Do you think you can use sun to cook your essential meals outdoors? Out in the wild, you might always find it hard to prepare your basic meals. Forget your gas and wood stoves, it is time for a cool solar cooker now. Well, a solar cooker is a good solution that lets you use the otherwise wasted sunlight to prepare your meals on-the-go. Below we take you to a list of 7 highly portable solar ovens to let you find the best solar oven out there.

Best Solar Oven

 Best Solar Oven: 7 Best Solar Ovens and Solar Cookers

In fact, a solar oven doesn’t use a customary solar panel or battery as it seems. Instead, solar ovens work on a technology that focuses intensity of sun to a certain point, where you would place the cookware. And prepare your meals in heat. Amazingly, all the below models are highly successful solar ovens on market. Hope you can find the best solar oven to cook your basic meals during your next outing without burning propane or woods.

Different solar ovens come with different sizes and features. All the machines, however, use a similar concept, which is to concentrate sunlight from various angles to a middle point. Well, most of the solar ovens support all types of cookware. Therefore, you need not to buy extra cookware to prepare meals with sunlight. Just buy an interesting model from the below items and get your meals ready right anywhere, thanks to sunlight.

1. Solavore Sport Solar Oven

It is a top-rated USA-made solar cooker. And is indeed the most popular solar oven out there. Weighing at 9 lbs, it is easy-to-use, rugged, and portable for hassle-free carrying from one place to other.

Clearly, it is a retained-heat box-type solar oven that can boil, simmer, bake, roast and dehydrate your dishes even under partly cloudy sky. Solavore Sport offers a heat of 200º to 300º F, which enough to cook right anything.

Solavore Sport, in fact, comes ready to use. You can just fix the reflectors out of box and go to cooking. The solar oven comes with a TR-86 High Performance Reflector, a pair of 10-in Graniteware pots, and a thermometer to let you check temperature.

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In short, what makes it the best solar oven is its high popularity and good customer feedback on retails sites, by the way. You can buy a unit of the Solavore Sport oven using the link above. You might enjoy your next outdoor trips with tasty dishes cooked in the sunlight.

2. SolCook All Season Solar Cooker

It is another top-selling solar oven out there. SolCook’s All Season Solar Cooker can emit heat from morning to dusk so that you can prepare your meals all day. As you see, it also concentrates sunlight to a certain angle, where you could place cookware and get your meals ready anywhere.

Moreover, this oven is lightweight and easy to carry and so is a good companion for your outings. Also, you can adjust it both vertically and horizontally. Well, once placed in best position against sunlight, it can get ready your dishes in some hours.

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Interestingly, it comes up with an easy-to-use pin and block assembly to manually adjust focus of sunlight. Well, you can turn the pin in a way it doesn’t have shadow. That means, sunlight hits your cookware perfectly. So if you have something to cook for long time, keep adjusting the pin to ensure good sunlight.

3. All American SunOven Solar Cooker

It is another best solar oven with easy function and good efficiency. The All American Sun Oven lets you easily harness the power of sunlight to cook your dishes outside. The best part with the oven is it can reach temperatures of 360° to 400° F, letting you cook everything under sunlight.

Yes, you could roast and grill beef, chicken, and vegetables easily. Well, out in the wild, you no longer need fuel or woods to make your favorite dishes now. Just get a unit of this All American SunOven solar cooker and enjoy camping with more fun.

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But sad thing with this solar oven is its overprice. Compared to the above models, this one costs a bit higher. Also, it doesn’t have too many reviews on leading retail sites like Amazon. However, those who bought it have shared good experience with the solar oven. Use the link above to check if this oven suits your needs.

4. SunFlair Portable Solar Oven

SunFlair’s Portable Solar Oven Deluxe is one of the most versatile solar cookers on market. Of course, it is yet another top-seller model out there. So get a unit with no worry at all. Well, it comes ready-to-use and requires no assembly at all. You can use it to bake pizza, cookies, dry fruits, and herbs etc.

Moreover, the solar oven supports all types of cookware. The most amazing thing, however, is it weighs just around 2 oz, making it a perfect pick for camping, hiking, RV-ing, tailgating and survival kits. SunFlair has, in fact, made this best solar oven with a goal to realize a safe and green cooking experience across the globe.

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By the way, the SunFlair solar cooker kit contains everything required to make your outdoor cooking exciting. Fine, it includes a pair of baking trays, as many dehydrating racks and silicone pots. Also, a thermometer, an enamelware pot, and a handy carry bag.

5. SolSource Solar Cooker

One Earth Designs’ SolSource solar cooker is a bit different in design when compared to above models. As you see in the pic, it has a parabolic design, where it focuses sunlight onto the cookware for quick heating.

Well, it can produce heat up to 550°F / 280°C so that you can cook your favorite meals outside in a few minutes. Clearly, it takes only 10 minutes to boil one liter of water with the SolSource solar oven.

Well, you can control the heat by adjusting its reflectors. The solar oven employs self-healing polymer on the reflectors so that they all stay not hot. Only the middle point where you could place the cookware gets heated up. Use the link below to order a unit of the solar oven from Amazon.

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One Earth Designs has designed this product with a mission to let people enjoy greener and safer life. By the way, One Earth Designs is about to launch a new upgrade the product for the middle of the year.

6. SolSource Sport Solar Cooker

It is the upcoming new variant of One Earth Designs’ portable solar oven. Different from its original, it stands out with two things; less weight and less size. That said, the new SolSource Sport is rather friendly for portable use with a weight of just 10 lbz, i.e. a quarter of its original’s weight.Portable Solar Cooker SolSource Sport

Coming to size also, the Sport is smaller so is easier for carrying. Except that, the new solar cooker uses the same parabolic technology and other key features. But SolSource Sport is yet not on sale for public, it is currently seeking crowdfund on KickStarter.

Update: One Earth Design is yet to release this solar oven for public. That is, you can’t find it on retail sites like Amazon. But it is still available for order on its KickStarter campaign page.

7.  Sun Tracker for Solar Cooker

It is the final pick in our list of the best solar oven. Actually, it is a motorized sun tracker that is compatible with all popular solar ovens on market. Well, as you can guess, it comes with a motorized base, wheels and sensors that make it track sun throughout cooking.

You can fix your solar cooker inside it and leave it for cooking your dishes with no worry about the availability of the moving sunlight. That said, solar cooking goes rather easier and hassle-free with this solar cooker sun tracker.

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Great thing is that this Sunshine Innovations’ Sun Tracker is compatible with all available solar ovens out there. Get a unit of the tracker so you can always enjoy faster cooking outdoors with any of your solar ovens. During an emergency or camping, solar power is indeed the most reliable option for cooking your basic meals.

Final Thoughts

You might know how a solar panel works in producing energy. A solar oven is totally different from that. It doesn’t convert sunlight to energy, but utilizes the heat in sunlight to cook your deals in the wild. If you are a regular camper or hiker get the best solar oven on market and enjoy your outings more fruitfully. Also, it is a great pick for those who are working with their survival kits. Make your comments about solar ovens below. EnergyPortable Solar PowerBest Solar OvenDo you think you can use sun to cook your essential meals outdoors? Out in the wild, you might always find it hard to prepare your basic meals. Forget your gas and wood stoves, it is time for a cool solar cooker now. Well, a solar cooker is a...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |