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Bluetti B230 Vs. B300 Vs. B300S Expansion Battery Packs: All You Need to Know About Bluetti’s Expansion Batteries

Bluetti offers a number of impressive external battery packs to go with its collection of high-capacity modular power stations, covering both portable and home battery packs. The B230, B300, and B300s are the extra battery packs that work with most of its big-size power stations, even if each of them was particularly designed for a specific model at the launch.

Here is our detailed take on Bluetti’s B230, B300, and B300S battery modules.

Even though the Bluetti extra battery modules are designed to add additional storage capacity to the brand’s power stations, they come with separate charging outlets and inlets. See, for example, that the B300 has a 200-watt MPPT controller to let you directly charge it from the sun, while the B300S has a 500-watt solar input and is a self-heating battery pack.

Bluetti launched the B230 and B300 battery packs with its AC200 Max and AC300 power stations. The B300S is the latest model that Bluetti launched with its apex AC500 power station. But with a converter cable and a DC Enhancer D050S, the battery modules can be used with almost all of the brand’s large power stations, like the EP500, AC200, AC200P, EB150, and EB240.

With the DC Enhancer, you can charge these battery packs directly from a 500-watt solar source via its AC input. That said, you can attach the B300, which has an overall solar output of up to 700 watts, along with its built-in solar charging input. Meanwhile, the B300S can accept up to 1000 watts of power with solar and AC inputs.

Bluetti B300S Release Update – Nov. 2022: Bluetti launched the B300S extra battery along with its much-touted base model, the AC500, on Nov. 24th, 2022, for the Black Friday sale on its official website for a price starting at $4499 (the bundle). The separate price of B300S is around $2300.

Check Out the B300S and AC500 Here.

B300S Crowdfunding Release Update: Bluetti unveiled the AC500+B300 combo on Indiegogo on Sep. 1, 2022. The B300S battery alone has an early bird price starting at $1799.

AC500+B300S Bundle Price Update: Weeks before the Indiegogo release, Bluetti made a surprise announcement of the early bird prices of the AC500 and B300S kits for limited buyers.

The combo of AC500+B300S will be on sale for $2999 (38% off of its MSRP of $4799), and the AC500+2*B300S combo will cost $4699 (36% off of its MSRP of $7297.) The exact release date is not yet known, but it will take place in September 2022.

Update: Bluetti launched a new B300S extra battery to accompany its massive AC500 power station. It is also a 3072Wh battery pack but with an improved 500W solar input and a combo charging of 1000 watts.


Bluetti B230 Extra Battery Module

  • 2048Wh LiFePO4 Battery Pack.
  • Compatible with AC200 Max and AC300.
  • 500W AC Charging Input.
  • 100W USB-C PD, USB-A 3.0 QC, and 12V Sockets. 
  • 8.9 x 16.5 x 11 In and 48lbs Weight.

Bluetti B300 Extra Battery

Bluetti B300 Extra Battery Module BUY IT HERE
  • 3072Wh LiFePO4 Battery Pack.
  • Compatible with Bluetti AC300. 
  • 500W AC and 200W Solar Charging Inputs.
  • 100W USB-C PD, USB-A 3.0 QC, and 12V Sockets. 
  • 10.5 x 20.5 x 12.5 In and 79.6 lbs Weight.

Bluetti B300S Extra Battery Module

Bluetti B300S Extra Battery Module BUY IT HERE
  • 3072Wh LiFePO4 Battery Pack.
  • Self-Heating Battery Pack. 
  • 500W AC and 500W Solar Charging Inputs.
  • 100W USB-C PD, USB-A 3.0 QC, and 12V Sockets.
  • 1000-Watt Dual Charging.
  • 240V Split Phase Bonding.
  • 20.5 x 12.5 x 10.5in and 79.6 lbs Weight.

Bluetti B230, B300, and B300S Expansion Battery Modules

Bluetti B230, B300, and B300S are simply three extra batteries. You can quickly attach them to nearly all of Bluett’s power stations for additional storage. It will be quite nice to get one or multiple units of the battery modules stacked upon those machines for seamless off-grid power in the wild.

Well, the B300 is a special make for the AC300, which comes with no onboard battery and the extra battery is the only way to add storage capacity to it. Anyway, here, we would like to have a look at the specs and features of the famous Bluetti expansion modules.

Bluetti B230 Expansion Battery Module

As you know, this is the smaller variant of the duo. It equips a 2048Wh LifePO4 battery pack with an individual AC input of 500 watts. It has no solar charging option, but you have multiple charging options.

They are single pieces of a Type-C USB 3.0 100W Power Delivery port, a USB 3.0 Quick Charge 18W port, and a 12V/10A carport. Even without connecting it to a power station, it can power up your essential USB and DC devices.



As said above, the Bluetti B230 hit the stores along with the brand’s AC200 Max. At its debut, it was only available in bundles with the modular power station.

The B230 is a highly compact and ultra-portable battery pack. You can easily take it on its built-in carry handles and enjoy access to unlimited portable power. It has a size of 16.5 x 8.9 x 11 inches and a weight of 48 lbs.

Bluetti B300 Expansion Battery Module

It is a bigger-capacity extra battery module from Bluetti.

The B300 is equipped with a 3072Wh LifePO4 battery pack, and it will be launched with the brand’s AC300 in September 2021. It is also compatible with most of the brand’s other power stations, including the AC200 Max.

With its extra storage capacity, it is indeed a more reliable way for off-grid users and emergency preppers. Other than the 500-watt AC input, it also has a solar input, as stated above.



Unlike its younger sibling, this one has an MPPT controller and a 200-watt solar charging input. So, you can have a total input power of 700 watts with the AC input. For charging ports, it has the same units as its younger variant, the B230.

The Bluetti B300 has a size of 20.5 x 10.4 x 12.6 inches and weighs 74 lbs. It is also compatible with the company’s special DC Enhancer, so users of old-generation Bluetti power stations will be lucky to get a more powerful extra battery with individual solar and AC charging options.

It has a retail price of $2099 and will be available to you at a debut price of $1599.

Bluetti B230 Vs. B300 Vs. B300S – What to Buy?

The main difference between the batteries is all about the storage capacities of the three Bluetti battery modules.

You have three extra battery modules with the same compatibility features. The most recent B300S is the most advanced one with its self-heating feature and a faster solar charging input.

Using the brand’s convertible cable, you can connect single pieces of the batteries to the AC200 and AC200P through their solar input ports.

If you want to connect more than one unit or use them with the old-generation Bluetti power stations, you can get the special DC Enhancer.

On the Bluetti website, the battery modules are available individually and in bundles with various compatible power stations.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Bluetti B230, B300, and B300S expansion battery modules.

We have checked out all the specs and features of the innovative extra battery modules.

These extra battery packs make Bluetti a special brand. Even if its competitors like EcoFlow, Zendure, and AllPowers have extra battery packs, Bluetti offers more flexibility and cross-device application, letting you save money on buying additional battery packs.

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  1. Do we know why the new AC500 only supports 4 X B300 batteries yet can do 6 X B300S batteries? Looks like the batteries only differ by the charging capability (input power capacity).

    I bypassed the AC300 and went with AC200MAX + 2 X B300 batts last year because I did not like the idea of the AC300 not having an internal battery and still wanted something in the 2 kW range
    and one brick to take remote with me if I wanted. The expandability of AC200MAX still lets it stretch to a home back up solution from a capacity standpoint too.

    This bigger AC500 looks more like it though for home based back up. 5kW continuous will go a lot further than 3 kW. They should have started this line with the AC500.


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