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Bluetti Christmas Deals 2022: AC500+B300S, AC300+B300 and AC200 Max with Brilliant Discounts

Bluett has announced impressive Christmas deals (holiday deals) for 2022. The deals offer great discounts for its super-seller models like AC300 + B300, EP500, and PV350 solar panels. The brand’s much-excited AC300 with a unit of B300 has got a flat discount of $700 for the holiday shopping frenzy.

The other Bluetti hot-seller Bluetti models like AC200 Max, B230 Extra Battery, and EB70S are also on sale with great discounts. The famous brand has an incredible collection of new-gen solar power stations for the 2022 Christmas deals.

Starting with a range of compact solar power stations to the heavy-duty and 100% modular AC500+B300S, Bluetti has a big variety of power stations on the shelves at the best prices for you.

Its recent crowdfund-hit AC500 is also to arrive on the official website for release for the year-end shopping extravaganza with amazing deals. Check it out here Bluetti AC500+B300S. 

The Best Bluetti Christmas Deals 2022

Bluetti AC200 Max @ $1699 $200 Off
Bluetti AC200 Max + B230 @ $2799  $499 Off
Bluetti AC200 Max + B300 @ $3499 $599 Off
Bluetti Max + PV350 @ $2499 $249 Off
Buletti AC200 Max + 3x PV200 @ $3099 $297 Off
Bluetti AC200 Max + 2x PV350 @ $3299 $298 Off
Bluetti EB70S @ $499 $100 Off
Bluetti EB70S + PV120 @ $699 $199 Off
Bluetti EB70S + PV200 @ $999 $99 Off
Bluetti EB55 @ $399 $100 Off
Bluetti EB55 + PV200 – @ $999  $99 Off

HOT DEALS FOR Bluetti Christmas Sale 2022

We would like to have a check on the top-selling Bluetti power stations ahead of the 2022  Christmas sales. Of course, it will be the best time for you to invest in a Bluetti to go with the most attractive offers.

Bluetti has been a dominant player in the portable solar power market for a while. Thanks to its wide range of impactful power stations, you are indeed lucky to get the best model with the ideal features and specs. Stay tuned with us to have a look at the best Bluetti Christmas deals in 2022.

Bluetti AC300 + B300 @ $2,999

  • 3000W Power Station with 600W Surge Power. 
  • 100% Modular With No Battery Pack Inside. 
  • Scalable Up to 12,288Wh with Four Battery Modules. 
  • Six AC Outlets, USB-C 100W, and Wireless Chargers. 
  • 1800W AC Input at 120V and 2400W Solar Input. 

Bluetti AC200 Max @ $1599

Bluetti AC200 Max Power Station   BUY IT HERE
  • 2200W Power Station with 4800W Surge Power. 
  • 2048Wh LifePO4 Battery with an Expandable Profile. 
  • Scalable Up to 6,144Wh with Two B230s Or 8,192Wh with Two B300s
  • Four AC Outlets, USB-C 100W Power, and Wireless Chargers. 
  • Up to 900W Solar Input and 500W AC Input with 1400W in Total.

Bluetti EB70 @ $499

Bluetti EB70 BUY IT HERE
  • 700W Compact Power Station with 1400W Surge.
  • 716Wh Long-Life LiFePO4 Battery Pack Inside.
  • Four AC Sockets, Two 100W USB-Cs, and Wireless Chargers. 
  • 200W AC Input and 200W Solar Solar Input.

Bluetti EB55 @ $399

Bluetti EB55 BUY IT HERE
  • 700W Mini Power Station with 1400W Peak Power. 
  • 537Wh Long-Lasting LiFePO4 Battery Pack. 
  • Four AC Sockets, 100W USB-C, and Wireless Chargers. 
  • 200W AC Input and 200W Solar Solar Input. 

Bluetti Christmas Deals 2022

As the best-seller in the segment of solar power stations, Bluetti will definitely have some surprising offers for its customers this holiday season. Its latest series of products includes several brilliant models, including AC200 Max, AC300, AC200P, EB70, EB55, and more.

Also, when it comes to solar panels, Bluetti offers multiple units. An upgraded Bluetti PV200 is a much more reliable 200W solar panel to use with any of the Bluetti power stations. Well, you can pair multiple units of the panel to achieve the required solar input rate for the respective machine.

Here, we would like to check out the best products Bluetti will have on sale with attractive deals for Christmas 2022. You can certainly find a cool model to meet your needs off the grid and in emergency situations.

Bluetti AC500 Christmas Deals

After a huge Indiegogo crowdfunding success, Bluetti is all set to launch its much-awaited AC500+B300S 100% modular power station on its official website just ahead of the year-end shopping season.

The machine will most likely get some incredible Christmas deals for 2022 as its price at $4449.

Bluetti AC300 Power Station

Bluetti AC300 can most probably be the hot-seller of all the Bluetti power stations during the 2022 holiday sale season. Unveiled a few weeks before the year-end shopping frenzy last year, the 100% modular heavy-duty power station is still one of the most desired choices of all the Bluetti fans.

Of course, AC300 will be available with some impressive deals and offers for the season.

AC300 is basically a power box with a heavy 3000-watt inverter. It packs up no battery inside, but you can add storage capacity to it externally using the brand’s B300 extra battery modules.

A single unit of AC300 can support up to four of the 3072Wh B300 battery modules. Thus, it comes out to be a colossal 12,288Wh power backup system.

AC300 Power Station


Moreover, if you go with the option of pairing two AC300s together, you can simply double up the entire storage capacity and inverter power. The pairing is possible with the brand’s Fusion Box Pro.

AC300 has an unrivaled solar charging input of 2400 watts. And with its advanced MPPT charge controller, you can recharge a B300 in just below two hours under a bright sun.

The AC charging input of the power station is 3000 watts. With a combo of the solar and AC wall inputs, you can power up the machine at a total speed of 5400 watts, but for that, you need to have it connected to a minimum of two B300 extra batteries.

Bluetti AC200 Max Portable Power Station

The next much-excited Bluetti power station is AC200 Max. As its name suggests, it is an expanded version of the brand’s famous AC200 power station, currently known as AC200P.

AC200 Max comes up with a 2048Wh LFP battery pack, and you can expand it up to 8,192Wh with the brand’s expandable battery packs. Both B230 and B300 expandible battery modules are compatible with AC200 Max.

With a pair of B230s, you can take its storage capacity up to 6144Wh and with as many B300s it can be maxed up to an 8194Wh power station. The inverter inside is a 2200W pure sine wave unit that can surge at 4800W.

AC200-Max Portable Power Station


The solar input of AC200 Max is 900W and the AC adapter under the hood is a 500W one. Hence, with a combo of the inputs, you can charge it at a speed of 1400 watts. Smart app control is another attraction.

When it comes to the charging outlets, AC200 Max integrates four 100-120V AC outlets, one NEMA TT-30 port, multiple USB and DC sockets, including a  100W USB-C port, a 12V carport, and dual 15W wireless chargers.

The machine will definitely be available for discounted prices during the 2022 Christmas sale season. Along with AC300, it is another hot-seller product of the brand at the moment.

Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station

AC200P is exactly the same as the Bluetti AC200 power station except for its battery. Though a popular model, the original 1700Wh power station was blamed for missing out on a powerful and recent battery pack compared to some of its competitors. It is then Bluetti has upgraded AC200 with a 2000Wh LifePo4 battery pack.

AC200 has, in fact, been one of the most-awaited solar power stations of the kind ever.

With its unveiling on Indiegogo, it could attract a staggering response with thousands of takers. Even more than a year after its release, AC200P is still one of the most exciting power stations from Bluetti.

Check out the machine on the link below at the Bluetti website for any attractive deals for Christmas 2022.

AC200P Portable Power Station


AC200P is a 2000Wh power station with an inverter of 2000 watts and a peak power of 4000 watts.

It can support 17 devices at a time, including six AC appliances. The smart touchscreen is another attraction.

You can recharge the machine in multiple ways like a solar, carport, AC wall outlet, lead-acid batteries, and gas generators. The solar input it features is 700W and the AC charging input is 500 watts.

The dual AC adapter feature makes charging rather faster. The machine also works with the brand’s expandable battery modules with a convertible cable and a DC Enhancer D050S.

AC200P has a size of 16.5 x 11 x 15.2 inches, but the handy and durable design makes it ideal for outdoor and off-grid applications.

Bluetti EB55 Solar Power Station

The next product in Bluetti Christmas deals is a lite and compact power station. It is EB55, a smaller and ultra-portable solar power station for daily applications.

EB55 is ideal for charging your small gadgets like phones, cameras, tablets, and more. With a 700W inverter and a surge of 1400 watts, it can run your essential appliance like an LCD TV, projector, lamps, and more. It sports an advanced MPPT controller that can accept a solar output of up to 200 watts.

The device will surely be in the brand’s Christmas deals with a significant discount. Along with EB55, Bluetti also offers a compact power station called EB70, and a variety of other small-end models at the best prices.

Bluetti EB55


EB55 highlights different charging options.

They include four 110V/700W AC sockets, one 100W USB-C outlet, one 12V/10A regulated car socket, dual 12V/10A DC ports, four 5V/3A USB-A ports, and one 15W wireless charging pad.

It can be charged from multiple sources like a wall outlet and a car socket other than the solar option. The AC adapter under the hood is a 200W unit that can charge it from a wall socket in 3.2 hours fully.

The brand’s 200W solar panel is enough to charge the machine for 4.5 hours under optimal sunlight. A 12V carport can charge it in six hours, while a 24V port can do it in six hours.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Bluetti Christmas deals in 2022. Bluetti is one of the top brands in the portable solar power segment to turn up with attractive holiday deals and offers.

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