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Best Solar-Powered Phone Chargers of 2021: 10 Best-Rated Solar Phone Chargers in the UK

A solar phone charger is any solar-based charging solution that can juice up your phones and other USB devices. There is a variety of solar-based phone chargers on the market today. Here, we go with a list of the best solar-powered phone chargers in the UK.

A solar phone charger can be either a solar power bank that has a battery or a folding solar charger that has a USB port. The key thing is that it should be able to charge your phone or other USB devices using solar power off the grid or in an emergency.

Well, on this list, we have a compilation of the best-rated solar phone chargers that our readers in the UK can buy.

Of course, it is an amazing thing to charge your handsets using solar or any other renewable source of power. With solar being the most reliable and versatile alternative power option, a solar-based phone charger can be the right choice for your camping trips and adventure life. Also, it can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

Best Solar-Powered Phone Chargers

As mentioned above, solar phone chargers are typically available in two styles; solar power banks and folding solar chargers. A solar power bank is like any power bank, but with an inbuilt solar panel to charge its internal battery under the sun.

A folding solar charger is a plug-and-play solution. Having no battery to store power, you will have to charge your phones or other USB-based devices directly under the sun. Or you can combine it with a regular non-solar power bank to store power for later use.

Anyway, our list has the best-sellers from both the power banks and folding solar chargers that are available in the UK. Stay tuned to get the best solar phone charger for your next adventure below.

1. Anker PowerCore Solar 20000 Power Bank

We would like to start the list with Anker’s famous PowerCore Solar 20000 power bank. As you see, it is a solar-based power bank with a 20000mAh battery, as its name implies. Well, it is a best-in-class product of its kind and the company has engineered it for adventures, camping and hiking trips, and other outdoor and survival applications.

PowerCore 20000 can charge your handsets at a faster rate, thanks to its dynamic USB-A 12W and USB-C 18W charging points. It is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and USB devices, including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, Pro Max, and more.


Anker has crafted the power bank with its smart PowerIQ technology to safeguard your precious gadgets from the unstable flow of the current. The device has got a built-in flashlight with three different lighting modes to make your off-grid and emergency life an amazing experience.

The handy solar power bank comes with some essential accessories like USB-C to USB-C cable and a wrist strap. The power bank has a size of 17.5 x 8.8 x 3 cm and it weighs just above 1 lbs.

Notable Features

  • 20,000mAh High-Performing Solar Power Bank.
  • Dynamic USB-C 18W and USB-A 12W Outputs.
  • Built-In Flashlight with Three Lighting Modes.
  • Four-Corner Drop Protection.
  • Solid, Durable, and Handy Solar Power Bank.

2. BigBlue 63W Solar Charger

Next, we have an impressive folding solar charger. This is a nine-fold, 63-watt solar charger from BigBlue. With a pair of USB-A 5V/4.8A ports and a USB-C 5V/3A port, you can use it to charge a variety of your handsets quite faster under direct sunlight.

As you know, unlike a solar power bank, it doesn’t contain a battery, but you can charge your handsets rather faster, thanks to its high-efficiency 63-watt solar cells.

Moreover, its 18V DC outlet makes it compatible with small solar power stations. That is how you get a multi-functional folding solar charger from BigBlue. Check out the product on the link below.


Well, its USB ports integrate the brand’s exclusive smart IC chips to keep your handsets safe from wavering solar current. Yes, the chips will make sure that the connected handsets are not getting damaged with overcharging, short circuits, and more.

The solar charger is made of SunPower’s highly efficient mono solar cells that can convert up to 21.5% to 23.5%. Thanks to its highly durable and ultra-slim design, you can take it anywhere on your trips like camping, hiking, climbing, and more.

Once folded, the BigBlue solar charger has a size of just 11.4 x 6.9 x 0.2 inches. In this form, it is like a briefcase that makes you carry the 48-oz charger anywhere quite effortlessly. Once spread out, it has a size of 33.9 x 27.2 x 0.2 inches.

Notable Features

  • 63W Nine-Fold Ultra-Slim Solar Phone Charger. 
  • Multiple USB Ports and an 18V DC Socket. 
  • Highly Efficient Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Handy, Briefcase-Like Foldable Design.
  • Highly Durable, Ultra-Portable Solar Charger. 

3. iPosible Solar PowerBank 26800mAh

Of the best solar-powered phone chargers in the UK, this solar power bank from iPosible is one of the best sellers. As the title says, it is a 26800mAh compact and handy power bank with a small solar panel built-in.

It features dual USB output ports – 5V/2.1A, and 5V/1A – to charge your handsets off-the-grid. Its USB input ports are micro-USB 2.1A and Type-C 2.1A units. The compact and handy device is indeed a fine choice for campers, hikers, backpackers, and more.


The included smart IC chips can safeguard your handsets from the troubles like overcharging, overheat, short circuits, and more. Meanwhile, the power bank is a highly durable product that can endure rough use in dusty and wet conditions out in the wild.

It is compatible with a wide range of your handsets, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other Android phones. Besides phones, you can also charge your Kindle, Bluetooth speakers, and more. It has a size of 150 x 15 x 75 mm and it weighs just 335 grams.

Notable Features

  • 26800mAh/99.16Wh Compact Solar Power Bank.
  • Dual Output Sockets – 5 V/2.1 A (MAX), 5V/ 1A. 
  • Micro-USB 5 V/2.1 A and Type-C 5 V/2.1 A Inputs. 
  • Sturdy and Durable Solar Power Bank.

4. Xinpuguang 14W Solar Charger

It is another popular folding USB solar phone charger in the UK. The 14W four-fold charger integrates SunPower’s highly efficient mono solar cells. It can offer a higher conversion rate of up to 25% to charge any of your USB devices directly under the sun.

Well, the Xinpuguang solar charger incorporates dual 5V USB outlets. The brand also offers the ultra-slim folding solar charger in a variety of other power options, including a 21W model with multiple USB ports.

Xinpuguang 14W Solar Charger


It is indeed one of the smallest and ultra-lightweight solar phone chargers in the UK. With a folded size of 200 x 290 x 25 mm and a weight of just 360 grams, you can take it anywhere on your camping, hiking backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

Made for the outdoors, it highlights a waterproof and durable profile. So, it can offer you a long lifespan even if you use it in rough outdoor conditions. It features all the standard safety measures to protect your precious handsets from all the voltage variation issues like overcharging, short circuits, and more.

Notable Features

  • 14W Four-Fold Ultra-Slim Solar Phone Charger. 
  • Dual 5V/3A(Max) USB Output Ports. 
  • Highly Efficient SunPower Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Waterproof and Durable Solar Charger.
  • Ideal for Hikers, Campers, and Backpackers.

5. Hiluckey 26800mAh Solar Power Bank

Next, we have a popular 26800mAh solar power bank on our list of the best solar phone chargers in the UK. The device is from a brand called, Hiluckey. It is available in two elegant shades and is compatible with all your handsets and USB devices.

With an efficient 1.9W solar panel, it is a cool wireless phone charger. Its 6800mAh Li-polymer battery can store enough power to charge your handsets several times. So, it can be a great companion for you in your off-grid trips and adventures.

Including a 5W wireless charging pad, the Hiluckey has got four outputs altogether. The USB ports are one USB-C 5V/3A and dual 5V/3A USB-A ports. The 3Amp charging speeds can help charge your handsets quite faster than the regular 1A output ports.


The power bank also sports a built-in LED flashlight with three modes, including an emergency SOS option. Moreover, it is a highly durable, waterproof, and shockproof power bank so that you can take it anywhere for your outdoor activities.

It is indeed a very handy product with a size of 6.9 x 3.3 x 1.1 in and a weight of just 1 lb. The brand offers the power bank in black and orange shades, which you can find on the link above.

Notable Features

  • 26800mAh/99.16Wh Handy Solar Power Bank.
  • Four Output Ports, Including a 5W Wireless Charger. 
  • USB-C 5V/3A and dual 5V/3A USB-A Outlets. 
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, and Durable Design. 
  • Available in Two Shades – Black and Orange.

6. X-Dragon 40W Solar Panel Charger

Here is another impressive folding solar phone charger. The X-Dragon is a 40-watt eight-layered solar charger with SunPower’s highly efficient mono solar cells. It can deliver a conversion rate of up to 23% to let you charge your handsets quite faster.

It features a dual-port output for charging. The one is a 5V/2A USB port to charge all 5V-powered gadgets, including phones, tablets, cameras, and more. Meanwhile, its 18V DC/2A outlet lets you charge laptops, power stations, and other DC devices.


For the safe charging of your devices, its USB port integrates an exclusive SolarIQ technology. That is a smart IC chip that can help automatically identify the voltage of the connected devices and deliver the best current to charge it as early as possible.

Of course, it is a highly durable, and water-resistant solar charger. Made with PET solar panels and rugged Oxford cloth, you get a really awesome piece of solar charger for rough outdoor applications. Also, it touts the best safety standards to safeguard your devices and gadgets. It has an unfolded size of 26. 77 x 20. 87 x 0. 20 inch and a weight of 40.80 oz.

Notable Features

  • 40W Eight-Layered Ultra-Slim Solar Phone Charger. 
  • Dual-Port Output – 5V/2A USB and 18V/2A DC Socket. 
  • Highly Converting SunPower Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Waterproof and Rugged Folding Solar Charger.
  • Perfect for Hikers, Campers, and Backpackers.

7. DJROLL Solar Power Bank 36000mAh

It is another high-capacity and reliable solar power bank in the UK market. It highlights a QI wireless charging pad and 15W high-speed outputs to power up a variety of your handsets. The 36000mAh Li-polymer battery can store quite enough power to charge your phones, tablets, and other handsets several times.

Including the QI wireless charger, the power bank has four charging ports overall. They include dual 15W USB outlets and a single fast-performing Type-C outlet. Meanwhile, when it comes to the charging options, it features multiple ways that obviously include the built-in solar panel and dual USB inputs. Check out the product on the link below.


The USB input ports are one Micro-USB outlet and one Type-C port. Using the USB options, you can fully charge the power bank in nine to 12 hours. It is when under the sun, the solar panel can keep it fully charged for your off-grid and emergency power needs.

Of course, the power bank is perfectly optimized for use in various rough outdoor conditions. With IP66-rating, what you get is a highly durable, waterproof, and shock-resistant handy power bank. It also sports an LED flashlight with three modes, including an SOS emergency light for survival needs.

Notable Features

  • 36000mAh Compact Solar Power Bank.
  • Four Output Options with a Wireless Charger.
  • Dual 15W USB Ports and One Type-C USB Socket.
  • Three Inputs with Solar and Two USB Ports.
  • Durable, Waterproof, and Shock-Proof Design.

8. BigBlue 42W Portable Solar Charger

We have already had a look at a 63W solar phone charger from BigBlue above. Here, we have a 42-watt variant of the brand’s best-seller folding solar chargers for phones and other USB and DC devices. It is a six-layered highly efficient mono solar charger.

Made of SunPower’s high-converting mono solar cells, this BigBlue solar charger is a nice piece of a portable phone charger. You can use its dual 5V/2.4A fast-charging USB ports and an 18V DC outlet to charge different handsets and devices under the sun.


The 6-layered, ultra-thin solar charger is foldable to a briefcase-style small unit. The size of its sleeky folded form is just 11 x 5.5 x 1.8 in and once spread out it goes to 26.8 x 22.4 x 0.2 in.

It is also a rugged and durable charger. Featuring IPX4-rating and high-grade PET polymer fabric, you can use it roughly in the wild. No water, splashes, or dust will ruin it quickly and so it can last longer in delivering off-grid power to your devices.

Notable Features

  • 42W Six-Layered Ultra-Thin Solar Phone Charger. 
  • Dual 5V USB Ports and One 18V DC Socket. 
  • Highly Efficient SunPower Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Waterproof and Rugged Folding Solar Charger.
  • Ideal for Hikers, Campers, and Backpackers.

9. TP-Solar 30W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

This is another ideal folding solar phone charger. The TP-Solar product is a 30W unit with four layers of highly efficient mono solar panels. This is a perfect pick for your camping, hiking, and backpacking requirements.

With a size of 11.18 × 7.68× 1.57 in, you can take it anywhere on your trips. Once unfolded, it stretches up to 33.76 × 11.18× 0.8 in and you can rug it up to your bike or attach it to your backpack using its corner holes. Check out the product on the link below.


For charging your handsets, the solar charger features dual USB outlets. They are one Quick Charge 3.0 USB port and one Type-C Power Delivery port of 5V/9V/12V 2A max. They can provide the juice to your phones and tablets quite faster under the sun.

Thanks to the built-in smart IC chips, the ports can automatically identify the devices connected, deliver the right amount of the current and safeguard your devices from overcurrent, discharge, and more.

Moreover, making it compatible with 12V batteries, it features a 14.4V charge controller box. So, you can use the charger to power up the batteries in your RVs, boats, campervans, and more.

Notable Features

  • 30W Four-Layered Ultra-Thin Solar Charger. 
  • Dual 5V USB Ports and a 14.4V Controller Box. 
  • Highly Efficient and Powerful Mono Solar Cells. 
  • Rugged and Waterproof Folding Solar Charger.
  • Perfect for Hikers, Campers, and Backpackers.

10. PowerTraveller Extreme Solar Panel and Power Bank Kit

Finally, we have a solar phone charger with a combination of a solar panel and a power bank. With a highly efficient two-fold, clamshell-design solar panel, you get a powerful 12000mAh solar power bank with multiple charging outlets.

This can be an ideal way to charge your handsets and other USB devices off the grid. Along with USB ports, the PowerTraveller product features a 12V DC outlet to charge your bigger devices like SLRs. Check out the product on the link below.


Specs-wise, the solar panels included can output 5 watts at 5V/1A. The power bank integrates a 5V/2A USB port and a USB-C bi-directional port to charge your handsets and other USB devices.

Thanks to its advanced MPPT controller, it can ensure optimal charging of the power bank even in low-light conditions. The highly portable and compact power bank plus solar charger can thus be an ideal choice for campers, hikers, and backpackers.

Notable Features

  • Folding Solar Charger and Power Bank Kit.
  • Two-Fold Highly Efficient Mono Solar Charger.
  • 12000mAh Highly Compact Power Bank.
  • Dual USB Outlets and One 14.4V DC Socket.
  • Perfect Choice for Campers and Backpackers.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the solar-powered phone chargers in the UK. We have covered some of the best-sellers in much detail so it will be easy for you to find one. As said above, we mainly have two types of solar phone chargers – solar power banks and solar folding chargers. Our collection has indeed the best of the two categories. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

By the way, check out our list of the best solar phone chargers in the USA market here. 

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