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Bluetti AC500 Solar Power Station: 100% Modular 5000W Home Backup Power Station – AC500 Vs AC300

Bluetti’s next big-size portable power station, the AC500, has been launched. Codenamed ‘Apex’,” the AC500 was first put on display at CES 2022. The AC500 is a 100% modular power station similar to the AC300, but it has a new expandable battery, the B300S, and is also compatible with the AC300’s B300 battery modules.

The AC500 comes with a 5000-watt pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 1000 watts. It doesn’t integrate a built-in battery pack, but you can add storage to it with the brand’s new B300S expansion modules.

By combining six 3072 Wh battery packs, you can increase its capacity to a whopping 18,432Wh. Also, you can pair two units of the AC500s to get a 240-volt output at 10000 watts, making it a powerful beast to run your entire household or worksite for several days.

Live News Updates

March 2023 Update: In March 2023, Bluetti put on display its much-touted AC500 at Intersolar & EES Middle East in Dubai, the leading solar and energy storage event in the Middle East. The AC500 was exhibited along with the brand’s AC600 home solar backpack. 

Bluetti AC500+B300S Official Release Update: Following the huge success of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Bluetti launched its much-frenzied AC500 and B300S on its official website on November 24, 2022, for the Black Friday sale at $4499. 

Buy the Bluetti AC500+B300S Here

AC500+B300S Indiegogo Update: Bluetti is to run the AC500 Indiegogo campaign until October 30, 2022. It is the best time to pre-order the portable solar power station with the best deals before the crowdfunding campaign ends. 

Bluetti AC500 Release Update: Bluetti has launched the Bluetti AC500 and B300S on Indiegogo with an early bird price starting at $2999 for the AC500+B300S (1X) combo. 

AC500 Price Update: Ahead of its Indiegogo launch, Bluetti has made a surprise announcement of the early bird prices of the AC500 and B300S kits for limited buyers.

The bundle of AC500+B300S will be on sale for $2999 (38% off of its MSRP of $4799), and the AC500+2*B300S combo will cost $4699 (36% off of its MSRP of $7297.) The exact release date is not yet known, but it will take place in September 2022.

Release Date Update: Bluetti unveiled more details about its much-awaited colossal AC500 power station on July 27, 2022. The release date and price of AC500 are yet to come, by the way.

Bluetti AC500

Bluetti AC500+B300S BUY IT HERE
  • 5000W/10000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • 3072Wh B300S Dedicated Extra Batteries. 
  • Expandable Up to 18432Wh with Six B300S.
  • Compatible with the B300 Battery Modules.
  • 3000W Solar and 5000W AC Inputs.
  • 240V Power Station With Fusion Box.

Bluetti AC300

  • 3000W/6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • 3072Wh B300 Extra Battery Modules. 
  • Scalable Up to 12.2kWh with Four B300s.
  • 3000W@120V / 6000@240V AC Input.
  • 2400W MPP Solar Input. 
  • Six AC Outlets and Multiple DC Outlets. 
  • Dual 15W Wireless Chargers.

It has also got higher solar and AC charging speeds, respectively at 3000 watts and 5000 watts. It can handle a total of 8000 watts of maximum power input.

What’s more, you can pair two units of the power station to make it a 240-volt machine with 10,000 watts of inverter power, thanks to the brand’s Fusion Box.

More details, like the Bluetti AC500 price and release date, are yet to be known.

Update: Bluetti has published the first-look pictures of the AC500 and B300S battery packs in its CES 2022 flyer on its official website. Check out it here


Bluetti AC500 Vs AC300

Simply put, the Bluetti AC500 solar power station is the right upgrade to the AC300. Designed as an inverter box rather than a power station, the AC500 will be a rather portable and much more reliable source of backup and off-grid power.

In place of AC300’s 3000W inverter, AC500 has got a 5000W AC output. That is, of course, a perfect upgrade, but you can expand it further with more extra battery packs.

AC300 Power Station


However, we currently have no information about its price, size, weight, or other factors. Most likely, the AC500 will look like its younger sibling but will surely be a bit heavier.

As you may be aware, the Bluetti AC300 has a special extra battery known as B300.As per the reports, the AC500 will have a new battery pack, namely the B300S. However, it will also support the B300, letting the AC300 and B300 owners expand their off-grid power capacity further.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Bluetti AC500 solar power station. Bluetti is indeed a big player in the portable solar power market, with unrivaled innovation. This huge machine will be on display at CES 2022 along with its much-excited sodium-ion solar generator NA300 and a tiny 288Wh LiFePO4 power station EB3A.


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