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Bluetti AC60+B80: Bluetti’s Smallest Modular Power Station with 403Wh to 2015Wh Storage Capacity

Bluetti has announced its smallest ever modular solar power station. Called the AC60, it is a 403Wh, 600W ultra-portable power station, and you can crank it up to 2015Wh with a pair of the B80 battery packs. Thanks to its IP65 rating, it is a water- and dust-proof machine.

The combo of AC60 and B80, as Bluetti highlights, is to become the first small solar power station from the brand with modular features. You will be able to add extra storage capacity to the AC60 using the B80, just as you can with the AC300 and AC500.

Bluetti AC60+B80 at a Glance

  • The Smallest Bluetti Scalable Power Station.
  • 403Wh, 600W Compact Solar Power Station.
  • Scalable Up to 2015Wh with Two B80s.
  • IP65-Rated Water-and-Dust Proof Profile.

Anyway, the AC60+B80 put an end to the brand’s lack of new product announcements for a while. Since the launch of its big-size AC500+B300S at CES 2022, the brand has been without any notable new product launches.

Even at CES 2023, Bluetti didn’t show any new products; instead, it just displayed the AC500 and the EP600 home battery pack.


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