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Solar-Powered Air Purifier by Filtron: Smart and Highly Innovative Eco-Friendly Air Purifier

A compact air purifier is indeed a cool way to purify and refresh the air in your room and car. Have you ever thought of a solar-powered air purifier? Of course, Filtron’s innovative, three-layer air purifier is an awesome solar purifier. It combines an anti-allergen filter and UV sterilizer to be an extremely efficient air purifier.

The little purifier also has an aroma switch and QI wireless charger as other key attractions. Along with its solar charging options, these unique features make it an outstanding product. Overall, the Middletown, USA start-up looks to realize an eco-friendly air purifier with great efficiency in fighting pollutants.

Here, we would like to explore the innovative and smart air purifier in detail. It is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo, where it makes seeks crowdfunding support. It has already gained a notable response from the backers. If you want to be a backer check out the link here at Filtron solar air purifier.

Filtron Solar-Powered Air Purifier

Fresh air is a great part of a healthy life. It can certainly refresh your life with full energy. Hence, it is highly essential to ensure fresh air in various situations like working hours, sleeping, traveling, driving, and more. So, if you get this palm-sized air purifier, you are indeed lucky enough to enjoy life in amazing freshness.

With its handy size and compact profile, Filtron solar-powered air purifier is truly one of its kind.

Filtron Air Filter and Purifier Solar


It has got a lot of impressive features, including a three-layer changeable filtration system, which makes it comfortably filter and cleanse the air in up to 40 square meters of area. Well, its 360° filtration facility can enhance its capacity to eradicate pollens, bacteria, and heavy metals up to nearly 99 percent.

Above all, the Filtron air purifier has got a 6500mAh battery. It is what makes the device run and power up your handsets via its built-in QI wireless charger. Of course, with its battery, it is able to charge your phone multiple times on a full recharge. Use the link above to pre-order the product.

Notable Specs and Features

1. Built-in Flexible Solar Panel

The most interesting thing with the Filtron purifier is its built-in solar cell. It makes you recharge it from the sun when you are outside, especially in your car, cabin, or camping tent. In your home, you can keep the air purifier on a window sill to catch a little bit of the sunlight and to charge it in an eco-friendly way.

2. Night Mode for Comfortable Sleep

The air purifier has a night mode. So, you can run it smoothly during your sleeping hours to make sure you have a better and healthy sleep with no pollutants in the air. Of course, the right sleep is the key to healing and repairing your body and mind. With fresh air, sleeping goes a more incredible experience.

3. Hepa Filter

The integrated Hepa filter is a reliable way to trap the fine particles and allergens that are as small as 0.2 microns. Also, the Hepa can filter dust, smoke, and pollen and neutralize pet odors, and cooking smells.

4. Activated Carbon Filter

Well, the pore structure of the included carbon filters can refine a variety of pollutant molecules in the air. The activated carbon is indeed a great way to effectively block odors, air pollution, and more.

5. Cold Catalyst Filter

Finally, the device has a cold catalyst filter that is capable of getting rid of formaldehyde and other fatal gases. The process helps neutralize the critical germs and stop the regrowth of mold in the filter.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Filtron solar-powered air purifier. When compared to many of its competitors, the solar-based product has several advantages. Most notably, it is very small, compact, and lightweight in design. Further, it is the only model with a battery and QI charger to help charge a phone in an emergency.

When it comes up to weight, it is just 1.2 kg and it has a smaller noise level. The product is doing quite well in its crowdfunding campaign. It could attract around 200 backers with a sum of around $10K in a few days after the campaign launch. With more days to go, it can certainly attract more backers.

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