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Bluetti EP900: The 9kW/9.9kWh Whole-House Energy Storage System – Bluetti EP900 Vs. EP600 Vs. EP500 Pro

Bluett showed off the US version of its EP600+B500 home energy storage system at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Branded as the Bluetti EP900+B500, the US variant is to come with a more powerful 9000W inverter bundled with the same B500 4960Wh external battery packs.

It is a 9.9kWh/19.8kWh modular home battery with an inverter of 9000 watts. It can offer you both 120V and 240V options without the need to tie together two units. You can increase its capacity to 19.8kWh with the use of the B500 extra battery packs.

By the way, with two units of the EP900s paired, you can further crank up the total storage capacity to a massive 39.6kWh, which can certainly make it a strong alternative to the Zendure SuperBase V and Tesla Powerwall.

As you may know, the EP600+B500 is Bluetti’s whole-house home storage system for the European regions, and it was launched at IFA 2022 in Germany.

The EP600 is a 9.9kWh/79.3kWh home backup system with a 6000W pure sine wave inverter and a solar input of 6000 watts. Most likely, the new EP900+B300 will also be featuring super-fast solar and AC charging inputs to make it a reliable home backup power system.

Update – April 2023: Bluetti officially unveiled the EP900 and B500 in April 2023. The main specs and features of the product have been teased on its website. The price and release date details of the massive home backup system are yet to be announced, though. 

Bluetti EP900+B500 at a Glance

  • 9.9kWh/19.8kWh Whole-House Battery Pack.
  • 9kW/18kW Max. Continuous Inverter Power.
  • Ultra-Safe LFP Battery with a Smart BMS.
  • 120V and 240V Power Output Options.
  • Smart Bluetti App for Easy Control.
  • IP65-Rated Rugged Aluminium Design.
  • Great Solar Input with Dual MPPT Channels.
  • A Comprehensive 10-Year Warranty.


Bluetti EP900 Vs. EP600 Home Backup Systems

As stated above, the EP900 is the USA version of the EP600, which is designed for the 220-240V regions (Europe and Australia). The EU version of the product is a 6000W system, which comes with the same B500 4960Wh extra battery packs.

Bluetti EP600+B500 At a Glance

Bluetti EP600+B500 Specs


Buy it In Germany Buy It in Italy Buy It In France
  • 9.9kWh/79.3kWh Whole-House Home Power System.
  • 6000-Watt Pure Sine Wave AC Power Inverter.
  • 6000W  Highly Efficient MPPT Solar Input. 
  • Reliable 24/7 UPS for Quick Switchover.
  • Exceptional BMS for Better Safety and Long Lifespan.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty for 10 Years.
  • Smart Bluetti App for Full and Easy Control.
  • Professional Installation Service is Available.

The EP600 has a solar input of 6000 watts with two MPPT channels.

The basic bundle of the home power system, which contains a single piece of the EP600 and a pair of B500s, costs € 11499 in Europe. You can do a lot of customization with the home backup system to find the best option for your needs.

Bluetti EP900 Vs. EP500 Pro Power Stations

Bluetti’s EP500 Pro is a high-capacity portable and home backup system with a 5100Wh battery and a 3000W inverter. It has an AC charging speed of 3000 watts and a solar input of 2400 watts. The device features an in-grid UPS and flexible UPS mode to make it perfect for home backup power.

Bluetti EP500 Pro At a Glance

Bluetti EP500 Pro Solar Generator BUY IT HERE
  • 5100Wh High-Capacity Power Pack. 
  • 3000W/4000W AC Inverter. 
  • 3000W AC and 2400W Solar Inputs.
  • In-grid UPS, and Flexible UPS Mode.

The EP500 is one of the popular large-size solar power stations from the brand. If you don’t want a heavy-duty power station like the EP900, this can be a nice choice for powering your small homes and outdoor builds.

Unlike EP600 or EP900, this product is more portable as it features strong dragging wheels and a carrying handle.

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