An emergency may cut off your grid power and put you in darkness anytime. Worried about such a situation? Or are you concerned about having a stable power back-up for camping? Of course, you could go for a diesel generator to meet the power needs in both the cases. But that is not a way for you if you think you can’t deal with possible carbon monoxide fumes; or if you think you want a silent generator; or if you love the nature the most. Then, the coolest way is to go for the best solar power generator kit from the list below.

Best Solar Power Generator Kit for Off-grid Power

Best Solar Power Generator Kit: 3 Cool Solar Generators

Why should you buy a big solar generator? Clearly, a big one is not good for hikers and individual travelers. But it gives you good amount of green energy virtually anywhere. It emits no smoke and is ideally eco-friendly too. Well, you could mount it over your RV and go for an outing. Or use it to power up your remote cabin, work site, or apartment. Meantime, in case of an emergency, it would become a great option for backup power. Sure, in such an adverse situation, you could stay connected to the world until the rescue crew reaches to you.

1. Humless 1.3kWh Portable Solar Generator

Thinking seriously about a way to travel with power without gas generator? It is fatal to the nature to use a gas generator when you camp in the wild. Everyone might be camping out in the forest to have some relief from the noisy and polluted city life. So, the simple solution is to go for a cool solar generator. That collects power from the nature and keeps you powered right anywhere. If you have been looking for a reliable and powerful solar generator, this Humless Go Power series machine could be the ideal one.

Wouldn’t you love a device that could store a huge 1300W hours of power? What’s more, it comes with a pair of solar panels with a capacity of 130W each. So, you get a good chance to fully charge its large built-in battery in a few hours under sun. Thus, it could perfectly replace a gas generator for camping and outing.

Also, you could keep it as back-up for emergency conditions. When not at camping, you could also rely on it to power your home or apartment during a black-out. Overall, the Humless solar generator looks worth its cost.

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It is good for outdoor use, indeed. Don’t worry about its safety and durability in the wild. You have its case built with durable metal shells so it could survive tough outdoor conditions. Humless has itself designed and built its circuit boards, inverter, and battery management system to ensure quality. Well, you could utilize total output of the 1.3kWh solar generator through multiple ports. It has 120AC socket, 12V DC outlet, and four USB ports so that you could connect a host of your gadgets and appliances to the system.

2. Portable 2500-watt 200Ah Solar Generator

You need a more powerful off-grid solar solution? This Be Prepared Solar generator could be the answer, but to your disappointment, it doesn’t have a stylish look and handy design. You get its components inside a large plastic box unlike the Humless’ stylish metal casing. But what you get as key advantages are its popularity and high power. Yes, they make it more attractive to the customers. We are happy to disclose that we ourselves get one successful reference to this solar generator on an average in two months in our affiliates sales.

Excited to know how powerful it is. Sure, it becomes the best solar power generator kit with its brilliant power. Indeed, you don’t have many solar generators out there with an output of 2500W continuous and 5000W peak power.

Incredibly, that would be quite enough to run all your bigger appliances like computers, power tools, entertainment devices, small fridges, and ovens. More amazingly, it has a pair of 100Ah battery units to store the harvested solar energy. Well, the solar output is also brilliant, thanks to the included pair of 100W panels.

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You have all essential output outlets with the solar generator, like USBs, DC, and AC ports. But the sad thing is it is not much friendly for portable and outdoor use. However, it works nice for RV, trailers, remote cabins, flat, and apartment. Being an ideal off-grid solar solution, you could quickly install the system anywhere and mount the panels on the roof. By the way, you have a variety of such solar generators from Be Prepared Solar. It is a Utah-based firm that has gained in popularity for its range of off-grid solar solutions.

3. Complete Cottage 216KWH 5000W Solar Kit

Complete Cottage 216KWH 5000W Solar Kit

What about a DIY solar generator kit next in our listicle today? A DIY generator means you should do some assembly to set up the final off-grid solar solution. Yes, it is not like the above ready-to-use solar generator kits. It is from a company called Green Garden Chicken. As you see in the title, it is a solar generator with huge output of 216KWH a month. It could power up your large appliances easily, thanks to it’s the included 5000-watt inverter. You get the machine in other inverter variants like 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 7000W.

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Hope you  have enjoyed our list of large solar generator kits. It is indeed not easy to find the best solar power generator kit. You have two ways to go with in its search. One option is a ready-to-use solar generator kit that comes in just two parts; power bank and solar panels. A DIY solar generator kit, in the meantime, stands out as you should do an assembly before using it. But it is never a complex thing. You don’t need to be an expert technician to bring together the components of a DIY solar generator to realize your product. SwanPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar PowerAn emergency may cut off your grid power and put you in darkness anytime. Worried about such a situation? Or are you concerned about having a stable power back-up for camping? Of course, you could go for a diesel generator to meet the power needs in both the cases....Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks