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Bluetti EP500 Portable Power Station: Massive 5100Wh Bluetti is Getting Ready for Release

Bluetti has finally turned up with a huge solar power station. On the heels of the impressive performance of its 2000Wh AC200P/AC200 power station, the company is to start selling its colossal 5100Wh machine on Kickstarter, starting from Mar. 16, 2021. It comes up in two models; Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro.

Both power stations feature the same battery pack, which is an advanced LiFePO4 unit with 6000 charging cycles. Meanwhile, Bluetti EP500 packs up a 2000W inverter, and its sibling has a 3000W unit, with a surge capacity of 4800 watts and 6000 watts respectively.

The new Bluetti has been in the rumors for a while. Since the launch of AC200, Bluetti has been reportedly working on this huge power station. Of course, with the large capacity and power, EP500 and Pro will surely be a brilliant way to power up an entire household, a family camping trip, or a large outdoor party.

The new EP500 models feature a stylish and minimalist design. They look more like Tesla’s first-generation Powerwall. Thanks to the four sturdy transport wheels, you will be able to move them anywhere easily.

Bluetti EP500 Portable Power Station

There are a lot of impressive things with Bluetti EP500. The lovely one is its scalability. Bluetti has joined the bandwagon of the new line of modular solar power stations in style with an amazing Fusion Box.

Bluetti Fusion Box is capable of combining two units of EP500 or EP500 Pro for double fun. That is, with two EP500s, you will get an output of 4000W @ 240V. Likewise, EP500 Pro makes it 6000W @ 240V.

Fusion Box makes paralleling a breeze. You can do it quickly without the need for any tool. With the added power, the solar power stations obviously become more powerful to run large appliances like a cloth dryer, heater, and more. The expandability makes EP500 a severe threat to Titan solar generator and Yeti 6000X.

Bluetti EP500 Portable Power Station (1)

Charging Options

Both variants of the EP500 power stations have the same charging points. They are a total of 15 charging sockets to support a variety of your appliances and gadgets.

They are four 110V AC sockets, one 12V cigarette lighter charger, one 100W USB-C Power Delivery port, four USB-A outlets, two 12V/10A DC sockets, one 12V/30A RV plug, and two 15W wireless charging pads.

Smart Solar and AC Wall Charging 

For faster solar charging, Bluetti EP500 equips an advanced MPPT controller. The charging input integrated is a 1200W unit with EP500, while EP500 Pro has two 1200W inlets to take in a total of 2400 watts. So, the former one will take around 5 hours for a full charge from the sun, while the latter takes only about 3 hours.

The same is with the AC wall charging capability. EP500 has a 600W charging point, which will take around nine hours for a full charge. It is when the US version of EP500 Pro has a dual capacity of 1800 watts so that it can be charged in four hours from a wall socket.

Both the machines have AC charging adapters built-in. So, you don’t need to carry a power brick.

Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro Power Stations

Final Thoughts

With a few weeks left for its release, Bluetti has announced the early bird perk for the product. It comes at a price of $2599 after a 32% discount on its potential retail price.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Bluetti power station.

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