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BigBlue CellPowa 500 Solar Generator: Up to $110 Christmas Deals on the 537Wh Power Station

Are you looking at buying a compact solar power station with a cool solar charger? It is the best time to get the one from BigBlue, a notable vendor of portable solar energy products. The company has announced a Christmas 2021 offer of up to $110 on its much-touted BigBlue CellPowa 500 solar generator.

The 537Wh power station alone comes up with a discount of $70 off its reselling price of $399.99 for the buyers during the Christmas 2021 shopping. The compatible 100W ETFE solar charger has got a discount of $40 on its retail price of $200.

Meanwhile, if you buy the solar power station with the solar panel in a bundle, you get a discount of $110. That is indeed a good deal for someone who is looking to buy a compact solar power station in a bundle. We would like to have a sneak peek at the BigBlue solar power station below.


CellPowa 500 Solar Generator @ $330 – $70 Off


  • 537.6Wh/168000mAh LifePO4 Portable Solar Generator.
  • 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 1000W Surge Power.
  • Two AC Outlets, Four USB Sockets, and a Carport.
  • Compact Design with a Flexible Carrying Handle.

SolarPowa 100W Solar Panel @ $160 – $40 Off

BigBlue 100W ETFE Portable Solar Panel


  • Two-Fold ETFE Solar Charger.
  • Higher Conversion Efficiency.
  • Perfect for Outdoor and Off-Grid Life.
  • Strong Kickstands and Built-in Handles.

CellPowa500 and SP100 Bundle @479.99 – $110 Off


  • CellPowa 500 Solar Power Station.
  • SolarPowa 100W Solar Panel.

BigBlue CellPowa 500 Solar Generator

The BigBlue device is a 537Wh solar power station with an ultra-safe LifePO4 battery that has a charging cycle of over 2000 times. You can charge the device up to 80% in just two hours by connecting two 60W USB-C PD and DC input options at the same time.

It features a 500W pure sine wave inverter with a surge of 1000 watts. Its dual AC sockets let you connect up to two appliances simultaneously. The other charging options include four USB sockets with two 60W Type-C PD ports and as many as 18W USB-A sockets.



A 12V carport for running your car-powered devices is another attraction of the lightweight solar power station.

It highlights an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) to increase the safety and life of the battery.

A highly compact design with a flexible handle is another key thing. With the dimensions of 28.7 x 20.8 x 20.8 cm and a weight of 7.8 kg, you can easily carry it anywhere on your trips and travels.

Compatible Solar Panel

With an advanced MPPT charge controller, the BigBlue solar power station supports 100W solar charging.

BigBlue’s 100W ETFE folding solar charger is a great choice. The solar panel is a two-fold, ultra-lightweight unit and so you can use it comfortably in a variety of outdoor conditions.

Called SolarPowa 100, the BigBlue solar charger has a maximum output of 24V/4.16A. Made with long-life ETFE and UV-resistant EVA materials, you get a perfect solar charger for the CellPowa power station.



With an IP65-rating, it is a waterproof panel that is much suitable for off-grid and survival situations. The higher conversion rate of up to 22% will make it much reliable in ensuring portable power for your outdoor life.

It carries highly durable kickstands and a handy folding design. A cool handle makes it easily manageable on your trips. The solar panel has a size of 24.9 x 54 x 1.7 in once unfolded and it weighs just 10.58 lbs.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on BigBlue Christmas deals 2021 on its much-touted CellPowa 500 solar generator.

Along with a collection of its products, the vendor has the power station and the compatible solar panel on sale at discounted prices for the year-end shopping spree. Apart from single units, the power station is also available in a bundle with the 100W solar panel at a rather cool price.

The BigBlue power station is, of course, one of the notable compact solar power stations with a LifePO4 battery pack. So, it competes strongly with the products from the brands like EcoFlow, Bluetti, Jackery, and Goal Zero. With a small and handy size, you really get a brilliant product from the brand.

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