There is nothing worse than having your electronics run out of juice in the wild. There is little chance for you to have a power outlet to charge your gizmos while you are on camping. Luckily, modern technology has brought us a lot of cool solutions to live off-the grid with access to unlimited power. Well, solar generators are the great ways you could rely on for portable power. Below we have listed three best solar generators for camping and other outdoor use. Stay tuned and find your favorite camping solar solution.

Best Solar Generators for Camping

3 Best Solar Generators for Camping

We have three incredible machines here. Goal Zero’s brand-new Yeti 1000 Lithium is the first one. Indeed, it is the most popular pick in the bunch. Then comes Inergy Kodiak, the pinnacle of portable solar technology. If you are on a budget, you could try the final one i.e. Jackery Power Pro. By the way, as you might be aware of, none of the machines alone make no sense for outdoor use. You must buy compatible solar chargers to make use of the sunlight to produce the required energy for portable use.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium

Why should you buy Goal Zero Yeti 1000? First, you would love its lithium battery, wouldn’t you? Second, I think you would love its position in the series of new Yeti generators. Indeed, Goal Zero realized it as the mid variant of its new lithium-based Yeti series. That said, it falls in between the low-end Yeti 400 Lithium and flagship Yeti 1400 Lithium. So, what you get in Yeti 1000 is a medium-priced and moderately powerful machine.

Above all, it obviously comes out to be much friendly for portable use with its compact and handy design. Stay with us to know more about the new Yeti 1000 Lithium after the image break. You could also check its specs and price on by clicking on the below image, by the way.

Best-Seller of the Segment

However, of the list of the best solar generators for camping, Yeti 1000 Lithium stands out with its popularity. As you could see, coming from Goal Zero, the best-seller of the segment, you get it with a set of standards that would make it perfect for outdoors. Elaborately, it touts a handy design and a host of essential features for off-grid use. See, you get a range of quality solar chargers like the new Boulder 100 Briefcase or 200 Briefcase. What’s more, you get award-winning customer support from the side of Goal Zero team.

| Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium

Are you looking for a reliable alternative to gas generator? Of course, you could find an ideal one from our list of best solar generators for camping. Of which, this Yeti 1000 would come out to be a clean replacement for a 1000W diesel generator, simply because it could produce continuous output of 1500 watts and twice at surge. Thus, you could run high-powered appliances simply from solar energy. Wouldn’t you be excited to get such a machine to replace your polluting diesel generator?

Recommend Solar Panel

We already noted above that you could try a solar panel from a variety of options. Along with the new line of Yeti, Goal Zero has unveiled a number of Boulder panels. They include two cool suitcase-style options; 100W and 200W, namely Boulder 100 and Boulder 200. What is awesome with these models is their folding feature. That is, you could store them folding down to a small unit and while on use you could fold it up and place on built-in kickstands. You could see Boulder 100 Briefcase below. Click on the image to check price on Amazon.

2. Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

Thinking about a more handy and light camping power station? Then, go for this Inergy machine, the Kodiak. It weighs just half of Yeti 1000 Lithium, and moreover, as you can see, it is rather portable with its unique design.

Well, you could suspend it on your shoulder on its stretchable strap or seize it comfortably in your hand on its strong handle. At the same time, you could run as many as seven AC appliances with each outlet offering up to 1000W continuous power at 10 Amp max and 1500W maximum as combined AC output.

We have more details about Kodiak after the break. Meanwhile, you could check the price and other specs of the machine on Amazon by clicking on the below image. Also, here you could read our first note on Kodiak while it was featured on for crowdfunding back in December 2015.

Pinnacle of Portable Solar Technology

It is a pinnacle of portable solar generators. Fine, you have everything you would ideally require for a portable power machine. First, portability is certainly the unique selling factor. Second, you would love the power of the machine. It could deliver 1100 watts to comfortably support a host of your appliances. Moreover, you could charge the versatile workhorse via wall or car chargers other than the recommended solar option. If you value preparedness, you could indeed go for Kodiak with a decently powerful solar panel.

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Great thing, however, is Kodiak becomes one of the best solar generators for camping with its big popularity in crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Amazingly, it could attract around 900% higher than its targeted goal. No doubt, it would give its maker a big support to realize such a brilliant compact solar generator. Absolutely, it is now one of the lightweight and most expandable solar power stations. You could head into the wild with confidence if you have a unit of Kodiak with a compatible solar charger.

Recommend Solar Panel

Inergy recommends a 135W mono-crystalline solar panel for Kodiak, named Solar Storm 135 GL. That is the second one in the above picture, but you need to order it from Inergy’s website. Inergy also has listed a 50W solar panel on its website called Predator 50, but is shown out of stock. Anyway, you could also try any other panels like Renogy 100W mono solar panel if you don’t want to order form Inergy website. Well, Kodiak supports more than one panel so you could buy multiple panels for faster charging.

3. Jackery Power Pro Power Station

Do you think you need a rather cheaper camping power station? This stylish Jackery machine would meet your needs, then. Like the price, it is also less in capacity. It is, in fact, a 500Wh power power station with 300W AC out so that you could power up bigger appliances. Being an off-grid and camping solar solution, it works quite well because it is as small as a lunchbox. Thus, it becomes one of the best solar generators for camping.

Do you think you would buy the Jackery machine? Click on the image below to check its price and order from Amazon. By the way, you could have a look at our first article on the machine while it was featured in KickStarter back in October 2016. Around 200 contributors backed the project to bring it into life.

Lunchbox-Sized Solar Generator

Jackery Power Pro enjoys an intelligent design. You have everything well-placed. You have its charging and output ports on both ends. Also, you have it with a small LED screen to show battery status. Needless to say, you have got the device in a stylish color theme and design. Well, you could hang it over its strong carrying handle and take anywhere with no much burden to your baggage. Inside the machine has a 140000mAh battery to let it run a wide range of your devices and appliances.

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Say goodbye to gasoline. You get the Jackery with an option for solar. Though you could use any panel, Jackery itself avails a folding solar panel. By the way, if you don’t have solar panel you can charge it from wall outlet or car charger, but getting into the wild without a solar charger makes little sense. Absolutely, like all items this also becomes one of the best solar generators for camping when doubled with a solar charger only.

Recommended Solar Panel

Of course, you don’t need to search for another seller for solar charger. Jackery itself has a good deal for you. That is an 85W folding solar panel that you could buy with Jackery Power Pro in a bundle if you prefer. As per Jackery, it could charge the machine in as many as seven hours under a bright sun. Meanwhile, the solar panel is an 8-layered unit that you could easily fold down after use for hassle-free travels.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of the best solar generators for camping. Hopefully, you could find the best one that would meet your needs in the wild. Wherever you go, a portable solar generator with solar charger could make your outings exciting. Yes, you could stay connected to the world even if you were conquering remote hiking trails or spending nights in distant campsites. SwanPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerThere is nothing worse than having your electronics run out of juice in the wild. There is little chance for you to have a power outlet to charge your gizmos while you are on camping. Luckily, modern technology has brought us a lot of cool solutions to live off-the...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks