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Bluetti EP600+B500: All to Know About Bluetti’s Whole-House Energy Storage System

Bluetti EP600 is a whopping 9,920Wh whole-house energy storage system with a 6000W inverter for the 220-240V regions.

It is a highly expandable solar power backup system from Bluetti as it can be cranked up to a massive 79,360Wh with its extra battery called B500.

Well, a single unit of EP600 is up with dual units of the B500S battery packs with a capacity of 9,920Wh, which costs €8.999.

Bluetti EP600+B500 looks to be Bluetti’s reply to Zendure SuperBase V and EcoFlow Power Kits, though the latter is designed exclusively for off-grid and RVs.

With a sufficient number of extra battery packs and a solar array, EP600 will be able to run your entire household or worksites for longer days without grid power.

Bluetti EP600+B500 At a Glance

Bluetti EP600+B500 Specs


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  • 9920Wh/79360Wh Whole-House Home Power System.
  • 6000-Watt Pure Sine Wave AC Power Inverter.
  • 6000W  Highly Efficient MPPT Solar Input. 
  • Reliable 24/7 UPS for Quick Switchover.
  • Exceptional BMS for Better Safety and Long Lifespan.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty for 10 Years.
  • Smart Bluetti App for Full and Easy Control.
  • Professional Installation Service is Available.


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