There is an awesome collection of best portable solar panel kits on market. A portable solar panel is typically not anything different from a regular solar panel, except that it is more travel-friendly. By the way, a portable solar kit packs more than a portable solar panel. Perhaps, you get a solar kit with a charge controller, power inverter, required cables and wires, and mounting brackets. Well, we would like to bring to you a range of top portable panel kits here. Stay with us after the image break to see the list.

Best Portable Solar Panel Kits

Best Portable Solar Panel Kits for RVs and Camping

More precisely, there is no exact form for what a portable solar panel kit can be. Well, it can be a kit with one or more solar panels, mostly high-efficient mono-crystalline cells, and other essential components required for making an off-grid power solution anywhere. Some kits may have all essential parts except batteries, but some may have just panels and cables only. These differences, however, reflect in their price tags, for sure.

Likewise, a portable solar panel also comes in different forms. It may be a flat glass or metal panel, a highly flexible fabric, or layered folding panel. Certainly, based on the types their prices vary. Whatever, here we would like to give an idea on the top selling best portable solar panel kits. So, you can quickly identify various solar kits on market and take a decision on what is the best choice to invest your hard-earned money in.

1. Renogy 200-watt Solar Panel Kit

If you are on a budget this Renogy solar kit is a cool pick. It looks a nice option you can find to either expand an existing solar solution or set up a new one to power your RV or any other off-grid batteries. Perfectly, it turns out to be one of the best portable solar panel kits, thanks to its cheap price and efficiency.

Mainly, the Renogy kit packs a pair of 100W mono-crystalline solar panels and a 30A PWM negative ground solar charge regulator – Renogy Wanderer.

The included accessories contain a pair of branch connectors that you can use to make parallel connection between the panels. Plus, there is a 9-in MC4 adapter kit to connect the system to battery.

| Check Price and Buy @ Renogy 200-watt Solar Panel Kit

Finally, it is one of the top selling best portable solar panel kits on market. Its affordable price (check price with the above link) is indeed one reason that makes it a brilliant pick for starters. So if you are looking to build your first DIY solar generator kit this bundle is worth buying, of course.

Notable Features

  • A pair of 100W monocrystalline solar panels.
  • 30A PWM charge controller – Renogy Wanderer.
  • Expandable up to 400 watts in capacity.
  • Branch connectors and MC4 Adapter Kit.

2. Go Power 120-watt Portable Solar Kit

It is one of Go Power’s best portable solar panel kits. What makes it different is its foldable design. You can fold the two-layered solar panels, make it into suitcase style and store in the included carrying bag. Definitely, that makes its carrying a trouble-free job for campers and hikers.

Total power the Go Power solar kit panel offers is 120W and that is indeed enough to completely juice 12V batteries from direct sunlight. Further, it comes with 10A solar controller, alligator clips, connectors and a carrying case, as noted above.

| Check Price and Buy @ Go Power 120-watt Portable Solar Kit

Of course, it is one of the cheapest suitcase-style portable solar kits you could find out there. Simply, with its design, you can move it anywhere after use. Though it is not a high-power solar panel, you could use it ideally in RVs, trailers, caravans, boats, and etc.

Notable Features

  • Highly portable suitcase-style folding design.
  • 120-watt monocrystalline solar panels.
  • Integrated 10A charge controller.
  • Required cables and battery clamps.
  • Carrying case included in the kit.

3. Grape Solar 200-watt Poly-crystalline Solar Kit

This Grape Solar off-grid solar kit comes up with a pair of poly-crystalline solar panels unlike the above picks. Other key attraction is that this kit contains a power inverter so that you just need a 12V battery in extra to set up a complete outdoor solar solution with it.

Of course, thanks to its good power and efficiency, the kit is indeed a great pick for various applications like RVs, boats and all other small outdoor power uses. Well, you could set it up either permanently on your roof top or temporarily on camp tents, boats, trailers, or RVs.

Coming to the kit details, the Grape Solar portable solar kit, as mentioned above, features a pair of 100W poly-crystalline solar panels. Plus, a 35 amp Xantrex charge controller and a 450W Xantrex power inverter that has two universal AC outlets. Overall, it can give you 50A hours of energy a day.

| Check Price and Buy @ Grape Solar 200W Poly-crystalline Solar Kit

I would like to recommend this solar kit for someone who looks to add solar panels to a 12V battery system. It would perfectly work with your remote cabin, RV, boat, and caravan battery packs. Stay with us for more best portable solar panel kits in our list.

Notable Features

  • A pair of 100W polycrystalline solar panels with built-in junction boxes. 
  • 35A Xantrex charge controller.
  • 450W Xantrex since wave inverter. 

4. Go Power 200-watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit

Well, here is the first flexible solar pick in our list of the best portable solar panel kits. This flexible Go Power solar panel is, in fact, designed to meet the exact needs of marine and RV off-grid power industries. If you are looking for flexible solar panels this is an ideal option, because it is surely one of the top-selling flexible solar kits out there.

As it can curve up to 30 degrees, you can place the panel quite nicely on any uneven surfaces like the deck of a boat and roofs of RVs or camping tents so that it can grab much sunlight. The panels are highly durable that you could even walk on its surfaces.

Other than solar panel, the Go Power flexible solar kit packs up a GP-PWM-30 solar controller, which is one of the highly reliable solar regulators. Plus, the solar kit includes a pair of 25 feet #10 AWG cables and connectors to take the power from the panel to the batteries.

| Check Price and Buy @ Go Power 200W Flexible Solar Panel Kit

Flexible solar panel is a new technology. Usually we had only glass or aluminum solar panels that are flat and not easy for mounting over curved surfaces. Here flexible solar panels let you easily mount them over all types of curvy and uneven surfaces. So you get more sunlight and thus more solar energy.

Notable Features

  • Flexible solar panel – bendable up to 30 degrees.
  • Highly durable solar panel surfaces.
  • Go Power 30A PWM charge controller.
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable.

5. Lensun 80-watt Semi-Flexible Solar Kit

Well, it is yet another cool flexible solar panel kit. It comes with a single 80W flexible solar panel. The best part with the panel is the use of an expensive materiel for its making. Called ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene), the material is imported from Japan and it superbly replaces the old PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) with increased sunlight absorption.

Well, backbone of the flexible solar panel is an aluminum sheet. The new ETFE solar layering works quite well with aluminum and that combination makes the panel stronger. Moreover, the flexible panel is highly waterproof to seawater corrosion so you could easily use it in various marine applications.

The solar panel kit further features a 10A PWM solar charge controller. Plus, you get a pair of 5M cables with MC4 connectors. Thus, it becomes one of the coolest picks for setting up an off-grid power solution in your RV, boat, caravan, tent rooftop, and etc. Buy a unit of the solar kit below.

| Check Price and Buy @ Lensun 80W Semi-Flexible Solar Kit

By the way, Lensun sells this solar kit in different power options; 20W, 30W, 50W, and 60W other than this 80W model. Of course, based on the capacity, size of the solar panel differs. Meanwhile, with variety of options, you get a chance to buy the best one that matches with your budget.

Notable Features

  • Advanced solar cell layer.
  • Flexible solar panel for marine applications.
  • Multiple power variants.
  • 10A PWM solar charge controller. 

6. Go Power Weekender SW 160-watt Solar Kit

Go Power’s Weekender SW is, in fact, a complete solar kit. Hence, it is the most expensive item in our list of the best portable solar panel kits here. As its name suggests, it is a nice pick for weekend outings as you can use the 160W solar kit to charge nearly all your camping gadgets and appliances.

Well, the Go Power solar kit packs a 160W solar panel that is a bit larger, however. And the kit further features a unit of 1500-watt pure sine wave inverter, and other essential accessories. They are solar charge controller, necessary wires and cables, and required mounting brackets.

The only thing, as you can guess, you need to add to the kit is a battery unit or you can connect it with your boat, RV or power banks for utilizing energy from sun. So if you are looking to simply add an off-grid power system to your RV, boat, or home just buy this Weekender kit from the link below and build it up instantly.

| Check Price and Buy @ Go Power Weekender SW 160W Solar Kit

This large solar kit is indeed perfect for power usage on weekend and long trips. As said above, you could connect it with your battery backups and ensure unlimited green energy to boost your travels and outings. With high-capacity output, you could run even large AC appliances with this solar kit.

Notable Features

  • Complete off-grid solar panel kit except battery.
  • 160W single mono solar panel.
  • 1500W pure sine wave power inverter.
  • Ideal solar kit for weekends and long trips.

7. WindyNation 200-watt Solar Panel Kit

It is the 200W variant of WindyNation’s line of solar panel kits, ranging from 100W to 400W. In our list, it is also the second solar kit with poly-crystalline panels. Well, 200-watt means you get a pair of 100W solar panels that tout strong and adjustable mounting frames. So you could you easily mount the panels right anywhere.

Of course, you can utilize the same metal mounting frames to fix the solar panels permanently. Sure, this kit is also nice for permanent installation in home, remote cabin, and work sites.

The WindyNation solar kit, other than solar panels and mounting stands, includes a 20A WindyNation solar charge controller with an LCD display, mounting fasteners, 12 AWG solar cables and the MC4 connectors. It works with lead acid, AGM, gel, and lithium batteries.

| Check Price and Buy @ WindyNation 200W Solar Panel Kit

This is actually a very popular solar panel kit. As said above, you get the kit in three more power variants. That is, the 100W kit features only a single panel, while 400W kit has four panels. All models pack up high quality solar charge controllers with the 400W model having a 30A controller.

Unique Features

  • Easy-to-mount solar panel frames.
  • 200W solar panels.
  • 20A solar charge controller with LCD screen. 
  • Multiple power variants available.

8. HQST 400-watt Portable Solar Marine Kit

It is another wonderful pick in our list of the best portable solar panel kits for camping and RVing. As you see in the image, it is a bundle of four flexible solar panels. The ultra-thin solar panel kit is actually the higher model of HQST’s series of portable solar kits that range from 100-watt to 400 watts.

Sure, flexible panels are great for handling during your camping, RVing, boating explorations. Different from the traditional glass and metal panels, you could easily fix these flexible panels over rooftops, decks, and other uneven surfaces.

Moreover, these flexible ultra-thin panels would take up only very limited space for storage. So you could take the solar kit anywhere with no much hassle. Overall, this high-power solar kit is brilliant for setting up a perfect off-grid power station for various applications.

| Check Price and Buy @ HQST 400W Portable Solar Marine Kit

With the kit, you get a 20A PWM duo battery charge controller. That means, you could power up two batteries at the same time. By the way, other items in the kit include 8ft AWG 10 tray cables, 20ft MC4 adapter kit, MC4 branch connectors and 1.5ft 12AWG MC4 solar cables.

Unique Features

  • High power 400W flexible solar panel kit.
  • 20A PWM duo battery solar charge controller. 
  • Multiple power variants.
  • Perfect solar kit for marine and RV applications. 

9. Komaes 200-watt Portable Solar Starter Kit

It is a cool starter solar kit from Komaes, an established maker of solar systems since 1992. Indeed, it is one of the cheapest in our list of best portable solar panel kits. Of course, it packs up a pair of 100W traditional mono solar panels. Check out the picture to see how this solar panel kit looks.

Well, coming to its features, the solar kit is up with a pair of 100W mono-crystalline solar panels. The panels are so much durable that they can withstand heavy snow and strong winds outdoors. Amazingly, they work well even in low light situations.

Apart from solar panel, the kit also includes a charge controller and other necessary accessories that would help you set up a complete off-grid solar system with this kit. Thus, you could charge your 12V batteries and power banks by virtually plugging into the sky.

In detail, the solar kit packs up Komaes 20A PWM charge controller, a pair of MC4 connectors, wires and cables and mounting brackets. If you want to buy a unit of the solar panel kit using the link below.

| Check Price and Buy @ Komaes 200W Portable Solar Starter Kit

There is actually a number of these kinds of basic best portable solar panel kits on market. However, this model is very popular with good customer reviews and great rating. You could buy this model without a second thought if you are planning to build your own DIY off-grid solar generator for outdoor needs.

Unique Features

  • A pair of 100W mono solar panels. 
  • 20A PWM solar charge controller. 
  • Highly durable and powerful solar chargers.

10. Suaoki 100W Solar Panel Charger

Here goes the final pick in our list of the best portable solar panel kits. This is actually a solar panel only. You could buy a charge controller, cables and wires, and mounting accessories separately to make it a complete solar kit for camping, RVin, boating and etc.

Surely, you will love this flexible 100W panel from Suaoki, a leading manufacturer of portable solar solutions. This panel makes use of SunPower solar cells that offer a good conversion rate of 23% to 25%.

Of course, this is a very much durable solar panel. You could flex it up to 30 degrees smoothly. So it is easy to set up the panel on top of your RVs, boats, rooftop, tents, and etc. The 0.1-thick panel is also very lightweight that you could carry it easily with no much hassle.

| Check Price and Buy @ Suaoki 100W Solar Panel Charger

Well, you could use this flexible panel to add extra capacity for your existing solar power solution. Or you could buy solar charge controller, and other accessories to make it charge your 12V batteries.

Unique Features

  • Flexible 100W solar panel.
  • Highly durable and travel-friendly.
  • Great for marine, RV and caravans.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of best portable solar panel kits. Hope it was helpful enough to make you prepared to select the best solar panel kit. There are actually a lot of similar products on market. We have picked ten top-selling and coolest items so that you could reach to your favorite product easily. If you have something to say about our list share them in comments below. Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PanelsPortable Solar PowerBest Portable Solar Panel KitsThere is an awesome collection of best portable solar panel kits on market. A portable solar panel is typically not anything different from a regular solar panel, except that it is more travel-friendly. By the way, a portable solar kit packs more than a portable solar panel. Perhaps, you...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |