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Best Portable Solar Generators for Camping and RVing: 10 Best Solar Power Stations

You might have come across many lists of the best portable solar generators for camping and RVing online. Here you have our lists of the best-selling solar power stations and solar generators for various outdoor needs. As you see, all these solar power solutions are much portable and handy for use.

As you might have heard of, the name ‘solar generator’ is actually a misnomer. It is only a portable power backup system with solar charging capability. That is, with a reliable solar panel, you can recharge it from the sun, making it suitable for camping, RVing, and other outdoor applications.

There is actually no specific form for a portable solar generator. Different brands have embraced different designs for their solar-enabled power stations. So, we would like to include all the possible varieties on our list of the best portable solar generators for camping here.

Coming to the application side, you can carry a solar power station right anywhere easily. If it is a smaller power station, you can just carry it by hand. If it is a large or heavy-duty solar generator, you can pick it for use in RVs, trailers, camper vans, boats, and more.

Best Portable Solar Generators for Camping

Our team of researchers has done a detailed study to bring to you the best portable solar generators for camping, RVing, and other outdoor needs. We have hand-picked some top-seller models based on several factors. Portability is indeed the main attraction of a solar generator of any kind.

As said above, the key feature of a solar generator for camping should obviously be portability. Fine, a handy and compact profile would make things easier for you to take a solar generator anywhere. Hope you can find the best portable solar generator of your preference from our list.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

This is a flagship of the Goal Zero new Yeti lithium line-up. It hit the market as a replacement to the brand’s former top-end model, Yeti 1250, which is still available on the market, though. That is how you get yet another powerful solar power station from the award-winning American company.

Yeti 1400 highlights a powerful lithium battery that can store enough power to back up a range of your appliances and gadgets off-the-grid or in a survival situation. It is capable of supporting up to ten electronics at the same time. Check out its latest price on the button below.

Meanwhile, a host of exciting features including the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity makes Yeti 1400 one of the best portable solar generators for camping, RVing, and outdoor applications.

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Coming to specs, Yeti 1400 is a 1425Wh solar power station with a 132Ah @10.8V battery inside. It equips all the important output ports including two 110V AC sockets, which can output 1500 watts of power continuously and 3000 watts at the peak.

Apart from the solar charger, you can also recharge the power station from a regular power socket or a carport. However, being a solar blog, we highly recommend you to go for a PV panel to recharge it from the sunlight. Then only, it comes out to be a perfect solar generator.

Compatible Solar Charger

We have a line of Goal Zero Boulder solar chargers out there. Most people buy a unit of the brand’s 100W Boulder 100 Briefcase, which is a suitcase-style solar panel. The mono solar panel is a perfect choice to juice up the machine from the sunlight in a few hours under direct sunlight.

If you want to recharge it rather faster, you can choose its higher model, Boulder 200 Breifacase, or multiple units of other low-end models. Anyway, it is a good idea to go for a briefcase-style solar charger, because that would help you enjoy more comfortable in both handling and transporting.

Unique Features

  1. Lithium Battery: First, it makes the difference from the old-gen Yeti series with a lithium battery. As you know, a lithium battery is more lightweight and long-lasting and so you would get more life.
  2. Lightweight and Portable: Of course, thanks to the lithium, you would get a rather lightweight and portable power station with huge output. It weighs just 46 lbs, which is more than half of its old variant.
  3. Advanced Features: Finally, we have Yeti 1400 with a range of advanced and modern features. Notably, it highlights a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity chip. Hence, you can just monitor its performance on your mobile phone via an app called Yeti App from anywhere in the world.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar Generator

Next, we have Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 Lithium on our list. Well, the new Yeti 400 Lithium is certainly one of the best portable solar generators for camping, RVing, and outing. Different from its elder sibling, it is a more portable and lightweight power solution.

Hence, coupled with a reliable solar charger, it can offer you amazing support in an off-grid or a survival situation. Fine, Goal Zero Yeti 400 can power up as many as 7 devices at once, making it a superb pick to support your life during an off-grid situation.

By the way, its handy and compact design certainly makes it easily manageable on the move. Follow the button below to check out the current price of the machine.

Specs-wise, the new Yeti 400 is a 428Wh power station and the built-in battery is a 39.6Ah @ 10.8V lithium unit. It features a pair of AC sockets, which can output a continuous 300W and 1200W at the peak. Plus, it integrates multiple USB and DC sockets to power your handsets and gizmos.

By the way, with the increased number of charging cycles and long battery life, it is a highly reliable off-grid power solution. Also, its ultra-portable design makes it a nice pick for all your outdoor and emergency power needs. Even an individual can carry it anywhere hassle-free.

Compatible Solar Charger

Goal Zero’s much-touted Boulder series of solar chargers are the best choices for Yeti 400 Lithium as well. You can buy a unit of Boulder 100 or a Boulder 100 Briefcase to recharge it steadily faster under the sun. If you are on a budget you can go for a unit of Boulder 50, by the way.

goal zero boulder 100 solar panel

Still, it is fine to get a briefcase variant, because that will make carrying and storing an easy job. But Boulder 50 is a small variant that also touts built-in kickstands. So, you can place it easily and use it to power up your Yeti 400 in some hours under optimal lighting conditions. You can also chain together multiple units of Boulder 50 for faster charging.

Unique Features

  1. Lithium Battery: With Yeti 400 Lithium as well, the lithium battery is the unique selling point. It has replaced the older Yeti 400’s lead-acid battery with a more lightweight and long-lasting lithium battery.
  2. Top Seller of the Kind: If you are the kind of person that prefers to buy popular products you can go for this model without a second thought. Since its release in early 2017, it has been one of the most selling and best portable solar power generators for camping and emergency. 
  3. Very Stylish and Highly Portable: There is actually nothing surprising in the stylish design of the all Goal Zero product portfolio. Following its tradition, this also has a very cute, compact, and stylish profile. You can take it anywhere with no much hassle and enjoy unlimited access to power. 

3. Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator

Next, we have Renogy’s Phoenix solar generator briefcase. This is actually a real solar generator with solar cells and the power station built into a single case, which keeps a suitcase-style design. So, it is an amazingly portable and handy power station for camping and RVing use.

Designed in the form of a briefcase, you can easily carry it anywhere and use it to gather and store power for later use. Phoenix is not a powerhouse like the above Goal Zero solar generators. It is just a 150W device that integrates an AC socket and other ports to support your small electronics.

The built-in solar cells are a pair of 10W mono units, which appear on the inner lids of the suitcase. Thus, you can just keep it open under the sunlight to recharge the backup all the time in the wild. Use the button below to check out its latest price and buy a unit.

Renogy Phoenix All-in-One Portable Generator

Renogy Phoenix sports a variety of charging ports including four USB ports, a 110V AC socket, one CIG/12V carport, and dual DC outlets. You can run AC appliances up to 150W on this machine in an emergency. At the same time, it is a very reliable charger for your handsets and other devices.

By the way, the Renogy solar generator is very durable and stronger for rough outdoor applications. Overall, you get a compact and handy solar power station with a lot of features to make it one of the best portable solar generators for camping and other outdoor needs.

Compatible Solar Charger

Sure, the Renogy machine has got two small solar cells integrated. But they won’t be enough to juice up its battery in a few hours. That is why Renogy has left an option to let you attach it to an extra PV panel rated up to 120 watts. You can certainly use any solar panel, but it would be great to go for a foldable one to make things rather easier for moving.

Renogy offers you a large variety of regular and foldable solar panels. We would like to recommend a 100-watt Renogy Eclipse solar charger for Phoenix. That is a large two-fold solar panel with high-efficiency solar cells and a lightweight design. You can easily carry it anywhere on your trips. Have a look at the model above and use the button to check out its recent price.

Unique Features

  1. All-in-One Solar Generator: Though less powerful, it is a superb all-in-one solar generator. You have all the components inside a handy suitcase case. So you can easily take it anywhere.
  2. Brilliantly Portable: Being an all-in-one solar generator, it is highly portable, obviously. After use, you can easily fold down its lids, lock the latches, and carry it along on your camping trips hassle-free. 
  3. Expandable Solar Panels: As you know, it comes up with 20W integrated solar panels. As put above, this is not enough to completely charge the device from the sunlight. So you can expand its capacity by adding an additional solar panel up to 120 watts. 

4. Anker Powerhouse 400 Solar Power Station

Next on our list of the best portable solar generators for camping is Anker Powerhouse 400. This is a very popular model of its kind. The highly lightweight and compact portable power station sports all basic output ports and sockets. It has also got a small variant called Powerhouse 200.

Well, you can carry Powerhouse 400 on its strong and durable handle and take it anywhere for off-grid power. By the way, it would take up only a small room for storage, thanks to its compact and small size. Overall, this is a cool solution for all your camping, RVing, and outing power needs.

Specs-wise, the Anker Powerhouse is a 400Wh portable power station and it packs up a powerful 120,000mAh battery inside. When it comes to the charging options, it features all the basic AC, DC, and USB outlets to power up a range of your electronics on the go.

As said above, it is a very small device with a size of just 5.71 x 7.87 x 6.5 in and its weight goes just around 11 lbs. That is why we have it as a key item on our list of the best portable solar generators for camping. Use the link above to check out its latest price and buy a unit.

Compatible Solar Charger

To turn Anker Powerhouse 400 into a perfect solar generator, you must use it with a solar charger. We have a variety of solar chargers out there, but most customers get Anker’s 21-watt folding solar charger along with Powerhouse 400. The particular charger is not a high-powered one. It is a small folding charger with a higher solar conversion efficiency.

This is actually a dual-USB solar charger. That means you can use it to recharge your handsets and other USB devices directly under the sunlight. Well, with the built-in PowerIQ fast charging technology, you can make sure that your devices would get enough power in less time.

Unique Features

  1. Perfect Output Weight Ratio: It is, in fact, a powerful 400Wh power station, but its weight is very low at around 10 pounds. Inside you have a powerful 120000mAh battery as well. So you do have not many power stations on market with that lightweight design and high capacity in one pack.
  2. Awesome Camping Partner: Yes, thanks to its lightweight design and good capacity, Powerhouse is a perfect camping partner. See, a fully charged Powerhouse can run a 15V lamp for 100+ hours, making it a really outstanding source for portable power during an outing.
  3. Good Popularity: Certainly, Anker Powerhouse is one of the top seller power stations on the market. When you buy it with a solar charger, it can come out to be a perfect off-grid power solution.

5. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Power Pack

Here is the base model of Goal Zero’s old-generation Yeti series on our list of the best portable solar generators for camping. This is Yeti 150. As you see, it is a very small, handy, and lightweight solar power station. Being an entry-level model, it is a basic device in terms of power, of course.

However, you can ideally use it to recharge your phones, tablets, and other small gadgets. It has also got an AC socket to power your essential AC appliance in an emergency. The Goal Zero product highlights a strong and durable carrying handle for you to easily manage it in the wild.

Coming to the specs, Yeti 150 is actually a 168Wh portable power station with a lead-acid battery of 14Ah at 12V. It is capable of supporting up to five electronics at the same time. The included power inverter is an 80W continuous modified-sine wave unit that can peak 160 watts.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the charging ports, it features a pair of 2.1A USB ports, a 12V DC port, and finally, an AC socket as said above. Thus, you can connect an AC appliance of up to 80 watts comfortably and rely on this backup power system during an emergency or survival situation.

Compatible Solar Charger

You again have multiple options when it comes to the compatible solar chargers. Goal Zero’s line of Nomad is a great choice. The Nomad series has only less powerful variants, but all of them are ultra-portable, thanks to their folding design. Have a look at the most powerful variant of the line, Nomad 28 Plus below.

At the same time, you can also go for the base model of the Boulder series of traditional glass and metal solar panels. It is Boulder 50, which is decently powerful to recharge the small Goal Zero Yeti power station in a few hours. But Boulder is not as convenient as Nomad in portable use.

Unique Features

  1. Small and Lightweight: Absolutely, this is one of the small best portable solar generators for camping out there. With a size of just 7.8 x 6.8 x 5.8 in and a weight of 12 lbs, you can take it anywhere easily.
  2. Highly Popular Model: Of course, with its lightweight and compact design, and lower price, Yeti 150 is one of the most popular solar power stations on the market. Since its release, it has been attracting a lot of campers and emergency preppers.
  3. Decently Powerful: Compared to many similar products out there, Yeti 150 is surely a decently powerful solar power station. With an output of 168Wh, it can recharge a number of your handsets and even run an AC appliance in an emergency.

6. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station

We can’t think of a list of the best portable solar generators for camping without Goal Zero Yeti 400. This top-seller of the old-gen lead-acid Yeti series has been such an awesome machine. Most probably, it would have been the most popular variant of Goal Zero’s first-gen Yeti power stations.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 power station features the same design as its entry-level variant and also it has a lead-acid battery inside. However, even after the release of its upgrade, Yeti 400 Lithium, it is still one of the best portable solar generators. Use the button below to check out its current price.

Goal Zero Yeti 400

Coming to the specs, Yeti 400 is a 396Wh power station with a 33Ah @12-volt lead-acid battery. The machine can power up to seven devices at the same time. The integrated power inverter is a 300W pure sine wave unit that can surge at 600 watts.

Well, Yeti 400 sports all the required charing options, by the way. Mainly, it equips a pair of 110V AC sockets, two USB ports, and as many 12V DC ports. Apart from the solar option, you can also recharge it from a wall socket or a carport similar to all other models of Goal Zero Yeti.

Compatible Solar Charger

Well, both Boulder 100 and Boulder 100 Briefcase panels are fine for Yeti 400. It would be better to go for the latter one if you wanted to use it more in outdoor conditions. Meanwhile, the single-sheet Boulder 100 is nice for stationary use like fixing on an RV, camper, boat, home, cabin, and more.

Moreover, you can chain together multiple units of Boulder 100 to recharge it rather faster from the sun. Overall, you get a good quality mono solar panel with the Boulder panel. It can recharge your power station more efficiently and so you can rely on Yeti 400 for outdoor and survival life.

Unique Features

  1. Decently Powerful Solar Power Station: Yes, with output around 500Wh, it is certainly a decently powerful solar power station. You can run two AC appliances at the same time. And recharge a variety of your gadgets and run smaller electronics.
  2. Superbly Portable and Compact: Though not as small as its entry-model, Yeti 400 is, of course, a lightweight and compact solar power station. You can take it anywhere hassle-free and ensure seamless off-grid power.
  3. Multiple Solar Chargers: Obviously, being a Goal Zero product, you have multiple solar chargers compatible with the power station. As said above, a unit of Boulder 50 is decently enough for Yeti 400. Meanwhile, you can also try out more powerful options like Boulder 100 or Boulder 100 Briefcase.

7. Rockpals 300W Portable Generator

Next, on our list of the best portable solar generators, we have a product from Rockpals. This is a Goal Zero Yeti-esque 280Wh portable power station. It has also got a small 250-watt solar power bank on the market. This is a very stylish device with a lightweight design and good output.

Well, the 280Wh power station equips one 110V AC outlet, QuickCharge 3.0 USB ports, 12-volt DC sockets, and a camper-friendly LED flashlight for lighting. So, you get a very handy and compact power station with a strong carrying handle. Check out its latest price on the link below.

As said above, the Rockpals power station has copied the very design of the famous Goal Zero Yeti series in another color tone. As a result, it also features a handy and portable design. So, you can certainly use it on your trips to power up your essential appliances and gadgets.

By the way, coming to the specs, the Rockpals device packs a small 18.75Ah at 12V lithium battery. Well, that makes it a nice power station capable of recharging your smartphone around 25 times, a laptop around five times. Meanwhile, it can run a 32-inch TV for four hours.

Compatible Solar Charger

When it comes to the solar charger, you can use any solar charger. But Rockpals itself offers you a powerful 100W folding solar charger. It is a 4-layered solar charger that can recharge a unit of the Rockpals power station in a few hours. Check out its latest price and other details on the link below.

At the same time, the particular Rockpals charger also doubles as a ready-to-use solution thanks to multiple built-in USB ports. You can thus use it to power up your handsets and other USB gadgets directly. Well, the built-in smart IC chip would ensure a stable flow of current to your gadgets.

Unique Features

  1. Decently Powerful Power Station: Though not a competitor to Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium in terms of power, the Rockpals device is indeed a decently powerful one. It offers 300 watts of output to run your essential electronics off-the-grid.
  2. Compact and Highly Portable: Though copying the design of Goal Zero Yeti, what you get is surely a handy and portable power station. With a weight of just 7.5 lbs and size of 6.5 x 3.1 x 6.9 in, you can surely carry it anywhere easily.
  3. Multiple Variants Are Available: Yes, apart from this 300W power station, Rockpals sells a number of models with different outputs. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find a suitable model as per your requirements and budget, for sure.

8. AcoPower 400Wh Solar Generator

The next pick on our list of the best portable solar generators for camping is from AcoPower. This is a 400Wh complete portable power station that turns out to be an ideal solar generator when bought along with a solar charger like AcoPower 120W folding solar charger.

By the way, you might be wondering to see this model with the exact design from many other major brands like Suaoki, Renogy, and more. Maybe, all the companies would have signed a contract with the same OEM to build the power station. Check out the AcoPower variant on the link below.

The highly durable 444Wh power station comes with a 300W continuous power inverter that can peak up to 600 watts to power up many of your essential appliances. Of course, made with a metal bottom, the power station is a great choice for outdoor applications. Along with the power station, you get some basic cables and adapters. You need to buy a solar charger separately.

Meanwhile, inside the AcoPower device, it has a versatile MPPT solar charge controller. That would make sure the device gets no damages in the unstable flow of solar energy. Coming to the charging options, it features multiple USB ports, a pair of 110V AC socket, and as many 12V DC ports.

Compatible Solar Charger

As said above, AcoPower’s own 120W folding solar charger is one of the best picks for this machine. That doesn’t mean you can’t use any other third-party panel. With a suitable adapter, you can use any solar charger to power up the AcoPower backup station. Check out the AcoPower 120-watt solar charger below and follow the button to see its latest price.

As per AcoPower, a 120W panel can recharge the power station in around six hours under optimal lighting conditions. Anyway, what you get is a highly lightweight and foldable solar panel with a size of 22 x 17.5 x 1.2 in. It has got built-in kickstands and you can fold it down to a small unit for easy moving after the use. By the way, it comes with a 10A solar charge controller as well.

Unique Features

  1. Perfect for Camping and Emergency: This model has already grabbed attraction for its compact and lightweight design. Certainly, that makes it on our list of the best portable solar generators for camping and an ideal pick for both campers and those who are preparing a survival kit for an emergency.
  2. One of the Best Sellers: No doubt, it is again one of the best sellers of the market currently. As said above, it comes in the same design and specs from other makers also. Still, it has attracted good sales with its compact design and good capacity to run a range of your electronics and gadgets.
  3. Solid and Durable Build: Of course, this 400Wh power station is known for its strong and durable body. Made with solid aluminum, its outer case is capable of withstanding rough outdoor conditions. So, you can use it ideally during your outdoor explorations with no worry at all.

9. Inergy Apex Solar Generator

This is the upgrade to Inergy Solar’s much-excited first-gen Kodiak solar generator. The incredibly lightweight and compact device is yet another ideal solar power solution for all your off-grid needs. Weighing only 25-lb, Apex is around 35% lighter than all its rivals including Yeti 1400 Lithium.

Specs-wise, Inergy Apex is a 1100Wh power station with an expandable battery. Inside, it features a 1500W pure sine wave inverter with a surge power of 3000 watts. That said, you can rely on this machine to run most of your essential electronics and gadgets in the wild. Check out its latest price on the button below and buy a unit to get one of the best portable solar generators for camping.

One of the most exciting things with Inergy Apex is the number of output ports. As you see, it comes with 6 units of 110V AC sockets, two 12V DC outlets and as many ports for base camp lights. Plus, it has got four USB ports including two USB-C PD and as many USB-A Quick Charge outlets.

What’s more, it features a dedicated RV plug as well.

Further, the Inergy Apex power station integrates an advanced MPPT solar charge controller. That is what makes Apex one of the fastest-charging power stations out there. In a survival situation in the wild, it would surely come to be a great help for you as it would recharge the battery faster.

Compatible Solar Charger

Inergy offers two 100W solar panels for Apex. They are mono and poly panels called Linx and Storm respectively. You can use both the PV panels with the Inergy power station to recharge it from the sun. Meanwhile, Inergy offers Apex in kits with each panel. Have a look at the Apex Linx Gold kit below. It comes with five units of Linx 100W solar panels.

Well, you get the Apex kits in more options. The Apex Storm Gold kit has five units of Storm poly panels. Likewise, you get different bundles with one to five panels to meet your requirements and budget. Overall, you get yet another awesome portable solar generator for off-grid power.

Unique Features

  1. High-Capacity Solar Power Station: Fine, as said above, Inergy Apex is a very powerful solar power station. With an output of 1100Wh (90A hours @ 12.6V), it going to be a highly reliable solar backup system. It also features a 1500W pure sine wave inverter with 3000W surge power.
  2. Ultra-Lightweight: Yes, it is another notable feature of Apex. With a weight of just 25 lbs and a size of 14 x 7 x 8 in, it is a very lightweight and handy power station. It features a strong carrying handle to let you easily carry it anywhere.
  3. Faster Solar Charger: The built-in advanced MPPT solar charge controller ensures faster charging of the machine from the solar panels.
  4. Multiple Charging Ports: Above all, the machine is known for a large number of charging sockets and outlets it has. Apart from 6 AC sockets, it has got several USB, DC, and other ports to support a variety of your electronics.

10. Jackery Explorer 500 Solar Generator

At last, we have Jackery’s flagship Explorer on our list of the best portable solar generators for camping. Called Explorer 500, it is a 518Wh portable lithium battery pack with a solar charging option. It certainly follows the design and color tone of its low-end models Explorer 240, Explorer 160, and Explorer 440.

But Jackery Explorer 500 equips a powerful 500-watt pure sine wave inverter with a surge power of 1000W. So, you can use it to run all of your essential appliances and devices. We have a detailed look into the power station here after the image break. Look for its current price on the link below.

The Jackery device sports multiple charging ports. They include one AC socket, dual DC outlets, and three USB ports. So, you can connect a variety of your electronics to run on this device. The power station, as you see, is very handy and compact in the meantime.

That is how it comes out to be an amazing pick for RVers, campers, tailgaters, fishermen, and more. You can recharge it directly from the sunlight with a solar charger and back up the power for later use. As it supports various devices at the same time, you can surely rely on this for unlimited off-grid and emergency power.

Compatible Solar Charger

Jackery features its own solar chargers for all its Explorer power stations. For this model, Jackery’s SolarSaga 100W is a good pick. It is a two-fold highly powerful solar charger with a lightweight and ultra-portable design. You can just place it on its durable and solid built-in kickstands to collect as much sunlight during optimal conditions. Check out its price on the link below.

As you see, it is a colorful and stylish solar charger as well. Wit a solid plastic cladding on both sides with built-in cuts for carrying, it looks a nice choice for your portable power needs. Coming to specs, the solar charger is capable of offering high conversion efficiency up to 23%. It also equips a USB-C and a USB-A port to directly charge your devices.

Unique Features

  1. Versatile Outdoor Power Station: Explorer 500 is a decently powerful solar power station for outdoor and camping needs. With a good output, it can provide support for all your emergency electronics. 
  2. Portable and Compact: Further, Explorer 500 like all its younger brothers have got a much portable and compact design. You can easily carry it on its built-in handle and ensure portable solar power right anywhere.
  3.  Perfect for RVers and Campers: With its small and handy size, Explorer 500 is really a superb choice for RVers, campers, tailgaters, and more. You can just take it along with no enough chore during your trips, travels, and explorations.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best portable solar generators for camping. We have tried our best to bring to you the best portable solar generators for camping and emergency power needs. It is never easy to buy the best solar generator, mainly because we have a large variety of products out there. Each variant differs from the other in several aspects including design, style, power, storage, and etc. Anyway, hope you can find your favorite model from our list above.

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