If you are a hardcore camper you should require one or more camping power stations. Certainly, you couldn’t even think of making into the wild without a range of gadgets these days. Essentially, you would be carrying a phone, GPS navigator, oven, or CPAP machine. How could you run all such devices outdoors? Unless you don’t have a solar-based camping power station, it would be tough to ensure sufficient power for your gear.

Camping Power Stations

Camping Power Stations with Solar Chargers

As you know, camping power stations are typically not solar generators. Mostly, they are just power banks with portability features. You could charge them via wall or car charger, but going on a camping for longer days, the energy stored would run out. Absolutely, the coolest way to tackle such a situation is to buy a camping power station with solar charger. In our listicle, we recommend a compatible solar panel for each power station.

1. Paxcess 100-watt Portable Generator

Are you looking for a handy power station for camping? This could go the best pick then. As you see, it is small and handy. Made with sturdy materials, this portable power station is friendly for anywhere use.

Amazingly, you could carry it without adding any burden to your belongings. You could also put this 100W, 40.8Ah power station up on your camper, RV, or trailer along with a solar panel.

Certainly, the Paxcess solar power station becomes an ideal camping solution when bought with a solar panel. Or you could take only limited energy for outdoor use. Better buy a 100W solar panel so that you could charge it quickly under sun.

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We suggest one of Renogy’s best-selling 100W panel with the Paxcess. The downsize is it is a flat, glass panel so it wouldn’t be much handy, so you could find out a folding panel instead if you want.

2. Poweradd 180Wh Portable Solar Generator

Looking for a little more powerful power station? This Poweradd unit is more stylish and compact for outdoor use. The 185Wh machine packs a 50Ah battery and it could run variety of devices like laps, small TV, oven, and mini fridge.

Well, you could connect three output modes; 12V, 120V AC, and USB. At a time, you can charge as many as four USB devices like phone, tablet, camera, etc. to utilize solar energy for your handhelds in the wild.

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Excited to know which solar charger we recommend for the Poweradd? Of course, it becomes one of the best camping power stations only when used with a solar charger. Fine, Poweradd’s 100W solar panel is what we would like to suggest for you here. It also comes in a 50W variant, and you could buy more than one panel if you want to make charging faster. Simply, you could fold down the panel after use and pack in your backpack.

3. Jackery Power Pro Explorer 500Wh Power Generator

Jackery’s Power Pro Explorer is a wonderful all-in-one solar solution for your camping trips. As you see in the picture, it is a very stylish, compact, and handy power station with an 85W folding solar panel. You could just spread the panels anywhere there is sunlight and harvest green energy.

Amazingly, the power station could store 140000mAh capacity to deliver 500Wh output to run your gadgets and appliances right anywhere. Of course, this Jackery is one of the best camping power stations simply because it could collect good amount of solar energy in less time.

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Well, Jackery claims you could fully charge its battery in as many as 7 hours under decent sunshine. Indeed, it is a period you would be roaming around mostly during your camping. Thus, all along your camping trail, you could keep collecting solar energy and utilize it to run your gear later.

4. Renogy Phoenix All-in-One Portable Generator

What about Renogy Phoenix? It is the only ideal all-in-one solar generator in our list of camping power stations here. Though not as powerful as other items, what makes it lovely is its integrated design. Yes, you get the 150-watt machine with a small solar unit built into it, thus letting you not purchase and carry an additional panel.

Of course, if you would like to harvest more power, you could attach an extra panel up to 120W to Phoenix. Likewise, you also miss a big battery inside Phoenix. What you have is a tiny 16Ah battery that could be quite enough for charging your small gizmos, but not for bigger appliances.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator

However, it is remarkable that Phoenix is highly advanced with all basic features. See, you get it with AC and car charging options. Plus, it has MPPT solar charging technology. And making it camping-friendly it sports a multi-mode 3W LED light. Above all, you could replace its battery once the current one wears out.

5. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar Generator Kit

Wanna try a Yeti for your camping trips? Then, I must recommend the new Yeti 400 lithium. Absolutely, it is one of ideal camping power stations with Goal Zero’s Boulder 100 Briefcase solar charger. Obviously, Goal Zero is the most popular brand in portable solar power solutions.

If you would like to go for a Goal Zero unit don’t worry about anything. Always you can see good customer rating and great reviews. Just go ahead and buy the model. You could certainly make your next outing live.

Yeti 400 Lithium, as its name suggests, packs up a lightweight lithium battery. It replaces its former variant Yeti 400’s lead acid battery. Along with the new model, Goal Zero still sells the older model in attractive solar kits.

Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar Generator

You could try that model if you were on a budget. However, the new Yeti offers you a rather lightweight and portable experience. Plus, it has more charging cycles and you could also replace its battery after wearing.

6. Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

Would you love Suaoki’s 400Wh power station? Along with a solar panel, it works quite nice for your outdoor needs. You could also charge it from your car and wall outlet. It could offer you a continuous 300W output and 600W at peak. Of course, you could connect a variety of your gadgets and appliances to charge and run from the machine.

It packs up a powerful lithium battery so that you could enjoy more life and better portability. We recommend Suaoki’s own 60W folding solar panel for the power station. In fact, you could use the panel as a standalone unit to charge your devices directly from sun. Use the link below to buy a unit of the device.

Check Price and Buy @ Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

The power pack supports 18V DC and 5V USB gadgets and devices. Interestingly, this 9-layered solar panel is rich with SunPower’s high quality mono cells. You could fold it down quickly after use and pack up in your backpack in a matter of time.

7. SolarPod Portable Solar Generator

Are you looking for a heavy-duty solar power station for your camping needs? I recommend the 1K SolarPod generator with a unit of 120W SolarPod solar panel. It would be tough for you to carry a big power station.

However, you would use it in your RV, camper, or trailer. Or you could mount it in a remote cabin, off-grid house, or anywhere you would need solar energy. Simply, it is a plug and play system. You just need to tether the solar panel and start using solar energy via three output options; 110AC, 12V DC and USB ports.

Check Price and Buy @ SolarPod Portable Solar Generator

You could buy a unit of SolarPod’s 120W folding solar panel to power the generator. If you want more charge in less time, you could try more than one unit at a time. Amazingly, it comes with a storage bag so that it would be much helpful to move. See, SolarPod power station also has a strong handle to carry easily anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Camping power stations without solar panels have no meaning at all. In the wild, you are actually left with no option to charge your power stations from grid power. So it becomes mandatory for you to find a cool solar charger for each model in our list above. Hope you enjoy your next outing with unlimited solar power on the go. And make all gadgets of you and your family with full charge for all the time around.

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