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Best Portable Solar Generators: 10 Great Solar Power Stations for Off-Grid Life

It is quite relieving to have a reliable solar backup generator in an emergency or an off-grid situation. That will help you survive long power blackouts due to an emergency and make your fun activities like camping, outing, RVing, or fishing more amazing. Here we have a list of the best portable solar generators.

A portable solar generator is technically any backup system that is rechargeable with a solar panel. There is no specific design or form for what a solar generator be. This can be any device that packs a battery and other required components to make use of the sunlight to generate and store electricity.

Of course, the term “solar generator” is factually a misnomer. This is actually a solar-enabled backup power station only. More clearly, a solar generator doesn’t produce power like a diesel generator. This is all about generating solar power and backing it up for emergency use.

Best Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators appear in different designs and forms. Depending on many factors including size, capacity, portability, and use, we have a wide range of solar generators out there. In this article, we would like to get through all types of the best portable solar generators to let you buy the best in class.

Portability is indeed the first thing you should consider with a solar generator. The small and low-powered variants are indeed very much portable and you could simply carry them in your hands. Meanwhile, the big models obviously have huge batteries and so are not much handy. We have all the items below.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Power Station

Yeti 400 Lithium is certainly one of the most-reviewed portable solar generators out there. It is basically a 428Wh power station and it becomes an ideal solar generator when you attach it with a solar charger. It could power up most of your emergency appliances and electronics, thanks to its multiple charging points.

Goal Zero recommends its Boulder 50 solar charger to recharge Yeti 400 under the sun. You could also use other top variants of the Boulder series for faster charging, though. The power station is a very handy and compact solution and you could take it anywhere on your trips. Check out its latest price on the link below.

It is a very handy device and it weighs just half of its lead-acid predecessor, thanks to the built-in lithium battery. Certainly, it will easy for campers and RVers to take the 16lbs device anywhere. And for preppers, it will be a great choice to boost their lives in an emergency, of course.

Inside, Yeti 400 packs up a 39,600mAh @ 10.8V lithium battery. And the inverter is a continuous 300-watt pure sine wave model that offers a surge power of 1200 watts. It equips multiple charging outlets including two standard AC sockets, three USB ports, and two 12V DC sockets. Thus, you have a total of seven ports.

Yeti 400 Lithium is actually one of the top-seller portable solar power stations. Its handy design makes it a favorite pick of all types of outdoorsmen including campers and RVers. Well, it is just about taking the cool device with a reliable solar charger. You get access to unlimited solar power if there is sunlight aplenty.

Notable Features

  • 428Wh Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 39.6Ah Lithium-Ion Battery at 10.8V or 119.Ah at 3.6V.
  • 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Surge Power of 1500W.
  • Two AC Sockets, Two 12V DC Ports, and Three 2.4A USB Ports.
  • Lightweight Lithium Battery with More Charging Cycles.
  • Lightweight 16-Lbs Machine with a Size of 7 x 7 x 11 Inches.
  • Strong Carrying Handle, Durable Build for Outdoor Uses.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Power Station

Next, we have Goal Zero’s Yeti 1000 lithium on our list of best portable solar generators. It is, in fact, one of the middle variants of the brand’s lithium-based solar power stations. As you see, it is a more powerful and high-capacity device that could run up to 10 devices at the same time.

Design-wise, it has no difference from Yeti 400. Plus, like its younger variant, it is also a power station with the solar charging option. You could just make it a brilliant solar generator by attaching it to a solar charger. A unit of Boulder 100 or its briefcase variant will possibly go good with it. Check out its latest price below.

Coming to specs, what you get is a reliable 1045Wh lithium portable power station. It has a high-capacity 96,800mAh @ 10.8V lithium battery to support a range of your electronics. The inverter is a 1500W pure sine wave unit that could surge 3000 watts, which you could draw via the included dual AC sockets.

Furthermore, the Goal Zero machine sports four USB sockets, two Anderson Pole ports, and one carport. In total, it has got ten different outlets to support nearly all your electronics. Thus, the machine looks to be an ideal solar backup solution for both indoors and outdoors.

Of course, going on an outing, you could carry it in your RV, trailer, or boat. And ensure a reliable source for off-grid power anywhere in the wild coupled with a powerful solar charger. At the same time, inside your home, it would come out to be a perfect companion to fight long blackouts in an emergency.

Notable Features

  • 1045Wh Powerful Lithium Solar Power Station.
  • 96.8Ah Battery @ 10.8V / 290.4Ah @ 3.6V.
  • 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 3000W Surge.
  • Two AC Sockets, Four USB Ports, and Two 12V DC Outlets.
  • 40-Lbs Weight and 10.1 X 15.3 X 9.3 In Size.
  • Highly Recommended for RVs, Campers, Trailers, and Boats.
  • Carrying Handle and Strong and Durable Build for Outdoors.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator

As you know, this is the entry-level variant of Goal Zero’s former lead-acid Yeti series. It is a small, handy, and lightweight solar power station with the basic charging ports and other features. It has been a favorite pick of campers, travelers, RVers, and preppers for a long time.

Though Goal Zero upgraded its Yeti series with the lithium batteries later, the company continued the sale of the lead-acid models. That is why Yeti 150 is still there as one of the best portable solar generators on the market. Check out the link below to buy it in a bundle with a suitable solar charger

Well, specs-wise, Yeti 150 is a 168Wh lead-acid power station. It sports a 14Ah battery at 12V. Inside you have it equipped with an 80W modified sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 160W. Plus, it sports one AC socket, two USB ports, and one DC port. The 12lbs device has a size of 7.8 x 6.8 x 5.8 inches.

Yeti 150 is not a powerhouse as it is small in the size. You can use it to run only small devices like phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and more. However, it becomes a cool choice for both outdoor enthusiasts and preppers thanks to its compact and handy size. Also, it highlights a solid and durable boxy design.

Goal Zero offers a series of Nomad solar chargers for Yeti 150. The included charger is a 14W middle-level variant of the series. As you see, it is a two-fold mono solar charger that is capable of offering high solar efficiency. The brand also sells a range of Nomad panels like Nomad 7 Plus, Nomad 13, and Nomad 20.

Notable Features

  • 168Wh Lead-Acid Small Solar Power Station.
  • 14Ah Good Quality Lead-Acid Battery at 12V.
  • 80W Modified Sine-Wave Inverter with 160W Surge Power.
  • One AC Socket, Two USB Ports, and a 12V DC Port.
  • Lightweight, Compact and Handy Design for Portability.
  • 12lbs Weight And 7.8 X 6.8 X 5.8-Inch Size. 

4. Jackery Explorer 500 Solar Generator

Jackery Explorer 500 is indeed one of the best portable solar generators on the market today. It is the high-end model of Jackery’s series of Explorer solar power stations. The great thing with the device is, of course, its small, compact and lightweight profile.

Well, as you see in the photo, the 13.5-lbs power station is a brilliantly handy device with a durable built-in carrying handle. That will help you easily carry it anywhere on your travels with no trouble at all. Use the link below to check out the latest price of the Explorer 500 solar power station.

Specs-wise, it is a 518Wh power station with an inverter of 500W. You could use it anywhere in the wild to run most of your essential appliances up to 500W. At the peak, it could deliver 1000W. Apart from the included AC socket, it has got multiple USB and DC ports to support a range of your handsets and gadgets.

Coming to the solar charger, Jackery itself offers multiple options. The 100W Jackery SolarSaga charger is a nice pick for the machine. The compact solar charger could guarantee you a conversion efficiency of up to 23%. With multiple USB ports, you could also use it to directly charge your USB-enabled gadgets.

The Jackery is indeed a brilliant choice for portable and emergency use. RVers, campers, and fishing freaks could take a unit of it with a solar charger on the go. They will be lucky enough to enjoy sufficient portable power anywhere. And, thus to power up their line of emergency appliances and gadgets.

Notable Features

  • 518Wh Power Station with Advanced Lithium Battery.
  • 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Surge Power of 1000W.
  • One 110V AC Socket, Multiple DC and USB Sockets.
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Handy Solar Power Station.
  • 13.5lbs Weight and 11.84 X 7.59 X 9.2 Inches in Size.
  • Perfect for all Off-Grid and Emergency Life Situations.
  • Suitable and Stylish Solar Chargers Available. 

5. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

Yeti 400 is the mid-variant of Goal Zero’s former lead-acid series of portable power stations. Though Goal Zero upgraded it with Yeti 400 Lithium, it is still one of the best portable solar generators. Of course, Yeti 400 has been the most popular model of the line mainly because of its ideal size and impressive specs.

As its entry-level model, Yeti 150 is ideal for small devices like phones and cameras, it is a rather powerful variant that can smoothly run PCs, TVs, mini-fridges, and other appliances. Along with a solar panel, Yeti 400 power station is certainly a brilliant solar generator. Check out the link below for its latest price.

See, when a fully-charged Yeti 150 generator can charge your phone 15 times, Yeti 400 can do the same for 30 times. Well, coming to the specs, it is a 396Wh lead-acid portable power station with a battery of 33Ah @ 12V. It packs up a 300W continuous pure-sine wave inverter with 600W surge capacity.

The machine could run seven devices at the same time. For that, it has got seven charging points, indeed. They notably include dual 110V AC sockets as well as two 2.1A USB ports and as many 120W 12V outlets. The device is also chainable with additional 30Ah batteries for longer runtime.

Like all Goal Zero products, you can use any solar panel to charge Yeti 400. However, Goal Zero offers a line of Bouder and Nomad solar chargers for it and its other variants. An ideal option for Yeti 400 looks to be a unit of either Boulder 50 or Boulder 100. They are both traditional single-sheet panels, while the latter has also got a rather portable suitcase variant, Boulder 100 Briefcase.

Notable Features

  • 396Wh Lead-Acid Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 33Ah Lead-Acid Battery @ 12V Inside.
  • 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 600W Surge Power.
  • Two 110V AC Sockets, Two DC Outlets, and Two USB Ports.
  • 29lbs Weight and 8 X 10.2 X 8 Inches Size.
  • Highly Portable Design and Durable Build for Outdoors.
  • Multiple Solar Charger Options Available.

6. Renogy Phoenix All-in-One Solar Generator

The next pick on our list of best portable solar generators is a cool all-in-one product. It is Renogy Phoenix. As you see, it is not a powerhouse, but a very much handy and ultra-portable solar generator for outdoors. Well, it has all the components including the PV panels and batteries packed up in a single suitcase case.

That way you could call it an ideal solar generator, but is a basic one in capacity and output. However, for a camper, it would be a great way to get his/her phones and other small gadgets charged in the wild. Check out the link below for the latest price of the amazing Renogy product.

It comes with a pair of built-in solar panels on the two inner lids of the briefcase-style product. Each panel is a 10W unit. Thus, you get a total of 20 watts, but you could expand it with an extra solar panel up to 120W. It is a 246Wh power station and could store enough power to run your small gadgets on the go.

The battery included is a 17. 1Ah Li-ion unit and it sports one full-size AC socket, one cigarette lighter, two DC ports, and four USB ports. The inverter is a 150-watt pure sine wave unit that is capable of offering a stable flow of electricity to run the connected AC appliance.

By the way, Renogy Phoenix features a solid and durable build. You have it equipped with a strong handle to carry it easily on your trips. Apart from the solar panel, you could also recharge it from an AC wall socket or carport. That is how you get a really compact and handy solar power generator from Renogy.

Notable Features

  • Ultra-Portable All-In-One Portable Solar Generator.
  • 246Wh Solar Generator with A 16Ah Li-Ion (NMC) Battery.
  • 150-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Inside.
  • 20-Watt Integrated Mono Solar Panels.
  • One AC Socket, One Cig Port, Two DC Ports, and Four USBs.
  • Solar Charging Capacity Expandable up to 120 Watts.
  • 12.8lbs Weight and 13.8 X 16.1 X 3.9 Inches Size.

7. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Power Station

Here is the flagship of Goal Zero’s Yeti lithium series. Of course, it is rather powerful and lightweight than Yeti 1250, the top-end variant of the old lead-acid Yeti series. Like the whole Yeti Lithium series, it has the typical Goal Zero design. With a powerful solar panel, it could be one of the best portable solar generators.

Well, the 1425Wh power station could smoothly run appliances like fridges, power tools, TVs, and medical devices for a longer time. Though a portable device, it is not ideal for individual camping and outings. But you could include it as a reliable power source in your RV, camper, trailer, boat, camping tent, and more.  

Coming to specs, the device features a 1500W pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 3000 watts The battery inside is a 132,000mAh @ 10.8V or 396,000mAh @ 3.7V high-capacity one. When it comes to charging ports, you have it equipped with two standard AC sockets, USB-A, USB-C, USB-PD, and DC ports.

The main attractions of Yeti 1400 Lithium include its lightweight lithium battery and Wi-Fi capability. First, the included battery offers long runtime and one-year shelf-life. Further, thanks to the high-quality battery cells, you get better monitoring and safety features.

Second, it highlights Wi-Fi connectivity so you could easily access real-time data on Yeti App.

Coming to the compatible solar charger, Goal Zero recommends a unit of Boulder 100 Briefcase. On the link above, you get Yeti 1400 Lithium in a bundle with Boulder 100 Briefcase. Meanwhile, you could use a more powerful Boulder 200 Briefcase or multiple units of any Boulder panels for faster charging.

Notable Features

  • 1425Wh Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 396Ah @3.6V High-Capacity Lithium Battery.
  • 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Surge of 3000W.
  • Two AC Sockets, Two 12V DC Ports, and Four USB Outlets.
  • 45lbs Weight and 10 X 15 X 10 Inches Size.
  • Heavy-Duty Solar Generator with Lightweight Lithium Battery.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity for Real-Time Tracking Via Yeti App.

8. Maxoak Bluetti AC50 Portable Solar Generator

Maxoak Bluetti AC50 is indeed an attractive solar power station. It is a 500Wh lithium device designed for backing up power for blackouts and emergencies. It is capable of running a range of your small household appliances up to 300 watts. And it has also got a handy and lightweight design.

Maxoak is not a leading brand, but its lineup of portable power stations is very interesting. Fine, we have the handy and compact power station with two AC sockets and even a wireless charging option. Check out the latest price of the Maxoak Bluetti power station below.

Specs-wise, it packs a 500Wh (45Ah @ 11.1V) lithium battery. And as you see, it integrates two standard AC sockets, which could offer up to 300W with a peak power of 450 watts. Further, it notably features a 10-watt wireless charging option on the top.

The other options include a fast-charging PD 45W USB-C port, which is a quick way to recharge your laps and phones. Dual 12V DC sockets, and USB-C and USB-A ports are other attractions of the device.

Like all similar products, you could recharge it via solar, wall plug, or carport options. Thanks to the built-in MPPT technology, it could fully recharge in four to five hours with a 120W solar panel. The brand doesn’t offer a solar panel, though. You need to buy that separately.

Notable Features

  • 500Wh Compact Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 45Ah, 11.1V Lithium Battery Inside.
  • 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 450W Surge Power.
  • Two 110V AC Sockets, Four USB Ports, and Two DC Outlets.
  • 10-Watt Wireless Charging Option.
  • 45W Power Delivery Port for Faster Recharging.
  • 13.6Lbs and 11.6 x 7.5 x 7.7 inches in Size.
  • Available in Multiple Color Shades.

9. AcoPower 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

AcoPower’s 400Wh solar power pack is another one of the best portable solar generators on the market. In fact, it is a typical portable power station like the whole Yeti and Jackery line-ups. And AcoPower turns out to be an ideal solar generator when you use it with a reliable solar charger.

It is a very handy device for portable use as it features a strong and boxy design. You have it also with a durable handle to easily carry it anywhere. By the way, like all similar products, it sports all key charging options to support a variety of your electronics. Use the link below to buy a unit of the power station.

Specs-wise, it equips a 400Wh lithium-ion battery. That is enough to store sufficient power to run most of your emergency appliances and gadgets in the wild or in an emergency. You have it with dual full-size AC sockets that could deliver pure sine wave output of 300 watts each and 600 watts in the peak.

Further, the AcoPower machine sports four USB outlets. They include a pair of 1.0A and as many 2.1A ports. Two regular DC sockets are also there apart from one cigarette lighter socket and a jump starter port. Plus, the device integrates advanced MPPT technology for faster charging with a solar panel.

It works with any solar charger. But if you want one from AcoPower, go for its much-touted 105W folding solar charger. That is, in fact, a three-layered charger with high-efficiency mono SunPower solar cells. You could also use the same to charge any sealed, flooded, AGM or GEL batteries right under the sun.

Notable Features

  • 400Wh High-Quality Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • 300-Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • Highly Durable and Solid Case.
  • Advanced MPPT Solar Charge Controller.
  • Two AC 110V Sockets, Four USB Ports, and Two DC Outlets.
  • One Cigarette Lighter Charger and One Jump Starter.
  • 12.3lbs Weight And 9x 5.5x 9.6 Inches Size.

10. Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station

Finally, we have a cool Rockpals product. It is a 280Wh ultra-portable solar power station that is designed like a Goal Zero Yeti. The handy and compact machine is nice for camping and other outdoor use. You could carry it anywhere hassle-free and enjoy access to unlimited portable power along with a solar charger.

It is actually the middle variant of the Rockpals solar power stations. A solar panel of 60W or 100W is quite enough to recharge it in the sunlight The company itself offers a variety of solar chargers compatible with the device. Check out the link below for the latest price of the Rockpals power station.

Apart from its stylish design, the Rockpals device is indeed a cool choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to a [email protected] and 18.7Ah @12V battery inside, the 280Wh power station is capable of supporting most of your essential electronics in the wild. Clearly, it would recharge a regular smartphone for around 25 times, and run small home appliances for around four hours.

Don’t worry, campers and hikers. It is a very handy device as well. If you think, you could carry 7.3 lbs on your trips, this is going to be yet another great pick for you. By the way, it features most of your favorite charging options including one AC socket. There are multiple USB and DC ports. And along with a suitable solar charger, you get really an amazing outdoor camping power station.

Notable Features

  • 280Wh Decently Powerful Camping Power Station.
  • [email protected] and 18.7Ah @12V Lithium Battery Inside.
  • Multiple Charging Ports Including One AC, and USB, DC Ports.
  • Ultra-Portable, Compact, and Lightweight for Outdoor Use.
  • 7.5 Lbs Weight And 6.5 X 3.15 X 6.89 In.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of best portable solar generators and it will let you find one that fits your needs. Well, we have tried to include all the best portable solar generators on this list. However, we have more amazing models out there. We would like to keep updating this article with new products in the coming days. So, check back later to see the newer models on our list.

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  1. Nice mix of products reviewed. We use our solar generator mostly for family camping trips at primitive sites and if the power is out. Looks like GoalZero products would be good for a short trip and if you were not using too many AC devices. They are neatly packaged but fail to include reasonably sized panels. Many of the others reviewed seem like they would be good for power outages around the house; but are heavy and bulky for camping trips. Users that take longer trips (away from an AC power source for charging) might want to check out the Camp – Power 35100 being sold on eBay.


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