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Best Solar Backpacks: 10 Best-Rated Solar Powered Backpacks for Campers and Hikers

A solar backpack is a cool way to power up your gadgets on the go. On a camping or hiking trip, it will help you carry your belongings and generate power to juice up your gadgets. We have a wide variety of the best solar backpacks on the market, and here goes our collection of the best for you.

Of course, a solar backpack is a great companion for campers, hikers, backpackers, and even commuters. As you see, you can wear it comfortably like any backpack on your shoulders and get into the wild to have a source of off-grid power to keep your gadgets alive on the move.

It is never practical to carry a solar power station or a large solar charger on your individual trips. They are good only for use in RVs, campervans, boats, and more.

It is here a solar backpack can perfectly meet your needs of both carrying luggage and having a portable power source. Most solar backpacks on the market are indeed spacious for your belongings. So, our list of the be solar backpacks will help you find the finest model to meet your requirements.

Best Solar Backpacks

A solar backpack is exactly like any regular backpack. The only difference is that it has got a solar panel on the back. Well, the solar panel can be either attached to the backpack or a detachable one. In both cases, the purpose is that the solar panel helps collect solar energy to power your devices.

A solar backpack typically comes with a power bank inside. So, you can store the harvested solar power in it and consume it after the sunset to power up your handsets and other gadgets.

If a solar backpack doesn’t a power bank, you can charge your devices in the daytime only. In that case, you can buy a power bank separately to power your handsets at night or on days without the sun. Below is our list of the best solar backpacks for campers, hikers, and backpackers.

1. EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Backpack

We would like to start the list with an EnerPlex solar backpack. EnerPlex is a noted American firm that has a variety of solar backpacks. It is a wonderful solar-powered backpack with a rugged and lightweight solar panel integrated. It can support any of your USB gadgets with unlimited solar power.

Specs-wise, the built-in solar panel is a small 3W array. The solar-on-plastic technology makes it extremely lightweight and flexible to add little weight to the backpack. Meanwhile, thanks to the built-in USB port, you can use it to charge any of your USB gadgets all the time the bag is out in the sunlight.

Taken as a backpack only, EnerPlex Packr Executive is indeed a fine choice for backpackers and all types of users. It has all the essential backpack amenities so that you can comfortably carry your belongings in it. Inside, it features a padded laptop sleeve and multiple compartments and pockets.

By the way, the solar backpack is fully designed in the USA. EnerPlex, being a USA-based innovator, has produced the backpack completely in the States. Hence, the brand can ensure better quality and after-sale service compared to the solar backpacks from the small-time Asian firms.

Notable Features

  • Largely Spacious and Lightweight Solar Backpack.
  • 3-Watt Rugged Small Solar Panel with a USB Port. 
  • Solar-on-Plastic Technology for Light and Flexible Design. 
  • Multiple Pockets, Compartment, and Padded Laptop Sleeve.

2. SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

The next is a solar backpack with a difference. The SolarGoPack product has a power bank inside. So, you don’t need to connect your handsets directly to it for charging on the go. It will be recharging the included power bank all the time around and you can use that power to recharge your gadgets later.

SolarGoPack is a top vendor of solar-powered backpacks. This stylish solar backpack from the company integrates a 7-watt highly efficient solar panel and it carries a 1000mAh waterproof Li-polymer battery pack. Overall, what you get is a superb solar backpack that you can use roughly in all climatic conditions.

Fine, you can wear the backpack on your shoulders and go anywhere with no worry of your devices getting drained out midway. The bag is available in multiple colors like army green, light green, and red. The battery inside is a waterproof one, as said above, and it has a micro USB cable in the package.

As a backpack, the SolarGoPack product is, of course, quite awesome. It is built with high-quality, durable, and rugged fabric so it can survive any rough outdoor life. Moreover, you have it with all the necessary sockets and compartments, where you can store your belongings neatly.

Notable Features

  • Spacious and Highly Durable Solar Backpack.
  • 7-Watt Rugged Removable Solar Charger.
  • 10000mAh Waterproof Li-Polymer Battery Pack. 
  • Multiple Pockets and Compartments to Store the Gear. 
  • Excellent for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers. 

3. Ghostek NRG-Camper Solar Hiking Backpack

It is a 60L camping backpack and it comes with no solar panel built-in. Instead, you get it with a removable 11W highly efficient mono solar panel that you can attach to the rear of the backpack easily. That is how the large and spacious bag is one of the best solar backpacks for campers and hikers.

The Ghostek solar backpack is crafted with polyester and premium water-resistant nylon materials. And so, you can use it in rough outdoor conditions with no worry for both carrying your belongings and powering up your gadgets on the go. Check out the solar backpack on the link below.

Well, it is a solar backpack with a power bank. The included power pack is a 16,000mAh unit. Having three USB ports in total, the backpack is really a cool way to charge your handsets and all USB devices. As you walk along your trail, the solar panel will be able to collect solar energy and store it in the power pack.

Moreover, the backpack equips all the necessary pockets and compartments to conveniently contain all your travel belongings and outdoor gear. Overall, the lightweight and stylish solar backpack is, of course, a brilliant choice for all types of outdoor enthusiasts on their trips.

Notable Features

  • Spacious 60L Backpack With Solar Panel. 
  • 11-Watt Rugged Detachable Solar Panel.
  • 16,000mAh Waterproof Battery Pack Inside. 
  • Three USB Ports; One Outside and Two Inside. 
  • Rugged, Waterproof, and Strong Travel Backpack.

4. Voltaic 25L Array Rapid Solar Backpack

This is a more powerful and spacious solar backpack from Voltaic Systems. It is a perfect option for you to carry a laptop and charge it from the solar source. With its 24,000mAh external battery pack and 10W/18V ETFE solar panel, it can charge a 15-inch laptop and other bigger devices like cameras comfortably.

Voltaic has been selling a range of higher-end solar backpacks for a long time. Along with this 25L Array Rapid backpack, the brand offers multiple models to meet a variety of your outdoor requirements. This model is exceptional with its higher solar output, thanks to the included high-efficiency mono solar cells.

Though not something outstanding in terms of design, it is indeed a highly durable solar bag. By the way, Voltaic has used high-quality ETFE layering over the panel instead of the commonly used PET. That would help the panel withstand rough use and last three times longer than the competition.

The overall backpack is also crafted with recycled PET fabric for increased durability and life.

Meanwhile, it also features all the basic amenities of a travel backpack, including storage compartments, pockets, and sockets to securely accommodate a variety of your objects. Fine, the included padded laptop sleeve is meant for a 15-inch laptop to comfortably sit inside.

Notable Features

  • Spacious 25-Liter Solar Array Backpack.
  • 10-Watt Highly-Efficient Mono Solar Panel.
  • Powerful 24,000mAh External Battery Pack.
  • Multiple Storage Pockets and Compartments.
  • Perfect for Carrying and Charging 15-In Laptop.

5. Haweel Solar Backpack Laptop Bag

Next, we have an impressive product on our list of the best solar backpacks from a brand called, Haweel.

As its name suggests, it is a spacious laptop backpack with a solar panel of 12 watts. It is also available with a 14W solar panel. Well, the backpack is perfect for comfortably carrying your 15-in laptop and other essential belongings.

This solar backpack can recharge any USB device like a phone, tablet, laptop, or camera. The built-in solar panel is indeed a waterproof and scratch-resistant unit. It can offer a good solar conversation rate to juice up your devices directly or a power bank (not included). 

Coming to the backpack, it is a highly reliable camper bag. Made with a durable and strong exterior shell, you have nothing to worry about its usage in rough outdoor situations. Meanwhile, its interior is also good with high-quality fabric, which can ensure your electronics and other stuff a safe room.

The Haweel product is very handy and ultra-light. With minimal weight, you can comfortably use it for all your day-to-day travels, commuting, camping, and backpacking needs.

Notable Features

  • Spacious and Highly Durable Solar Backpack.
  • 12-Watt Flexible and Waterproof Solar Panel. 
  • Multiple Power and Style Options Available.
  • Enough Storage Pockets and Compartments.
  • Perfect for Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking. 

6. Eceen 47L Solar Hiking Backpack

Eceen is a well-known brand of solar backpacks on the market. The brand offers a wide range of stylish, durable, and lightweight solar-based backpacks. All the variants of its solar backpacks appear in different colors and styles at amazing prices.

This 45-liter, 7W Eceen solar backpack comes with a 1.8L hydration pack in addition. It makes you sip the water stored in it through a flexible pipe during a trekking, camping, or hiking adventure. That is how you get one of the finest solar-powered backpacks and it is much reliable for outdoor applications.

Well, it comes up with a high-efficiency 7W solar panel that is detachable. This backpack doesn’t feature a battery pack and so it can only charge your gadgets directly under the sun out in the wild.

It is well-crafted as a perfect camper and hiker backpack. As it is made with high-quality weatherproof PVC fabric, it can ensure better durability and compatibility to work in rough outdoor conditions smoothly.

With enough space inside, the backpack is good for comfortably carrying your belongings. That is how you can make it into outings with all your essentials and with access to a reliable source of off-grid power.

Notable Features

  • Spacious and Stylish Solar Backpack.
  • 7-Watt Detachable Solar Panel.
  • Built-In Hydration Pack with Sipping Pipe.
  • Multiple Power and Style Options.
  • Enough Storage Pockets and Compartments.
  • Perfect for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.

7. Eceen 68L Solar Hiking Backpack

Here is another impressive solar backpack from Eceen. It is a rather bigger and spacious backpack and so is fine for accommodating more goods comfortably. Made with premium quality materials, it can be a great partner for you as you make it into the wild for camping or hiking.

The 68-liter backpack features a 20-watt solar panel, which is removable. Made with high-quality SunPower mono solar cells, the solar panel can offer a higher conversion efficiency. Clearly, it can deliver a current of 3.0A to a connected device so that charging is much reliable. Check it out on the link below at Amazon.

Well, the Eceen solar backpack highlights a unique trampoline suspension, which helps the fresh air pass in between your back and the backpack, offering you much comfort in wearing. Moreover, the hip belt and the shoulder strap of the backpack integrate perforated EVM foam for further comfort.

What’s more, similar to the above Eceen backpack, it also features a 2L hydration pack and a sipping pipe. The backpack comes in three shades; blue, red, and grey. Of course, the strong and durable backpack can be a great asset for your outdoor and adventure needs.

Notable Features

  • 68-Liter Spacious and Elegant Solar Backpack.
  • 20-Watt Detachable External Frame Solar Panel.
  • Highly Efficient SunPower Mono Solar Panel.
  • Built-In 2L Hydration Pack and a Sipping Pipe.
  • Perfect for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers. 

8. XTPower 45L Hiking Solar Backpack

The next is an impressive hiking solar backpack from a brand called, XTPower. With a variety of storage compartments and pockets, the 45L backpack is a perfect choice for all outdoor enthusiasts. Along with your basic belongings, it can carry your laptop, tablet, and map during an outing and hiking trip.

The backpack features a removable 7W highly efficient mono solar panel. It can offer you a conversion rate of up to 22% to reliably charge your basic devices, handsets, and more. The included compartments and sockets are fine to accommodate different devices and other belongings.

The solar panel is a flexible and durable one. You can just secure it on the back of the bag with handy clips. And connect to your devices or a power bank for charging as you roam around the wilderness.

The scratch-resistant and waterproof solar surfaces give it a longer life span. By the way, the backpack has got a laptop sleeve that can fit in a 17-inch machine neatly. The outside pockets are fine for storing items like bottles. The backpack has a size of 21.3 x 8.7 x 15.4 in and it weighs 1.8 lbs.

Notable Features

  • 45L Hiking Solar Backpack for Outdoor Enthusiasts. 
  • 7-Watt Removable, High-Efficiency Mono Solar Panel. 
  • Highly Durable and Waterproof Backpack. 
  • Easy-Access Storage Compartments and Pockets. 

9. Eceen 78L Solar Rucksack Backpack

If you are looking at buying a large solar backpack, here is an ideal choice. The Eceen product is a 78-liter large-capacity backpack with a size of 27.5 x 15.8 x 11 in and a weight of 2.6 pounds. The included solar panel is also a powerful 20-watt unit, which is detachable from the bag.

Well, the large rucksack highlights a multi-position torso adjustment facility. Thus, it becomes an ideal pick for people with different body sizes. Further, it offers maximum comfort in wearing it as it features a long-lasting foam lumbar pad as well as softly molded channels. It is fine for both men and women.

The solar panel on the back is, in fact, a regular three-fold solar charger. It comes attached to the backpack with string and carabiners. The solar panel is a highly efficient mono unit with a flexible profile for easy and neat positioning on the rear of the backpack.

It features an integrated waterproof USB outlet. So, you can easily connect your handsets and USB gadgets to it and get charged with the power from the sun anywhere in the wild. The backpack is crafted with good-quality nylon fabric and other waterproof materials to make sure you get a quite durable backpack.

Notable Features

  • 78L Large Hiking Solar Rucksack Backpack.
  • 20W Detachable Highly-Efficient Mono Solar Panel.
  • Multiple Zipper Pockets and Storage Compartments.
  • Made of High-Quality Nylon Fabric for Durability.

10. Eceen 30L Solar Backpack Hiking Daypack

We have yet another cool Eceen solar backpack. As you see in the title, it is a 30-liter hiking daypack with a 6.5W solar panel and a 5V USB port. It is actually a multi-use backpack that both men and women can use on their camping, hiking, and backpacking trips quite comfortably.

The Eceen backpack is indeed made of premium quality materials that make it not tear and wear easily. The water-resistant backpack with heavy-duty zippers and durable storage compartments is really a worthy pick for all your outdoor adventures. Check it out at Amazon on the link below.

What is special about this Eceen backpack is its foldable profile. You can quickly fold it down to a small unit to fit it into an included pocket for easy storage after use. It weighs just 1.19 lbs and the solar panel and the whole backpack are flexible to meet the foldability requirements.

Thanks to the breathable mesh and spongy padding, wearing the bag is a hassle-free job, for sure. It has also got a chest clip that touts a whistle buckle in order to distribute the overall weight of the backpack and make it steady as you wear it on your shoulders.

Notable Features

  • 30-Liter Foldable Solar Backpack. 
  • 6.5-Watt Flexible and Durable Solar Panel. 
  • Compact and Comfortable Solar Backpack. 
  • Enough Spacious for Campers and Hikers.


1. How Solar Backpacks Work?

A solar backpack is like any regular camping or hiking backpack but with a thin-film solar panel on its backside. It simply works by absorbing the sunlight when you travel in the wild and generating power to either store in a power bank or power up your gadgets directly.

Some solar backpacks come with small battery packs inside. This helps store the produced power for charging your gadgets like phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops later on.

Meanwhile, some models come with no power banks, as you know. In such a case, you can use USB or DC cables to directly charge your electronics inside the backpack. Overall, you get a solar backpack with an awesome way to recharge your gadgets under the sun and store your belongings comfortably.

2. How Much Is a Solar Backpack?

Starting at $30, you get solar backpacks in a variety of pricing options. There are models even priced over $300, but they all depend on the size of the bag, the capacity of the solar panel, battery pack, and other factors.

As the solar backpacks are primarily meant for rough outdoors, it is always nice to get a model with the rugged and durable build quality. Also, the solar panel must be powerful enough to charge your essential gadgets or power banks quite faster.

For such a quality backpack, you will have to spend over $100, for sure. We have a number of brands with the leading ones like Eceen, EnerPlex, and Voltaic Systems with a lot of incredible models of different sizes and capacities for your various needs.

3. How Do You Make a Solar Backpack?

The market has a variety of ready-made solar backpacks, but if you want to make your own solar backpack, it is very simple. You can find a suitable backpack and a foldable thin-film solar charger with USB outlets.

You just need to stitch the solar panel onto the rear part of the backpack or you can use carabiners and strings to neatly attach it to the same. Thus, you get a nice way to recharge your handsets and other USB devices directly under the sun as you move on or take a rest during your camping trips.

If you want not to charge your devices directly under the hot sun, you can get a power bank and find a place for it in your backpack. That is how you get a complete solar backpack to charge your handsets and other essential gadgets like a camera at night or in hours with no sunlight.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar backpacks. As you see, the market has a lot of exciting brands that offer cool solar backpacks. A solar backpack is indeed a fine way you can ensure portable power anywhere in the wild. Though it is only capable of charging your small devices and laptops, you get a reliable way for power if you have a quality solar backpack. Share your thoughts about the list in the comments below.

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