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BougeRV Flash 300 Power Station: A Handy and Compact Solar Power Station with the AC and Solar Fastest Charging

Getting on a camping trip is no more a disturbing thing for me as I am lucky to have a compact solar power station. In the past, we were required to charge our small gadgets like phones and cameras from power banks and big appliances from a gas generator.

Once depleted, even the power banks were required to be hooked up to the gasoline generator for refreshment. It is a real horror to carry gasoline into the camping site and, needless to say, a gas generator, once in operation, is awfully smoky and noisy, as you might know.

This is when I came across an ad for solar-based power stations. At a glance, they looked quite attractive with their awesome portability and solar charging options. You would be able to easily take the little power backup systems on your camping trips by carrying them on their handles.

It was then my serious search for the best power station started off.

Soon I could realize that there are many brands and models to choose from. Some bigger brands have a wide range of models on offer. Starting from compact entry-level models to huge modular models, the market is robust with a large variety of solar power stations

But the important things I wanted for my power station to tout are portability and fast charging. As a regular camper without an RV or any other possible source of power, I should be able to recharge my backup system rather faster from an AC outlet and a car charger apart from a solar charger to top it up steadily faster in the wild.

I was really excited to see BougeRV Flash 300, an entry-level, compact solar power station with a 286Wh battery and a powerful 600W inverter. The best part, however, was its charging speeds – 600W inputs for both solar and AC sources !!! Yes, you have read it right.

Not many brands, including the big players like EcoFlow and Bluetti, offer such a model. Yup, I found the fastest charging solar power station for my camping and emergency needs.

BougeRV Flash 300 at a Glance

BougeRV Flash 300 Solar Generator BUY IT HERE
  • 286Wh Compact and Handy Solar Power Station
  • 600W Pure sine Wave Inverter with 1200W Surge Power.
  • 600W AC and 600W – Fast AC and Solar Charging Speeds.
  • 10 Essential Charging Sockets, Including Two AC Outlets. 
  • Multiple USB Ports of Different Capacities and Power.
  • USB-C 100W PD Port and an 18W Quick-Charge Port.
  • A Regulated 12V Car Socket and Dual DC Barrel Ports.
  • 15W Wireless Charger and Dual USB 2.4A Ports.

BougeRV Flash 300 Power Station Overview

The Flash 300 is actually one of the coolest compact solar power stations out there. The biggest attraction of the little machine is obviously its fast charging rates and great portability. With its small size, you can easily manage it on your trips and keep it safely in a small room after use.

Well, the Flash 300 power station is a portable, solar-powered generator that can be used to provide electricity for various devices and appliances. It features a built-in lithium-ion battery with a decent capacity that can store energy for use from multiple sources like solar, an AC outlet, and a carport.

Like all similar products, the BougeRV power station can be used to power lights, laptops, smartphones, and small appliances such as fans and refrigerators. It also has multiple output ports, including USB and AC, to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It’s a great option for camping, RVing, and other outdoor activities, as well as for emergency backup power.

BougeRV Flash 300 Solar Power Station Review

Why BougeRV Flash 300?

There are many significant things that attracted me to this BougeRV power station. Below are the best five key specialties that will also make you choose Flash 300 as your favorite solar power station, especially for off-grid and camping requirements.

Super-Fast Charging

As mentioned above, the most useful feature of the BougeRV device is faster charging. Before buying it, I made a detailed comparison of the device against its top competitors and realized that it is one of a kind when it comes to charging speeds – both solar and AC options.

The little power station from BougeRV notably highlights 600W input ports for both solar and AC charging. That is, by connecting it to an AC socket, you can charge it up to 90% in 30 minutes.

At the same time, with a solar output of 600 watts (12-45V, 25A max current), you can charge it as faster outdoors. Thus, bought with enough solar panels from BougeRV, Flash 300 is indeed a true solar generator. Well, the brand itself offers a collection of affordable solar panels of all sorts like ultra-thin, folding, and regular units.

Ideal Storage Capacity and Output

For basic camping and emergency power requirements, I don’t think a heavy-duty power station is not required. This BougeRV product with its 286Wh lithium battery pack has certainly been a perfect choice for my specific use scenarios.

I can use it to charge my essential handsets, cameras, GPS, and speakers and run emergency appliances like my coffee maker. It can also ideally power my torchlights and camping lights.

For AC power, the device has got a 600W pure sine wave inverter with reliable surge power. With the powerful inverter, the device certainly outdoes many of its alternative models on the market.

Ease of Use and Portability

The device is very handy for my outdoor applications.

I can easily move it around by carrying on its dual built-in handles at both edges. The rectangular form certainly gives it a clear edge over many of its boxy alternatives.

Coming to specs, the BougeRV device has a size of 11 x 7 x 8 inches, making it one of the most compact power stations for outdoor use and it weighs just around 13 lbs.

All Essential Charging Options

I am quite satisfied with the number of charging ports the little backup system has. Inclusive of dual 600W full-size AC sockets and a 12V carport, it has got an overall 10 charging outlets.

It is featuring a USB-C 100W port, a pair of USB-A outlets, a fast-charging USB 3.0 18W port other than dual 12V DC barrel ports, and a 15W wireless charger.

Increased Durability

Regarding durability, the BougeRV is never to disappoint you. It is made of quality plastic with solidified edges so that moving it along your travels in the wild won’t affect its life.

Fine, you can comfortably handle the little power station outdoors and enjoy ultimate freedom with unlimited portable power.

BougeRV Flash 300 – Applications

First of all, with its portable size and lightweight design, the BougeRV is an incredible choice for campers and tailgaters.

Coupled with decent solar power, you can take it into the wild with a full charge from your home or car and use it as a backup as I do for all your basic devices and even small AC appliances.

Once the battery starts to deplete, you can just keep the device hooked up to the solar panel in the daylight and replenish the storage from the green power source.

Other than the camping purpose, the BougeRV power station is an ideal choice for emergency applications back at home. You can use it to run the basic devices and appliances in the event of a long-hour blackout in the winter or summer.

In your RV, camping van, or truck, this can again be a great source of backup power. As you can keep it charged from the vehicle charging ports, you can make your travels and adventures with a full pack of power to run your essential gadgets and devices.

BougeRV Flash 300 Vs Competitions

In my search for the best solar power stations, I could come across the basic, entry-level models of the two leading brands in the portable power market and went on to compare them against the BougeRV power station.

Though all the models feature almost the same battery packs, the main highlight and advantage the BougeRV has over its competitors is in the speeds of charging apart from better portability.

In this part of the article, I would like to have a quick comparison of the BougeRV model against its rivaling models from the two top players in the portable solar power market.

BougeRV Flash 300 Vs Bluetti EB3A

The Bluetti EB3A is the entry-level variant of the brand’s line of solar power stations.

It is a 268.8Wh power station with a 600W inverter and a number of essential charging options. But you can only charge it at a rate of 286 watts on an AC socket and 200 watts on a solar panel.

Thanks to its fast-charging attributes, you will be able to recharge the BougeRV machine up to 90% in just 30 minutes.

When it comes to size and portability, the BougeRV, though a bit heavier than its Bluetti rival because of the li-ion battery it packs, features a design that is ideal for moving.

With its rectangular shape and dual built-in handles on both edges, you can maneuver the device easily in the wild or on your camping and outing trips.

The color is also attractive. The BougeRV machine appears in a very attractive black and orange shade and it features a larger display for you to have access to important charging and other details at a glance.

BougeRV Flash 300 Vs EcoFlow River 2

Here comes River 2, the entry-level model of the new River 2 family of compact power stations from EcoFlow. It is a 265Wh power station that equips a 300 inverter with a surge of 600 watts.

The River 2 features an AC charging rate of 360 watts and solar charging input of 110 watts only, giving the BougeRV model a clear upper hand.

Fine, compared to EcoFlow’s top-seller model, the BougeRV has several advantages.

Apart from the record-breaking charging speeds of 1200 watts total – 600W solar and 600W AC – (for a compact power station), you have got Flash 300 with a powerful inverter of 600 watts, which makes it a super good choice for campers and outdoor enthusiasts over the EcoFlow.

Further, Flash 300 features dual full-size AC sockets, while the EcoFlow has only a single full-size outlet and the other one is a two-pronged socket.

The EcoFlow has also got a very small and basic display, while the BougeRV alternative features a bigger and premium display along with an attractive body shade of black and orange.

Above all, I would like to stress on that factor that the BougeRV power station can be charged at a rate of up to 600 watts from a solar source, while you can only charge a River 2 at a rate of 110 watts, which is very basic to make it an ideal portable power station for campers.

BougeRV Flash 300 Price and Availability

I bought the BougeRV solar power station from the official website of the company at a price of around $340 after a discount of 15%. It is currently available on Amazon along with the official website of the brand.

As of writing this, the product is priced at $399 on its website, where you can find a 15% discount code to get it at a price below $350. The brand, as said above, features a collection of different solar panels to go with this little power station.

Final Summary

That has been my take on the BougeRV Flash 300 solar power station. In my review, the most exciting thing about the compact power station is its fast charging attribute. As you can charge it up to the brim in less than an hour from both solar and AC sources, you are indeed lucky to have this compact power station on your camping and outing trips.

Well, added to the plus points of the device are its increased portability and lightweight profile. These features make you take it anywhere with full confidence and stay connected to the world as your handsets and other devices won’t get run out of power. Share your thoughts about the little power pack from the brand. It has been really helpful for my outdoor adventures for a while.


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