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Bluetti EB3A Solar Generator: Ultra-Compact LiFePO4 Solar Power Station with 268Wh/600W Power

Bluetti EB3A is an ultra-portable and compact solar power station with an LFP battery. Bluetti announced the smallest 268Wh LiFePO4 solar power station at CES 2022 apart from Bluetti NA300 and AC500. The device hit the stores in June 2022 with a selling price of around $250.

Branded as Bluetti EB3A solar generator, it is the brand’s entry-level power station with an inverter of 600 watts, a solar charging speed of 200 watts, and a Turbo-charging mode of 430 watts. Compared to AC50S and EB55 compact power stations, it has a long-life LFP battery and a powerful inverter.

Update 3: June 2022: Bluetti started to sell the much-awaited EB3A on June 14, 2022. Use the Link here to Order it with the early bird deals for the day.  

Update 2: May 2022: Bluetti EB3A is to be launched on June 14, 2022, with an MSRP of $299. 

Update 1: May 2022: Bluetti has announced the arrival of EB3A in a Facebook post with the title, the Tiny Monster is Launching Soon. The exact date of the release and price are yet to be uncovered. 


Bluetti EB3A At a Glance 

  • 268Wh Ultra-Compact LifePO4 Solar Power Station.
  • 600W Inverter with 1200W Surge Power.
  • 200W MPP Solar Charging Input.
  • 430W Turbo-Charging Mode.
  • Two AC Sockets and One USB-C 100W Port.
  • 12V Car Socket and Dual DC Ports.
  • LED Flashlight and Revamped Display.

Bluetti AC50S At a Glance

Maxoak Bluetti AC50S Portable Power Station for Outdoor Life BUY IT HERE


  • 500Wh Compact Lithium Power Station.
  • 300W Inverter with Dual AC Sockets.
  • 12V Regulated Cigarette Lighter Charger. 
  • Advanced MPPT Controller Built-in. 
  • LED Lantern with SOS Function.


  • Lithium Battery Pack. 
  • Limited Surge Power. 

Bluetti EB55 At a Glance

Bluetti EB55 BUY IT HERE


  • 537Wh LiFePO4 Portable Power Station.
  • 700W (1400W Surge) with Four 110V AC Sockets.
  • 200W AC Input + 200W Solar Solar Input.
  • 13 Charging Outlets, Including AC Sockets.
  • One 100W Type-C USB Power Delivery Port.
  • Dual 15W Wireless Chargers.


  • 700W is Bigger Output for its Battery. 
  • Display Not Showing Exact % of Charge. 
  • Only Single 100W USB-C Port. 

Bluetti EB3A Solar Generator – Overview

The EB3A is, of course, a lightweight and compact solar power station. With a weight of just 10 pounds, you can carry it anywhere as it is very travel-friendly. Along with its light size, it is going to be one of the smallest power stations with a LifePO4 battery pack on the market.

The ‘A’ in its branding of EB3A looks to refer to its “advanced” profile over the other Bluetti power stations. Thus, it has got a number of refined and enhanced features like a revamped display screen and turbo-charging, which will make it a more reliable source for off-grid, RVing, and camping requirements.

The little power station has got an MPPT charging input of 200W, which can make it charge in 2.5 hours under a bright sun. So a single piece of Bluetti PV200 can be a cool combo with it, for sure.



Meanwhile, it can be charged at a standard rate of 286 watts and a rather faster 430W speed in its Turbo-charging mode. In the latter mode, it will take only half an hour for charging from 0% to 80%.

Like many of the new Bluetti power stations, it incorporates the AC adapter, so you don’t need to carry the burden of a power brick. By the way, it works with the Bluetti App via Bluetooth, which gives you full control of the device. It also supports OTA upgrades.

BLUETTI EB3A Release Date

Bluetti started the sale of the small LFP power station on June 14, 2022.


The EB3A carries an MSRP of $299, but it is available with a discount of up to $60 as a part of the early bird deals.

Bluetti EB3A Vs Bluetti AC50S

Besides the EB55, Bluetti has got AC50S, another compact model in its collection of solar power stations. Different from EB3A, the AC50S has got a lithium battery, but it has a better capacity of 500Ah.

That is, if you are looking at buying a big-capacity compact power station model, the AC50S looks to be an intelligent choice and it has a 300W AC power, which is half of the EBA3’s 600W inverter.

Coming to the price, you will get AC50S at the same price as EB30A, however. The EB3A has a retail price of $299 without any discounts, while the AC50S has a discounted price of $299.


Of course, AC50S features a small and lighter design. With a weight of 9.8 lbs, it shares the same weight as the EB30A. Including a 12V regulated DC port and two AC sockets, it features 11 charging outlets, overall.

In short, the key differences it has over the EB3A are its high-capacity lithium battery pack and cheaper price. The limitations include a 450W limited peak power and limited charging cycles.

Bluetti EB3A VS Bluetti EB55

As you see, when we have EB3A as the entry-level variant of the Bluetti line-up, EB55 is the next model in the brand’s series of solar power stations.

As you see, the EB55 is also an LFP power station and it has got a battery of 537Wh capacity and a 700W inverter with a surge power of 1400 watts, and four 110V AC sockets.


It has got a 200W AC input and a 200W MPPT solar charger inside. It sports 13 charging outlets, including the AC sockets, a single piece of 100W Type-C PD port, and dual wireless chargers.

Coming to the size, the EB55 has the dimensions of 10.94 x 7.87 x 7.79 in and it weighs 16.5 lbs, which is six lbs heftier than the entry-level EB3A.

Final Thoughts

That has been our overview of the EB3A solar power station. For a while, we only had LFP battery packs in bigger power stations. Compared to their lithium alternatives, they used to weigh a bit higher because of the bigger cell size of the LFP battery packs.

It is here that Bluetti is all set with the smallest ever LFP power station with EB30A. Weighing just around 30 lbs, you get a super-compact and ultra-portable power station for RVs, campers, and trailers.


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