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Bluetti AC200 Max: A Heavy Variant to Bluetti AC200 That Can Max Up to 8192Wh in Capacity

Following the immense success of its AC200P, Bluetti has announced a more powerful variant to it. Called Bluetti AC200 Max, it is an expanded version of AC200P with a 2200W inverter and expandable storage capacity.

Like AC200P, it basically features a 2048Wh (51.2V 40Ah) LiFePO4 battery pack, but you can expand it up to up to 8192Wh using the brand’s exclusive expansion battery modules. The additional batteries are available in two models; B230 and B300.

If the included battery pack is not enough for your needs, you can expand the system with up to two units of either a B230 or B300 battery pack. These extra battery packs also work with AC200 and AC200P apart from the newly announced AC300 power box.

The additional battery packs also feature their own USB and DC outlets for powering your devices. Check out more details here.

Update: Bluetti is expected to start selling AC200 Max in August 2021.

Bluetti AC200 Max

The new AC200 Max will have rather faster solar and AC charging options with a 900W (10-145V) solar input port and a 500W AC charging input port respectively.

Besides solar and AC options, you can also get AC200 Max powered up from multiple other sources. They include an EV charging station, a solar roof, wind turbines, a regular gas generator, and 12V/24V lead-acid batteries.

In the meantime, it highlights four 2200W AC outlets and one US AC TT-30P port. Coming to the USB options, it will feature a pair of 18W USB-A outlets, dual USB-A 5V/3A sockets, and one 100W USB Type-C PD port.

The DC sockets will have one regular carport with 12V/10A power, two 12/10A DC 5521 outlets, and one 12V/30A port. A pair of 15W wireless charging pads are other attractions.

Notable Features 

  • 2200W/4800W (Surge) Solar Power Station.
  • 2048Wh LifePO4 Battery Pack with Expandability.
  • Four AC Outlets and One US AC TT-30P Port.
  • Two 18W USB-A and USB-A 5V/3A Outlets.
  • One USB-C 100W Power Delivery Socket.
  • Dual DC Sockets, a Carport, and 30A Outlet.
  • Two 15W Wireless Charging Pads.

Special Features

Bluetti AC200 Max power station highlights a host of special features. First of all, hot swapping is one of the most exciting things. If you have multiple expansion batteries, you can easily swap the drained one with a new one as the system works.

Full control of the device is available on the included mobile app. So, it is easy for a user to manage the heavy solar power station off-the-grid as you get complete information in real-time on your screen.

Moreover, the included battery is a highly safe and long-lasting LiFePO4 unit. Along with an award-winning battery management system, it can be a great thing to have inside your AC200 Max.

Bluetti AC200P/AC200 History

Bluetti launched its much-excited AC200 back in 2020 with a 1700Wh LG EV-Grade battery pack. The product could make a wave on the market with over 12K backers support it on Indiegogo.

But the company upgraded it with the 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery pack later and rebranded it as AC200P. That product is certainly one of the market’s best-seller mid-range power stations today.

More recently, the brand unveiled two massive solar power stations, EP500 and EP500 Pro on Kickstarter, which also attracted a lot of backers. Most of the brand’s latest products have been doing quite well. They have been true trendsetters as they come up with stunning features, power, and storage capacities.

Price and Availability

The brand plans to launch Bluetti AC200 Max directly on BluettiPower.Com in August 2021.

Update: Bluetti has announced the early bird pricing of the power station and the expansion modules. AC200 Max will be retailing at $1699, and the B230 and B300 battery modules will be carrying the price tags of $1249 and $1599 respectively.

The new Bluetti products will be available in the USA, Canada, and other global markets, including the UK, where they will be under the branding, PowerOak.

Bluetti AC200 Max Solar Power Station

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the upcoming Bluetti AC200 Max. It is going to be a great product of the kind with the same design and portability factor as AC200P. The device features a size of 15.2 x 16.5 x 11 in and it weighs 61.9 lbs without a battery pack. Share your thoughts about the machine in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Bluetti AC200 Max: A Heavy Variant to Bluetti AC200 That Can Max Up to 8192Wh in Capacity”

  1. From what I have seen, none of the Bluettis have any safety certifications (such as UL, CE, etc). Does that concern you? Thanks.

  2. Well, well. I purchased the AC200P in early June and ever since was left to deal with the unsettling facts that :

    – everything is controlled via the tiny LCD (now comes Wi-Fi)
    – 35-38 volts solar imput is the absolute minimum to trigger a charge ??? (now accepting 10 V input!)

    Under the disguise of innovation, Bluetti decides to address these issues, especially the second one ! So sorry for everyone stuck with this defect. We should be reimbursed ! Anyhow, thanks to a thriving used market, I am able to part with this unit without much loss and will gladly jump back aboard as soon as the AC200 Max shows up.

    Now a Goal Zero Yeti equivalent with a much better battery. Now we’re talking.


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