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Bluetti Power Week Deals 2022: Up to $1000 Off on AC200 Max, EP500, EB3A, and Solar Panels

Bluetti Power Week Sale 2022, ranging from August 18 to August 28, 2022, has on offer a discount of up to $1000 on its best-seller power stations like AC200 Max, EP500, EB3A, and PV200 and PV120 solar panels. If you are looking to buy a Bluetti this summer, it looks to be a fine time to get one with the best deals.

The 2200W AC200 Max is on sale with a discount of $100 off its retail price of $1899, while buying in a bundle with a unit of B230 extra battery (4096Wh), the product is up on sale with a cut of $300. The bundle with two pieces of the battery modules (6144Wh) brings you a cut of $700, which makes you buy the home backup system at an amazing price.

Update: Bluetti Power Week 2022 UK is going on. The brand offers a discount of up to £600 on all its top sellers, including AC200 Max, EB70, EB55, PV350, and More. Check out all the Bluetti UK Deals here

The Best Bluetti Power Week Deals 2022 At a Glance

Bluetti AC200 Max $100 Off BUY IT HERE
Bluetti AC200 Max + B230 $399 Off BUY IT HERE
Bluetti AC200 Max + 2xB230 $699 Off BUY IT HERE
Bluetti AC50S  $100 Off BUY IT HERE
Bluetti EP500  $100 Off BUY IT HERE
Bluetti EB3A $60 Off BUY IT HERE

It is when the compact 500Wh/300W AC50S power station is on sale as part of the Power Week 2022 deals with a discount of $100. You can buy the lite NCM battery pack at a price of $299 as of now. In the days to come, more Bluetti deals will be dropping for its other models as part of the Power Week Sale 2022.

The EP500 is on sale with a discount of $100 and EB3A with a cut of $60. A discount of $200 and a free D050S cable are available when you buy a combo of B300 expansion modules, which is priced at $1,399.

Bluetti AC200 Max + AC230

The AC200 Max is an expandable version of the brand’s mid-range AC200P power station. It comes with a 2200 pure sine wave inverter and a battery pack of 2,048Wh, which is a long-lasting LiFePO4 unit. As an expandable power station, you can take its storage capacity up to 6,144Wh with a pair of B230 or 8,192Wh with as many B300 extra battery modules.



The power station has got seven charging inputs, including a 900W solar input, a 500W AC socket input, and a combo of AC and solar at 1400 watts. It also features a wide range of charging outlets, including four 120V/20A AC outlets and two 15W wireless chargers.

Bluetti AC50S

The AC50S is a compact and lightweight 500Wh solar power station with an NCM lithium battery pack. It features a 300W inverter that can surge at 450 watts. Including a regulated DC output and a pair of AC sockets, the device integrates 11 charging outlets, overall. Get it with a discount of $100 here. 

Stay tuned with us. We will bring to you all the latest deals that Bluetti will be coming up with for Power Week.

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