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Bluetti Black Friday Deals 2020: Up to $550 Off on Bluetti Power Stations and Solar Panels

Bluetti, the famous maker of Bluetti AC200 solar power station, is all set with its Black Friday 2020 deals. If you are planning to purchase a Bluetti, it is indeed the right time. You will be lucky to get sizable discounts for most of its products in the Bluetti Black Friday Deals 2020. Stay with us to have look at the deals.

Bluetti’s recent power stations have been much popular. The 1700Wh AC200 grabbed a lot of backers in its highly successful crowdfunding campaign. In its Black Friday deals, Bluetti has an upgraded version of it called AC200P with a new LifePo4 2000Wh battery. Yes, you get more power with your fave power station.

Check Out All Bluetti Black Friday Deals 2020

Yet another Bluetti model on offer is AC50S, an upgraded version of the brand’s famous AC50. It is a small and light power station with a 500Wh battery and a 300W inverter. Well, its upgraded AC50S variant equips a regulated 12V DC socket for charging your car-powered gadgets rather faster and stably.

Bluetti Black Friday Deals 2020

Besides AC200P, Bluetti has AC50S and EB150 for the Black Friday sale, starting from November 23, 2020. Of course, the brand offers the power stations individually as well as in kits with compatible solar panels. So, you get superb deals to get some of the best solar power systems for portable and off-grid power.

Overall, for Black Friday 2020 deals, the brand has a discount of up to $550 for its various models. That is how it comes out to be a great time for you to get one of the market’s best power stations at an attractive price. We would like to have a detailed look at each of the Bluetti Black Friday products below.

1. Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station

It is exactly the same Bluetti AC200 power station except for its battery. Though a popular one, the 1700Wh power station has been blamed for the missing of a powerful and advanced battery compared to some of its recent competitors. It is here Bluetti has upgraded AC200 with a 2000Wh LifePo4 battery cell.

As you know, AC200 has been one of the most-awaited solar power stations of the kind ever out there. With its launch on Indiegogo, it could attract a staggering response and many of its backers are still waiting for their units to get shipped. Here comes the new AC200P with incredible Black Friday offers.

Check out the latest price and Black Friday offers for the device on the link below. You are really getting yet another powerful and most versatile power station with an amazing number of charging options.



Well, the new battery gives the power station amazing charge cycles of 3500 times before its total capacity worsens to 80%. For Black Friday, the brand has knocked a limited offer of $200 for the new AC200P alone. By the way, a $550 huge discount is there if you get it in a bundle with three folding solar panels.

As you know, it offers a rated output of 2000 watts and a surge of 4800W. Meanwhile, it sports 17 charging outlets, including six AC sockets to power up a wide range of your electrical devices. It has a size of 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches, but the handy and durable design makes it ideal for outdoor and off-grid applications.

Notable Features

  • Up to $550 Discount for Black Friday 2020.
  • Upgraded Version of AC200 with LifePo4 Battery.
  • LifePo4 Battery Cell with 3500 Charging Cycles.
  • 2000W Inverter with 4800W Surge Power.
  • 17 Charging Outlets, Including six AC Sockets.
  • Available in Kits with Bluetti Folding Solar Panels.

2. Bluetti AC200P Solar Power Station Kits

Bluetti has attractive offers for AC200P in various kits, as well. The solar charger included is the brand’s famous 120-watt folding unit. It is a highly efficient mono charger made of SunPower cells. It highlights scratch-resistant SunPower cell lamination, making it more durable than a model with PET material.

Well, it is a lightweight four-fold solar panel and so you can store it comfortably in a small room after use. It has an open-circuit voltage of 23.7V and the conversion efficiency is also quite nice. By the way, thanks to its four rear side kickstands, you easily place it anywhere to recharge your AC200P under the sun.


Along with the solar charger, you get a 3-meter MC4 cable to connect it to the power station. Meanwhile, Bluetti offers AC200P in various kits with different units of solar panels. For Black Friday 2020, AC200P with two panels comes at $2299. And the one with three panels is available at $2649.

Of course, the more panels you have, the faster you can charge the power station. Thanks to its high solar input, you can indeed add multiple panels and make it a reliable off-grid and emergency solution.

3. Bluetti AC50S Solar Power Station

The next product in Bluetti Black Friday deals is a lite and compact power station. Launched on Indiegogo along with the huge AC200, Bluetti AC50S is actually an iterative upgrade to AC50. It has a regulated 12V AC socket different from its early variant, making it one of the reliable on-the-go solar power stations.

Well, AC50S is ideal for charging your small gadgets like phones, cameras, tablets, and more. With a 300W inverter, it can also run your essential AC appliance like an LCD TV, projector, lamps, and more. It integrates an advanced MPPT controller that can accept a solar output of up to 120 watts.

The device is indeed up there in the brand’s Black Friday deals with a remarkable discount. Fine, the power station alone comes with a cut of $40, and in a bundle with suitable solar panels, it gets $160 off. Check out the link below to grab it at the discounted price the Black Friday 2020.

Maxoak Bluetti AC50S Portable Power Station for Outdoor Life


The most attractive thing with the new AC50S is certainly its regulated 12V DC outlet. It makes the device deliver a rather stable flow of current to run your 12V car-powered electrical devices safely. The battery pack inside is a 500Wh unit and the 300W inverter can provide a surge of up to 500 watts.

When it comes to size, it is indeed a handy and lightweight product. With a size of 11.6 x 7.5 x 7.7 inches, you can easily take it anywhere and enjoy access to unlimited portable power once coupled with a reliable solar panel. For a bundle of AC50S and solar panels, it is surely the best time to get at the best price.

Notable Features

  • Up to $160 Discount for Black Friday 2020.
  • Upgraded Version of AC50 with Regulated DC Socket. 
  • 500Wh Battery Pack for Powering Your Small Devices. 
  • 300-Watt Inverter with 500-Watt Surge Power.
  • Multiple Charging Outlets, Including Two AC Sockets.
  • Available in Bundles with Bluetti Folding Solar Panels.

4. Bluetti EB150 Solar Generator

The next product available in the Bluetti Black Friday deals is its much-touted 1500Wh power station. It is a 1000W camping and outdoor power station with a handy profile and sturdy handle. Thanks to its top-brand LG battery, it is indeed a high-capacity power station for high-surge devices like blenders, drills, and more.

As you see, it comes up with a powerful 1000-watt inverter and it integrates dual US standard AC sockets of 110V for running your appliances. Further, you have it equipped with a variety of other charging options, including a Type-C PD port and a regulated cigarette lighter charger.

Bluetti has announced an attractive Black Friday discount for this product, as well. Thus, it will be available with an all-time discount of $200 by November 23, 2020. If you go for a kit of it with suitable solar panels, you can get a cut of $550. Check out the link below to grab it with the brand’s Black Friday deal.

Bluetti EB150 Solar Generator


Fine, the EB150 highlights an advanced MPPT algorithm to let you charge it faster from solar energy. Thus, with an open-circuit voltage of 16V~60V (max) and 500W solar input, this can be charged decently faster under the sun. Meanwhile, eight hours is enough to fully charge it from a wall socket.

By the way, like all similar products, it features all safety measures, including Battery Management System (BMS) to protect your electrical devices from various voltage variation issues. The larger LCD display will make you monitor battery status and other system information. It has a size of 14.6 x 6.5 x 14.4 inches.

Notable Features

  • Up to $550 Discount for Black Friday 2020.
  • Powerful and Reliable 1500Wh Power Station. 
  • 1000-Watt Inverter with a Higher Surge Power. 
  • Multiple Charging Options, Including Two AC Sockets.
  • Available in Bundles with Bluetti Solar Panels.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Bluetti Black Friday deals. Bluetti is indeed one of the top brands in the portable solar power segment to turn up with attractive Black Friday offers. Its Black Friday sale kickstarts on 23rd November 2020 and the brand has most of its popular power stations with offers. So, it is now your turn to find the best from Bluetti at discounted prices and get ready for your next adventures with more fun.

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