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EcoFlow Delta Pro: Massive 3.6-25kWh, 3600-7200W Power Station in the Pipeline

EcoFlow is to enter into the fray of the heavy-duty solar generators with a massive, game-changer Delta variant. The brand has officially announced the arrival of EcoFlow Delta Pro, a colossal portable power station for ultimate home backup, off-grid, and emergency power.

Delta Pro is a 3.6-25kWh heavy power station with an incredible 3600-7200W AC output. It will be coming out in July 2021 with matchless expandability features.

As per EcoFlow, you can expand the base 3.6kWh Delta Pro to a huge 10.8kWh backup with a pair of Smart Extra batteries. Added with more extra batteries, you can take it up to an unparalleled 25kWh. Thus, it can be a much reliable power station to provide emergency power for a household for up to 13 days.

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EcoFlow Delta Pro can absolutely come out to be a serious threat to the biggies like Bluetti EP500 Pro, WattAnt, and Titan. We have more details about the upcoming EcoFlow product below.

Since EcoFlow’s official announcement, Delta Pro has been creating waves on the portable power market. Though a huge power station, it will keep the portability factor with a smart design that supports its away use. As you see, it has got dual strong and durable rear wheels for easy transportation.

Update: The Brand Plans to Launch Delta Pro on Indiegogo in June 2021.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Inverter

Thanks to its powerful inverter, Delta Pro can run 99.99% heavy-duty appliances at home or away.

A single Delta Pro has a whopping 3600 watts and you can take it to an unmatched 72000 watts at 240V by pairing two units together vita its double voltage hub.

Of course, it is going to be the “world’s first portable microgrid,” says EcoFlow.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Charging

Meanwhile, with the brand’s much-touted X-Stream charging technology and a massive solar input voltage of 4200 watts, it can ensure fast charging from a powerful solar array. It will help the device become an ideal off-grid power system in your RV, home, or worksite.

EcoFlow Delta Pro with 4200W solar charging

What’s more, EcoFlow Delta Pro features a quick charging option from an EV station. With a capacity of up to 3000W fast charging, you can quickly charge it at the expansive EV charging stations across the US.

Charging it at a public fast-charging station will make it fill up instantly. It may take only 10 to 20 minutes to reach up to 80%. That might indeed be a great opportunity for RVers and domestic use.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Outlets

The brand has not yet revealed the full specs of the device, especially the information regarding its battery pack, outlets, and more. But EcoFlow has confirmed that there will be separate EU and the US versions.

But the photos shared by the brand show that it will get four AC sockets with 20A max, one 30A RV socket, dual USB-C 100W PD ports, and as many USB-A and USB fast-charge ports.

Notable Features 

  • Whopping 3.6-25kWh Capacity Solar Power Station. 
  • Massive 3600-7200W AC Power Output.
  • Amazingly Expandable Solar Power Station.
  • Fast X-Stream 4200W Solar Charging.
  • 3000W Quick Charging from EV Charging Stations.
  • All-Terrain Wheels and a Telescopic Carrying Handle. 

Final Thoughts

Though comparable to EP500 Pro, Delta Pro will certainly have an upper hand, thanks to its high AC output of 3600 watts to 7200 watts. This will reflect in its price, however. Maybe, Delta Pro will be carrying a price close to or above 4k.

The machine may likely weigh over 100 lbs. Design-wise, it certainly keeps a resemblance with Delta, and it has got two all-terrain wheels and a telescopic handle.

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    I’ve been living off all grids for 23 years. I have 24 solar panels producing about 2K watts at high noon. My battery power bank consists of sixteen L16 deep cycle Crown batteries.
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