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BougeRV Solar Power Station: 716Wh Portable Power Station with 100W Folding Solar Panels

BougeRV is a vendor of a bunch of attractive products to enhance your RV and outdoor life. It is famous for its solar panels, charge controllers, and portable outdoor refrigerators other than the RV parts and accessories. The BougeRV solar power station marks the brand’s entry into the fray of portable power stations.

BougeRV seems to have made a deal with the supplier of Bluetti for its first power station. The device it has on sale is exactly the same as the latter’s famous EB77. That is, BougeRV offers a compact 716Wh power station with a cool 100W folding solar panel and in multiple attractive bundles.

With two units of the orange-bordered BougeRV solar panels, you can achieve the total output of 200W that the power station requires. Interestingly, if you go for the BougeRV power station with 200W solar panels, it is now the best time to get the machine at a pretty cheaper price than the Bluetti’s.

BougeRV Solar Power Station

Coming to specs, the BougeRV is a 716Wh power station with a reliable and long-life LifePO4 battery. The power inverter inside is a 700W unit that can surge at 1400 watts. The included four 110V AC outlets can deliver the juice to run your essential appliances off the grid or in an emergency.

The other charging options of the device include two 100W Type-C PD sockets and as many USB-A standard ports. When it comes to the DC sockets, it carries a 12V/10A carport and dual regular DC 12/10A ports.

The 15W wireless charging pad, an LED light, and a nice display screen are other attractions of the BougeRV solar power station. Buy it with two 100W solar panels at a discount of $90 using the code, AFFPT100. 



For charging the machine, you have multiple options, including solar. To get it powered faster by a solar array, it integrates an amazing MPPT charge controller with an input voltage of 2-28V, 200W.

The included AC adapter is also a 200W unit. You can also charge it from a carport in a few hours. The brand gives it a warranty of 12 months.

It has the dimensions of 12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7 in and its weight is 21.4lb. It has got a stylish orange shade and is built with strong carrying handles for easy moving from one place to the other.

Notable Features 

  • 716Wh Compact Portable Solar Power Station.
  • Quality LiFePO4 Battery with 3000 Charging Cycles.
  • 700W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 1400W Surge.
  • 12 Different Charging Outlets with Four AC Ports.
  • Multiple Ways to Recharge at a Faster Pace.
  • 200W Solar and 200W AC Charging Inputs.
  • Perfect for Campers, Hikers, and Preppers.

Compatible Solar Charger

As said above, BougeRV has its own solar charger for the power station. It is a 100W two-fold solar charger with highly efficient mono solar cells that can convert up to 20%.

It is a highly durable and long-lasting solar charger as it is made of ETFE material.

Therefore, you can use it roughly outdoors with no worries about getting scratches and impacts. Check out the product on the link below and get it with a discount of $40 using the code, AFFSP100.



The solar charger features three USB ports on its junction box. You can pair two units of the product to achieve a total output of 200 watts, which will meet the maximum solar input of the brand’s power station.

In the meantime, the USB ports let you charge your handsets directly under the sun. So, you can use it alone in the wild on your camping or outing trips to charge your handsets in emergencies.

BougeRV Fridges and Coolers

BougeRV offers a wide range of solar-powered fridges and coolers for outdoor enthusiasts. Ranging from a 9-quart model to a 59 quart one, the brand has on sale multiple models of outdoor fridges and coolers.

It is indeed a cool idea to get a combo of BougeRV power station, solar panel, and a unit of the brand’s portable solar coolers. Thus, you will be lucky to have an ultimate outdoor ecosystem with unlimited portable power and an amazing storage facility for your foods and beverages.

Visit the link below to check out all the variants of the BougeRV portable coolers and fridges.



A 53-quart model is one of the top-seller products of the brand. Being a -4 ℉ low-temperature outdoor freezer, it can ideally store your foods items fresh with no need for ice.

You can power it up from your BougeRV power station or other options like your van’s 12V socket or a 110~240V wall outlet. With a power consumption of just 45 watts and noise of as low as 45 dB, it can ensure you a perfect outdoor freezer to store your foods.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the BougeRV solar power station. It is indeed one of the coolest compact solar power stations on the market. Available in bundles with compatible solar chargers, you are lucky to get it at the best prices. The brand has special discount coupons for buyers.

If you are looking to buy the power station only, get it at a discount of $50 with the code AFFPT50 here. And the solar panel alone has a discount of $40 with the code AFFSP100 here. So, it seems the right pick for someone who wants to own a decent compact power station at the best price.

The BougeRV power station is available in the USA and Canada markets.

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