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EcoFlow River 370 Portable Power Station: All to Know About EcoFlow 370Wh Generator

EcoFlow River 370 portable power station is indeed an amazing product of its kind out there. The compact solar power station notably features as many as nine assorted output ports. Apart from that, the EcoFlow River has got a brilliant lithium battery that could keep the stored power for a pretty long period.

Thus, River turns out to be an outstanding choice for both campers and emergency preppers alike. Coupled with a compatible solar charger, it could surely be a great companion of you in the wild or in an emergency. That is, it could provide enough backup power to support all your essential gadgets and electronics.

EcoFlow River 370 is actually an entry-level solar power station from the brand. It has got a high-capacity variant, called EcoFlow Delta. That is a popular 1260Wh power station with 13 different charging outlets. Meanwhile, an early 412Wh variant of the series looks to have discontinued by the brand.

As a start-up, EcoFlow could accomplish huge popularity by unveiling its unique products in various crowd-funding campaigns, which received a lot of backers and enough funds for the brand to go ahead.

EcoFlow River 370 Portable Power Station

EcoFlow River 370 is indeed an ultra-lightweight and compact power station with a multitude of attractive features. It has received extensive applauds from critics for its design and features. Agencies like Red Dot Award and iF Design Award have endorsed the EcoFlow power stations for ultra-minimalist profiles.

River 370, the second generation of the EcoFlow power stations, is indeed a more lightweight and easy-to-use device. Compared to its predecessor, it is also rather compact and handy. Thanks to nine output ports, you could take it anywhere and use it to power up all your basic electronics. Check out its price below.

Specs-wise, the EcoFlow River 370 portable power station is a 370Wh device and it packs a 100000mAh @ 3.7V lithium battery. There is a 300W pure sine wave inverter with a surge of 600 watts. That said, via the included dual AC sockets, you could run the household and emergency appliances under 500 watts neatly.

Besides the AC sockets, the machine highlights two pieces each of 60W Power Delivery USB-C ports, USB 3.0 Quick Charge ports, and two regular USB-A ports. Plus, it equips 12V carport.

Thus, you could use EcoFlow River to run a variety of electronics including small AC appliances like a mini-fridge and oven and handhelds like phones and tablets. By the way, the small and compact power station, weighing at just 11.3 lbs, is perfect for portable and emergency backup power.

Compatible Solar Charger

Like all other leading manufacturers, EcoFlow also offers suitable solar chargers for its River power station. For this model, we have the brand’s much-touted 85W folding solar charger. As you see, it is a three-fold monocrystalline solar charger with a higher conversion efficiency.

It is a highly efficient solar charger thanks to the condensed cutting of the solar cells. That technique helps ensure improved solar cell utilization by ending up in a better output. It also makes the charger collect solar power even under weak lighting conditions. Check out the link for its latest price and buying a unit.

EcoFlow suggests you to use two units of the solar charger to power River 370. You could connect them to the dual USB-C ports on the power station to fully recharge it in around three hours under a bright sun.

By the way, the EcoFlow solar charger is a waterproof solution. With the IP67 certification, you could use it in all the outdoor conditions. It could stay safe even if submerged in water for half an hour. After the use, you could just fold it down to a small and handy unit for easy moving.

What Makes it Special

1. Rechargeable from Solar, Wall Socket, and a Carport

The EcoFlow River 370 portable power station works with three charging options; solar, a wall socket or a carport. Being a solar blog, we would like to recommend you go with a solar charger. That is also the finest way for campers and outdoor explorers to ensure unlimited off-grid power in the wild.

Moreover, EcoFlow River 370 could only be called a complete solar generator coupled with a solar charger. Otherwise, it is just a portable battery back-up system.

2. Brilliant Battery and Lightweight Design

A brilliant battery is another significant feature of River 370. It is a mega-capacity 100000mAh @ 370Wh power station with an output of 300W. Thanks to the sophisticated lithium battery, the power station is very lightweight and compact, making it a great choice for all adventurers as well as preppers.

3. Battery with Long Shelf Life

As said above, EcoFlow River could keep power for a long period. It is certainly a great feature compared to most of its rivaling products. That is, you could keep the device fully-charged on the shelf for a long time and top it up with the solar charger. This helps you take on an emergency situation with no much trouble.

4. Multiple Charging Outlets

Of course, when it comes to charging ports, the EcoFlow River 370 portable power station is the richest of the kind. It equips two AC sockets and a number of different USB sockets and a single DC port. That is how the power station comes to an ideal option for powering up a host of your emergency electronics.

EcoFlow River 370 Vs Anker Powerhouse 400

EcoFlow River 370 strongly competes with a range of products in its category. To name a few they include Anker Powerhouse 400, Goal Zero Yeti 400, Jackery Explorer 500, and more. Well, here we would like to pit River 370 against one of its main rivals, the Anker Powerhouse.

Technically, Anker Powerhouse 400, the top-end of the series, is a 400Wh 120000mAh highly lightweight power station. It is also a very compact and handy device that you could use to ensure emergency backup for outdoors and blackouts. Fine, it could smoothly run lamps, laps, phones, TVs, mini-fridges and more.

Anker Powerhouse

As you see, specs-wise, Anker is doing well over its EcoFlow River. With slightly more capacity and power, it could give you longer support in the wilderness. Meanwhile, the Anker device misses out on some basic charging ports compared to River 370. First of all, it equips only one AC socket, while the River has two.

Apart from the AC socket, the Anker sports only four fast-charging USBs and a 12V DC socket. It is here the EcoFlow product enjoys a total of nine charging ports, including multiple advanced USB ports, DC port, and more. In short, in the department of charging options, the River 370 has a clear edge over its competitor.

Coming to the size and weight, both the machines have nearly the same attributes. As a whole, the Anker is a boxy one, while the EcoFlow River is squarish one. More specifically, EcoFlow has 7.9 x 6.5 x 5.7 in and a weight of 9.26 lbs, while its EcoFlow river is 10 x 6.5 x 8 in and has a size of 11.3lbs.

EcoFlow River 370 Vs EcoFlow Delta Power Station

Next, we would like to compare River 370 against its own higher-end model called, EcoFlow Delta power station. Released as a crowdfunding project, Delta has been drawing wide attention. This could achieve support from hundreds of backers to reach the project goal in a few days.

It is, in fact, a mega-capacity 1260Wh solar-based power station with an assortment of 13 charging points. Meanwhile, it packs up a 1800W pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 3300W. And it sports six standard AC sockets to draw power for your appliances. Check out the link below for its latest price.

Obviously, compared to EcoFlow River 370, Delta is a powerhouse with a number of great features and specialties. Besides the AC sockets, it equips two 12W regular USB ports and as many 28W fast-charging USB ports. Plus, it has got a 60W USB-C PD and one 12V DC socket.

Design-wise, it keeps the color pattern of its younger brother but is a large one with a weight of 30.9lbs. Meanwhile, the size of the Delta power station goes 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 inches. Overall, you get a hefty and powerful solar power station from the brand.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on EcoFlow River 370 portable power station. Though from a relatively newer and small-time maker, it looks to be a huge competitor to the products from leading players. But for a user, it is an outstanding way to keep a reliable solar power station with a solar charger. Thus, he/she could ensure access to unlimited solar power in the wild. Share your thoughts about the EcoFlow in the comments.

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