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Bluetti AC200P Vs AC200 Max Vs AC300 Vs AC500: How Do the Bluetti Solar Power Stations Differ?

Bluetti is a top vendor of portable solar power stations. Its recent line of power stations has revolutionized the portable solar power market. Are you confused about the various models of Bluetti? Here is our take on all the best Bluetti power stations in our Bluetti AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300, and AC500 article.

The AC200P is a 2000Wh LifePO4 battery with a 2000W inverter. It was released as AC200 on Indiegogo with a 1700Wh LG lithium battery pack but was later upgraded with a new and powerful 2000Wh LifePO4 battery. Compared to the original’s li-ion, AC200P has evidently got an ultra-safe and long-life battery.

Meanwhile, AC200 Max is an expandable upgrade to AC200P or AC200. That is actually a 2200W power station with expandable storage capacity. It comes up with a 2048Wh inbuilt LiFePO4 battery that you can max up to a huge 8192Wh with the help of the brand’s new extra battery modules; B230 and B300.

It is when AC300 is a 3000W inverter station rather than a battery pack. The 100% modular device packs up no built-in battery, but you can add storage capacity to it using the brand’s B300 extra battery modules. The upcoming AC500 is a 5000W massive variant of it with an expandable battery branded as B301.

Bluetti AC500+B300S Official Release Update: Following the big success of its crowdfunding campaign, Bluetti plans to launch its much-excited AC500+B300S on its website on 24th, November 2022 for the Black Friday sale at a price starting at $4499. 


AC500+B300S Indiegogo Update: Bluetti is to continue the AC500 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign until October 30, 2022. Hurry up to pre-order the huge portable solar power station with the best perks before the campaign ends.

Bluetti AC500 Release Update: Bluetti has launched AC500+B300S on Indiegogo with an early bird price starting at $2999 for the AC500+B300S (1X) combo. 

AC500 Release Date and Price Update: Bluetti has declared the release date of AC500+B300S. The product will be launched on Indiegogo on September 1, 2022. A unit of AC500 with a B300S is to have an early bird price of $3000.

Update: This list doesn’t include the brand’s other famous heavy-duty power stations; EP500 and EP500 Pro. You can have a look at those models on our list of the best Bluetti Home Backup systems here.


Bluetti AC200P



  • 2000/4800W Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 2000Wh LifePo4 Battery Pack Under the Hood.
  • 700W Solar and 500W AC Charging Options.
  • 17 Versatile Charging Options.
  • Six AC Sockets and Multiple USB and DC Sockets. 
  • Dual 15W Wireless Charging Pads.


  • 60 Lbs Heavy Power Station.
  • Not a Brighter Display.
  • 500W Average AC Charging Speeds. 

Bluetti AC200 Max

Bluetti AC200 Max Power Station BUY IT HERE


  • 2200W/4800W Expandable Power Station. 
  • 2048Wh LifePO4 Battery Pack Inside.
  • Expandable Up to 8.1kWh Capacity. 
  • 500W AC/900W Solar Charging Inputs.
  • Four AC Outlets and a US AC TT-30P Socket. 
  • 30A Outlet, Dual DC Sockets, and a Carport.
  • Dual 15W Wireless Chargers. 


  • 62 Lbs Hefty Power Station.
  • 500W Average AC Charging Speeds. 
  • Messy Charging with the Expansion Modules. 

Bluetti AC300+B300



  • 3000W/6000W Expandable Power Box. 
  • Expandable Up to 12.2kWh with Four B300s.
  • 3000W@120V / 6000@240V AC Input.
  • 2400W MPP Solar Input. 
  • Six AC Outlets and Multiple DC Outlets. 
  • Dual 15W Wireless Chargers.


  • Inverter Box Only. 
  • Not a Standalone Battery Pack. 
  • Not Friendly for Portable Use. 

Bluetti AC500+B300S

Bluetti AC500+B300S BUY IT HERE


    • 5000W/10000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
    • 3072Wh B301 Dedicated Extra Batteries. 
    • Expandable Up to 18432Wh with Six B300Ses.
    • Compatible with the B300 Battery Modules.
    • 3000W Solar and 5000W AC Inputs.
    • 240V Power Station With Fusion Box.


  • Inverter Box Only. 
  • Not a Standalone Battery Pack. 
  • Not Friendly for Portable Use. 

Bluetti Power Stations – Comparisons

We would like to have a detailed look into all these latest Bluetti power stations. As you know, AC200 is actually a non-existent device now as it was upgraded with AC200P. AC200 Max and AC300 are the most recent models from the brand, while AC200P has been there for a while.

Different from AC200P, the other two models are expandable devices. AC200 Max features a built-in battery and the facility for expansion, while AC300 is only a power box with an option for adding storage externally.

Anyway, it would be nice for you to have a complete go-through of all these latest Bluetti power stations. So, you can easily decide on buying a model that will meet your needs and budget aptly.

1. Bluetti AC200P Solar Power Station

AC200P is the current upgrade of the brand’s much-excited crowdfunding success, AC200. The brand launched its first heavy-duty power station in 2020 on Indiegogo and it attracted nearly 7M USD from over 7000 backers.

Compared to the original, there is nothing new with AC200P other than its battery pack. You get the exact same 2000W solar power station with the same number of charging outlets and other specs. Because of the exchange of the battery, the new model is a bit heavier than its original, though.

Bluetti AC200P arrived in the stores with impressive offers ahead of Black Friday 2020. It is still available for sale on the Bluetti website here. It has a price of around $1600.

AC200P Portable Power Station


The heavy-duty solar power generator is a great choice for powering up a range of large electrical devices. They can be high-power equipment, household appliances, emergency medical equipment, and more. Coupled with a reliable solar array, you really get a much more reliable source of portable power out in the wild.

Thanks to its advanced LifePO4 battery pack, it gives you more life cycles and a longer lifespan.

The well-engineered product can, therefore, be a much more reliable solution for anybody who wishes to make it into the wild for adventures. Overall, you get one of the best solar generators of all time with the Bluetti AC200P.

MaxOak Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator

2. Bluetti AC200 Max Power Station

AC200 Max is the newly launched Bluetti power station.

With this, the brand would like to join the fray of expandable power stations. The product was available for sale on August 20, 2021. The brand sold out the first and second batches in just an hour and it would again go on sale on September 15, 2021.

This is actually a 2048Wh solar power station with a 2200W inverter. But the great attraction is that you can max up its capacity to 8192Wh with the brand new expandable battery modules.

The brand launched B230 expandable module in bundles with AC200 Max in August 2021. The more powerful B300 module is also compatible with AC200 Max. Check out the product page on the Bluetti website below.

AC200-Max Portable Power Station


As you see, AC200 Max looks exactly like AC200P.

But it has got a number of impressive features, including a powerful 900W (10-145V) solar input and a 500W AC input. Also, you can charge it from the EV charging stations, wind turbines, gas generators, and more.

Coming to the charging outlets, the machine features four AC outlets and one US AC-TT- 30P outlet. The other options are dual standard USB-A sockets and as many USB-A 5V/3A sockets.

One 100W USB-C Power Delivery port, dual DC sockets, one 12V/10A carport, a 12/30A RV port, and dual 15W wireless chargers are other notable attractions of the Bluetti power station.

3. Bluetti AC300 Solar Generator

Though a powerful 3000W power station, it is a totally different product. As you know already, AC300 is more a power box than a power station. It comes out with no built-in battery, but you can expand it up to 12,288Wh with four pieces of the brand’s 3072Wh B300 expansion modules.

A single AC300 has a solar input of 2400 watts.

Besides mating with the extra modules, you can also pair two pieces of AC300 with the brand’s Fusion Box Pro. That is how you can get a total inverter power of up 6000 watts of continuous power.

In the process, you can add up to eight pieces of B300s to take the total capacity to a massive 24.6kWh. The solar input can be raised to a heavy 10.4kW as each of the B300 is also featuring a 700W solar input.

Overall, AC300 is a magically expandable solar power station ever.


The lovely thing with AC300 is that its seamless scalability makes it an amazingly ultra-portable power station. You can carry each unit individually to your worksites, RVs, vans, camping tents, and more. You don’t need to bear a heavy machine to get a massive portable power station anywhere.

For charging from an AC socket, it features a built-in adapter. You can charge it at a speed of 3000 watts from a 120V socket, and 6000W from a 240V socket. It is also compatible with other charging options like EV stations, gas generators, batteries, and more.

When it comes to the charging outlets, it sports six AC outlets, one NEMA TT-30 outlet, two USB-A 5V/3A ports, two USB-A 18W ports, one Type-C USB 3.0 100W port, one 12V/10A carport, two DC 5521 outlets, and two 15W wireless charging ports.

4. Bluetti AC500 Solar Generator

Bluetti unveiled the 100% modular AC500 at CES 2022. Codenamed Apex solar generator, it is going to be the brand’s biggest inverter box with a 5000W power inverter that can surge at 10000 watts.

For this model, Bluetti will have a 3072Wh dedicated extra battery pack called B301. You can use up to six units of the extra battery modules to take its storage capacity up to a whopping 18432Wh.

By the way, AC500 is compatible with the existing B300 battery modules of its younger sibling, the AC300.

When it comes to charging, the AC500 will feature a 3000W MPPT solar input and a 5000W AC Input. And you can convert the machine into a 240V home backup solution with the use of the brand’s Fusion Box.

Bluetti has announced the arrival of its most powerful AC500 solar power station in July 2022. It is expected to come out through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign sometime in August or September 2022 along with a brand-new extra battery module called B300S, which has the same capacity as its sibling B301, but a higher solar charging input of 500 watts.

Bluetti AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300, and AC500

First of all, Bluetti AC200P has an updated battery inside. As you see, it has got the battery capacity increased to a higher 2000Wh. That is a difference of 300Wh from its original. That means, AC200P can stay a bit longer in powering up your electrical devices before it needs a recharge.

Moreover, the new LifePo4 battery has more charging cycles. You can have 3500+ cycles before it degrades to 80%. The previous model’s LG battery had a charging cycle of 2500 times only. With the change in battery, there is a little difference in the weight, however.

Meanwhile, AC200 Max is a more powerful device with a 2200W inverter and an expandability option. AC300 is a power box with the option for stacking up extra batteries for seamless power. For these two devices, the brand has designed two extra battery modules.

Compatible Solar Chargers

As high-power machines, all the Bluettis require powerful solar chargers. Therefore, the brand has been offering solar panels in 200W and 120W options under the branding Bluetti SP for a long time. Recently, it has upgraded the series with two more efficient models with the same capacities; PV200 and PV120.

So, you have a collection of two 200W and as many 120W folding solar panels for the Bluetti power stations. As you see, all the models are folding solar chargers with highly efficient mono solar cells. Check the link below to have a look at the best-seller Bluetti PV200 solar panel, which costs around $500.


Bluetti PV200 has a folded size of 23.4 x 24.8 in and it weighs 16.1 lbs. Coming with an MC4 connector, this is fine for all solar-based power stations on the market, including all the Bluetti models.

You can pair multiple units of the solar charger to reach the maximum solar input capacity of your power station. Thanks to its solid kickstands, you can place it anywhere in a way it can attract maximum sunlight.

The new Bluetti PV series is different from its SP series with some cool features. They include increased performance under shade, updated solar cells and diodes, and a wider area of waterproof layering.

Bluetti AC200P and Its Competitors

By the way, it looks to be the right time to have short comparisons of AC200P against its key competitors. Along with our take on Bluetti AC200 and AC200P, it will help you identify the specialties of the wonderful product from Bluetti. Below, we have EcoFlow Delta and Titan solar generators as competitors.

Bluetti AC200P Vs EcoFlow Delta

EcoFlow’s Delta is arguably one of the top competitors of Bluetti AC200P. If you are looking at buying a high-power solar power station, Delta can certainly be an option. However, compared to the Bluetti model, it has many shortfalls, including limited storage capacity and inverter power.

More clearly, Delta has only an inverter of 1800W with a surge of 3300W. But the Bluetti power station is a 2000W device basically, and it has a higher surge of 4800 watts. The same thing repeats in the total battery power, as well. The EcoFLow is a 1260Wh device, while its Bluetti alternative is a 2000Wh heavy model.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Power Station


But, as a challenge to the Bluetti, Delta has six AC sockets. Overall, it has 13 charging points that also include dual USB-A ports, dual USB-A Fast Charge ports and dual USB-C ports, and a DC outlet. It is here Bluetti, among its record number of 17 charging points, additionally has two wireless chargers.

Overall, in all main aspects, AC200P is a clear winner over Delta. Starting with the storage capacity to the number of charging points and to the design, AC200P is a top player, for sure.

Key Winning Points 

  • Large-Capacity and a High-Power Solar Power Station.
  • Battery with More Charging Cycles and a Longer Lifespan.
  • Wireless Chargers and More Charging Points.
  • Spacious and Touchable LCD Display.

Bluetti AC200P Vs Titan Solar Generator

Titan is another popular competitor to the Bluetti AC200P. Titan is indeed a highly competitive machine as it significantly features an expandable and scalable profile. Though having a 2000Wh lithium battery pack built-in, you can expand its capacity to an infinite range with additional battery units and more.

Well, for increased storage capacity, you can stack up multiple units of the brand’s famous 2000Wh battery modules. Moreover, you can simply attach it with all regular batteries using the brand’s famous expansion cable. Check out the product on the link. It is also available in a great number of kits with solar panels.

Titan Solar Generator

Besides the potential for high storage capacity, Titan incorporates a high-power 3000W inverter with a peak power of 6000W. Added with the inverter come six AC sockets that can deliver up to 30 amps altogether. The main difference Titan makes is that it doesn’t sport any built-in USB ports.

Instead, you get it with four DC cigarette lighter chargers apart from its AC sockets and a 3000W RV plug. All the DC ports are capable of delivering 13.8V regulated output. To connect your USB devices to it, Titan offers four units of dual 3A USB adapters that you can connect to the sockets to get eight USB ports.

In addition, the massive power station highlights dual MPPT charge controllers of 1000 watts each for fast and quick solar charging. Besides solar, it also guarantees fast AC charging with a standard 600W option and a 1200W secondary option. The brand also offers compatible solar panels for Titan.

However, the sad thing is that the product is always on backorder for up to three to four months. That is you will have to wait pretty long to get your product delivered after the order.

Bluetti in the UK

Bluetti has launched most of its notable solar power stations in the UK market as part of its global expansion. Apart from the UK, the brand has on sale its latest products in the EU, Germany, Spain, and more. If you are looking at buying a Bluetti solar power station in the UK, it is indeed the best time to get one as the brand has some impressive introductory offers.

As of writing this, the best-seller Bluetti power stations such as AC200P, AC200 Max, AC300+B301 Combos, EP500 Pro, EB55, and AC50S are up on sale in the UK. Besides, the brand has its expansion modules and a variety of solar generator kits and bundles on the table for outdoor enthusiasts in the UK market.

Go here to check out all the Bluetti power stations in the  UK market.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the bigger Bluetti solar power stations along with short comparisons of the Bluetti wonder against its nearest rivals. The Bluetti AC200P is an incredibly popular product in the portable solar power market. It could attract over 7000 backers in its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

With thousands of takers for its original variant, its more powerful variant has also been doing quite well since its release ahead of Black Friday 2020. Share your thoughts about the products in the comments.



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