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EcoFlow Delta Pro: Massive 3.6-25kWh, 3600-7200W Portable Solar Home Battery Ecosystem

EcoFlow Delta Pro is an enormous home backup power station from EcoFlow, the famous maker of Delta and River solar power stations. The heavy portable home battery ecosystem can offer you ultimate home backup, off-grid, and emergency power.

Delta Pro is an expandable battery backup station that can ensure you a storage capacity in the range of 3.6kWh to 25kWh with a power of 3.6kW to 7.2kW. It has got a special expandable battery pack, a gasoline generator, and a range of other accessories to expand its capacity and deliver uninterrupted power.

Along with Delta Pro, EcoFlow also unveiled a lite variant, Delta Max in a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. The Delta Max was originally a 2016Wh expandable power station with a 2400W inverter and 3400W X-Boost power. A 400W EcoFlow solar panel was also another accompaniment besides a 1800W EcoFlow Smart Generator gas generator for emergency backup power.

Update: EcoFlow updated the Delta Max series with two models – Delta Max 2000 and Delta Max 1600, respectively 2016Wh and 1612Wh lithium power stations with 2400W and 2000W inverters. 

EcoFlow Delta Pro at a Glance

EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Power Station


  • Whopping 3.6-25kWh Portable Home Battery Ecosystem
  • Powerful LiFePO4 Battery with 3500 Cycles Up to 80%.
  • Massive 3600-7200W Inverter with Five AC Outlets. 
  • Amazingly Expandable and Modular Power Station.
  • 1800W AC Charging and 1200W Solar Charging Options. 
  • Versatile Charging Options with Multiple USB and DC Ports. 
  • All-Terrain Wheels and a Telescopic Carrying Handle.

Delta Max 2000

Delta Max 1600

  • 2016Wh Modular Power Station.
  • 2400W Power Inverter.
  • 3600W X-Boost Power.
  • 800W Solar and 1800W Charging. 
  • 2016Wh Extra Battery Module.
  • 19.6 x 9.5 x 12 in and 48 Lbs Weight.
  • 1612Wh Modular Power Station.
  • 2000W Power Inverter.
  • 2800W X-Boost Power.
  • 800W Solar and 1800W Charging. 
  • 1612Wh Extra Battery Modules.
  • 19.6 x 9.5 x 12 in and 48 Lbs Weight.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Overview

The Delta Pro is basically a 3600Wh power station with a powerful 3600W power inverter inside.

But it can even run bigger appliances up to 4500 watts when its famous X-Boost mode is turned on. Thus, it can smoothly run your large appliances like air conditioners, washers, power tools, and more.

Its amazing modular feature is a thing of great attraction. You can pair two units of Delta Pro power stations to get a much more reliable power backup for both home and off-grid applications.

For home use, the brand has launched a Smart Home panel, which can make you enjoy an overwhelming power of 7200 watts through your home circuits to operate 240-watt electrical devices.

EcoFlow Delta Pro 3.625 kWh Power Station


Meanwhile, a special Double Voltage Hub can also bring the power of two Delta Pros together to get an output of 240V, 7200W in off-grid applications. That can make it smoothly run a variety of high-power outdoor devices.

Moreover, you can expand the storage capacity of a Delta Pro up to a colossal 25kWh by attaching it with up to two of its special extra battery modules and the specially-designed EcoFlow gas generator. Well, a pair of the 3600Wh Smart Extra Batteries itself can take the capacity of Delta Pro to a huge 10.5Wh.

The gas generator is meant to offer additional backup power in extended blackouts and extreme storms. It is made to work the Delta Pro ecosystem in a way you will never run out of power even in long emergencies.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Charging Options

You have multiple options to recharge EcoFlow Delta Pro.

Besides solar panels, you can rely on wall outlets, EV charging stations, carports, and wind turbines for charging. Moreover, the EcoFlow smart gas generator is another way you can keep the heavy power station charged up fully.

It offers a 1800W AC charging adapter. Thanks to the brand’s famous X-Stream charging mode, the device offers an adjustable AC charging speed in the range of 200W to 3000W. You can connect it to multiple sources like a 240V outlet, EV charging station, and Smart Home Panel.

Meanwhile, with an advanced MPPT controller, you can use a solar output of up to 1200 watts to get it charged faster under the sun. The 1800W gas generator is another quick way to charge it in an emergency.

A combination of these three options can make it charge at record-breaking speeds of up to 6000 watts.

Compatible Solar Charger

The brand has launched a 400W highly efficient folding solar charger for Delta Pro and Delta Max. it is a single-piece, folding solar charger that you can store in a small room and carry like a suitcase after folding.

Once unfolded, you get a larger and more powerful solar panel with a higher conversion rate of up to 22.4%. You can pair three units of the panel to achieve the maximum solar input of Delta Pro.



Moreover, you can use the solar panel along with other charging options to ensure quick charging.

In a combination of the solar output with an AC outlet, you can charge a Delta Pro fully in just 1.6 hours. You can have more other combinations of charging options for faster charging.

A Solar Tracker is another attraction. It is a superb way to automatically adjust the face of the solar panel against the sunlight to improve solar output by up to 30%.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Charging Outlets

The US version of the device sports five 3600W AC outlets with a surge of 7200 watts.

Meanwhile, the 220-240V variant has four AC outlets.

Coming to other charging options, Delta Pro features a pair of USB-A 12W, USB-A 18W Fast-Charge, and USB-C 100W ports each. A car power port of 126W and two regular 38W DC ports are other attractions, besides a 12.6V/30A Anderson power port.

EcoFlow Smart Extra Battery Pack

EcoFlow offers an impressive expansion battery pack.

The 3600Wh battery module is a powerful and long-lasting LifePO4 unit that can expand the capacity of Delta Pro further.

The battery pack has a size of 25 x 11.2 x 16.4 in and it weighs 84 lbs. Interestingly, you have the extra battery with the same design as Delta Pro and it touts a strong build and two built-in carrying handles for easy moving.

EcoFlow Smart Generator

As you know, it is the gasoline generator EcoFlow has designed for delivering backup power to Delta Pro and Max in extreme and prolonged emergency situations.

As per the brand, it has better fuel efficiency and is capable of charging the power station quickly.

The 1800W gasoline generator can produce a total surge of 1900 watts.

It has a size of 23.5 x 11.7 x 18.7 in and the weight goes 62.8 lbs. EcoFlow has also smartly designed it exactly like Delta Pro and its extra battery pack. It works on unleaded gasoline and the tank is a 4L one.

EcoFlow Delta Max – EcoFlow Delta Pro Vs Delta Max

As said above, EcoFlow Delta Max is the lighter variant of Delta Pro. That is a more affordable alternative to the device and can be a more fine choice for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preppers.

Delta Max is basically a 2016Wh portable power station with a 2400W inverter and an X-Boost power of 3600 watts. It has got six AC sockets and it features a 3600W dual charging option.

It can be charged with a solar output of up to 800 watts at 11-100V.



The power station features an AC charging input of 1800 watts, with which you can fully charge it in 1.8 hours.

By the way, like Delta Pro, the Max also works with EcoFlow Smart Generator for emergency power. But for the extra battery pack, it has got an exclusive 2016Wh light variant. You can connect up to two of the extra batteries to the Max.

Compared to Delta Pro, the Max is a lightweight device as it weighs just 48 lbs. The size of the device is 19.6 x 9.5 x 12 in. So, you can handle it in an emergency or in the wild rather easier than its bigger variant.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the EcoFlow Delta Pro power station and Delta Max.

EcoFlow launched the product on Kickstarter, where it could collect a massive 12M USD from over 3000 backers to become the seventh most funded crowdfunding campaign.

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