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BougeRV Solar Panels, Solar Charge Controller, and RV Parts: The Best Solutions for Your RVs

Are you looking forward to buying some cool solar power systems for your RVs and trailers?

A lot of brands offer such solutions with great features. BougeRV is a key vendor that has a variety of solar power systems alongside RV parts and accessories. Here, we would like to take a look at the best BougeRV solar panels, charge controllers, and more.

BougeRV is a leading vendor of renewable energy solutions for outdoor and RV life. As stated above, along with its collection of RV accessories, the brand offers high-efficiency solar power products to let you easily set up cost-effective and eco-friendly off-grid power systems in your RVs, campers, cabin, and more.

Specifically, BougeRV products remarkably include portable solar panels, a charge controller, and a number of other solar accessories. Here, we would like to have a detailed look at the BougeRV solar products.

BougeRV Solar Panels and Solar Systems

BougeRV is all set with its Black Friday solar deals 2020. They significantly cover its 180W portable solar panel and an MPPT charge controller apart from its solar and non-solar accessories and parts. Of course, we are here to give you a complete note on each solar product the brand has put up for year-end sales.

Moreover, our notes will be helpful for you to have a glance at the attractive solar products of the company. Well, it has done a great job of arranging a line of items to meet a variety of your outdoor needs. Starting from its 180W reliable solar panel, the brand offers solar cables, connectors, and adapters.

Its 40A charge controller is also a product of good quality in the segment.

1. BougeRV 180W Solar Panel

It is a pretty large 180-watt one-piece solar panel. The rigid mono solar panel is ideal for use in a variety of residential applications as well as mobile requirements in an RV, trailer, motorhome, or boat. Well, you can put it up on the top of your vehicle or a wheelhouse to get access to unlimited portable solar power.

Of course, as a high-output panel, it can offer quite enough power to back up your off-grid power systems. By the way, by serially hooking up two BougeRV 180W solar panels, you can set up a rather reliable power system to meet the needs of you and your family in any outdoor situation or an emergency.

eRV 180W solar panels, you can


Specs-wise, the 180-watt panel is made of highly efficient mono solar cells. Added with a charge controller, you can use it to power up a 12V battery or even 24V/48V battery packs by hooking up multiple units of the same in a series. Overall, you get a one-piece powerful solar panel for all your off-grid power needs.

The built-in junction box is a waterproof and weather-resistant one. Obviously, it sports pre-installed diodes to block the backflow of current during shady hours or night. With the junction box comes a pre-attached 3-feet solar cable with MC4 connectors. The pre-drilled holes in the corners of the solar panel let you mount it somewhere easily and promptly, by the way.

The solar panel is decently durable and sturdy. It can withstand high wind and snow loads as it is made of quality materials. The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame gives it a prolonged life in service.

Notable Features 

  • 180-Watt One-Piece Rigid Mono Solar Panel.
  • High-Efficiency Mono Solar Cells with High Conversion.
  • Ideal Choice for Residential and Portable Needs.
  • Waterproof Junction Box with Blocking Diodes.
  • Highly Durable and Sturdy Solar Panel.

2. BougeRV Solar Charge Controller

Next, we have BougeRV’s famous 40A MPPT solar charge controller. It is a 12V/24V charge regulator with an LCD display. Featuring an advanced MPPT charging algorithm and a negative ground profile, it is a good choice for use in an RV or any other vehicle.

It is indeed a great pick to go with the BougeRV 180W solar panel for setting up an off-grid power system in your vehicle or home. Thanks to its improved MPPT algorithm, it can offer you a decreased maximal power point loss rate and loss time, ending up in a better yield of solar power from the connected solar array.



It is able to deliver a higher conversion efficiency of as much as 98%, thanks to its advanced digital power technology. The controller can detect 12V or 24V power systems automatically like all similar MPPT charge controllers, and it is compatible with various battery packs, including deep-cycle, gel, sealed, and lithium.

The BougeRV is indeed a highly efficient product of its kind. It has got a large heatsink to easily absorb the temperature, but it can still stay cool even in 45 degrees of weather. That is, you really get a quite efficient solar charge regulator to reliably charge your battery packs from the connected solar array.

The device features all advanced safety measures, including reverse polarity, overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, and more. It has got a size of 8.1 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches and it weighs just 2.95 pounds.

Notable Features 

  • 40Amp Reliable and Smart MPPT Charge Controller.
  • Detached LCD Display for Easy and Quick Monitoring.
  • Sophisticated MPPT Algorithm with Negative Ground Design.
  • Perfect for RV, Camper, and Trailer Solar Power Systems.
  • Compact and High-Quality Build with a Large Heatsink.

3. Solar Extension Cable with Extra Free Connectors

The next BougeRV product you will require for your off-grid power system is a solar cable. Well, as part of the BougeRV solar products, we have already come across the brand’s much-touted solar panel and charge controller. The solar extension cable, as you know, is meant to connect a solar panel to a charge controller.

As you see in the title, the main attraction of the BougeRV solar cable is that it comes with a pair of extra connectors. The solar cables, by the way, are 10AWG high-quality units with connectors at one end to hook up to the solar panel. The other ends are bare to connect to the charge controller.



The solar cable is weatherproof and highly durable so that it can endure extreme cold and temperature. You get solar cables typically in 10, 12, and 14 AWG sizes, and this one, as said above, is a 10AWG cable. It has got a larger diameter than all the other sizes and so it has a minimal power loss.

When it comes to the connectors, they are IP67-rated waterproof solutions. and the solar cable has tinned pure copper strings inside strong insulation. The brand offers a 28-year warranty for the cable.

Notable Features 

  • Solar Extension Cable with Free Connectors.
  • 10AWG Cable with Large Diameter for Minimal Power Loss. 
  • Weatherproof Cable and Waterproof Connectors.
  • Highly Durable, Thinned Copper Solar Cable.
  • Ideal for RV, Trailer, and Home Off-Grid Power Systems.

Black Friday Solar Deals 2020 BougeRV

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the BougeRV solar panels and other solar products. We have gone through three of its premium-quality solar products. They are all ideal for setting up off-grid power stations in both portable and stationary applications like an RV, trailer, camper, boat, and more.

Of course, BougeRV is well-known for its collection of brilliant RV accessories and parts, besides solar products. At the same time, apart from the solar panel, controller, and cable, the company also avails other attractive solar power products in various capacities. You can check out all its products here (paid link) and see whether it has more items to meet your needs.

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