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Bluetti EB70 Portable Power Station: 716Wh Compact Portable Solar Power Station

Bluetti EB70 is a compact 716Wh/700W solar generator with a durable and long-life LiFePO4 battery pack and dual 100W USB-C outlets. It is, in fact, a more compact and portable power station from the famous maker of AC200P and EP500. We have a complete take on the Bluetti EB70 portable power station below.

There are a lot of incredible things with the new Bluetti power station. You get the small and handy device of 21 lbs with unrivaled power and capacity. It is clearly the most compact one in the 700Wh power station segment, where it has not many rivals. So, its takers can easily carry it anywhere on their trips and travels.

Following its recent power stations like AC200P and EP500, EB70 features an ultra-durable and safe LiFePO4 battery pack that has a long life of 2500+ cycles. Fast charging is indeed another thing of beauty. It will make the power station recharged up to 80% in the below three hours.

Stay tuned for our detailed take on Bluetti’s compact solar power station below.

Bluetti EB70 Portable Power Station

When it comes to the detailed specs, EB70 is simply a 716Wh power station. Coupled with its 700W pure sine wave inverter, it is quite enough to meet all your daily power needs off the grid and inside the home.

Another piece of attraction, as stated above, is its ultra-portable design. Bluetti AC200P and EP500 are massive power stations, while the new EB70 is much portable to become your perfect travel partner.

Its host of features, however, make EB70 a brilliant product. Besides four continuous 700W AC outlets that peak at 1400 watts, it integrates a couple of 100W USB-C 3.0 Power Delivery outlets to back up a variety of your compatible devices quite faster. Check out the product on the Bluetti website with the link below.


Plus, it sports a wireless charging pad so that you can charge respective devices with less effort.

The included battery pack is a safe and durable one. The LiFePO4 battery is quite safe and unique from the conventional NCM and NCA units. You get it with a long life of over 2500 charging cycles.

At the same time, you can charge it from multiple sources, including solar. For charging via a regular wall outlet, it will take only 2.9 hours to reach 80% from zero.

Solar charging is also faster, for sure. Thanks to its advanced MPPT solar charge controller, you can ensure quick charging in 4.5 hours coupled with a 200W solar array.

Compatible Solar Charger

As said above, the Bluetti power station has a solar input of 200 watts and an advanced MPPT controller. Of course, you charge it with any solar panel of up to 200 watts, but the brand itself offers multiple solar chargers, including a 200W folding solar charger Bluetti SP200.

The Bluetti 200W solar charger is a highly efficient, mono solar charger. It can power up Bluetti EB70 in a few hours under a bright sun. You can fold it down like a briefcase after use and carry it anywhere easily. Check out the Bluetti 200W solar charger below.


Well, the solar charger is compatible with all its power stations, including AC200P, EP500, EB150, AC20, and more. It has an open-circuit voltage of 24V and the conversion efficiency is quite decent, for sure.

Once folded, the solar charger is 20.7 x 20.5 inches. It has a weight of 14.3 lbs only and so it won’t take much space in your backpack on the go.

Why Should You Buy

1. Compact Portable Power Station

Of course, Bluetti EB70 portable power station is a compact and ultra-portable solar power station. With a capacity of 716Wh/700W, it can be an ideal way to support all your essential gadgets and appliances. You can connect four AC appliances at the same time to an EB70.

2. Versatile Charging Options

Including four AC sockets, dual 100W USB-C 3.0 outlets, and a wireless charging pad, the EB70 solar power station has 12 charging options altogether. They include different USB ports, a regulated 12V carport, and so on to power up nearly all your essential devices on the go.

3. Safe and Durable Battery Pack

Yet another cool thing about the EB70 power station, as stated above, is its safe and durable battery pack.

The built ultra-stable LiFePO4 battery pack with an internal protection controller is quite nice for the power station. It will help not overheat, fire up, or explode as it is made to endure all worse situations.

4. Multiple Charging Options

Yes, you get Bluetti EB70 portable power station with multiple options for recharging. You can juice it up from a wall outlet, solar array, or car socket. In all cases, it can guarantee you faster charging, thanks to the quality adapters and controllers inside.

Of course, a 200W solar array is a typical way to recharge it in an off-grid situation. Under an optimal sun, it can charge the power station in less than five hours.

5. Compact Size and Lightweight

The new Bluetti power station has a compact size of 12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7 in and a weight of 21.3 lbs. A strong foldable carrying handle makes it easier for moving. By the way, it comes in three shades; red, blue, and black. Its solid rectangular design further adds to its charm.

Notable Features

  • 716Wh/700W Compact Ultra-Portable Power Station.
  • 700W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Four AC Sockets.
  • Safe and Highly Durable LiFePO4 Battery Pack.
  • Dual 100W USB-C Power Delivery Ports. 
  • Multiple USB, DC, and Wireless Charging Options.
  • Built-in MPPP Controller with 200W Solar Input.
  • Ideal for Off-Grid, Camping, and Outdoor Needs.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Bluetti EB70 portable power station. The product is available for sale on its website at a price of $599 with a discount of $100 off its original price.

The power station is indeed a rare model in its power range. We actually don’t have a lot of models in its segment. Most brands have their popular models in 500Wh or 1000Wh segments. It is here Bluetti has added a new model to the 700Wh segment, which will certainly be a good seller.

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