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Black Friday Solar Generators: 10 Solar Power Stations Great for Buying on Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 is around the corner. Perhaps, shopping at the time of the COVID may be tough for many customers. Also, the key brands are reportedly struggling to ensure regular stock of their moving products. Anyway, if you are looking at the best Black Friday solar generators deals, here you have some of the highly recommended products for you to include in the wish list for year-end shopping.

A solar generator or a solar power station is indeed an incredible way you can add reliable backup power to your off-grid adventures. If you are looking at buying a model, it looks like a good time to go for one. During the Black Friday season, several brands offer attractive deals for their portable power solutions.

Added with a reliable solar charger, a solar power station makes you store enough power for life in the wild and make your outdoor life more exciting. Clearly, it makes you keep your essential gadgets and appliances charged and powered simply to increase the quality of your life in the wilderness.

As long as there is the sun in the sky, it can virtually keep your devices plugged into the sun for power.

Black Friday Solar Generators

There are indeed many top brands that offer cool solar power systems. In this list, we would like to include some of the entry-level and midrange power stations the market has. They will be nice choices for a variety of your off-grid power needs, including camping trips, outdoor events, tailgating parties, and more.

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Of course, we don’t have complete information on the specific Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals of these solar power stations. We just recommend to you a few models that will be suitable for your needs and may be available to you with some offers during the year-end shopping season.

So, before buying, make sure if they have the right offers and deals that you are really seeking out.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 500X Solar Power Station

There will be nothing surprising to see Goal Zero Yeti 500X  as the first pick on the list. It is such a popular and brilliant product of the kind. In its power and price segment, it is absolutely one of the top-sellers even though many other brands are there in the fray with the alternatives that output around 500 watts.

Yeti 500X, as its name suggests, is a 505Wh portable power station with a solar charging option. If you get it with a reliable solar charger, it will certainly come out to be an ideal solar generator. Otherwise, as you know, it is just a battery backup system with regular charging options.

When it comes to the inverter, it has got a 300W pure sine wave inverter that can surge output of 1200W. Use the link below to Amazon (paid link) to check out the latest price of the machine.

To use the AC current, the power station has got two built-in 120V sockets. Apart from that, it features dual 2.4A USB ports and USB-C Power Delivery and USB-C sockets, apart from multiple DC outlets like 6mm and 12V ones. That is how you can use the device to operate a variety of your gadgets and handsets in the wild.

When it comes to movability, the Yeti is indeed lightweight and handy. With a size of 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.8 inch, and a weight of 12.85 pounds, you can take it anywhere quite easily. You can just put a unit of Yeti 500X in your car’s trunk, campervan, boat, or RV and enjoy unlimited portable power with a solar charger.

Notable Features

  • 505Wh Lithium Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 46.8Ah @ 10.8V Lithium Battery Pack. 
  • 300W, 1200W Surge Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter. 
  • Dual 120V AC Sockets, Multiple USB, and DC Outlets.
  • 12.85 Pounds Weight and 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.8 Inches Size.


For Yeti 500X, Goal Zero offers multiple solar chargers. Mainly, it has two series of solar chargers; folding and rigid panels, called Nomad and Boulder respectively. The Boulder line-up obviously has more powerful options, and it also includes suitcase-style variants for increased portability.

Here, we would like to recommend to you one of the popular Boulder panels, Boulder 100 Briefcase. As you see, it is a 100W foldable, suitcase-style solar panel with increased solar conversion rate and portability. You can fold it and store in a small room and ensure quite enough output to charge your Yeti 500X.

Made of rigid, anodized aluminum as well as tempered glass, you really get a decent solar charger, which is ideal for emergency, camping, and off-grid power needs. It has built-in kickstands so you can neatly place it somewhere and grab quite enough solar power for a better and quality off-grid life.

2. RAVPower 252.7Wh Portable Power House

Next, we have a little and compact solar power station from RAVPower. As you see, it is a 252.7Wh power station with a 250W inverter. It is skillfully made to power a variety of your USB, DC, and AC electronics on the go. Its lightweight and handy profile makes it an awesome piece of solar power station out there.

Inside, it sports a 70200mAh/252.7Wh LG 18650 battery pack. That is enough to use it as a backup power generator for blackouts, camping trips, outdoor adventures, and more. It can comfortably run a CAPAP and other small-size AC and other devices for a pretty long time. It comes with two dual 110V AC outlets.

A single AC socket alone can deliver a stable power of 250 watts, and a total of 300 watts when using both at the same time. Check out the latest price of the cute solar power station on the link below.

Besides AC sockets, the RAVPower power station has got multiple other charging points, including an 18W fast charging Quick Charge port. That can offer fast charging to your QC gadgets. The other outlets include a 60W Power Delivery input and output port, and multiple iSmart-enabled USB sockets.

Coming to the design, it is indeed a compact and easy-to-carry device. Also, it comes with a carrying case so that you can easily carry it around and enjoy unlimited portable power coupled with a solar charger. The machine weighs just 2.5 kg and it has a size of 5.12 x 5.12 x 7.44 in.

Notable Features

  • 252.7Wh Lithium Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 70200mAh/252.7Wh LG 18650 Lithium Battery Pack.
  • 250W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Dual AC Sockets.
  • Dual 110V AC Outlets, Multiple USB, and DC Sockets. 
  • 2.5 Kg Weight and 5.12 x 5.12 x 7.44 Inches Size.
  • Compact and Easy-to-Carry Design with Carrying Case.


RAVPower doesn’t recommend a specific solar charger for its power station. But any solar charger above 80 watts is a nice choice to power it up from the sunlight at a decent time. You can buy one from any brand and use it with the power station. Here, we would like to recommend you a Dokio 100 solar charger.

The Dokio is a 100W highly efficient mono charger. It is a two-fold ultra-thin and foldable solar charger. It weighs just 6 lbs and is featuring a thickness of just 0.5 inches. Once folded down, you can carry the solar charger easily on its carrying strap. Check out the latest price of the Dokio solar charger below.

Along with the charger comes a smart PWM charge controller with dual USB ports. So, apart from using to recharge the power station, you can connect your USB devices directly to the solar charger. By the way, Dokio offers the solar charger in several power options with increased efficiency.

3. Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

The next on our list of Black Friday solar generators is one of the entry-level variants of Jackery’s famous Explorer power stations. It is a 240Wh lithium solar power solution with a lightweight and compact design. The single-AC socket power station can nicely run your essential camping and emergency electronics.

Inside, the Jackery Explorer features a 240Wh 16.8Ah @ 14.4V lithium battery. Along with its 200W inverter with a surge power of 400W, it can power up most of your household and outdoor AC appliances. As said above, it has only one 110V AC socket, and other charging options include USB-A and DC outlets.

By the way, as you see in the pic, the Jackery has got a very handy and ultra-portable design. Its strong and uni-body carrying handle is certainly a piece of attraction. You can take it anywhere quite easily by carrying on the handle. When it comes to the size, it is just 5.2 x 9.1 x 7.7 in and it weighs 6.6 lbs.

As you see, Jackery is a top-seller of portable solar power stations. Apart from this model, the brand offers multiple options, including a base model called, Explorer 160, a medium variant Explorer 500, and a top-end model Explorer 1000. Well, since 2015, Jackery has been into the portable power market with its Explorers.

Check out all the Jackery Explorer portable power stations here. 

Notable Features

  • 240Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • 16.8Ah, 14.4V Lithium Battery Pack Inside.
  • 200W, 400W Surge Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • One 110V AC Socket and Multiple USB and DC Ports.
  • Highly Strong and Uni-body Carrying Handle.
  • 6.6 Lbs Weight and 5.2 x 9.1 x 7.7 Inches Size.


For its Explorer series, Jackery offers a line-up of exclusive solar chargers under the branding, SolarSaga. The Explorer solar chargers are available in multiple power options like 60W and 100W. When it comes to Explorer 240, the 100W SolarSaga 100 looks to be the best choice.

It is a highly efficient mono solar charger with a conversion rate of up to 23%. Connected to your Jackery power station, it can charge the device quite faster than conventional solar panels. As you see in the pic, it has a stylish orange-toned profile with solid plastic cladding on both ends.  

Interestingly, the SolarSaga solar charger incorporates USB outlets. They include one USB-C (5V,3A) port and one USB-A (5V, 2.4A) port, which you can use to connect your small devices for direct charging under the sun. Check out the link above to order a unit of the solar charger.

4. Suaoki G500 Portable Solar Generator

Here, we have Suoaki’s one of the best-seller solar power stations. It is Suaoki G500. As its name says, it is a 500Wh lithium power backup system. What it has inside is a 45,900mAh @11.1V or 137,700mAh @ 3.7V battery to power up your gadgets and appliances. Thanks to multiple charging ports, it is an incredible way to support most of your electronics in the wild or in an emergency.

It has got a 300W pure sine wave inverter that can surge up to 600W. The current can be pulled out through its dual full-size AC sockets. The battery is indeed powerful enough to back up most of your household and emergency appliances. Other charging points let you recharge small gadgets and handsets, by the way.

Well, the other charging ports of the G500 include three units of Quick Charge 3.0 USB outlets, dual regular USB-A ports, and a USB Type-C PD port. Further, it sports dual 12V DC sockets and finally one 12V/10A car charger. Check out its current price on the button above.

Design-wise, it has some similarities with the Goal Zero Yeti line-up. Even if it is a powerful device, it is no more a bulky one. It has a very handy and portable profile as it weighs just 15 lbs and has a size of 11 x 7.5 x 8.3 in. Plus, it sports a solid hideable carrying handle to let you take it anywhere with less hassle.

Check out all the Suaoki portable power stations here.

Notable Features

  • 500Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • 45,900mAh @11.1V or 137,700mAh @ 3.7V Battery.
  • 300W, 600W Surge Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • Dual AC Sockets and Multiple USB and DC Outlets.
  • Three Quick Charge 3.0 USB Ports.
  • Highly Durable and Hideable Carrying Handle.
  • 15 Lbs Weight and 11 x 7.5 x 8.3 Inches Size.


Along with power stations, Suaoki also offers a range of solar chargers, including flexible, rigid, and folding solar models. A folding solar charger is certainly an ideal choice for powering up a portable power station. So, here, we would like to recommend Suaoki’s famous two-fold 80W solar charger for G500.

Suaoki has designed the solar charger compatible with most of the similar solar power stations out there. Made with highly efficient mono solar cells, it can offer enough solar power to charge your backup solution even in low light environs. Check out the link below for the latest price of the charger.

By the way, the Suaoki solar charger incorporates a USB port apart from its 18V/5A DC outlet. The USB outlet is safe for charging all your handsets and other devices as it integrates the brand’s well-known TIR-C smart chip technology. The solar charger is certainly made of highly durable materials for long life.

4. Rockpals 500W Portable Power Station

Rockpals is another leading brand that offers multiple solar-based power stations. This 500W model is the high-end model of the line and it is a competitor to Goal Zero Yeti 400, Suaoki G500, Jackery Explorer 500, and more. That said, you get a decently powerful device to back up all your emergency electronics.

Specs-wise, it is actually a 540Wh power station with a large 50Ah @ 10.8V lithium battery. The inverter inside is a 500W pure sine wave unit that can output a surge capacity of 1000 watts. So, through its dual AC sockets, you can run most of the household AC appliances in an emergency.


Meanwhile, to power up your DC electronics, the machine has got multiple other options. They include two 12V DC outlets, one 12V carport, two 5V USB ports, one Quick Charge 3.0 port, and finally a Type-C 18-watt port. That is, the Rockpals power station sports all the important charging outlets.

Also, the machine highlights an ultra-bright emergency light and a pretty bigger LCD display to show battery status and system info. By the way, like all the above power stations, it is also a lightweight and handy unit. It has a size of 10.24 x 6.7 x 6.82 in and it weighs 12.13 lbs. So, you can take it anywhere hassle-free.

Check out all the Rockpals portable power stations here.

Notable Features

  • 540Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • 50Ah @ 10.8V Lithium-ion Battery Inside.
  • 500W, 1000W Surge Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • Dual AC Sockets and Multiple USB and DC Outlets.
  • Built-in Flashlight to Light Up Your Campsite.
  • 12.13 Lbs Weight and 10.24 x 6.7 x 6.82 Inches Size.


Rockpals sells its own solar chargers for its power stations. For its 500W power station, a 100-watt solar charger is an incredible choice, and so we have the brand’s SP003 100W four-fold solar charger here. It is indeed a highly efficient solar charger with increased portability and higher conversion efficiency.

The solar charger comes with a 10-in-1 DC adapter kit, which contains a variety of adapters to match with different power stations and devices. So, this solar charger simply becomes an all-in-one solution for solar charging. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Plus, it also integrates three USB ports that tout the brand’s famous IC chips for intelligent identification of the connected devices. Of course, these USB ports are, thus, capable of protecting your devices from any voltage variation issues. Made with quality materials, it is indeed a perfect one for rough outdoor uses.

6. Aimtom SPS-300 PowerPal Rocker Solar Generator

When it comes to Black Friday solar generators, Aimtom is another top vendor. Aimtom, referring to Aiming Tomorrow, offers a series of cool solar power stations. Aimtom SPS-300 PowerPal Rocker is evidently one of the mid-variants of the line-up. Here is our look at its features and specs.

It is a 280Wh power station with a 75000mAh lithium battery. Along with a 300W sine wave inverter and a 110V AC socket, it can easily run your household AC appliances in an emergency. Meanwhile, thanks to a number of DC and USB outlets, you can use it to power most of your camping and outdoor electronics.  

Well, the other charging outlets include four USB ports with two Quick Charge 3.0 units. It is when the DC outlets include three regular 12V sockets, a 24V outlet, and a 12V carport. Thus, along with the AC socket, you can use the machine to power up 10 devices at the same time.

The Aimtom power station is also a lightweight and compact model. With a size of 7.5 x 7.3 in, you can conveniently take it anywhere on your trips and travels. By the way, it weighs just 7.3 lbs and its strong carrying handle lets you manage it comfortably out in the wild.

Check out all the Aimtom portable power stations here.

Notable Features

  • 280Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • 75000mAh Lithium-ion Battery Inside.
  • 300W, 600W Surge Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter. 
  • One AC Socket and Multiple USB and DC Outlets.
  • Two Quick Charge Ports and 24V DC Outlet.
  • Durable with a Strong Built-In Carrying Handle.
  • 7.3 Lbs Weight and 7.5 x 7.3 Inches Size.


AimTom has its own solar chargers to harness the power of the sun for its power stations. Here, we have the brand’s 100-watt folding solar charger, one of the top-sellers of the kind. Branded as SolarPal, it is a lightweight and easy-to-carry two-fold solar charger made of highly efficient mono solar cells.

Of course, the AimTom charger is ideal for all off-grid power needs and adventures. Apart from charging the power stations, it can be used to directly power your camping, hiking, and RVing gadgets and devices. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Well, apart from the 18V socket, it integrates two USB ports, including one Quick Charge 3.0. The package also includes a DC to DC cable, MC-4 cable for battery charging, and more. The 10-in-1 DC adapter kit is another cool item in the bundle to make it compatible with all the power stations of the kind.

7. Enkeeo S220 222Wh Portable Power Station

Next, we have a superb product from the brand Enkeeo. It is the top-end variant of its line-up of portable power stations. As its title suggests, the Enkeeo S220 is a 222Wh power station with a 61,600mAh @ 3.6V lithium battery. Well, specs-wise, it looks like a serious threat to the above Jackery Explorer 240.

The device features a pair of US standard AC outlets. They can output continuous 200 watts and 300 watts at the peak. Plus, you have it with four USB ports, two Type-C outlets, and 12V DC sockets. You can power it up from both a wall socket or a car charger other than the solar option.

This is also a simple plug-and-play power station. It has got all the safety measures to protect your devices from overvoltage, overcharge, short circuit, and other voltage and heat-related concerns. Meanwhile, apart from the solar panel, you can also recharge it from a wall socket or a carport.

Coming to portability, it is a very handy and compact device. Also, as you see in the image, it highlights a rugged design so you can use it freely out in the wild. It has a size of 9.45 x 4.29 x 8.36 in and a weight of just 5 lbs. You can easily carry it on its strong and durable handle for convenient outdoor use.

Check out all the Enkeeo portable power stations here.

Notable Features

  • 222Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • 61,600mAh @ 3.6V Battery Pack Inside.
  • 200W, 300W Surge Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter. 
  • Dual AC Sockets and Multiple USB and DC Ports.
  • Highly Durable and Rugged Design. 
  • 5 Lbs Weight and 9.45 x 4.29 x 8.36 In Size. 


Enkeeo offers a two-fold 50-watt highly efficient solar charger for its power station, even if you can use any solar charger to power it up from the sunlight. This Enkeeo solar charger comes with a highly impressive solar conversion rate and so is certainly a reliable and safe way to recharge your backup.

Well, the solar charger features multiple charging options, including two USB ports, which are Quick Charge 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports each. The built-in DC outlet is a regular 12V-18V unit, which accompanies an MPPT charge controller so that you can use the charger to juice up any 12V battery pack.  

The USB ports are obviously safeguarded against voltage variations by the built-in TIR-C smart chips. The included kickstand helps you place the solar charger at a 45° angle to ensure maximum productivity. Its light and durable profile also add to the features of the Enkeeo solar charger.

8. Paxcess 330W Portable Solar Power Station

A Paxcess power station is the next model on our list of Black Friday solar generators. It is a large-capacity power station with a 78000mAh lithium battery and an output of 288.6-watt-hours. The rated power of the included power inverter is 330 watts and it can surge up to 700 watts.

Well, the device is capable of recharging a smartphone 27 times and running a floodlight around 60 times. You can also use it to operate various emergency appliances and devices such as CPAPs, drones, cameras, laptops, and more. Check out its latest price on the link below at Amazon.com (paid link).

The built-in charging ports include one AC socket, three Quick Charge 3.0 USB ports, one Type-C outlet, and multiple DC ports. So, you can use it to power a wide range of your devices in the wild or in an emergency situation. All the electronics get safe and clean energy, for sure.

By the way, the Paxcess device sports an LED light with SOS mode. With a solar charger of 100W, you can juice it up in around seven hours under optimal lighting conditions. The included MPPT technology indeed makes sure a faster solar charging experience. It is also a handy and compact power station.

Notable Features

  • 288.6Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • 78000mAh Lithium Battery Inside.
  • 350W, 700W Surge Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter.
  • One AC Socket and Multiple USB and DC Outlets.
  • Three QC Ports and One Type-C Outlet.
  • Built-In Flashlight with SOS Mode.
  • 7.1 Lbs Weight and 8.07 x 6.1 x 6.3 Inches Size.

9. Goal Zero Yeti 200X Portable Power Station

Next, we have Goal Zero’s entry-level Yeti Lithium power station. Called Goal Zero Yeti 200X,  it is simply the base variant of the American brand’s much-touted third-gen Yeti power stations. It actually comes out to be an ideal replacement to Yeti 150, the base model of the original lead-acid Yeti power stations.

Specs-wise, it is a reliable 187Wh power station with solar charging capability. It packs up a 13Ah @ 14.4V Li-ion MNC battery that can store enough power to support most of your essential electronics in the wild or in an emergency. Check out its latest price with the link below at Amazon.com.

Goal Zero Yeti 200X is, in fact, a 120-watt power station, and the integrated modified sine wave inverter is capable of delivering a surge power of 200 watts. That is how it comes out to be a serious challenge to Suoaki S270, Jackery Explorer 160, and all other small and compact power stations out there.

When it comes to charging options, Yeti 200X sports USB-C, USB-A, and USB-C PD outlets. Along with them comes a 12V car and a 6mm sockets as well. In fact, you get the Yeti with all the basic and key charging options. Regarding the form factor, it has a size of 7.9 x 5.1 x 5.1 in and a weight of just 5 lbs.

Notable Features

  • 187Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • Entry-Level Variant of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Series. 
  • 13Ah @ 14.4V Li-ion MNC Battery
  • 120W, 200W Surge Modified Sine Wave Inverter.
  • USB-C, USB-C PD, and USB-A Outlets. 
  • One AC Socket, Two DC Outlets. 
  • 5 Lbs Weight and 7.9 x 5.1 x 5.1 Inches Size.

10. Jackery Explorer 160 Portable Power Station

Finally, on our list of the Black Friday solar generators, we have the base model of Jackery’s well-known Explorer power stations. It is a popular variant of its kind on the market. With a lightweight and portable design, it is quite easy to carry it along on your trips and handle it in an emergency situation.

It is a quiet power station and a clean eco-friendly power backup. You can use the 167Wh power station to support most of your essential electronics in the wild or in a survival situation. For that, it packs up a 46,400mah/3.6V lithium-ion battery pack. Use the link below to buy a unit of Explorer 160.

As you see, it is a special make for portable use. You can use it to comfortably run most of your essential gadgets like phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and lightings as well as AC appliance. Well, the device has got an AC socket, one USB-C, two USB-A, and one 12V DC outlets as the charging options.

The solar-ready power station can be ideally charged with a unit of 60W or 100W solar charger. Jackery itself offers a line of solar chargers called SolarSaga, which is available in 60W and 100W variants. Further, as a camper-friendly machine, the Jackery Explorer has a built-in led flashlight with SOS mode.

Notable Features

  • 167Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • 46,400mah/3.6V Lithium-ion Battery Packs.
  • 100W, 150W Surge Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter. 
  • One AC Socket and Multiple USB and DC Outlets.
  • Built-in Flashlight with Emergency SOS Mode. 
  • 3.97 Lbs Weight and 7.40 x 4.59 x 6.73 Inches.


When it comes to Explorer 160, Jackery SolarSaga 60 is the coolest solar charger, for sure. It is the low-end variant of the SolarSaga series and is featuring the same design and color tone. The two-fold solar charger is also strengthened with plastic cladding on both sides.

Featuring a TPE rubber handle and having a weight of 3.3 lbs, you can easily carry it anywhere. You have it equipped with an adjustable kickstand, and so it is also good for easier placing somewhere. Check out the link below to order a unit of the solar charger.

Made of highly efficient mono solar cells, it can offer a high conversion rate. Like its elder sibling, it also integrates dual USB ports, a USB-C and a USB-A, for directly powering up your small gadgets like phones, tablets, cameras, and more under optimal sunlight.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best Black Friday solar generators. Fine, we have included some of the best products from the leading brands on this list. So, you can easily find a model with a good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal for the year-end shopping frenzy. We would like to update this list as soon as we get updates from the brands on their offers and deals.

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