 2000Wh lithium batteries.

Come to other specs, they are all the same. See, they output 900W continuous and 1800W surge. Similarly, they all have 180W solar panels built into the lids. Coming to weight, they respectively go at 57 lbs, 63 lbs, and 75 lbs, because of battery sizes.

| Check Price and Buy @ Peppermint Solar Generator Forty2 Max

Unique Features

  1. All-in-one solar generator: Unlike Renogy Phoenix, Peppermint solar generators are highly powerful all-in-one solar generators. Therefore, they are perfect for your outing use, because you don’t need to carry bulky solar generator kits. Meanwhile, you get quite enough power as well.
  2. Multiple options: You have three options to pick from the Peppermint series. In different power levels, you could pick the best matching one and thus save some bucks.
  3. Amazingly portable: Though the high-end model of the series weighs around 75 pounds, its suitcase design makes it highly portable. With all the components including solar panels in one bundle, it is very easy for you to take them anywhere.

Final Thoughts

That was our list of the best portable solar generator 2017. Hope you have enjoyed. We have made our best to bring to you the best portable solar generator 2017 series. Actually, it is not anyway easy to buy the best solar generator, mainly because we have a variety of products on market. Each model differs from the other in many aspects including design, style, power, storage, and etc. However, we hope that our list would help you much to find the best solar generator for all your off-grid power needs. SwanPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerBest Portable Solar Generator 2017Are looking to buy a solar generator? Here we have had multiple lists of top portable solar generators before. But it is a time we should put together another list of solar generators for 2017. It is because we witnessed to the release of a line of new solar...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks