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BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 Portable Power Station: 1800Wh LifePO4 Compact and Super Portable Solar Generator

The portable solar energy vendor BigBlue has upgraded its Cellpowa line-up with a super compact mid-range power station with a LifePO4 battery pack.

Called BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 portable power station, it is a 1800Wh battery pack with a 2500W pure sine wave inverter and six AC outlets with a surge of 5000 watts.

The mid-range portable solar power market is highly competitive with models from different brands. Cellpowa 2500 from BigBlue stands out with two special features – an LFP battery with a life of over 3500 charging cycles and a compact design.

BigBlue has launched it on a Kickstarter with attractive early bird pricing. The first 300 backers of the project can get the powerful device at just $999. Its retail price is $2000 and the crowdfunding price is $1199. Use the link below to grab it with the best deals.




  • 1800Wh Super Compact LifePO4 Solar Power Station.
  • 2500W PSW Inverter with 5000W Surge Capacity.
  • 1200W AC and 1200W Solar Ultra-Fast Charging.
  • Six AC Outlets with 2500W Power Output.
  • Two Units of USB-C 45W and 100W PD Outlets.
  • Wireless Control Over a Mobile App.
  • Highly Effective Heat Dissipation System.
  • Ultra-Portable and Compact Power Station.

BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 Portable Power Station

The Cellpowa 2500 is an extra-compact solar power station from BigBlue. With a size of 15.12 x 10.79 x 12.8 inches and a weight of 25.3 kg, the LFP battery pack will be a great choice for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, RVers, campers, and more.

It has got two solid and stronger built-in carrying handles, and the overall build quality of the product is awesome. Hence, you can take it anywhere on your trips and enjoy access to unlimited portable power.

Moreover, with a high-capacity 1800Wh battery pack and 2500W inverter, it can also be a reliable home backup power system. You can run up to six AC appliances on it apart from a number of USB and DC-powered devices.



Faster charging from a solar array and an AC wall socket is another notable attraction. It sports a 1200W charging input for solar and wall socket options. You can pair six units of 200W solar chargers to juice it up in a few hours under a bright sun.

The BigBlue also comes with an app for wireless control and management. You can connect the battery pack to the mobile app to get you remote access to all the vital data about its operation, charging status, and more.

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Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the BigBlue Cellpowa 2500 portable power station. The product is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter with some really attractive deals. You get the high-capacity power station at just $999 if you rush up to pre-order it as an early bird backer on the crowdfunding platform. Check it out here.

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