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Bluetti AC30 Solar Power Station: Baby Bluetti AC200P with 300Wh/300W Capacity

Following the huge success of its 2000Wh AC200P power station, Bluetti has turned up with a baby variant for it. Called Bluetti AC30 solar power station, it is a smaller and compact device that can work as a perfect portable power source for all your indoor and outdoor applications.

With a 96000mAh, 300Wh battery, and 300W inverter, Bluetti AC30 appears in a highly competitive segment of the entry-level compact power stations.

Though a tiny power station, Bluetti AC30 is rich with all essential features, enough capacity, and charging options. See, it integrates dual AC sockets, a wireless charger, USB, and DC outlets to support a variety of your devices. With these features, AC30 is a serious threat to the models like Jackery Explorer 300.

The miniature of AC200P is indeed a perfect pick for all your off-grid and emergency applications. You can carry the 10.4-lbs power station easily anywhere on your outings like hunting, fishing, camping, and more. It is also a superb and handy source for emergency power during blackouts.

Bluetti AC30 Solar Power Station

The small Bluetti is a 300Wh power station, as said above. Along with its pure sine wave inverter of 300W, it incorporates dual 110V AC outlets that can run appliances up to 300 watts quite smoothly. It is powerful enough to recharge your phone around 20 times, a laptop around 5 times, and a GoPro around 60 times.

Its compact and portable size is certainly an awesome thing. With a size of 9.9 x 7.1 x 6.9 inches, you can take it anywhere quite easily. The foldable carrying handle makes it rather handy and portable for off-grid, travel, and emergency uses. Check out the link below for its latest price.

One of the major attractions of the device is its included LiFePo4 battery that has a longer lifespan of 3500 charging cycles. It is indeed a rather safe and stable battery pack for a power station like this. Also, it comes with a built-in BMS system and other safety features.

When it comes to the charging options, AC30 shows off a 15W wireless charger along with regular USB and DC sockets. They include two USB-A ports, one 5V/3A Quick Charge USB-C, and one 12V/10A DC socket.


Bluetti AC30 works with any solar panel that outputs 12-25V/150W. The brand recommends any panel that has an approximate 12V working voltage. So, it will be a nice way to go for Bleutti’s 120-watt folding solar panel, which is the same unit the brand offers with all its power stations, including AC200P.

It is a high-efficiency mono solar charger with four arrays of solar cells. As you see in the image, it features built-in kickstands and corner holes for you to manage easily anywhere. That is, you can place it on any surface or rug it up to things like a bike or tree for better exposure to the sun.

Thanks to its higher output, a single unit of the solar charger will be nice for Bluetti AC30. It has a weight of only 9.48 lbs, and it measures 16.3 x 16.1in once folded, which makes it rather portable. One unfolded, it spreads to 66.7 inches, offering enough surface area to generate a lot of solar power.

Why Should You Buy

1. Compact and Handy Power Station

Bluetti AC30 is a compact and lightweight device. With a size of 9.9 x 7.1 x 6.9 inches and a weight of 10.4 lbs, you can easily carry it on your trips and travels and enjoy access to unlimited portable power.

The machine has got a comfortable foldable carrying handle making it quite attractive for all your outdoor and off-grid power needs. Overall, you get one of the best compact power stations for various applications like traveling, camping, fishing, tailgating parties, and more.

2. Highly Durable and Safe Battery Pack

Yet another attraction of the Bluetti AC30 solar power station is its built-in LiFePO4 battery pack. With a lifespan of over 3500 charging cycles up to 80%, you get a quite reliable and safe power station.

The LiFePO4 battery is indeed rather safe and stable compared to many of its alternative options. Further, the Bluetti incorporates an integrated Battery Management System and other advanced safety measures.

3. Versatile Charging Options

Though a small power station, Bluetti AC30 features versatile charging options, including a 15W wireless charger. Other charging options include a carport, USB-A, and USB QC ports, besides two 110V AC outlets.

4. Fast Solar Charging Speeds

Like all modern-day solar power stations, you get Bluetti AC30 with fast and quick solar charging. You can fully charge it with a solar panel that has an open circuit voltage of 12V-25V (max). A solar panel of 150W will take around three hours for its full recharge under a bright sun.

5. Available in Multiple Colors 

The stylish and compact Bluetti solar power station is available in multiple colors; army green, yellow, blue, and pumpkin. Check out the Bluetti website here for all its shades.

Bluetti AC30 Vs Jackery Explorer 300

As stated above, Bluetti AC30 seems to be a near rival to Jackery Explorer 300. With almost similar specs, these two can be the best choices for a customer, who is looking at buying a compact solar power station. That is why we would like to compare the new Bluetti against its Jackery alternative here.

Jackery is equipped with a 293Wh (14.4V, 20.4Ah) Li-ion NMC battery. It is when the Bluetti has a far better and advanced 300Wh LiFePo4 battery that has a longer lifespan of 3500 charging cycles. The Explorer 300 battery offers only 500 charging cycles, by the way.

When it comes to the inverter, both the machines incorporate 300W pure sine wave inverters. And they also sport dual AC sockets to run your smaller appliances up to 300 watts quite comfortably. Well, coupled with its more powerful battery, the Bluetti will be offering pretty longer runtimes for your appliances, for sure.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 300


Other than the AC sockets, Explorer 300 features a 60W USB-C Power Delivery port, a USB-A 3.0 QC port, and a 12V carport. For charging, a 100W SolarSaga charger can make it fully charge it in around 6 hours under optimal sunlight.

When it comes to weight, Explorer 300 is the lightest as it weighs only 7.1 lbs, while the new Bluetti weighs 10.4 lbs, and it has a size of 9.9 x 7.1 x 6.9 inches. It is when Explorer measures at 9.1 x 5.2 x 7.8 in.

Both machines have strong carrying handles. The Jackery has a fixed and built-in handle, while the Bluetti has a foldable one. It makes the Jacerky’s handle more solid and stronger, obviously.

By the way, Explorer is available in its typical shade of orange and black only. Meanwhile, Bluetti is rather ornamental as it is available in a streak of attractive shades.

Bluetti AC30 Portable Solar Power Station

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Bluetti AC30 solar power station. It is a super cool product for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. The lightweight and compact machine is a quite nice choice for the users, thanks to its handy, stylish, and colorful profile. Further, it highlights an advanced battery pack and versatile charging options. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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