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Bixpy PP-166 Solar Power Bank: A Rugged and Truly Waterproof Outdoor Solar Power Bank

There is indeed a large variety of portable solar power banks with different features. What about a highly rugged and waterproof solar power bank. You have it from Bixpy, a leading vendor of electric propulsion systems and power storage solutions for water sport enthusiasts. It is Bixpy PP-166 solar power bank.

The Bixpy power station is a well-engineered one. The company’s experience in building reliable batteries for kayak kits and scuba diving has enabled the team to come up with an ultimate outdoor power bank ever. Though having a rugged profile, Bixpy PP-166 keeps a very stylish look and feel.

Well, you get the power bank with long-lasting li-ion phosphate (LiFepO4) cells. They are encased perfectly in a water-and-weatherproof rugged case with an intuitive electronic interface. Moreover, it incorporates multiple connectors to power up your personal devices outdoors, especially out in the waters.

Bixpy PP-166 All to Know About

Bixpy PP-166 Solar Power Bank

Specs-wise, Bixpy PP-166 is actually a 166Wh solar power bank. Fine, the LiFepO4 battery pack is capable of delivering a near-perfect 12V output through its complete discharge cycle. That said, you get a highly reliable solar power station to juice up your gadgets and devices in an emergency.

The power station has a weight of just 4.6lb. The IP-68-rated waterproof case, made of the highly durable ABS-PC plastic, makes it possibly one of the first completely submersible solar power stations out there. It can survive a water pressure up to 100-feet, and it is saltwater ready, too.

Of course, the watertight design is the key attraction of the power station, which has got three output ports that support adapters for your 5V or 12V devices. The brand offers the device a shelf life of 10 years and 2000 charge cycles before a power loss.

To recharge it, you can use any solar panel. However, Bixpy has a 45-watt mono solar charger that will take seven to nine hours to fully charge it. But if you go for a wall outlet, you can recharge it under seven hours.

Bixpy PP-166 Features

Important Facts and Features

Ultimate Rugged Solar Power Bank

First of all, the Bixpy power station highlights a strong and rugged outer shell. As per its maker, it is made of exclusively sourced ABS-PC plastic with UV protection. There is also a strong waterproof seal to make sure it can survive pretty well underwater up to 100-feet.

Designed for the use in kayaks and canoes, it is also resistant to the salty water and corrosion. All its three outlets and LED indicators are also protected completely against water, dirt, and impacts. That is why it is simply the most rugged solar power bank on the market.

Decently Powerful Back-Up System

It is indeed a decently powerful back-up system, not a small power bank. As you see, it integrates a 166Wh rechargeable 12V lithium battery. In that case, it is comparable to Goal Zero’s entry-level Yeti 150, which is a bulky 10Amp 168Wh power station with a weight of 12 lbs.

Meanwhile, Bixpy PP-166 solar power bank, 15Amp device, is very lightweight and handy. You can easily handle it out in the wild as it weighs just 4.6lbs. It can back up all your essential 12V and 5V gadgets.

Bixpy PP-166 Solar Power Station

Perfect for the Waters

Yes, it is designed for the waters. Well, it is from a brand that develops innovative propulsion systems and waterproof storage solutions for kayaks and canoes.

Of course, the maker has crafted it as a part of its unique storage systems for water sports. Built with high-quality waterproof features, it will certainly be your ideal partner in the waters, including saltwater.

Stylish Design and Color

Though a rugged device, Bixpy PP-166 solar power bank features a very fashionable outlook. It is designed quite beautifully so you can place it on top of your desk as a piece of attraction. At the same time, its small and compact profile makes perfectly ideal for the tight and smalls spaces like the hatch of your kayak.

Small and Ultra-Lightweight

Above all, the Bixpy power station is very small and lightweight. As said above, it has a size of 4.6lb, and you can take it anywhere as it is small and handy. It is indeed a thing of attraction with the power bank.

Compatible Solar Charger

Yes, you don’t need to look for another maker for a solar charger. Bixpy offers a suitable solar charger for the power bank. It is a 45-watt folding solar charger made with highly efficient mono solar cells. The ETFE solar charger is indeed an ideal water-and-weather product with increased durability.

Bixpy PP-166 Rugged Solar Bank

The Project and Availablity

As you know, it is from Bixpy, well-known for its Bixpy Jet, a powerful and modular water jet for snorkeling, kayaking, and snorkeling adventures. Like the jet, the brand has launched the power bank on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. It has certainly grabbed a good response with more than 100 backers.

Bixpy PP-166 solar power bank is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

The company expects to start shipping it to the backers by October 2020. Its early bird price on the site is $397 USD along with the solar charger. It is 30% off of its original price. To own a unit of it, you can pre-order it on Indiegogo here, or wait for the product’s entry to the public market later.

Bixpy PP-166

Final Thoughts

Bixpy PP-166 solar power bank is absolutely an awesome product of its kind on the market. Its rugged and compact profile is the unique selling point as a special choice for rough outdoor use. Of course, designed exclusively for water adventures, it is certainly an incredible portable power station for outdoors.

You can take it into any rough situation in the wild. Its shock-and-waterproof design will make you enjoy the maximum out of a portable solar power station. Along with a solar charger, you are lucky enough to access the green power source with no limits. Share your thoughts below.

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