Would you want to utilize the sunlight pouring down on your RV roof? And to produce power to boost your RV battery? Well, that could be the finest, inexpensive way to power up your off-grid life as an RVer. As you reach the pursuit, you would have enough power to run variety of your devices and appliances. Are you looking for the best RV solar kit out there? For sure, a solar kit is a great companion for an RVer. It could produce enough energy to juice up whole your off-grid life from the natural source of power.

Best RV Solar Kit

Best RV Solar Kit: 5 Top Selling RV Solar Kits

As you see, we have a big range of RV-friendly solar kits on market. But being an excited RVer, you must love to see a list of the best five items that would match your needs the best. Essentially, a good RV solar kit contains an easily mountable solar panel, charge controller and basic cords and cables. Hope you are familiar with two types of portable solar panels, flexible and flat. We have certainly included both in our list so that you could find the best RV solar kit for your needs very easily. Stay tuned.

1. Lensun 50W Semi-Flexible Fiberglass Solar Kit

You would be looking to mount solar panel directly onto the sunroof of your camper. Well, this Lensun solar panel is absolutely one of the best of its kind for roof mounting, because of its size and flexibility. See, one customer on Amazon has exaggeratedly noted it as the ‘BMW’ of RV solar panels. I recommend this Lensun kit for both RV and boats, especially because you have it with waterproof matte finish layering.

If you would like to know its specs, the panel uses a special, Japan-imported ETFE material, which replaces traditional PET layering. As you wish, this material simply lets the panel grab more sunlight than customary options.

What’s more, the panel features fiberglass back sheet that makes it rough against shocks, and highly prevents water intrusion as well as seawater corrosion. Amazingly, you could ideally mount it on your boat.

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Got an RV, caravan, or boat ready for off-grid solar charging? Yes, you have nothing to do in complex to set up this Lensun solar panel kit. It comes with a 10A charge controller that you could use to charge 12V battery of your RV. More amazing thing is you get the awesome kit in 30W and 80W variants as well, offering you more choices based on your budget and exact needs.

2. WindyNation 100W Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Kit

Would you love a rather powerful RV solar kit? This WindyNation kit features a 100W solar panel along with a 33A charge controller, but it is not as advanced as the above model. It is, in fact, a regular flat mono panel. You get it for an amount below $200, but for an extra $200, you get a kit added with a 100Ah AGM battery.  

Of course, it is in our list of the best RV solar kit as you could mount it easily on an RV and caravan. You could expand capacity of the solar kit by adding extra panels in future. See, the included charge controller is capable to support up to 4 pieces of 100W panels for a 12V solar kit.

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Sure, it gives you an option to magnify energy production from sun as you stay in the wild. And power up you and your family with unlimited energy. Featuring an LCD display on the charge controller, you can read live data of the entire system on it, including voltage, amperage, DC load, temperature etc.

3. Go Power! 100W Flexible Mono Solar Kit

The smartest thing you would love with a solar panel for RV mounting would be its flexibility. Thus, you could comfortably adhere the panel onto the top your caravan, RV, and boat and grab as much as sun as possible as you roam around or park somewhere.

Do you wonder to what extent a flexible solar panel would curve up to? Amazingly, this Go Power panel flexes up to 30 degrees, and thanks to durable materials, you could even drive your car on it. It is that much tough.

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Certainly, huge price of the kit would stun you. Usually, flexible solar panels carry big price. But along with the flexi panel it packs  a 30A charge controller, which would allow you use up to 500W of energy. No surprise, you get a set of cables with the kit so you could quickly mount the panel over your RV and set up an off-grid power system in a matter of time. And enjoy unlimited power outdoors with no fuel and noise at all.

4. Renogy 300W Poly Solar Battery Ready Kit

It is an almost complete item in our list of the best RV solar kit. It gets a power inverter also apart from charge controller. That said, if you have a battery in your RV, caravan, or boat, you could make a full off-grid solar power system just out of the box.

But it is a traditional solar kit as it touts three units of 100W polycrystalline solar panels. Hope you know that poly solar panels are less efficient than their mono replacements. Coming to specs, the included inverter in the Renogy solar kit is a 1000W 12V pure sine wave unit.

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Depending on sunlight, it could provide an ideal output of 1500Wh per day. You could ideally charge a 50Ah battery in a couple of hours. You get a unit of Renogy’s famous 30A Adventurer PWM charge controller in the kit, which you could expand up to 400W if needed.

5. HQST 200W Mono Solar RV Marine Kit

We have one more flexible solar RV kit here. Of course, it becomes the best RV solar kit with good customer response and rating. As you see in the pic below, you get a pair of flexible 100W mono panels in the kit.

Along with it comes a 20A PWM duo battery charge controller thus you could use the system to power up your RV battery. Getting outside in your RV, caravan or boat, you could creatively use this solar kit as well to produce additional energy.

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Don’t worry about noise and fuel in generating power to charge all your camping gear. The solar kit provides you clean energy. Being semi-flexible solar panels, you can mount them very neatly over uneven surfaces like RV top, boat deck, and etc.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of best RV solar kit. On market, you have a large variety of RV kits. If you are a hard-core RVer, you must a look into the above models and find the best pick for your needs. Of course, solar is the most reliable alternative energy source that can charge your RV and other back-up batteries on the go.

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