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EcoFlow Black Friday Deals 2020: Up to $700 Off on EcoFlow Solar Power Stations

EcoFlow is a major supplier of battery-based solar power stations. The brand has been in the business with a range of products since 2017. EcoFlow is all set with its offers for Black Friday 2020. If you are looking at buying an EcoFlow device, it will be quite nice to have a glance at the EcoFlow Black Friday Deals 2020.

Well, EcoFlow has two series of well-known power stations; River and Delta. The first one it rolled out was a River power station and it is available in many variants today. Meanwhile, Delta is a new series with only a single model, which is a high-capacity power station to meet most of your off-grid and emergency needs.

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Besides solar power stations, the brand offers compatible solar panels and a handful of lite power banks. By the way, its power stations are famous for a faster wall outlet and solar charging, thanks to innovative technologies like X-Stream and advanced MPPT algorithms.

Here, we would like to check out various EcoFlow products on sale for Black Friday 2020 with discounts.

EcoFlow Black Friday Deals 2020

EcoFlow has announced Black Friday offers for both of its power stations. For Delta, you get a discount of up to $700. For River, there is a discount of up to $150. Both the products are available alone as well as in bundles with solar panels, extra battery modules, and other accessories.

In short, if you are planning to buy a Delta or River, it is indeed the right time. Below, we would like to have a glance at the main specs and features of both devices. So, you can easily decide on a model if you are not familiar with them earlier. Stay tuned to find the best solar power station from EcoFlow on your budget.

EcoFlow R600 with Cutter

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator

Delta is a much-touted solar power station from the brand. It is a 1260Wh device with an 1800-watt inverter that can surge at 1800 watts. So, you get a high-capacity machine to power up heavy-duty tools, household, and other appliances for an amazing off-grid life.

With 13 charging outlets, it can support a wide range of electronics. Among the outlets, you get six 1800W AC sockets to run multiple AC appliances at a time. The other charging points include two USB-A and two USB-A Fast-Charge outlets and as many USB-C ports of 3A, 60W max each.

Plus, there is a regulated 13.6V DC carport, as well.

Overall, you get a really awesome piece of power station with Delta. EcoFlow launched it on Indiegogo with much hype and it turned out to be very successful with a lot of takers from across the world. Check out its latest price and Black Friday offers on the link below.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator


EcoFlow Delta integrates the brand’s famous X-Stream charging technology for fast charging from a wall outlet. Also, it equips an advanced MPPT algorithm to ensure quick solar charging. The MPPT makes it compatible with solar panels up to 400 watts (10-65V DC 10A max) for reliable solar charging.

EcoFlow has announced great offers for Delta. It gets $200 off in its Black Friday sales and you may get more perks in EcoFlow Black Friday deals 2020. The brand also has an offer for the product in various bundles of solar panels. A kit of Delta with four 100W panels gets a discount of $700 for Black Friday.

EcoFlow River 600 Power Station

EcoFlow River 600 is the most recent solar power station from the brand.

Like Delta, the brand launched it also on Indiegogo along with an elder sibling called, River 600 Pro. Both the River 600 power stations are famous for their modular and scalable profiles. That said, you can extend their capacities further for a longer backup of your electrical devices.

Basically, River 600 is a 288Wh solar chargeable power station that can be expanded to 576Wh, thanks to an EcoFlow Battery Module, which you need to buy separately. Well, both the power station and the battery module are available for EcoFLow Black Friday deals 2020.

Check out the link to have a look at the offers and deals. Alone it is available with a cut of $50.

EcoFlow River 600 Solar Power Station


EcoFlow avails the device alone and in bundles with the battery module and solar panels. Go here to have a look at all the EcoFlow deals and discounts for the Delta and River power stations at EcoFlow.Com.

Coming to specs, River 600 has got three 600W AC outlets with a surge of 1200 watts each. But thanks to its X-Boost mode, it can even output at 1800 watts to run your higher-capacity appliances. Well, this power station also features the brand’s X-Stream charging technology for faster charging from a wall socket.

Its other charging points include dual USB-A ports, one USB-A Fast-Charge port, and one USB-C outlet. The DC outlets are two 13.6V DC DC5521 sockets and one regulated 13.6V carport. Overall, it can support most of your off-grid, emergency, and household gadgets and appliances.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on EcoFlow Black Friday solar deals 2020. The brand is offering great discounts for both its leading power stations; Delta and River. Both the power stations are also available in attractive kits along with the brand’s 110-watt three-fold solar charger and other accessories. So, it is the right time of the year for aspirants to buy EcoFlow power systems for their off-grid, backup, and emergency power uses.

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