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Bluetti EB3A Solar Generator: The Entry-Level 288Wh LiFePO4 Solar Power Station

Along with Bluetti NA300 and AC500, Bluetti has unveiled the smallest ever LiFePO4 solar power station at CES 2022. Called Bluetti EB3A solar generator, it is an entry-level 288Wh power station with an inverter of 600 watts and a solar charging speed of 200 watts.

More details like price, images, and detailed specs are yet to be unleashed.


Update: Bluetti has published the first look picture of EB3A in its CES 2022 flyer on its official website. Check it out there. It shows the device will have two AC sockets, a carport, dual DC ports, and multiple USB outlets. 


Bluetti EB3A Solar Generator

As per reports, the ‘A’ in EB3A stands for “Advanced.” It is indeed a different way of naming and is against the custom of Bluetti. We are not sure what surprises Bluetti would have packed in it with the new branding pattern.

Like its big power stations, EB3A will not require a bulky power brick. It will be carrying the required components under the hood, making the charging a rather easy thing.

The device will likely have a faster-charging speed. Reportedly, you can charge it up to 80% in just 20 minutes. That is, you can ensure enough current inside the ultra-portable power station in just a coffee break.

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