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Best Solar Panel Kits for RVs: Go Power Vs Eco-Worthy Vs Renogy Vs HQST Solar Panel Kits

Are you in search of some quality best solar panel kits for RVs? We have many brands selling amazing solar power kits in various sizes, capacities, and power options. Here, as you see in the title, we would like to compare the best-selling camping solar power kits from the prominent makers.

Well, the brands are Go Power, EcoWorthy, Renogy, and HQST. As you see, all these companies sell incredibly good camper solar kits, which also have multiple variants in different capacities and size.

Hence, as per your power needs, you could find an ideal one easily. That is how you could perfectly meet all your off-grid power requirements during a camping or an outing trip.

Best Solar Panel Kits for RVs

What is a camping solar power kit? That is nothing but a solar panel with the required accessories for use in a camper, trailer, or RV. It is almost impossible to carry a solar panel kit on an individual camping trip, but you could either store it in a vehicle or mount over it permanently.

There are the best solar panel kits for RVs in different specs and features. Some models include only solar panels, which could be lightweight, flexible, foldable, or camper-friendly variants. Meanwhile, some kits pack up other essential accessories like charge controllers, off-grid inverters, cables, adapters, and mounting brackets than solar panels.

Surely, we have already talked about the best portable solar panel kits for RVs, campers, and trailers on an earlier article. But here we would like to have a look at the best sellers of the leading brands as a comparison. That would help you a little more in finding the best and awesome model to power up your life outdoors. So, stay tuned.

Go Power Camping Solar Panel Kits

Go Power is a leading North American brand of recreational and business solar power solutions. Of course, Go Power offers you an amazing variety of best solar panel kits for RVs. Many of its solar kits stand out of the rivaling products with quality and reliability. They certainly have a lot of takers.

Go Power Camping Solar Panel Kits

Go Power was established as a small distributor of solar products in Canada. Later, the brand grew up to be a key supplier of solar solutions across North America, Currently, Go Power is a subsidiary of the California-based firm Valterra, a top-rated vendor of branded products for the RVs and pools.

Here, we bring to you some of the popular Go Power RV solar power kits. So, it would be much helpful for you to have an insight into the brand’s top products and compare them against the items from other brands. making it easy for you to find the favorite camper solar power solution.

Go Power Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels are the coolest portable solar power solutions out there. You could neatly fix a flexible solar panel on curved surfaces like an RV roof, boat deck, or a camping tent roof. Go Power is indeed a top supplier of such lovely flexible solar panels.

Go Power offers a line of flexible solar panels, branded as GP-Flex. This line of flexible solar panels appears in different power options ranging from a basic 100W to a high-end 500W. Obviously, all the variants have the brand’s popular flexible solar panel, which is bendable up to 30 degrees.

Apart from the solar panels, the Go Power GP-Flex kits feature charge controllers, wires, and cables, and mounting brackets. Both the 100W and 200W variants of the bundles include 30A PWM solar charge controllers, while the top-end 500W variant has a 40W charge controller.

Well, these solar kits go perfectly with your RVs, boats, trailers, or trucks as the included solar panel could curve up to 30 degrees. Moreover, the highly durable surface of the solar panel is so stronger that someone could even walk over it. Check out the most popular 200W variant of the kit above.

As said above, the 200W kit of the Go Power flexible solar panels makes no much difference except that you would get two units of 100W solar panels. The rest of the accessories are the same, like a 30A charge controller and wires. The 500W variant has a more powerful charge controller, though.

By the way, you could also get an expansion solar panel called GP-Flex-100E. That is simply a unit of the 100-watt flexible solar panel that you could use to expand an existing Go Power solar panel kit. It comes with the required connectors, of course.

Go Power Flat Solar Panel Kits

Besides the flexible solar panels, Go Power offers you a lot of flat solar panel kits. Under different branding, you have multiple solar kits with different output, sizes, and capacities. We would like to check out some of the best-selling Go Power flat camping solar panel kits below.

Most notably, Go Power sells a line of flat solar panels with its much-touted 160W Overlander solar panel. We have already had a look at all the model of this solar panel kit on an earlier article before.

It has got three variants as per the capacity; Weekender, Elite, and Extreme. They respectively have one, two, and three units of the panels. Check out Go Power Elite, the mid-variant of the line below.

They all come with powerful inverters and charge controllers. See, for example, the above middle variant packs up a 2000W pure sine inverter besides two 160W mono solar panels. Meanwhile, the top-end Go Power Extreme complete solar kit includes three solar panels and a 3000W inverter.

By the way, Go Power’s 120W suitcase-style solar panel kit is also famous. This is a pair of 60-watt solar panels hinged together to ensure maximum comfort during an outing. It is easy to set up and use and is capable of generating 6.7Amp DC per hour. It has also got a 10A charge controller.

Likewise, you have different flat solar panel kits from Go Power. With mono and poly solar panels, you get many awesome solar kits to meet you off-grid power needs in style. An 80W solar kit with a highly efficient poly solar panel is another great choice. It packs a 30A digital regulator.

Eco-Worthy RV Solar Panel Kits

Eco-Worthy is another major player in the business of solar panels and renewable energy products for around two decades. The brand surely stands for renewable energy sources for clean and green energy production for the future and today.

Eco-Worthy certainly sells a range of flexible as well as flat camping solar power kits.

Eco-Worthy Camping Solar Power Kits

Eco-Worthy actually makes available many solar panel kits using its very popular 100W mono flat solar panel and 160W flexible solar panel. Hence, you could go for an Eco-Worthy solar panel kit based on your budget and power needs.

Of course, all the Eco-Worthy camper solar kits are pretty good in their performance, reliability, and popularity. So, you wouldn’t get disappointed in buying an Eco-Worthy solar panel kit for your RV, camper, trailer or any other off-grid and emergency power needs.

Eco-Worthy is also a top seller of off-grid solar-wind hybrid power kits and wind turbines. Anyway, stay tuned for our take on various Eco-Worthy camping solar power kits below.

Eco-Worthy Flexible Solar Panels

Before talking about the Eco-Worthy flexible solar kits, we should check out the specs of its much-touted 150W flexible solar panel. This is made of 32 highly-efficient solar cells, which in total could offer you 22.5% solar conversion rate.

In other words, the polycrystalline bendable solar panel could produce a possible output of 800W to 1000W, depending on the sunlight, of course.

It is indeed the basic component of all Eco-Worthy 12-volt off-grid solar power systems for campers, trailers, and RVs. As of now, we have two popular solar kits with this panel. The first one is a single-panel one, which packs up a 20A LCD charge controller and a pair of the MC4 adapter cables.

The next popular Eco-Worthy flexible solar kit is a 300W variant. As you see, it packs two units of the 150W panels. Along with it comes a 20A MPPT charge controller, which integrates Bluetooth connectivity. The bundle also has a 5-feet solar cable with MC4 adapters and a pair of Y branches.

Besides these large flexible solar kits, Eco-Worthy also avails some small units. One such item is the 40W semi-flexible panel. That is a slimline and flexible panel that could bend up to 3% across its length. It features a built-in blocking diode to prevent discharge during the night.

Eco-Worthy Flat Solar Panel Kits

Coming to the flat solar panels, Eco-Worthy is a dominant player, of course. The company offers an awesome variety of flat solar panels in various sizes, categories, power options, and prices. We can never cover all the leading Eco-Worthy flat solar panels in a short writing-up like this.

Anyway, we try our best to include the top-sellers. First off, let us have a look at a line of its regular 100W flat solar panel kits. It is available in multiple power options ranging from 100W to 800W.

As you see, these solar kits are designed around the 100-watt Eco-Worthy mono solar panel, which comes up in various kits with the basically required accessories, including solar charge controllers, wires and cables, and mounting hardware. Check out the base 100W model of the series below.

Well, the base model includes a 15A PWM charge controller and Z mounting brackets other than the solar panel. Meanwhile, its high-end options obviously have more powerful charge controllers. See, the 400W, 500W, and 600W variants have 60A charge controllers and other required accessories.

The link above also takes you to all other variants of the Eco-Worthy solar kits.

Meanwhile, the brand offers the typical suitcase solar panel kits in both mono and poly solar panels. The poly variants are available in 40W, 80W, and 120W options as of writing this.

These plug-and-play camping solar power kits integrate required charge controllers, kickstands, and more. Check out the 120W variant of the same here.

At the same time, you get its mono variant in the 100W option only. That is a high-efficiency solar panel suitcase with a pre-installed charge controller and is pre-wired for 12V power systems. Check out its latest price and other details on the button above.

Renogy Camping Solar Power Kits

The next is a big brand. It is Renogy, one of the largest sellers of the camper and RV solar panel kits, of course. The American brand has been featuring a huge collection of flat and flexible solar panels for a long time. Renogy is also a top vendor of solar charge controllers, off-grid inverters, deep cycle batteries, and solar-based power stations.

Renogy Camping Solar Power Kits

There is an interesting history behind Renogy. It was established as a small firm by the students at Louisiana State University. The Louisiana Business and Technology Center backed the firm and it flourished rapidly along with the new trends in the portable solar power industry.

Currently, Renogy is a major player in the North American solar power market. It supplies amazing portable solar power solutions for RVs, boats, campers, businesses, industries, homes, and more.

Anyway, we would like to have a look at the top-selling Renogy camper solar panel kits here. We are really excited to go through both the traditional flat solar panel kits and their flexible counterparts from the brand here. Stay tuned; you will certainly come across a good camping solar panel kit.

Renogy Flexible Solar Panel Kits

Unfortunately, Renogy doesn’t offer any flexible solar kits, though it sells some incredible flexible solar panels. That is, different from Go Power and Eco-Worthy, the brand is not featuring a ready-to-use flexible solar kit. Anyway, let us have a look at Renogy’s best flexible solar panels here.

We have three notable flexible solar panels from Renogy. They are actually different power options of the same panel with the same materials and features. They are 50W, 100W, and 160W variants.

What you get are ultra-lightweight and thin panels that are bendable up to 248 degrees for easy mounting over uneven surfaces. Check out all the models on the link below.

Of course, these flexible solar panels are capable of meeting a wide range of off-grid and emergency power needs. The most lovely thing about the flexible solar panels is indeed their bendable design. So, you could neatly place them over your RV roofs, camper tent tops, boat decks, and more.

Though these flexible panels are not available in ready-to-use bundles, you could surely use them to set up your own DIY solar power solutions. Get a suitable charge controller, cables and wires, and adapters and set up the panels on your RV or camper to realize an efficient solar power solution.

Renogy Flat Solar Panel Kits

When it comes to the flat soar kits, Renogy is a domineering player on the market. It sells a massive number of solar panel kits to meet the various requirements and budgets of customers. We would like to get through a few of the most selling Renogy flat solar panel kits here.

Maybe, Renogy’s 100W solar start kit is the most popular item of its kind on the market today. It is a pack of a single piece of the Renogy’s much-touted 100-watt mono solar panel and a 30A PWM negative ground solar charge controller.

Also, you get other accessories like MC4 connectors, tray cable, and Z mounting brackets. So, it will be easy for you to fix the panel on an RV, boat, or camper. As you see, Renogy sells different power options of the same kit as 200W, 300W, 400W, and more. Check out the 300W variant below.

Moreover, each power variant of this series of the solar kit appears with different charge controllers, as well. We can’t display all the models here, but what you get is an awesome variety of solar panel kits from the brand. By following the link above, you could, however, see all models on Amazon.

Renogy Exclusive Camper Solar Panel Kits

Meanwhile, Renogy also features a series of exclusive camper-friendly solar panel kits ranging from 100W to 800W. They basically pack up the brand’s 100W mono solar panel as the main component and different charge controllers as per the size and capacity of each bundle.

Clearly, the basic 100W variant has a 20A MPPT solar charge controller, Renogy Rover. Of course, as said above, it is a special series of solar kits meant at campervans and RVs. Thus, you get the components suitable for use in a vehicle. Follow the link below to check out its base model.

If you are looking for large camper solar kits, you have different solutions from Renogy, for sure. As said above, it offers multiple power variants of the kits. Even though the kits have the same 100W solar panels, you would get them in multiple units to match with the capacity and the accessories.

So, it is easy for you to find an 800W solar camper kit for your RVs or trailers. All are designed in a way you could easily mount them over your vehicle and power up its 12V battery. That is how you could ensure sufficient solar power when you were out in the wild for a camping adventure.

Renogy Suitcase Solar Panel Kits

Unlike its competitors, Renogy boasts of multiple suitcase-style solar panel kits as well. In multiple product categories, the brand sells different suitcase solar kits. We would like to check out all the models and their variants in this section of the article on the best solar panel kits for RVs.

A solar panel suitcase is worth buying for camping use because of several reasons. First off, it is very much handy and easy to manage even without permanently fixing over the vehicle. Well, thanks to its foldable design, you could take it anywhere easily and store neatly in a small room.

Second, suitcase solar kits integrate the required charge controller on the backside. So, you wouldn’t need to buy a lot of other accessories to make use of them for portable and off-grid solar charging.

Anyway, let us see Renogy’s popular suitcase solar panels. Earlier, we have had a detailed review of Renogy’s suitcase solar kits on this blog. As said in that article, we mainly have three variants of the brand’s solar suitcases – Renogy Off-Grid Mono, Eclipse Mono, and Eclipse Foldable solar kits.

The first one, as you see in the pic above, is a 100W mono solar panel suitcase, which itself comes in multiple options of different charge controllers. That features an adjustable and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, kickstands, and a heavy-duty handle, latches, and more.

Likewise, you have the above Eclipse solar suitcase. It is available in multiple power options; 50W, 100W, and 200W and with and without charge controllers, of course. This is an excellent low-light performer and a strong and durable suitcase with kickstands.

Finally, we have a foldable fabric-based solar panel suitcase from Renogy (not in pictures). That is also available in different power options; 50W and 100W and with and without charge controllers.

4. HQST RV Solar Panel Kits

HQST is another leading vendor of the best solar panel kits for RVs out there. Exactly like the above firms, it also offers some awesome models, especially in the flat solar panel kits. The brand is also popular with its line-up of quality charge controllers and off-grid inverters.

HQST Camping Solar Power Kits

Unlike Eco-Worthy and Go Power, HQST and Renogy look to have many similar models in almost identical bundles. Still, both have different series of solar charge controllers, however.

Anyway, we would like to have a look at some of the best-seller HQST camping solar power kits. It would certainly help you identify various solar panel kits and find the best one for your needs.

HQST Flexible Solar Kits

Following Renogy, HQST is also not offering any flexible solar panel kits currently. Instead, it avails a good-quality 100W lightweight mono flexible solar panel, which is ideal for RVs, boats, and other off-grid applications. That said, you will have to buy other components separately to make it a solar power solution. Check out the price and other details of the HQST Flexible solar panel below.

However, HQST was earlier selling a famous flexible solar panel kit along with its series of flat solar kits. The flexible kit was available in as many as three power options; 100W, 200W, and 400W. The base model packed up a piece of the above-said 100W solar panel and a 10A PWM controller.

Evidently, its higher options featured more units of the 100W solar panels. In accordance with their capacities, they had powerful solar charge controllers, and other components, of course.

HQST Flat Solar Panel Kits

Of course, when it comes to the flat panel kits, we have several options from HQST. These kits are indeed available with different charge controllers like PWM and MPPT and other basic accessories. So you could find the perfect one easily. We have a link to HQST’s 200W solar kit with a 30A controller below.

Notably, HQST doesn’t have many high-powered camper solar kits like Renogy and other brands. However, this brand is a leading player on the market with its line of small solar panel kits. It has a good number of takers as all its solar kits are highly friendly for your camper, RV, and trailers.

By the way, like all other brands, HQST offers a superb 100W solar panel suitcase. This is exactly the typical solar panel suitcase, but you get it in two options; mono and poly. The mono suitcase integrates a 10A PWM charge controller, while its poly variant has a 20A PWM charge controller.

Both the variants integrate highly efficient mono and poly solar panels, durable aluminum stands, strong latches, and more. HQST also offers you a carrying bag to move along the solar suitcases anywhere you head to. That is how they come out to be amazing camping solar power kits.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best solar panel kits for RVs from the leading brands on the market. It is practically impossible to cover all the models from the brands because all of them offer a huge variety of solar kits, which you could yourself find as per your needs by following the related links.

We have tried our best to include all the best camping solar power kits, which would certainly make your future outings and camping adventures a good and memorable experience. Hope this listicle would help you find the best solar kit. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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