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We are an exclusive blog that focuses on new trends and products in portable solar power industry. Portable solar power is a growing market where you get cool solar generators, solar chargers and foldable solar panels that are friendly for moving, making them ideal options to power up your gadgets and appliances during off-grid life or emergency condition. Indeed, solar is the most reliable power solution in both cases.

We are not into writing hands-on product reviews. We just want to let our audience know something more about a product they look to buy. Sure, we don’t claim as having tested every product, but are experienced with the technology behind portable solar products, thanks to our access to many similar products.

Through this blog, we hope we are playing our role in the strive for ending world’s high reliance on natural resources of energy. By promoting portable solar products, we hope people at least switch to alternative energy sources during off-grid life. And cut a bit of their carbon emission to save the world.

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