Cyber Monday is just near. We think you will be loving to see some cool Cyber Monday solar panels deals. As of now, we don’t have any information from any maker on their Cyber Monday solar panels deals and offers. But we think you could check out the below top-seller solar chargers, solar panels, and kits to find your best Cyber Monday deals. Stay tuned with us after the break to find your favorite portable solar solution.

Cyber Monday Solar Panels

(Image: AcoPower, Renogy & Go Power!)

Cyber Monday Solar Panels Deals

Below we have two types of products mainly; portable solar panels and solar panel kits. Obviously, the first set refers to just a solar panel that you can use to set up an off-grid power solution in your RV, caravan, and boat. For this, you should buy additional components like inverter, charge controller, cables, and etc. Meanwhile, a solar panel kit may typically come up with all such essential components along with the panel. In that case, all you need to do is to simply assemble them to build your own solar generator kit.

1. Renogy 100-watt Suitcase Solar Panel

It is one of the top-sellers of solar panels. Hence, I am sure Renogy might have something special for this item in its Cyber Monday solar panels deals this year. As its title says, it stands out with its suitcase-style folding. That said, you could fold it down to a compact 19.9 x 27.2 x 2.8 in size, making its carrying super cool. Well, as far as the power is considered, it could offer you an output of 500W hours per day depending on sunlight. You could buy this kit with and without a solar charge controller. The included controller is a 30A 4-stage model.

There are indeed more awesome things with this solar panel. Renogy has made use of Gernam-made high quality solar cells to build it so that you get good performance. Yes, even in weak light conditions, it could deliver better energy. Moreover, being a suitcase solar charger, it features strong aluminum stand, a heavy-duty carrying handle, and a durable case to protect the panels when not in use.

Update: Renogy has launched a more compact and efficient upgrade to this 100W solar panel.

2. HQST 100-watt Suitcase Solar Panel

It is again a suitcase-style 100W solar panel. But it basically differs from the above Renogy model because it is up with poly-crystalline solar cells. Feature wise, it is almost the same as you could fold it down to a small unit and take in a carrying case. When in use, you could place it on a stand and grab as much as sunlight possible. Along with the solar panel comes an HQST 20A PWM charge controller with 10 feet wire for connectivity.

Simply, it is a cool plug-and-play system that you could use to charge both 12V and 24V batteries right under sunlight. One other thing that will attract the customer in you is its price. Well, as you see, being a poly solar suitcase, it is very cheaper than its mono alternatives. Still, you could use it set up your own DIY off-grid solar solution with quite enough efficiency and power.

3. AcoPower 105W Folding Solar Panel Kit

The next item you could possibly get a Cyber Monday solar panels deal is AcoPower’s popular folding kit. You can’t see many more folding solar panels with high capacity output on market. This one is a cool exception. You get both comfort and power with this solar panel kit though it is a folding one. As you see in the picture below, it is a three-layered solar panel that you could fold down to 22.05 x 17.32 in for awesome portability.

It is, in fact, a multi-purpose solar kit. Primarily, with the included 10Amp charge controller, alligator clips, and MC4 connectors, it acts like any other solar panel kit. That is, you could use it to charge 12V lithium batteries. In the meantime, it is also a regular plug-n-play solar charger as you could directly juice up your USB devices from it. In that case, you could remove the charge controller, which also carries an exclusive USB port, though.

4. Go Power 80W Folding Solar Panel Kit

It is another cool suitcase-like folding solar panel kit. You could gather 80 watts of solar energy from this kit to juice up your 12V batteries quickly. Just unfold the panels and place in sunlight. It instantly starts to fill up your back-up batteries to 100%. Like all other solar panel kits, you get it with a solar charge controller. Interestingly, you have  the 10A controller fixed to the backside of the panel. Also, you get cables and clamps to connect the panel to battery. Have a look at the product on Amazon through the link below.

Go Power is certainly a leading player in solar panel industry. This folding solar panel is absolutely a cool pick for you to power up your RV, camper, and trailer batteries from sunlight. After use, you could pack the folded panel in the included carrying case. Hence, its carrying also goes very simple and hassle-free. Would you like this solar kit for your outdoor explorations? Just get one unit from the above link. You have its price also there.

5. Renogy 400W Solar Panel Starter Kit

Being a popular solar kit, you should certainly get a great Cyber Monday solar panels offer for this during this festive season. Renogy has meant this kit for starters to portable solar power industry. It also comes as a nice pick for those who are looking to expand their existing off-grid systems, by the way. As you see, it comes with four units of 100W Renogy solar panels. Along with it comes a unit of Renogy Wanderer, a 30A PWM negative-ground charge controller. Also, you could buy it with Renogy’s 40A MPPT Rover charge controller here.

Excited to know what ideal output this Renogy 400W solar kit could offer? As per the company, depending on sun, it could deliver as much as 2000 watt hours per day. That is the amount of power needed to charge a 200Ah battery from 50% to fully in around 3 hours. Won’t it be a great thing for your RV, trailer, or camp tent ? Renogy packs up a collection of mounting brackets, adapters, and cables to make it a super cool solar kit.

6. Komaes 100-watt Solar Panel Starter Kit

It is a basic 100W solar panel kit that could provide an output of 500 watt hours per day ideally. Yes, it depends on the intensity of sun in your place. See, with good sunshine, you could charge a 50Ah battery fully in around 6 hours. That said, in one day you get enough power to charge all your handsets and run essential appliances. That would indeed make your off-grid life, camping, and emergency situation well-powered. Thinking to buy a unit of Komaes solar panel kit? See its price below.

The solar panel comes with pre-installed junction box and you get a 20A PWM charge controller with it. Other accessories include MC4 connectors, cables, and adapters. So simply, you could set up this solar kit very quickly to build a complete off-grid power solution. Yes, you could mount the panel over your RV, caravan, or trailer to ensure reliable flow of green energy to charge your back-up batteries.

7. Eco-worthy 120W Folding Solar Panel

It is a foldable poly-crystalline solar panel suitcase. You get it with pre-installed charge controller and wires for charging 12V batteries. So, out of the box you could just connect it with battery back-up in your RV, trailer, or caravan to charge it from sunlight. Being a suitcase-style solar panel, it comes up with a carrying handle, and latches. Therefore, after use you could unfold it and carry easily from one place to the other.

The included solar charger is a 15A PWM unit, which is capable to protect your batteries from over-charge, over-load and discharge. With the strong stands, you could place the solar suitcase anywhere in a way it attracts as much as sun energy. It is certainly one of the best selling folding solar panel suitcases on market. WindyNation also sell its 40W and 80W variants for rather cheaper prices, by the way.

8. WindyNation Complete 30W Solar Panel Kit

Here is a small solar panel kit from WindyNation in our list of the best Cyber Monday solar panels deals. This is a complete solar power kit with a less powerful 30W solar panel. The included panel is a poly-crystalline unit and that is up with a 20-amp LCD charge controller and other essential accessories. Well, they include solar cables, MC4 connectors, installation guide, and mounting brackets.

Obviously, it is a perfect pick for RVs, boats, caravans, cabins, and etc. You could easily mount the solar panel on top of your camper or tent and charge 12V back-up battery. Ideally, it could produce 180-360 watt hours of power every day, depending on sunlight, however. Great thing with this WindyNation kit is that you get a cool complete off-grid solar solution for a budget price.

9. HQST 50W Flexible Solar Panel

What about a flexible solar panel? This HQST 50W solar panel is bendable to some extent so you could mount it easily over uneven surfaces like RV roof and boat deck. Clearly, you could affix the panel by adhesive, zips, or grommets on non-common surfaces. That would certainly let it grab as much as sunlight for faster charging of your 12V batteries. HQST also sells a 100-watt variant of the same flexible or bendable solar panel.

10. Suaoki 100W Ultra-thin Flexible Solar Panel

Here comes the final pick in our list of Cyber Monday solar panels deals. Well, it is again a flexible solar panel. This model from Suaoki, a leading player in portable solar power industry, is very popular one. You could curve it up to 30 degrees and so its mounting on uneven surfaces is very easy. So if you are buying a solar panel for placing over your boat’s deck, this could be one of the best choices, indeed.

With high quality SunPower solar cells, this solar charger offers good conversion rate of 23% to 25%. Further, it features a built-in blocking diode that stops discharge of power through panel in night. Made of good quality materials, it is perfect for mounting over various outdoor surfaces like RV, campers, caravans, and distant cabins. Suaoki also sells 50W variant of the flexible solar panel for a smaller price, by the way.

Final Thoughts

Hope our list of Cyber Monday solar panels deals has been useful for to you. We have tried to cover all leading solar panels that have been available with cool Cyber Monday solar panels deals in 2015. You could certainly have a look at the list and find your favorite model for affordable prices. SwanGreen EnergyPortable Solar ChargersPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PanelsPortable Solar PowerCyber Monday is just near. We think you will be loving to see some cool Cyber Monday solar panels deals. As of now, we don't have any information from any maker on their Cyber Monday solar panels deals and offers. But we think you could check out the below...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks