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Black Friday Solar Generators: 8 Cool Solar Power Stations for Buying During the 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 shopping season is around the corner.

There are multiple brands with some outstanding solar power stations for the year-end shopping frenzy.

Bluetti, Jackery, and EcoFlow are a few to name. These vendors have recently launched a number of the best-of-the-class models that you can buy with some attractive deals during this Black Friday or Cyber Monday season.

In this article, we would like to check out the best and the hottest solar power stations of the year. So, you can check out if their makers have some attractive deals and perks for you this year-end.


Bluetti AC200 Max @ $1,999 – $100 Off

 Bluetti AC200 Max Power Station


  • 2200W/4800W Expandable Portable Power Station. 
  • 2048Wh LifePO4 Battery Pack Under the Hood. 
  • 500W AC/900W (10-145V) Charging Inputs.

Bluetti AC300 @ $2,999 – $700 Off


  • 3000W/6000W Expandable Power Box. 
  • Expandable Up to 24,576Wh with Fusion Box Pro. 
  • 3000W@120V / 6000@240V AC Input.

Bluetti EP500 @ $3,699 – $1000 Off


  • 5100Wh LiFePo4/2000W Power Inverter.
  • In-grid UPS Mode and Flexible UPS Mode
  • Flexible Recharging Ways to Keep EP500 Always On

Jackery Explorer 1000 @ $849 – $150 Off



  • 1002Wh Mid-Range Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 2000W Surge.
  • Three Universal AC Sockets and Multiple USB and DC Ports.

EcoFlow Delta @ $1,099 – $300 Off


  • 1260Wh Mid-Size Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 1800W Inverter with 3300W X-Boost Power.
  • 400W Solar and 1200W X-Stream AC Charging Inputs.

EcoFlow River Pro @ $549 – $100



  • 720Wh Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 600W Inverter with 1200W Surge Power.
  • Scalable Up to 1440Wh with Extra Battery Module.

The Best Black Friday Solar Generators

A solar generator or a solar power station is a brilliant way you can add reliable backup power to your off-grid life or adventures. If you are looking at buying a model, year-end is the best time to go ahead. During the Black Friday season, all the brands turn up with attractive deals for their portable power stations.

Coupled with a reliable solar charger, a solar power station helps you store enough power for life in the wild and make your outdoor life rather exciting. These outstanding backup systems make keep your necessary gadgets and appliances charged and powered for seamless power of the grid.

Below, we have detailed takes on the best Black Friday Solar Generators for the year 2021.

1. Bluetti AC200 Max Solar Generator

AC200 Max is currently one of the most popular Bluetti solar power stations. It is an expandable version of the brand’s original AC200P. With a 2048Wh LFP battery pack and 2200W inverter, you can expand it up to a huge capacity of 8192Wh, thanks to the brand’s external battery modules.

  • Modular Solar Power Station with a 2048Wh LFP Battery Pack.
  • Expandable with Up to Two Units of the Brand’s Battery Modules.
  • Compatible with Both B230 and B300 Expansion Modules.
  • Expandable Up to 6,144Wh with B230s or 8,192Wh Two B300s.
  • 2,200W Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter with a Surge of 4800 Watts.
  • Up to 900W Solar Input and 500W AC Adapter Input with a Total of 1400 Watts.
  • Smart App Control and Monitoring. 


AC200-Max Portable Power Station

AC200 Max is one of the hot-sellers of solar power stations on the market. With its portable design and modular profile, it has got a lot of takers since its release a few weeks back.

You can pair multiple units of the brand’s 200W folding solar chargers to keep it charged from the sunlight out in the wild. Meanwhile, back at home, it can act as an ideal backup system for power.

2. Bluetti AC300 Solar Power Station

AC300 is another best-seller product from Bluetti. Unlike a conventional power station, AC300 is actually a 100% modular device with no battery pack inside. You need to buy it with the brand’s B300 battery module to use it as a power backup solution. Alone, AC300 has only an inverter, charge controller, and charging outlets.

  • 100% Modular Portable Power Station with No In-Built Battery.
  • 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 6000W Surge Power.
  • Expandable with Up to Four B300 3072Wh Extra Battery Modules.
  • Pairable with the Brand’s Fusion Box Pro for Double Power.
  • 2400W Unrivaled Solar Input for Fast Charging Under the Sun.
  • 5400W Blazing Input Rate with 2400W Solar and 3000W AC.
  • 240V Connection Available
  • 24/7 UPS Home Backup Ecosystem. 


AC300 Power Station

Bluetti AC300 is the only product with a change in the trend of having a built-in battery pack. The 100% modular power station thus guarantees you ultra-portability and easiness in handling.

Moreover, its higher input and output capacities make it power up bigger appliances, households, and worksites comfortably.

Besides the battery expandability feature, you can pair two units of AC300s together to double the inverter and charging power. The brand has designed a special Fusion Box Pro to make the pairing easier so that you can hook it up to eight pieces of the B300 battery modules.

3. Bluetti EP500 Solar Power Station

The EP500 is a heavy-duty power station with a ground-breaking 5100Wh battery pack.

It is a LiFePO4 battery that can offer you charging cycles of over 6000 times. The inverter inside is a 2000W variant with a peak power of 4000 watts.

The brand has also got a pro version of it with a 3000W inverter, which is known as EP500 Pro.

Both the machines are class-leading solar power stations that can power up entire your household, a large party, and an event, and etc…

  • Heavy-Duty 5100Wh LiFePo4 Solar Power Stations
  • EP500 and EP500 Pro Variants with 2000W and 3000W Inverters.
  • Movable Power Station with Strong Dragging Wheels.
  • 24/7 In-Grid UPS Mode and Flexible UPS Mode
  • Up to 15 Charging Outlets to Run Multiple Devices.
  • Flexible Recharging Options Keep Your EP500 Always On
  • App Remote Control and Touchscreen Display



EP500 is one of the brand’s biggest crowdfunding successes. It created waves on the leading crowdfunding platforms with thousands of backers.

The power station has an AC charging speed of 600W Max, 100-264VAC and you can charge it from a solar input of up to 1200 watts at 55-145VDC, 20A.

Both its variants are expandable with Bluetti’s new expansion battery modules.

4. Bluetti EB70 Solar Power Station

Bluetti EB70 is a smart compact solar power station.

With a 716Wh battery pack, it is an ideal choice for campers, tailgaters, and more. You can use the compact machine to power up your small appliances and other devices.

  • 716Wh Compact Solar Power Station with LFP Battery.
  • 700W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 1400W Surge Power.
  • Four AC Outlets, Carport, USB-C 100W, USB-A, and DC ports.
  • One Wireless Charging Pad of 15 Watts.
  • LED Light with Three Brightness Modes, Including SOS.
  • A Solar Input of 12V~28V, 200W Max. 



Bluetti EB70 is a very popular model of the segment. With a mid-range battery pack inside, it can power up most of your essential devices.

The machine has a size of just 12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7 in and a weight of 21.4lb. So, you can easily take it anywhere on your trips. But unlike the brand’s heavy models, you can’t expand it up with any of the battery modules.

5. Bluetti EB55 Solar Power Station

EB55 is an ultra-portable compact power station with a battery pack of 537Wh and an inverter of 700 watts. Though looking like B70, this is a mini variant meant at the campers, hikers, tailgaters, and preppers.

Being available in multiple colors like orange, blue, and gray, it is a very stylish product of its kind with a lot of takers. If you are looking at buying a power station on a budget, it can be the best choice for your needs.

  • 537Wh Ultra-Portable Solar Power Station with LFP Battery.
  • 700W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 1400W Surge Power.
  • Four AC Outlets, USB-C 100W, USB-A, Carport, and DC Sockets.
  • One 15W Wireless Charging Pad.
  • 200W AC Input and 200W Solar Input.
  • Elegant in Design and Available in Multiple Shades.



Bluetti EB55 has a size of 10.94 x 7.87 x 7.79 in and it weighs 16.5lbs. With its solid and durable handle, you can easily carry it anywhere on your trips and travels.

With a solar input of 200W, a unit of the brand’s 200W solar charger will be enough to charge it in the wild.

6. Jackery Explorer 1500

Explorer 1500 is one of the popular solar power stations from Jackery.

It is a 1534Wh power station with an inverter of 1800 watts. It can run most of your AC devices like power tools, household appliances, stoves, ovens, and fridges.

Jackery unveiled Explorer 1500 early this year along with a bigger variant Explorer 2000. Since then, it has been selling quite well with a lot of takers. Besides an individual unit, Jackery also has it on sale in a bundle, which is branded as Jackery Solar Generator 1500.

  • 1534Wh Lithium-Ion Battery Portable Power Station.
  • 1800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with a Surge of 3600 Watts.
  • 400W Solar Charging Input with SolarPeak Technology. 
  • Multiple Output Ports, Including Three AC Sockets.
  • 60W USB-C Power Delivery and Two USB-A Outlets.
  • Advanced Battery System Management System. 



Jackery Explorer 1500 is one of the best mid-range solar power stations of the kind. With a size of 14 x 10.4 x 12.7 in and a weight of 35.2 lbs, it is a very handy device that you can carry easily anywhere.

As you see, it keeps up the design and color theme of all the Jackery Explorer power stations. Its solid built-in handle is another attraction, making it rather portable for various outdoor applications.

7. Jackery Explorer 1000

Explorer 1000 is another incredible product from Jackery. This is a mid-range solar power station with a handy and stylish design. You can carry the 1002Wh backup system anywhere on the move and use it to power up all essential electronics comfortably.

The 1000-watt inverter with a surge of 2000W is a main attraction under the hood. The solid handle makes you conveniently handle it in the wild or any off-grid situations.

  • 1002Wh Mid-range Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 2000W Surge Power.
  • Professional MPPT Technology for Fast Solar Charging.
  • Three Universal AC Sockets, USB-C, and Two USB-A Ports.
  • One 12V 10A Carport for all Car-Powered Devices.
  • Size of 13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 in and 22.01 Lbs Weight.



Before the launch of Explorer 1500, this mid-range power station was actually the best seller of Jackery. There have been a lot of takers for the device that features a stylish and colorful theme.

Of course, Jackery will have it on sale with some attractive Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 deals, and that is why we have included it on our list of the best Black Friday solar generators.

8. EcoFlow Delta

The Delta is a mid-range solar power station from EcoFlow.

The 1260Wh power station is compatible with a wide variety of your electronics. You can charge it from the sunlight to ensure seamless off-grid power in the wild or in survival situations.

Having a 1800W pure sine wave inverter with a surge of 3300 watts, the device can smoothly power up your essential AC appliances. Moreover, it is a handy and portable power station with a lot of takers since its release in a highly successful crowdfunding campaign.

  • 1260Wh Mid-Range Portable Solar Power Generator.
  • 1800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 3300W Surge Power.
  • X-Stream Charging Technology for Fast AC Charging.
  • Six AC Outlets, and Fast-Charging USB and DC Sockets.
  • Advanced MPPT Charge Controller for Fast Soar Charging.
  • Capable of Powering up to 13 Electronics at a Time. 


EcoFlow Delta Solar Power Station

There are a lot of impressive things with EcoFlow Delta.

The brand shows it off as the world’s fastest charging power station. With its X-Stream charging technology, you can charge it from an AC socket from zero to 80% in an hour.

The machine enjoys a size of 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 in and it weighs just 30.9lbs. With its solid handles, you can carry it anywhere hassle-free.

The brand itself offers a number of compatible solar chargers for the Delta power station.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best Black Friday solar generators. We have included some of the best models that have been on sale for a while. The list covers all the leading brands of the moment, and so it will be easy for you to find a model that suits your needs ideally. You can surely get them with the best deals during the 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season.

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