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BigBlue CellPowa 500 Portable Solar Generator: A 537.6Wh Compact Solar Power Station

BigBlue is a known vendor of portable energy storage products. The brand offers an impressive compact solar power station, the BigBlue CellPowa 500 portable solar generator. As you see in the title, it is a 537.6Wh solar power station with a 500W inverter and two AC sockets.

Its highly portable profile and ultra-safe LiFePO4 battery are two key selling points. The brand has the CellPowa 500 power station on sale with its 100W Solarpowa 100 solar charger. Well, this combination can guarantee you unlimited portable and off-grid power in the wilderness.

Successfully launched on Indiegogo, the BigBlue power station is currently on sale on the brand’s website and Amazon. We would like to check out the key features and specialties of the brilliant solar power station.

BigBlue CellPowa 500 Portable Solar Generator

There is a wide range of compact power stations on the market. The BigBlue device is indeed a good competitor to its alternatives from Goal Zero, Bluetti, Jackery, and EcoFlow.

With its stylish design, reliable power, and fast charging, you can use it as an ideal off-grid power solution. Out in the wild, it can be your finest companion for emergency power. Check it out on Amazon below.



The 500W inbuilt inverter is a perfect one. It can power up your essential AC appliances like freezers and ovens. Further, the device sports four USB sockets with two 60W USB-C ports and as many as 18W USB-A ports.

Along with its compact size of 28.7 x 20.8 x 20.8 cm and a weight of 7.8 kg, it features a flexible handle. So, it is quite easy for you to carry it along, and after use, you can store it neatly somewhere.


Why Should You Buy

1. Ultra-Safe and Efficient LFP Battery

The BigBlue CellPowa 500 portable solar generator features an ultra-safe LifPO4 battery pack. As you know, the LFP battery is much safe against fire, and it also touts long charging cycles of over 2000 times. Well, though a bit heavier than alternative batteries, you get a much efficient and safe battery inside the BigBlue device.

2. Fast Charging from Multiple Sources

You can recharge the BigBlue device from multiple sources, including solar. With an efficient MPPT controller inside, you can recharge it fully in one day’s optimal sunlight with a 100W solar charger.

Meanwhile, you charge it up to 80% in two hours with a combination of its USB-C and DC input ports at the same time. Via an AC wall outlet, you can charge the power station in just six hours, by the way.

3. Multiple Charging Outlets

The BigBlue highlights a range of charging options, including two 500W AC outlets that can surge at 1000 watts. The built-in pure sine wave inverter can ensure a stable flow of AC current to your appliances. The other options include two pieces of 60W Type-C ports and 18W USB-A sockets.

BigBlue-CellPowa-500 Solar Generator

4. Elegant Design and Flexible Handle

As you see, the Cellpowa 500 shows off an elegant design. It has a cool look in design and its lightweight profile makes it rather compact and handy. Further, the device sports a flexible carrying handle, letting you neatly store it in a small room inside your RV, campervan, and more.

5. Built-in Flashlight with SOS Mode

Being an ideal off-grid power companion, the BigBlue CellPowa 500 portable solar generator integrates an LED flashlight. It has three lighting modes, including an SOS emergency mode. So, the power station comes out to be an ideal system for your off-grid and survival lives.


Compatible Solar Charger

BigBlue is also a top vendor of solar panels and it offers a variety of impressive solar panels and chargers.

We would like to recommend to you the brand’s 100W two-fold handy and lightweight solar charger. Branded as Solarpowa 100, it is a long-life ETFE panel with a higher conversion rate of up to 22%.

The two-fold solar charger is highly durable and waterproof.

With IP65-rating, you can use it in rough outdoor conditions confidently. The long-lasting ETFE material can make it last longer than the regular PET panels. Check out the solar panel below.


Like all similar folding solar panels, it features kickstands. The durable built-in kickstands help you place the panel at the right angle to grab as much sunlight as possible.

It is easy to close and open the solar panel. It has a folded size of around 24.9 x 54 x 1.7 in and once unfolded you get a decent solar panel to produce enough power for the Cellpowa 500 power station in the wild.


Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the BigBlue CellPowa 500 portable solar generator. It is indeed one of the best-of-its-kind solar power stations out there as it strongly takes on the competition from the models like Jackery Explorer 500, Bluetti EB55, EB70, EcoFlow River, and more.

With a decent storage capacity and a 500-watt power inverter, the BigBlue is certainly a nice choice for all your off-grid applications. Getting into the wild for exploration, it can be your friendly partner to provide portable power, emergency lighting, and more.

Share your thoughts about the impressive BigBlue power station below. The brand realized this product through a successful crowdfunding campaign and it is now available for all to buy on its website at the best prices.

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