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FFPower 2000-Watt Solar Generator: 2027Wh LiFePO4 UPS Solar Power Generator with Crazy Pricing

If you are looking at buying a 2000-watt mid-range LiFePO4 power station at a crazy price, the FFPower P2001 2000-watt solar generator is a great choice. It is a 2027Wh LFP power station rated at 3500 life cycles or up to 10 years of daily cycling.

The P2001 comes up with a 2000W inverter under the hood and integrates six 20Amp AC outlets to run your power-hungry appliances smoothly. You can charge the device from an AC source at a rate of 1100 watts and a solar array at 500 watts.

The power station offers a UPS with a switching speed of 10 milliseconds. A truly amazing warranty of five years is another attraction of the crazy device. In this article, I would like to have a short glance at the key specs and features of the power P2001 mid-range LFP power station.

An incredible pricing of $1,499.00 (after all discounts) is another lovely thing about the FFPower solar generator. The cost is pretty cheaper compared to many of its rivaling models as it costs just 0.74 USD per Wh capacity. Buy the product here.  

FFPower 2000-Watt Solar Generator at Glance

FFPower P2001 2000-Watt Solar Generator BUY IT HERE


  • 2000Wh LiFePO4 Battery Pack with UPS.
  • 2000W Inverter with Six 20A AC Sockets.
  • 1100W AC and 500W Solar Charging.
  • UPS with a Quick 10ms Switching Time.
  • 16 Charging Outlets.
  • Dual 18W Quick Charge 3.0 USB Ports.
  • Dual 2.4A USB and Dual Type C 100W PD Ports.
  • Cigarette Lighter Charger and XT60 Port.
  • Five-Year Warranty.


  • Not a Popular Brand. 
  • Not Expandable. 
  • Other Brands Also Have the Same Device.

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