Black Friday Solar Panel Deals: 10 Best Portable Solar Panel Chargers to Buy During the Black Friday Shopping Spree

We have a Black Friday shopping season again. You get a lot of awesome deals and discounts on all types of products during the festive time. The portable solar industry is also no exception. Several manufacturers of different solar power products also come up with great Black Friday solar panel deals.

We would like to have a look at the ten best solar chargers and panels you could buy during this year-end shopping spree. Stay tuned for the best Black Friday solar panel deals.

Fine, there is a wide range of portable solar panels on the market including the much-touted folding solar panels. A folding solar charger is actually multiple arrays of solar cells that you could fold down to a small unit after the use. So, you could easily store and handle it on the go.

Also, we have many regular portable solar panels that you could mount over your RVs, trailers, camping tents, remote cabins, and more. On our list of the Black Friday solar panel deals below, we would like to check out all the possible best sellers from both the categories.

Black Friday Solar Panel Deals

Actually, we don’t have accurate data on the Black Friday solar panel deals of the brands or products. We would just like to guide you through some of the models that would possibly get some attractive Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. So, you could check back later for the offers.

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By the way, once we will be able to collect the original data from their vendors, we will certainly update it here later. Anyway, stay tuned to have a look at some of the amazing portable solar panels you could buy this fall to make your off-grid and emergency life powered and exciting.

1. AcoPower 120W Portable Solar Panel

We would like to start the list with a top-seller AcoPower folding solar panel. This is a 120-watt decently powerful solar charger that features three solar panel arrays. Yes, you could fold it down to a small unit after the use and take it anywhere hassle-free.

As you see in the image, along with the panel you get a 10Amp solar charge controller, a removable MC4 connector cable, and a battery cable with alligator clips. So, you could use it to power up any 12V battery. Visit the link below to check out its current price and order a unit at an awesome price.

If you are looking for some Black Friday solar panel deals, this is indeed a model you should have a look at. AcoPower is a leading brand that offers a variety of portable solar panels. So, it would certainly be having some amazing offers for you this Black Friday.

Anyway, this 100W powerful solar charger is a handy and ultra-portable unit. It weighs just 8.5 lbs and its size is just 22 x 17.5 x 1.2 inches. The included solar panels are SunPower units, which could ensure a better conversion efficiency. Of course, the AcoPower is currently a much popular model of the kind out there.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100W Powerful Folding Solar Charger.
  • Built-In 10A Solar Charge Controller with USB Outlet.
  • High-Efficiency SunPower Mono Solar Cells.
  • MC4 Connector Cable and Alligator Battery Clips.
  • Highly Portable and Friendly for Campers.

2. Suaoki 60W Solar Panel Charger

This is another incredible folding solar charger from the brand Suaoki. It is a 60W solar charger with nine arrays of solar cells with higher conversion efficiency. Though a pretty large solar charger once unfolded, you could turn it down to a small and handy briefcase-form after use.

Of course, that feature helps you easily handle the Suaoki solar charger on your trips and quickly hang it on your RV, backpack, bike, camp tent, or anywhere else to collect as much as sunlight to charge your gadgets or power stations in realtime. Check out its latest price on the link below. 

Further, the large solar charger has two output options. The first one, as you see, is a USB port that offers 5V current to charge your small handsets like phones, tablets, cameras, and power banks. Well, to deliver a secure and stable USB output, the Suaoki solar charger integrates the brand’s TIR-C smart chip.

On the other hand, the other charging port is an 18V DC outlet that could support your laptop, lights, and other DC appliances. Also, this is an option to power up the popular portable power stations and battery generators. Using the included DC adapter kits, you could recharge power stations from various brands.

Why Should You Buy

  • Decently Powerful 60W Folding Solar Charger.
  • Foldable to a Briefcase-Style Case After the Use.
  • Dual Output Ports; 5V USB And 18V DC Port.
  • Advanced Smart Chip to Ensure Safe USB Output.
  • Perfect for Campers, Hikers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts.
  • Compatible with Portable Solar Power Stations.

3. X-Dragon 40W Solar Panel Charger

This X-Dragon solar charger is another cool pick you could look for some Black Friday solar panel deals this fall. This is a 40W solar charger with eight layers of ultra-high efficiency SunPower solar cells that could guarantee you a higher solar conversion rate of 22% to 25%.

Like the above Suaoki charger, it also highlights dual output ports; a 5V USB port and an 18V DC outlet. So, you could use it to power up both your small handsets and DC-powered appliances such as laptops. Follow the link below to check out the latest price of the solar charger.

This is a special make for outdoor uses. The solar charger is water-resistant thanks to its use of PET solar cells on the highly durable Oxford- fabric, which makes it a perfect solution for rough outdoor uses. Also, it offers increased safety with its advanced smart chip for the surge and short circuit protection.

By the way, the package also includes a kid of 10-in-1 laptop adapter connectors, USB and DC cables, and the required carabiners to easily hang it on your backpack or any other surfaces. Once folded down, you get it in a briefcase form that could easily fit in your backpack.

Why Should You Buy

  • 40-Watt Mid-Range Folding Solar Charger.
  • Highly Durable and Water-Resistant Solar Charger.
  • Multiple Output Ports; 5V USB and 18V DC Outlets.
  • Perfect Folding Solar Charger for Outdoor Users.
  • Built-In Smart Chip to Ensure Clean USB Output.
  • Perfect for Charging Camping Power Stations.

4. Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase

This Goal Zero solar panel is an amazing portable solar power solution. You might include this solar panel in your search for the coolest Black Friday solar panel deals this fall. As its name suggests, it is a briefcase-like foldable solar panel that is actually two 100W solar panels hinged together.

Different from the above models, it is made of solid materials, i.e. anodized aluminum and tempered glass. Yet, thanks to its highly portable profile, you could use it for off-grid and travel power needs. Yes, after unfolding, you could easily handle it like a briefcase. Visit the link below to check out its latest price.

As you know, Goal Zero engineered its Boulder series PV panels to support its line-up of the much-touted Yeti power stations. This Boulder 200 Briefcase is actually the top-end model of the series with the other variants being Boulder 100 Briefcase, Boulder 100, and Boulder 50.

However, you could use all the Boulder series panels to recharge other power stations and 12V batteries. That is why we recommend this highly popular and efficient solar panels for your off-grid and emergency power needs. If you don’t have a budget for this model, you could try out its low-end models.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 200-Watt Foldable Solar Charger.
  • Extremely Portable Briefcase PV Panel.
  • Featuring Highly Efficient Mono Solar Panels.
  • Perfect for Mounting Over Your RVs, Boats, and Cabins.
  • Integrated Kickstands for Easier Temporary Placing.
  • Multiple Variants Available in Different Output Options.
  • Popular and Highly Efficient Series of Portable PV Panels.

5. AllPowers 100W Flexible Solar Panel

This is the first bendable solar panel on our list of the Black Friday solar panel deals. The AllPowers solar charger is indeed a very popular flexible solar panel that you could curve up to 30 degrees arch making it perfect for mounting over various uneven surfaces.

Thus, you could try this PV panel to set up a cool off-grid solar power system in your RV, boat, trailer, or camp tent. The solar panel would sit quite neatly on their roofs, thanks to its flexible design. Follow the link below to check out its latest price and buy a unit of the panel.

AllPowers has made use of the highly-efficient SunPower solar cells to make this flexible solar panel. So, it could offer up to a 23.5% conversation rate, which is way much better than many of the traditional panels.

By the way, the flexible solar panels deliver superior durability and are waterproof as well. Those reasons certainly make them some of the much-touted solar panels for portable power needs when compared to the traditional glass and metal panels. The brand also avails a 50W variant of the flexible solar panel.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 100W Flexible Solar Panel Charger.
  • Made of Highly Efficient SunPower Solar Cells.
  • Great Choice for Mounting over RVs, Boats, and Trailers.
  • Superior Durability and Waterproof Design.
  • 50W Variant Available for Budget-Conscious Buyers.

6. RAVPower 24W Solar Charger

Next, we have a best-seller RAVPower solar charger on our list of the Black Friday solar panel deals. As its title suggests, this is a 24-watt folding solar charger with ultra-portable features. You could fold this three-layered solar charger to a very handy and small unit for easy moving.

Well, the solar charger also highlights SunPower’s highly efficient solar cells with an increased conversion rate of up to 21.5% – 23.5%. You could simply attach the panel to your backpack or bike and keep collecting solar energy on the go. Follow the button below to check out its latest price.

Coming to the charging ports, it has only USB ports. Specifically, the RAVPower solar charger sports three USB ports to charge your handsets and other USB devices just under the sun. Further, like all similar solar chargers, it features the brand’s advanced iSmart IC chip to ensure a stable flow of the solar current.

That also helps the solar charger identify the connected devices accurately and send the required amount of power at the fastest possible speeds. That is how it becomes one of the best-sellers of the folding USB solar chargers to power up your handsets on the go on in an emergency situation.

Why Should You Buy

  • 24W Folding USB Solar Charger.
  • Lightweight Folding Solar Panel Charger.
  • Three USB Ports to Support Multiple Devices at Once.
  • Built-In iSmart IC Chip for Secure Charging.
  • Highly Friendly for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.

7. HQST 100W 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Next, we have HQST’s popular portable solar panel. As you see, this is a suitcase-style solar charger that you could fold down like a suitcase after use and store in a small room for convenient transportation. And when in use, you could neatly set it up on its included kickstands for ensuring better exposure to the sun.

As you see in the title, it is a polycrystalline solar panel charger. It comes with a unit of 20A PWM charge controller, which would help charge your 12V battery systems. That is how the HQST solar panel becomes a great solution to charge your RV, camper, and boat batteries in an off-grid or emergency situation.

Well, the included charge controller is compatible with both 12V and 24V battery systems. You have got an LCD screen on the charge controller to check the realtime data. Anyway, it is a brilliant plug-and-play solar panel that you could just connect to your camper, RV, or boat battery to recharge from the sun.

Moreover, you could use the solar panel to set up an off-grid solar power solution right anywhere quickly. If you have a battery pack or power station, it is quite easy to build your own DIY solar power solution in your home, worksite, camping site, and more using this high-capacity solar panel.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100W Poly DIY Solar Panel Solution.
  • Plug-and-Play Solar Panel with Charge Controller.
  • Suitcase-Style Foldable Solar Panel.
  • 20A PWM Charge Controller with LCD Screen.
  • Built-In Kickstands to Position the Solar Panel Rightly.

8. Dokio 100W Solar Panel

The next model on our list of the Black Friday solar panel deals is a 100W folding solar panel from Dokio. Of course, you would be getting some amazing Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals for this product as it is one of the top sellers of its kind out there. Also, Dokio is a leading brand of solar panels.

Well, this is a large two-fold solar charger that comes with a 10A charge controller to recharge your 12-volt batteries. The controller also sports two USB ports to power your handsets directly under the sun. Indeed, it is a lightweight and thin solar charger that you could take anywhere easily.

The lovely thing about the Dokio solar charger is certainly its portability. You get it in a well-protected thick fabric pocket that has got a practical fabric handle. Thus, once you close the panels down after the use, you could carry it anywhere hassle-free. Follow the button above to check out its latest price.

The Dokio solar charger features high conversion efficiency thanks to the included quality mono solar cells. Compared to a traditional solar panel, it could certainly provide you a better output. Also, it is a lightweight solar solution that weighs just 5.2 lbs and is as thin as 0.2 inches.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100W Powerful Folding Solar Charger.
  • Made of High-Efficiency Mono Solar Cells.
  • Highly Lightweight and Ultra-Thin Solar Charger.
  • Perfect Pick for Campers, Backpackers, and Hikers.
  • 10A Solar Charge Controller with a Pair of USB Ports.

9. Wildtek 21-Watt Folding Solar Charger

Are you looking for a complete waterproof portable solar charger? Here you have it from Wildtek on our list of the Black Friday solar panel deals. This 21W solar charger is exclusively designed for adventurous explorations rough outdoor trips. It is a durable and waterproof solar charger.

No matter whether it is rainy or dusty outside, it would work nicely and grab the required solar energy for your gadgets. Well, it makes use of SunPower’s highly-efficient solar cells, offering you the best experience in solar conversion rate. Check out the link below for its latest price.

The Wildtek solar charger comes with a pair of USB ports for charging multiple devices at the same time. It features a built-in kickstand so you could neatly place it somewhere to utilize the most out of the sun.

You could connect your gadgets to the solar charger and enjoy access to the unlimited solar energy out in the wild. Of course, you would be getting some nice Black Friday solar panel deals for this product or any of similar folding solar chargers. So stay tuned to get your favorite solar charger a nice price.

Why Should You Buy

  • Wonderful 21W Folding Solar Charger.
  • Perfect for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.
  • Dust-proof and Water-resistant for Ideal Outdoor Use.
  • Dual USB Ports to Charge Two Devices at Once.
  • Integrated Kickstand to Place it Upright Anywhere.

10. Renogy 100W Solar Panel Kit

Finally, we have Renogy’s famous 100W solar panel kit on our list of Black Friday solar panel deals. Well, it is another top-seller solar panel you could expect on a great deal during this festive season. Obviously, it is the one and only solar panel kit on our list of Black Friday solar panel deals today.

What you get in the Renogy solar panel kit is basically a unit of the brand’s much-touted 100W poly solar panel. Along with it comes up the brand’s very popular 30A PWM negative-ground solar charge controller called, the Renogy Wanderer. Check out its latest price on the link below.  

The same solar kit is also available with the brand’s 20A MPPT charge controller, called Rover. So, you get a chance to pick a variant that meets your needs perfectly. By the way, the Renogy solar kit also packs up a number of other accessories, such as tray cables, solar cables, and mounting hardware.

Certainly, this is one of the coolest picks you could buy to set up a complete off-grid solar power system to power up your RV, boat, camper, or home battery packs. We have many such solar panel kits out there. Check out the link above to see if any of the products have Black Friday solar panel deals.

Why Should You Buy

  • Powerful 100-Watt Solar Panel Kit.
  • 30Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller Included.
  • Multiple Variants with Different Charge Controllers.
  • Easy-to-Use Solar Pane Kit for Off-Grid Power.
  • Mounting Brackets and Cables Included.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of Black Friday solar panel deals. We have covered some of the top-seller solar panel solutions that you could most probably buy on a discount this fall. Of course, you could find more amazing solar panels, solar chargers, and solar kits with great Black Friday deals this fall.

Anyway, it is all about finding a cool solar power solution to power up your off-grid and emergency life. We will surely update you with the latest Black Friday solar panel deals once the brands announce them in the coming days. By the way, share your thoughts in the comments.

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