How could you run your campsite and juice your camping gear reliably? A power bank or gasoline generator? Both certainly wouldn’t guarantee you constant power all along your camping trail especially when you camp for long periods. A power storage solution with solar charging is, of course, the best way to make sure you get enough power. Simply the sun shines right everywhere you might make into in the wild. Well, here we would like to introduce you to a list of five best solar power packs that you could consider buying.

Best Solar Power Packs

Best Solar Power Packs: 5 Outstanding Solar Generators

For a hiker, it would certainly be taxing to carry a bigger solar generator. Hikers would better find folding solar chargers to make use of the natural energy source to juice their essential gizmos. But if you camp with family or friends, you must need more power. Sure, kids would be happy to continue playing with their tablets and game consoles at campsite. Amazingly, you could even finish leftovers of official work on your laptop. More excitedly, you could run your medical support machines and mini fridges in the wild.

1. Kalisaya KaliPAK – Portable Solar Generator

We need power all the time, but it runs out. Either in an off-grid campsite or emergency scenario, you would be desperately looking for power. Kalisaya’s KaliPAK is one simple option you could buy to ensure unlimited power, because it is an all-inclusive solar kit with enough solar cells to charge its internal battery. At the heart of KaliPAK 601 is a 38Ah lithium battery that could charge your smartphone over 100 times.

There are smaller variants of the machine with 26Ah and 13Ah batteries as well – respectively KP401 and 201. So, you could get a solar generator even if you are on a limited budget. KaliPAK is totally autonomous. Out in the wilderness, you can completely rely on sun energy with 4x folding 40W solar panel. Or you can charge it from car or wall socket. If it rains you could use this ultra-comfortable raincoat to secure it from wetting.


You could sit back and keep an eye on your solar generator on phone via Bluetooth. KaliAPP is a window to all info about  your power source as you think about the next adventure in the wild. Therefore, you could spend energy wisely. Well, it shows battery status, consumption and charging levels and solar effectiveness etc.

Got many camping gear and LED lights? Don’t worry. You could connect four USB devices to charge through its ultra-fast 10W ports. That would keep your phone, camera and GPS fully charged all the time around. And you could profusely light up campsite with a pair of LED lamps via its 12V DC ports. Unfortunately, you would be missing an AC socket to run big appliances, though.

2. Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator

I am sure you are not satisfied watching the video above as it misses commentary. But, as a camper, you will surely fall in love with the Renogy’s flagship Phoenix solar generator. The way it works is quite different from KaliPAK and other similar solar generators. It is because what Renogy is offering is an all-in-one generator. That is it integrates both solar and electronic parts in a single case, which is, more amazingly, a suitcase-style one and so is easy to carry to your remote camping sites.

Renogy Phoenix fails to KaliPAK when you go to its specs, though. Featuring only 16Ah Li-ion battery, you could use it to charge a laptop 5 times and phone around 40 times. The built-in solar panel, appearing on the lids of the suitcase, could produce a maximum of only 10 watts from sunlight. But if you would like to spend extra on additional panels you could expand it up to 120 watts. That is a great advantage for campers or preppers, who already keep an extra solar panel.


Renogy Phoenix simply becomes one of the best solar power packs as it touts all options to power up all types of devices at campsite. Got a laptop with AC adapter? Don’t worry, you have it with an AC socket. Apart from, it features a cigarette port and a pair of 12V DC ports to tether devices like LED lamps. Four USB ports make sure Phoenix simultaneously charges the handhelds of all your camping family.

3. Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

Hope you have watched the video of Inergy team boasting its flagship Kodiak generator. Wouldn’t you love a generator that could run entire your household and make happy all your family off-the-grid? That is what Kodiak is. Obviously, it attracted huge number of backers on Indiegogo as it could amass up over 850% of its goal. Linked with Inergy Predator solar panels, Kodiak would do magic in your campsite. It could produce a massive 1100W of solar energy and more amazingly its light deep-cycle lead acid battery is expandable.

Though having a thriving launch back in 2015 on Indiegogo and Amazon later, Kodiak looks to yet grab minds of campers and preppers largely. Certainly, the idea behind Kodiak to be the most compact, handy, and light solar generator was brilliant. Yet another noteworthy advantage that could itself make Kodiak a market hit was it would ideally work with wall outlet and car charger, other than solar panels. Still, I believe Kodiak is obviously one of the easy to use solar generators on market, though it is not an all-in-one unit.


There is something outstanding with Kodiak in terms of output ports. If you are with multiple AC appliances Kodiak becomes the best pick as it sports seven AC sockets. In line with that, Kodiak would run nearly all your household appliances like fridges, freezers, microwaves, CPAPs and even some oxygen concentrators. Thus, Kodiak, along with being an ideal camping power source, is a wonderful choice for preppers. In a disaster scenario, Kodiak would certainly be a great help for you if you could access better sunlight.

You could also juice up four USB gadgets at the same time. And it further has a pair of 12VDC output ports. Not to be left behind, its high current input charging point is a wonder. It could accept power from different input sources like solar, car charger and wind at a faster rate, i.e. up to 32 VDC at 30 Amps. Also, don’t worry to make your outing to any terrain with Kodiak, because it could stay safe in temperatures from as low as -15 degrees F to as extreme as 150 degrees F.

4. Monerator Solar Generator

Do you feel bulky of carrying a solar generator with solar panel? Renogy Phoenix would be a nice solution as it comes standalone, but the maximum storage it could offer is limited. Don’t fret up. You would certainly love to have a glance at this Monerator Gusto 20 solar generator as part of this list of best solar power packs. As you see in the video, it is not an all-in-one solution, but carrying of it wouldn’t be a burden either. Simply because you get it in a sturdy, handy case along with a rather small 10W solar charger. Of course, I understand that meagre 10W wouldn’t be much more to fully charge its 80mAh internal battery in a few hours.

Limited with budget? Monerator team has also got a cheaper variant with 40Ah battery, which is priced around $400 without solar panel. Interestingly, both the machines are built with high quality LiFePO4 battery, a type of lithium unit that is more safe and rich with a lot of recharging cycles. Total output the Monerator Gusto series offers is 140 watts, quite enough to power up a wide range of your gadgets and handhelds. Thanks to cigarette port for output with included inverter, you wouldn’t miss absence of AC port to run your laptop, fan, or lights.


There are almost all important output ports on the power pack. As phones, tablets, LED lights, fan, and laps, you can connect as many as eight devices to juice from the system. An included AC inverter, to be connected to its cigarette outlet, makes Monerator Gusto capable to charge your big appliances as well. You can connect USB-based handsets to the three USB ports and lamps and other DC compliant gadgets to four 12V DC outlets.

Getting into the wild for off-grid life, anybody would first check if the solar generator had enough portability. Monerator Gusto series, though not much popular model on Amazon, turns up with a strong handle and it weighs relatively less. If you love to think differently in purchasing your off-grid solar generator go ahead to test Monerator Gusto. Hopefully it wouldn’t disappoint you, and of course, it would be a more awesome way to charge your line of gadgets and appliances out in the wild.

5. Humless Portable Solar Generator

Would you love a more powerful solar generator? Humless’ 1.3kWh solar kit might be the coolest pick then. We have it in our list of the best solar power packs so that you could get a good idea about the most powerful solar generator. Being such a huge machine and added with its pair of 130W solar panels, it might not be good for individual campers. At the same time, you can’t find a rather perfect piece of solar generator to run entire your campsite and home from solar energy than this Humless model. Humless also has a lesser powerful variant of the machine (64kWh) for a cut of around $500 in price tag.

Simply, what Humless solar generator suggests is there is a rather wide scope for renewable energy products. Other than camping or emergency, you could rely on a system like this to produce power for entire household. Along with ensuring green energy with no emissions, it would rather help you save a lot on your power bill. For campsites, it would be tough for you to carry the 53-pound massive machine, but if you are going on tailgating or RVing, yes, it would go a perfect piece of off-grid solar solution.


You could rely on a variety of charging options to juice up the mammoth solar generator. Other than solar, you could also go for other renewable energy sources like wind turbine, hydro, or hand crank. In case, you worry about the availability of renewable sources, you could fill it from AC outlet or car charger as well. By the way, you could consume the power from the machine to charge variety of your gadgets and appliances through a 120V AC socket, 12DC outlet and four USB ports.

Final Thoughts

Today, we just tried to surface five best solar power packs that are good in performance and portability, but not much ahead in sale counts and customer reviews unfortunately. Never does that mean they are not good enough to be your first choices for off-grid solar power. We are quite familiar with a category of other solar generators with good sales. You could analyze these five products and compare them with the market leaders before taking a decision on buying the best solar power pack. Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerBest Solar Power PacksHow could you run your campsite and juice your camping gear reliably? A power bank or gasoline generator? Both certainly wouldn't guarantee you constant power all along your camping trail especially when you camp for long periods. A power storage solution with solar charging is, of course, the best...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |