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Bluetti Home Battery Backup Systems: AC200 Max Vs AC300 Vs AC500 Vs EP500 Vs EP500 Pro

Bluetti is a major vendor of solar-based, heavy-duty, portable home battery backup systems. Apart from a wide range of mid-size and compact power stations, the brand sells multiple high-capacity, modular solar home backup systems. They are AC200 Max, AC300, AC500, EP500, and EP500 Pro, respectively 2200W, 3000W, 5000W, 2000W,  and 3000W solar power stations.

We would like to cover all the home backup systems in our take on Bluetti home battery backup systems. As you see, all the Bluetti power stations are expandable backup systems. That said, beyond their in-built storage options, you can add extra battery modules to take their capacities to higher levels, and that is why they are better suited for home backup power.

Of all the models, AC500 is not currently available. It was announced at CES 2022, but not yet in the stores. We have a quick glance at all the big-size power stations from Bluetti below.

Bluetti AC500+B300S Official Release Update: After the incredible success of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Bluetti is all set to officially unveil its much-touted AC500+B300S on its website on 24th, November 2022 for the Black Friday sale at $4499.


AC500+B300S Indiegogo Campaign Update: Bluetti has extended the Indiegogo campaign duration of the AC500+B300S until October 30, 2022. Make sure you pre-book the heavy-duty power station with the best deals before the campaign ends. 

Bluetti AC500 Release Update: Bluetti has launched AC500+B300S on Indiegogo with an early bird price starting at $2999 for the AC500+B300S (1X) combo. 

AC500 Release Date and Price Update: Bluetti has declared the release date of AC500+B300S. The product will be launched on Indiegogo on September 1, 2022. A unit of AC500 with a B300S is to have an early bird price of $3000.


Bluetti AC200 Max Power Station

Bluetti AC200 Max Power Station BUY IT HERE


  • 2200W/4800W Expandable Power Station. 
  • 2048Wh LifePO4 Battery Pack Inside.
  • Expandable Up to 8.1kWh Capacity. 
  • 500W AC/900W Solar Charging Inputs.
  • Four AC Outlets and a US AC TT-30P Socket. 
  • 30A Outlet, Dual DC Sockets, and a Carport.


  • 62 Lbs Hefty Power Station.
  • 500W Average AC Charging Speeds. 
  • Messy Charging with the Expansion Modules. 

Bluetti AC300+B300



  • 3000W/6000W Expandable Power Box. 
  • Expandable Up to 12.2kWh with Four B300s.
  • 3000W@120V / 6000@240V AC Input.
  • 2400W MPP Solar Input. 
  • Six AC Outlets and Multiple DC Outlets. 


  • Inverter Box Only. 
  • Not a Standalone Battery Pack. 
  • Not Friendly for Portable Use. 

Bluetti AC500 Power Station

Bluetti AC500+B300S BUY IT HERE


  • 5000W/10000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • 3072Wh B301 Dedicated Extra Batteries. 
  • Expandable Up to 18432Wh with Six B301s.
  • Compatible with the B300 Battery Modules.
  • 3000W Solar and 5000W AC Inputs.
  • 240V Power Station With Fusion Box.


  • Inverter Station Only. 
  • Not a Standalone Battery Pack. 
  • Not Handy for Portable Use. 

Bluetti EP500 Home Backup System

Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro BUY IT HERE


  • 5100Wh High-Capacity Power Pack. 
  • 2000W/4000W AC Inverter
  • 600W AC and 1200W Solar Inputs.
  • In-grid UPS, and Flexible UPS Mode.


  • Heavy and Bulky Device. 
  • Limited Charging Speeds. 
  • Not Much Portable. 

Bluetti EP500 Pro Home Backup System

Bluetti EP500 Pro Solar Generator BUY IT HERE


  • 5100Wh High-Capacity Power Pack. 
  • 3000W/4000W AC Inverter. 
  • 3000W AC and 2400W Solar Inputs.
  • In-grid UPS, and Flexible UPS Mode.


  • Heavy and Bulky Device. 
  • Fast Solar and AC Charging. 
  • Not Much Portable.

Bluetti Home Battery Backup Systems

A home battery backup system is a high-capacity power station that is capable of running an entire household in an emergency. They typically feature high-powered inverters and expandable storage capacities.

All three Bluetti power stations are expandable to higher levels of storage capacities through pairing or by attaching them to the brand’s exclusive external battery packs.

In this article, we would like to check all the key features of the three home battery backup systems from Bluetti. Stay tuned for our take on Bluetti AC200 Max Vs AC300 Vs EP500.

Bluetti AC200 Max Solar Power Station

AC200 Max is an expandable variant of Bluetti’s famous AC200P midrange solar power station. Being a modular model, you can expand it up to 8192Wh using the brand’s much-excited expansion battery modules. We would like to have a detailed look at the Bluetti AC200 Max portable power station below.

Like AC200P, AC200 Max basically equips a 2048Wh (51.2V 40Ah) LiFePO4 battery pack. The attachable extra battery packs are available in two options; B230 and B300. They are respectively 2048Wh and 3072Wh LiFePO4 external battery packs. An AC200 Max can support up to two units of any of the extra battery modules.

AC200P Portable Power Station


That said, if the included battery pack is not enough for your requirements, you can expand the system with up to two units of either B230 or B300 battery packs.

As you see, the extra battery modules also feature their own USB and DC outlets to power your devices directly. The brand has also on sale a new 200W solar charger for its heavy power stations.

AC200 Max Specs and Features

AC200 Max is actually the first modular solar power station from Bluetti, a leading player in the portable solar power industry. Thanks to its expandability profile, you are lucky to get a much more reliable power station for your off-grid, emergency, and camping life.

The device has faster solar and AC charging options. For charging it from the solar array, it features a 900W (10-145V) input option, whereas, for AC charging, it features a 500W charging inlet.

Besides solar and AC options, you can also recharge AC200 Max from multiple other sources, including an EV station, a solar roof, wind turbines, a regular gas generator, and 12V/24V lead-acid batteries.

In the meantime, AC200 Max highlights four 2200W AC outlets and one US AC TT-30P port. Coming to the USB options, it sports a pair of 18W USB-A outlets, dual USB-A 5V/3A sockets, and one 100W USB Type-C PD port.

The DC sockets include one regular carport with 12V/10A power, two 12/10A DC 5521 outlets, and one 12V/30A port. A pair of 15W wireless charging pads are other key attractions.

Compatible Solar Panel

Bluetti has got a new 200W folding solar charger for AC200 Max and AC300.

Branded as Bluetti PV200 solar panel, it is a four-fold high-efficiency mono solar panel with an output of 200W at a conversion rate of 23.4%. It can offer you much better power in low-light conditions than a poly panel.

Built with highly durable ETFE material, it can ensure long-lasting solar power. It is also scratch-resistant and waterproof with IP65-rating so you can use it roughly for various outdoor uses like camping, fishing, and more. Check out the product at the Bluetti website below, where it comes at a price of around $500.


Coming up with an MC4 connector, the solar panel is fine for all solar power stations on the market, including all the models from Bluetti. When it comes to the AC200 Max, you can pair multiple units of the charger to achieve the total solar output the heavy power station requires.

Once folded, it gets into a suitcase form, which you can easily carry anywhere. It has a folded size of 23.4 x 24.8 in and its weight goes 16.1lbs. The kickstand helps you place it anywhere for better exposure to the sunlight.

Compared to the former SP200 solar charger, the new PV200 enjoys a few specialties. It has reportedly got an improved performance under shade. You will only lose solar watts from an area that is exactly under the shade, and not all cells won’t be affected by the shade.

Also, the new panel integrates different solar cells and diodes, but still, it has the same conversion efficiency. It is also slightly heavier than the original as it features a wide area of waterproof coating.


Special Features

Bluetti AC200 Max power station enjoys a host of special features.

Hot swapping is one of the key things. This feature makes you quickly swap a drained expansion battery with a fully charged spare unit without the need to turn off the machine.

Moreover, you can have total control of the power station on the included mobile app. That said, it is quite easy for you to manage the solar power station from anywhere in the world as you will get real-time notifications on your mobile screen.

The included and expandable battery packs are highly safe and long-lasting LiFePO4 units.

Added with an award-winning battery management system, AC200 Max can be a great power backup system you can rely on to power up your life off the grid or in an emergency.

Bluetti B230 Expansion Battery

B230 is one of the expansion battery packs Bluetti has designed for AC200 Max and its original.

Specs-wise, it comes with a 2048Wh built-in battery. If the internal battery of AC200 Max is not enough for your needs, you can hook it up with up to two units of B230s for added storage capacity.

The interesting thing is that B230 is also compatible with the brand’s former models like AC200 and AC200P. Bluetti has the extra battery on sale individually or in bundles with AC200 Max.



B230 is actually a handy and compact battery pack with dual built-in carrying handles. You can take it anywhere on your trips and stack it on your power stations for easy handling.

The battery module also features its own charging outlets. They are one 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port, one 100W USB-C 3.0 Power Delivery port, and one 12V/10A cigarette lighter charger. That is how you can power up your small devices directly from it.

Bluetti AC200P/AC200 History

Bluetti launched its much-excited AC200 back in 2020 with a 1700Wh LG EV-Grade battery pack. The product could make a wave on the market with over 12K backers supporting it on Indiegogo.

But the company upgraded it with the 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery pack later and rebranded it as AC200P. That product is certainly one of the market’s best-seller mid-range power stations today.

More recently, the brand unveiled two massive solar power stations, EP500 and EP500 Pro on Kickstarter, which also attracted a lot of backers. Most of the brand’s latest products have been doing quite well. They have been true trendsetters as they come up with stunning features, power, and storage capacities.

Price and Availability

The brand has launched Bluetti AC200 Max directly on its website at BluettiPower.Com. The machine starts at $1699 and the brand offers it in a number of attractive bundles with extra battery packs and solar panels.

An AC200 Max bundle with dual B230 extra batteries costs $4089. And with three 200W solar panels added to it for a total of 600 watts,  you can buy it at $5099. Without extra batteries, the AC200 Max bundle with 600W solar power has a price of $2899.

The new Bluetti power station is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, and other global markets, including the UK, where they will appear under the branding, PowerOak.

Bluetti AC300 Solar Generator

AC300 is one of the outstanding products from Bluetti. It is a massive backup power solution that can be used as an ideal emergency power ecosystem to run an entire household or a worksite off the grid. We would like to have a detailed look at the Bluetti AC300 power station here.

Unlike the alternatives from Bluetti and other brands, AC300 has no battery pack. Of course, AC300 comes with a notable change in the trend of having an inbuilt battery and, therefore, it is more like a power box than a power station. It has a pre-built 3000W inverter with a surge of 6000 watts.

Fine, with no battery inside,  it is 100% modular and can accept up to four extra battery modules externally.

AC300 Power Station


You can attach Bluetti’s B300 extra battery modules to add storage capacity to AC300. A single unit of the B300 battery module enjoys a capacity of 3072Wh, which is enough to make it an ideal power station for camping and emergency needs.

However, with up to four pieces of B300s, you can take the capacity of the system up to a huge 12.3kWh.

What’s more, thanks to the brand’s Fusion Box Pro, you can pair two AC300s together to double the storage and inverter power. Thus, you can expand it into a colossal power station of 24.6kWh and 6000W power.

Well, AC300 integrates six AC outlets, a whopping 3000W AC charging input, and 2400W solar input. Moreover, the B300 battery module also sports its own USB and DC sockets.

Bluetti AC300 Specs and Features

As stated above, Bluetti AC300 enjoys a completely new direction in the design of solar power stations.

Instead of an internal battery pack, it highlights an amazing modular profile, where you can add multiple external battery packs to store the power you need for off-grid life.

Further, AC300 features faster solar and AC charging speeds. It packs a sophisticated MPPT charge controller that can support up to a huge 2400 watts of solar input. The AC charging input is up to 3000 watts.

By the way, paired with one more unit of AC300, you can simply double all these figures.

Bluetti AC300 Charging Outlets

The Bluetti power station integrates six full-size AC outlets, one US AC TT-30P outlet, a pair of 5V/3A USB-A  ports, as many USB-A 18W-watt ports, and one 100W USB Type-C port.

The other options included are a 12V/30A RV socket, a 24V/10A cigarette lighter charger, two 12/10A DC 5521 ports, and a pair of 15-watt wireless charging pads.

Overall, the machine equips all the important charging options. Thus, it can smoothly power up most of your household appliances, emergency gear, worksite tools, and more.

Bluetti AC300 Charging Options

The power station features multiple options for fast and reliable charging.

Besides solar, you can also recharge AC300 from other off-grid sources like wind turbines and solar roofs.

When it comes to regular solar charging, it supports an input voltage of up to 2400W, as said above. The brand offers a new Bluetti PV200 solar charger to go with AC300 and its other recent models.

Also, Bluetti is reportedly working to launch its own wind turbines to let you charge its power stations, including AC300, AC200 Max, and AC200P more efficiently. Wind power is indeed a full-time off-grid power source if you are located somewhere with enough winds.

Bluetti AC300 Solar Generator

Bluetti AC300 can also be charged from a regular gas generator or 12V/24V lead-acid batteries. When it comes to wall charging, its 3000W input can charge a base AC300, with a single battery module, in just 1.5 hours.

You can also charge it from a 12V/24V car socket or an EV charging station. For the first one, it will take around 15 hours for a full charge, while charging from an EV station will really be quite faster.

Bluetti AC300 Expansion Battery Module

As you see, Bluetti B300 is the expansion battery available for AC300. It is a 3072Wh battery pack. You can hook up a maximum of four units of B300 to an AC300 to achieve a groundbreaking 12,288Wh total storage capacity.

If you chain two AC300s together, you can use up to eight pieces of B300s to double the capacity further.



Well, the extra battery itself integrates multiple charging options. The module features a Type-C 3.0 100W Power Delivery port, a USB 3.0 Quick Charge 18W port, and a regulated 13.6V/10A cigarette lighter charger.

It is a very handy and compact battery pack that features a rugged design and two solid inbuilt carrying handles.

AC300 Size and Weight

Bluetti AC300 has a size of 20.5 x 13.9 x 11.8 inches and it weighs 44 lbs with no battery attached. Meanwhile, the attachable extra battery has a size of 20.5 x 12.5 x 10.5 in and it weighs 79.6 lbs.

AC300 Price and Availablity

The brand has the AC300 power box and B300 extra battery on sale on its website at BluettiPower.Com.

AC300 is available in a basic bundle with a single piece of B300 at a price of around $3800, as of writing this. The B300 battery pack alone costs around $2100.

Bluetti offers the power box and the battery packs in multiple bundles with and without solar panels. So, you can get AC300 at the best price on its website.

Bluetti AC300 Solar Power Station Price

Bluetti AC300 Vs AC200 Max

Along with AC300, Bluetti also launched an expanded version of its much-touted AC200P power station.

Called AC200 Max, it is a modular variant of its original with a more powerful inverter, internal battery, and a lot of other features.

Though looking like AC200P in design, the Max is a different product.

AC200 Max has got an inbuilt battery of 2048Wh and you can expand it up to 8192Wh with two units of B300 extra modules or 6144Wh with two units of B230 extra battery packs.

The power station integrates a 2200W pure sine wave inverter that can surge at 4800 watts. With four 100-120V AC outlets and one NEMA TT-30 port, you can use it to power up your bigger devices.

When it comes to solar charging, it can accept an input voltage of up to 900 watts and the built-in AC adapter is a 500W one. With the two options combined, you can charge it at a speed of 1400 watts.

The other charging options are dual 5V/3A USB-A ports, as many as 18W USB-As, one USB-C 100W port, and two 15W wireless chargers. The DC sockets include a 12V/10A cigarette lighter and a 12V/30A Super DC port.

AC200 Max features a size of 16.5 x 15.2 x 11 in and it weighs 61.9 lbs. It has a price of around $1800 after the initial discount, as of writing this article.

Bluetti EP500 Series Solar Generators

The EP500 is Bluetti’s series heavy-duty 5100Wh LifePO4 solar home backup systems. It comes up in two variants – EP500 and EP500 Pro – respectively with 2000W and 3000W inverters and a surge power of 4800 watts and 6000 watts. Both the large power stations look exactly the same but are two inverter variants.

Other than the inverter, EP500 Pro has an edge over its base variant with faster solar and AC charging time, more AC sockets, and 100W USB PD ports. In our take on Bluetti EP500 Vs EP500 Pro here, we would like to check out the Bluetti EP500 variants in detail. So, you can decide on buying the right option for your needs.



Bluetti debuted the retail of EP500 Pro for Easter 2022. The vendor has been offering EP500 on its website for a while. These devices were actually unveiled together in its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign back in 2021. As of now, we have both the EP500 and EP500 Pro on sale on the Bluetti website.

Bluetti EP500 Specs and Features

Bluetti EP500 features a lot of impressive things with scalability being a remarkable point. Well, it was with this device, Bluetti joined the bandwagon of the new streak of modular solar power stations.

To multiply its capacity, you can go for Bluetti’s Fusion panel terminal, which helps combine two units of EP500 for double fun. Thus, with two EP500s paired, you get an output of 4000W @ 240V with double capacity.

The Fusion panel makes paralleling a breeze as you can do it quickly with no tool. Thanks to the added power, the power station obviously is two times more powerful to run big appliances like a cloth dryers, heaters, and more.

Bluetti EP500 Vs EP500 Pro Solar Generators

Bluetti’s EP500 series hit the market by opening up a new horizon of portable home backup power systems.

They are 5100Wh power stations with LFP battery packs of more than 6000 charging cycles. With the in-grid and flexible UPS modes, they can power up your entire household.

It is indeed lucky to have EP500 in two inverter options. Along with a base EP500, you get the pro version with a more powerful inverter. Faster solar and AC charging time and more charging sockets are other lovely things about the massive power stations.

Compared to EP500, its top-variant has got a 3000W AC charging input and 2400W solar input. Meanwhile, EP500, as you know, integrates 600W Max AC and 1200W Max solar input options.

The vertical of portable home battery backup systems is very competitive today. There are many players with portable heavy-duty power stations for home backup, emergency, and off-grid power.

Following Bluetti EP500, its competitors like EcoFlow and AllPowers have also made their entries into the segment of heavy-duty home solar power stations with the models of EcoFlow Delta Pro and AllPowers Monster Pro and Pro Plus.

Compatible Solar Charger

Bluetti offers a collection of solar panels for its power stations. They are available in 100W, 200W, and 350W options, and all are foldable units so that you can easily handle them in the wilderness.

For EP500 and EP500 Pro, you will require multiple panels to achieve the solar input requirements. For EP500, you need 1200W of solar input to get it charged fully in a few hours, while EP500 Pro needs up to 2400 watts in the sunlight.


Of course, you can pair together multiple units of the brand’s 200W or 350W solar panels to capitalize the sunlight to charge the heavy-duty power stations in an off-grid situation.

The Brand’s PV350 350W solar panel is a highly efficient mono unit with a better conversion rate. With a size of 35.6 x 24.1 x 2.5 in, you can store it comfortably in your RV, boat, or more.

Once spread open, you get an expansive solar panel to collect enough solar energy to charge the big-size power stations in a few hours under a bright sun.

You can place it anywhere on its built-in kickstands and make sure the right exposure of the solar cells to the sunlight.

Why Should You Buy

1. Unique Functionality

Thanks to its innovative Fusion panel terminal, you can double the power of Bluetti EP500. The outcome is that you get a lot of power to run your high-voltage equipment and appliances.

Clearly, you can chain together two EP500s to convert them to a massive 240V/4000W power station. Thus, it can power more of your heavy-duty appliances like room heaters, dryers, air conditioners, and more.

2. Reliable Backup for Your Home

Of course, you get a great home backup power solution with an EP500.

With an inverter rated at 2000W, EP500 can perfectly meet your indoor and outdoor power needs. The 5100Wh power station can store enough power to run your entire household. Coupled with the recommended number of solar panels, it is a real solar generator.

3. Versatile Charging Options

EP500 features a total of 15 charging sockets to make it compatible with a wide range of appliances and gadgets. They include four 120V AC sockets, one 12V carport, one 100W USB-C Power Delivery port, four USB-A outlets, two 12V/10A DC sockets, two 15W Qi wireless charging pads, and more.

Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro Power Stations

4. Smart Charging from Solar and Wall Sources 

For fast solar charging, EP500 equips an advanced MPPT controller. The solar charging input of the device is 1200 watts and it will take around 5 hours for a full charge under the sun. Meanwhile, the device has got a 600W AC charging point, which will take around nine hours for a full charge.

5. Remote Performance Monitoring

Yet another impressive thing about Bluetti EP500 is its exclusive B-Lynk connection technology. It is a mobile app that you can use to monitor the performance of the power station from anywhere, anytime.

It is indeed one of the innovations of the new Bluetti power station. You can track the complete system information, including battery status, time to empty, charging status, and more on your phone.

6. Firmware Upgradable 

Different from its competitors, Bluetti EP500 portable power station comes with a built-in micro-computer and the facility for internet connectivity. It makes the device more technologically advanced and connected so that it can receive the required firmware upgrades from the brand in the future.

Bluetti AC500 Solar Power Station

As said above, AC500 is an elder sibling of AC300. Bluetti has been touting this model for a while with the naming, Bluetti Apex. It was finally uncovered at CES 2022, and as expected, it came out as a more powerful variant of AC300.

Thus, we are to get AC500 with a 5000W pure sine wave inverter that can surge at 10000 watts. Like AC300, it has no battery pack inside and is more of an inverter station. Bluetti has, however, designed a new battery module for it, which is called B301.


You can attach up to six units of the 3072Wh external modules to it to take its capacity to a colossal 18432Wh. The machine is also compatible with the AC300’s B300 extra module as a piece of great news for its present owners.

Coming to other aspects, AC500 comes with a solar input of 3000 watts and an AC charging input of 3000 watts to have a total charging speed of up to 8000 watts.

More details about the machine are yet to come out. And the brand is reportedly looking to unveil the heavy-duty modular power station sometime in late 2022.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on AC200 Max Vs AC300 Vs EP500 Bluetti home battery backup systems.

These products have been selling like hotcakes since their release and there are, of course, hundreds of takers for the brand’s large-sized home backup-friendly solar power stations.

In general, all the Bluetti large-sized power stations come up with advanced battery technologies, faster MPPT controllers, and a variety of all essential fast-charging outlets, including wireless chargers. The long-lasting and ultra-safe LifePO4 battery packs make them much more reliable backup systems, for sure.


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