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Bluetti Canada Day 2022 Deals: Up to C$400 Off on the Trendy Bluetti Solar Power Stations

With Canada Day around the corner, Bluetti has announced some attractive deals for its power stations. It looks to be the best time for the customers in Canada to get a Bluetti at the best price. Here, we have our go-through of the Bluetti hot deals for the big sale event.

The Bluetti Canada Day 2022 sale will take place from June 28 to July 3, 2022. Bluett’s trendy models such as AC200 Max + B230, AC300 + B300, and EB70S will be on sale with a discount of up to C$400 during the Canada Day 2022 sale. Check out the best Bluetti deals for Canadians on the table below.

AC200 Max @ $250 Off Bluetti AC300 @ $400 Off Bluetti EB70S @ $90 Off
Bluetti AC200 Max Power Station Bluetti EB70S Solar Power Station
  • 2200W/4800W Inverter. 
  • 2048Wh LFP Battery Pack.
  • Expandable Up to 8.1kWh.
  • 500W AC/900W Solar Inputs.
  • Four AC Outlets.
  • 30A Outlet and a Carport.
  • Dual Wireless Chargers. 
  • 3000W/6000W Power Box. 
  • Expandable Up to 12.2kWh.
  • 3000W AC Input.
  • 2400W MPP Solar Input. 
  • Six AC Outlets.
  • Dual Wireless Chargers.
  • 716Wh LFP Battery Pack.
  • 700W AC Inverter. 
  • Four PSW AC Outlets.
  • 100W PD USB-C Ports.
  • Regulated 12V Carport.

Bluetti Canada Day 2022 Sale

Bluetti is indeed one of the top vendors of solar-based power stations in the world. The brand has on sale a wide range of power stations with ultra-safe LiFePO4 and lithium battery packs. Starting with an entry-level EB3A to a heavy-duty EP500, the brand has nearly a dozen of incredible power stations.

Most of its top-seller models are available on sale in the Canadian market also. The company has certainly announced some exciting deals and offers for its popular power stations that are up on sale in the country. Have a look at some of the models you can buy during the Bluetti Canada Day sale.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Bluetti Canada Day 2022 Deals. We have covered all the coolest solar power stations Bluetti has put on sale for customers in Canada with attractive deals for the national day. The brand is yet to avail the models like EP500, EP500 Pro, and EB3A in Canada. Hopefully, the article will help you find the best choice to make your next adventure powered. Stay tuned.

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