You might love a portable solar generator or solar charger that comes in a briefcase-style design. Surely, that makes it much handy and convenient for moving. A briefcase solar generator is never going to burden you on your trips. Simply, you can take it anywhere like a suitcase by holding on its handle. Well, we don’t have a lot of briefcase solar generator models on the market, but we check out all the available ones in this article.

Briefcase Solar Generator

Briefcase Solar Generator for Camping and Outdoors

A briefcase solar generator works exactly like any other solar generator. The main difference it makes is that it integrates the solar panel into the case. Most of the time, you get the machine exactly like a briefcase. That is, you have the main components including the battery, inverter, and other things inside the case. And the solar panels come integrated to the inner lids of the case. So it becomes a briefcase solar generator.

Thus, it is simple for you to open it up anywhere and charge it under the sun. Moreover, you have everything including output ports, input inlets, display, and all other basic features on the case. Commonly, the case touts a handle or carrying strap so you can take it anywhere with no much burden. And, after use, you can store it in a small room. Stay with us to have a look at our list of the coolest briefcase solar generators below.

1. Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator

Sure, it will be nonsense to start this list with anything other than Renogy’s Phoenix. It is such a popular and affordable briefcase solar generator you can see out there today. Though not a big powerhouse, it is a perfect pick for campers and other small-time outdoor enthusiasts to charge their devices unlimitedly off-the-grid.

Specs wise, Phoenix is actually a 20W all-in-one solar generator. That means it packs up a pair of highly efficient 20W solar panels on both the lids, 10W each. Of course, if you want you can attach it to extra solar panels up to 120 watts. That would make it charge the device rather faster under the sunlight.

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The maximum output Pheonix can deliver is 150 watts. Inside you have it equipped with a 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) battery. As you see in the photo, it is very compact and friendly for portable use. You can just seize it on its strong carry handle and take it right anywhere easily. For now, it is indeed one of the most popular briefcase-style solar generators on the market. Use the link above to buy a unit of Phoenix.

2. Peppermint Energy Forty2 Max Solar Generator

The next pick on our list comes from Peppermint Energy. Forty2 Max, as you know, is the flagship model of its series of the all-in-one briefcase solar generator. Different from the above Renogy model, it stands out with its increased output. Yes, the whole Forty2 series offers high output and so is actually one of the heavy-duty solar generators on the market.

Specs wise, Forty2 Max is a  2000Wh massive powerhouse. It is built with a powerful inverter that is capable to deliver 900W continuous and 1800W surge power. See, you get the same output from both its low-end models; Forty2 Pro and Forty2 Pro+.

But they respectively pack up 500Wh and 1000Wh batteries instead. Interestingly, all the models highlight 180W solar panels each. As you see in the photo, solar panels appear on the inner lids of the case. Use the link below to see all models of Peppermint solar generators.

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The most lovely thing with Forty2 Max is, of course, portability. See, it is a completely ready-to-use suitcase solar generator. You just need to open the lids and place the panels against the sun. It starts to work quickly and you get unlimited solar energy. With its higher output, you can run big appliances like laps, TVs, fridges, and medical tools from the machine.

3. Aspect Solar Sunsocket Sun-Tracking Solar Generator

Here comes yet another amazing briefcase solar generator. Different from the above models, this Aspect Solar machine namely Sunsocket Sun-Tracking solar generator is unique with its automatic sun tracking capability. Though packed inside a suitcase-like case, you can spread it up like a flower with its seven solar layers.

As you see in the photo, the Sunsocket solar generator has all its solar panels fixed on a rotating base. So it starts to track the sun as long as it travels from East to the West. The result is you get access to more sunlight, thus letting you store more solar energy on a day. Use the link below to order a unit of the solar generator.

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The briefcase generator looks really awesome with its design. Once folded down, it is a brilliant briefcase that packs up all components including solar panels, which offer an output of 60 watts in total. Further, it has a very lightweight LiFePO4 battery inside. However, the sad thing is the 250W solar generator is a bit over-priced.

4. Voltaic Systems Solar Charger Briefcase

This is actually not a typical briefcase solar generator. It is a real briefcase with a solar panel on one side of the case. Voltaic has designed it for travelers, campers, and hikers, who want to carry a laptop and other gadgets on the go. Along with it comes Voltaic’s popular V72 battery pack that grabs energy from the solar panel.

Though not a suitcase solar generator, it is known for its wonderful portable-friendly design. Well, it is made of UV and water-resistant fabric that is made from recycled PET (soda bottles). You have a space of 575 cubic inches inside the bag to store your travel stuff. Meanwhile, it has a padded sleeve for storing a laptop up to 17 inches.

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Specs wise, the Voltaic solar charger briefcase sports a 17.6W mono-crystalline rugged solar panel. It is enough to charge the included 20Ah 72Wh battery pack in around seven hours under a brighter sun. Well, the power pack features a variety of output ports including 5V USBs, and 12V, 16V, and 19V selectable output ports. You can also charge the power pack from AC wall socket and car charger.

5. Goal Zero Yeti Boulder 100 Briefcase

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase is, in fact, a foldable solar panel, not a typical briefcase solar generator, but built beautifully in a briefcase-style design. It is actually one of the brand new versions of Goal Zero’s famous Boulder series of solar panels. On the market, there are many similar briefcase-style solar panels, but we picked Boulder 100 as a sample as long as it is such a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Boulder 100 highlights extremely solid, anodized aluminum and tempered glass build. Goal Zero has, in fact, engineered the product to work with its Yeti series of power stations. Obviously, it is built strong and solid enough that it could meet the rough conditions in camping, off-grid, and emergency situations.

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Boulder 100 works brilliantly. You can simply fold down the panels and make into an ultra-portable briefcase-style pack. Meanwhile, you can use the sturdy kickstands as seen in the photo to make sure it stays upright to grab as much as sunlight while in use. By the way, Goal Zero also sells a 200W variant of the solar panel called Boulder 200 Briefcase for users with large-scale power needs.

Final Thoughts

The briefcase-style design is indeed a brilliant idea for portable solar generators and solar chargers. Portability is the key factor that every outdoor enthusiast will look for primarily when taking a decision on buying a solar generator. That is why campers and hikers can take them along on their trips with no much disturbance.

On an emergency as well, you will love to have a briefcase solar generator. Overall, we have covered all top solar generators and solar chargers that are available in suitcase-style designs on the market. Hope it helps you find your favorite model. Share your thoughts below in comments if you have something to say. EnergyPortable Solar Powerbest portable solar generatorsYou might love a portable solar generator or solar charger that comes in a briefcase-style design. Surely, that makes it much handy and convenient for moving. A briefcase solar generator is never going to burden you on your trips. Simply, you can take it anywhere like a suitcase by holding...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |