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Flexible Portable Solar Panels: 10 Best Flexible or Rollable Solar Panels for Portable Power

Gone are the days we only had the traditional rigid solar panels. Today, we have several advanced flexible as well as rollable solar panels. Though not as long-lasting and energy-efficient as the comparable rigid panels, flexible solar panels enjoy a lot of advantages, especially in the portable solar power industry.

Here, we go with a list of the coolest flexible portable solar panels on the market today.

As you see, flexible solar panels of any kind are extremely portable solutions for your off-grid power needs. They are quite easy for handling in various outdoor applications.

There is a large variety of flexible solar panels with different flexibility profiles and conversion rates. Most of the typical semi-flexible solar panels are bendable up to 30 degrees. It is when the rollable solar panels are completely rollable to cylindrical forms after use.

Of course, the key advantage of flexible solar panels is that you can mount them anywhere notwithstanding the curved nature of the surfaces like the boat deck, RV top, tent roof, and more.

Best Flexible Portable Solar Panels

Flexible solar panels are generally made of thin-film silicon solar cells. And so, they are very lightweight and ultra-thin in nature. They weigh just a fraction of the traditional rigid solar panels. That is why flexible solar panels are quite friendly for campers, hikers, tailgaters, and other outdoor freaks.

You can carry those solar panels anywhere in much comfort. Below, you have our list of the best flexible portable solar panels and rollable models, as well. The list will help you stumble across the best option to go for enjoying unlimited solar power right anywhere in the wild.

1. AllPowers 100W Bendable Solar Panel

We would like to start the list with a cool 100W flexible solar panel. It is from AllPowers, a leading vendor of solar panels for portable applications. The brand is certainly known for a large number of its flexible as well as regular solar panels for portable and off-grid applications.

This flexible panel is made of SunPower’s much-touted high-efficiency solar cells, which offer a conversion rate of up to 22% to 25%. Of course, thanks to its flexible design and ultra-thin profile, it can ensure great portability. Follow the button below to check out the latest price of the solar panel.

Like all similar solar panels, the AllPowers features thin-film solar cells layered over a highly durable plastic sheet. Thus, you can curve the solar panel up to a maximum of 30 degrees letting it comfortably sit over uneven surfaces, such as RV roof, boat deck, tent roof, and more.

Specs-wise, it is a 100W solar panel that weighs just 3 lbs. It integrates a built-in short circuit and a surge protection technology to safeguard the connected battery packs. Its unique frame-less design, like all the bendable panels, gives it more handling comfort. The brand also sells a 50W variant of the panel.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel. 
  • High-Quality Build and Durable Design.
  • Highly-Efficient SunPower Solar Cells.
  • Protection Circuits to Safeguard Your Batteries.
  • Perfect for Mounting Over Uneven Surfaces.

2. Renogy 50W Flexible Solar Panel

Here comes the next pick on our list of the best flexible portable solar panels. This is from Renogy, a major player in the portable solar power industry. As you see in the title, it is a small 50-watt flexible solar panel with a lightweight and ultra-thin design, making it a nice pick for your outdoor requirements.

Like the above AllPowers solar charger, this is made of highly efficient thin-film silicon solar cells that can offer you a higher solar conversion rate. Follow the button below to check out its latest price. You get this Renogy solar panel in 160-watt and 100-watt variants as well.

Renogy 50W Flexible Solar Panel

The solar cells are perfectly laminated into a thin flexible plastic sheet, which is much durable and lighter. So, it weighs just 2.85 lbs and it touts grommets and zip ties to let you neatly mount it on various surfaces. It has got a  sealed junction box to make sure it wouldn’t get damaged by water splashes.

Of course, being such a small and lightweight flexible solar panel, it is indeed a great choice for all outdoor power needs. Obviously, it has a small output, but you can mount it anywhere and connect it to a battery pack to enjoy access to the unlimited off-grid power all the time around.

Why Should You Buy

  • Lite 50-Watt Flexible Solar Charger.
  • Made of Highly-Efficient Mono Solar Cells.
  • Lightweight and Highly Durable Profile.
  • Perfect for Campers, Hikers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts. 

3. Suaoki 100W Flexible Solar Panel

Next on our list, we have another cool 100W flexible solar panel from the famous brand, Suaoki. This ultra-portable and semi-flexible solar panel features premium-quality monocrystalline solar cells made with advanced DF technology that can ensure increased stability and perfect low-light absorption.

Moreover, this is a highly durable and water-resistant solar panel and is bendable up to 30 degrees. Thus, you can mount it comfortably on various uneven surfaces irrespective of weather and rough conditions. Follow the button below to check out the latest price of the Suaoki flexible solar panel.

The Suaoki flexible solar panel weighs just 5.3 lbs and you can quickly mount it over your RV roof, boat deck, and camping tent. Well, apart from its flexible design and unique frameless design with metal-reinforced holes, the installation of the panel goes much easier.

Thus, the Suaoki product is one of the best flexible portable solar panels out there. You can use the panel in multiple units to support your battery packs by chaining them together. A single unit of the panel, by the way, is capable of producing an ideal output of 600W a day as per the availability of the sunlight.

Why Should You Buy

  • 100-Watt Powerful Flexible Solar Panel.
  • Monocrystalline Solar Cells with DF Technology.
  • Perfect for Mounting Over RV and Boat Roofs.
  • Unique Frameless Design with Mounting Holes.
  • Ideal Output of 600W a Day Under an Optimal Sun.

4. PowerFilm 28W Rollable Solar Charger

Well, the next one is something quite different on our list of flexible portable solar panels today. This is a fully rollable solar panel charger with an output of 28W. That means, after use, you can roll up the ultra-thin solar panel to a small cylinder-like form and store it neatly in your backpack or even pocket.

Of course, the first and foremost advantage of this amazingly rollable design is that you can carry the solar charger right anywhere easily. At the same time, you get a decent power output, indeed. Check out the link below to buy a unit of the Powerfilm solar charger.

The PowerFilm is made to endure rougher outdoor conditions. It is well-built with the advanced water and shock-proof technologies so you can use it in rough environments and terrains. The rollable solar charger features built-in grommets to tie down and a wrap-around fastener to contain the roll neatly.

Well, the PowerFilm product comes up with a range of accessories such as extension codes with O-ring terminal connectors and a 12V female CLA. So it would be quite handy for you to use it right anywhere to produce as much solar energy to power up your batteries.

Why Should You Buy

  • Completely Rollable 28W Solar Charger. 
  • Durable Design and Marine-Grade Materials.
  • Rollable, Flexible, and Ultra-Portable.
  • Grommets and Wrap-Around Fastener.
  • Ideal Solar Charger for Campers and Hikers.

5. PowerFilm 14W Rollable Solar Charger

Above, we came across PowerFilm’s 28-watt rollable solar charger. Here, we have a low-end variant of the rollable solar panel from the brand. It is a 14-watt fully rollable solar panel with the exact same features of its top-end model. The brand is famous for a series of similar rollable solar chargers.

Of course, you can carry it anywhere easily and mount it on uneven surfaces comfortably, thanks to its lovely rollable design. Check out the button below for the latest price of the PowerFilm solar charger.

Anyway, coming to detailed features, the PowerFilm charger is made of highly durable and marine-grade materials. So it would work nicely for all types of marine applications. Whether it is hot, cold or cloudy, or even a low light conditions, the solar charger can offer you the best results and performance.

Above all, it is very easy to mount the rollable solar panel somewhere. It comes with grommets, letting you easily tie down the panel to a tree, wall, window, or backpack. The bundle features the required extension cables and connectors. Thus, we have it as one of the best flexible portable solar panels.

Why Should You Buy

  • Completely Rollable 14W Solar Charger.
  • Made of Marine-Grade Components.
  • Rollable, Flexible, and Ultra-Portable.
  • Grommets and Wrap-Around Fastener.
  • Perfect for Camping and Outdoor Uses. 

6. PowerFilm 7W Rollable Solar Panel

Here comes the entry-level variant of the much-touted series of PowerFilm rollable solar chargers. As its title speaks, it is a 7W rollable solar panel with the same features as its two top-end options. Obviously, it is so lightweight and ultra-thin that you can quickly roll it into a cylindrical form and carry it anywhere.

Made in the USA, like all the PowerFilm solar chargers, you get a high-quality rollable solar charger. Thanks to its highly durable design and rollable profile, it is an anywhere-to-use solar charger. Check out the latest price of the charger on the button below and buy a unit.

Of course, it is one of the perfect pieces of flexible portable solar panels out there to recharge your small and handheld gadgets. You can smoothly take it anywhere in your backpack or even pocket and spread out under the sun to generate solar power in real-time and recharge your gadgets on the go.

Certainly, it doesn’t look a reliable option for charging your 12-volt batteries. But it can perfectly work as a battery maintainer so that you can certainly include it in your camping or emergency kits. It would be a nice option to top up your batteries by not keeping them drained out.

Why Should You Buy

  • Small and Fully Rollable 7W Solar Charger.
  • Lightweight and Ultra-Thin for Extreme Portability.
  • Ideal for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.
  • Perfect Piece of Solar Battery Maintainer.

7. Nature Power 5W Semi-Flex Solar Charger

The next model on our list of flexible portable solar panels is a budget flexible solar panel. This comes from Nature Power, a major vendor of portable solar power solutions. Clearly, this is a 5W flexible single-sheet solar panel with metal reinforced holes for secure mounting over any curved surfaces.

Being such a smaller solar charger, it is more ideal as a battery maintainer. That said, rather than charging a 12V battery, it is good for keeping the battery in full charge for longer shelf life. Follow the button below to check out the latest price of the Nature Power solar charger.

The Nature Power flexible solar panel is so strong and durable that you can even walk on it. It wouldn’t break or get damaged. Indeed, its rugged nature makes it perfect for rough outdoors. Moreover, the solar panel is wafer-thin as well as lightweight so that you can easily mount it anywhere in the wild.

Why Should You Buy

  • 5-Watt Small Semi-Flexible Solar Charger.
  • Made of Rugged and Highly Durable Solar Cells.
  • Perfect for Battery Maintaining Purpose. 
  • Ideal Backpackers, Campers, and Hikers. 

8. Nature Power 50W Semi-Flex Solar Charger

Of course, it is the 50W high-end variant of the above Nature Power solar charger. Yes, it can offer you an output of 50W and it highlights all the interesting features of its smaller variant. Fine, with more solar power, you can use the charger to power up rather bigger devices.

Therefore, apart from just being a battery maintainer, it is a full-capacity solar charger. You can use it to charge your 12V batteries if used with the required adapters and connectors. Check out the button below to buy a unit of the Nature Power 50W solar charger.

Its curved design makes it ideal for applications over your camping tent, RV roof, and boat deck. Further, its unbreakable protective plastic film ensures a longer life. Coupled with a Nature Power 8Amp solar charge controller, it can offer additional safety to your batteries.

Meanwhile, like the above model, it is very durable and sturdy. You can even walk on the panel. It is also very easy to mount. Simply mount it on your windows, car’s windshields, backpack, bicycle, and more for increased exposure to the sunlight.

Why Should You Buy

  • 50W Powerful Semi-Flexible Solar Charger.
  • Highly Durable and Sturdy in Design.
  • Perfect for Campers and Outdoor Enthusiasts.
  • Nature Power 8Amp Solar Charge Controller.
  • Bendable to Neatly Mount Over Uneven Surfaces. 

9. XINPUGUANG 400W Flexible Solar Kit

This is a 400W flexible solar panel kit from XINPUGUANG. As you see, it is a kit of four units of the brand’s much-touted 100W flexible solar panels. They are ultra-durable and semi-flexible panels. Well, thanks to their flexible designs, the panels can sit well on various uneven surfaces like boat decks, and tent roofs.

So, as a bundle, the XINPUGUANG is certainly one of the much recommended flexible portable solar panels on the market. You can use a bundle of flexible solar panels to produce quite enough power to run most of your camping electronics. Check out the button below to order a unit of the kit.

Each of the XINPUGUANG panels is lightweight and ultra-thin. It is only 0.1-in thick and the weight goes just 5 lbs. Of course, that is the reason why it is a lovely charger for campers, hikers, and other travelers. It is quite easy to mount quickly anywhere. Moreover, its frameless design makes it rather easy for handling.

Apart from the panels, the bundle also features other basic accessories. They most notably include a unit of 40A solar charge controller. Plus, there are the basic solar cables and connectors to make it one of the nice solar kits you can buy to ensure unlimited off-grid power.

Why Should You Buy

  • 400-Watt Flexible Solar Panel Kit.
  • 40Amp Solar Charge Controller
  • Extremely Thin and Lightweight Solar Panels.
  • Perfect for Mounting Over Uneven Surfaces.
  • Ideal Solar Kit for Boats, RVs, and Trailers. 

10. Jiang 1W Solar Battery Charger

We have the last pick on our list of flexible portable solar panels. Different from others, this is a little solar panel with a highly flexible and lightweight design. It offers just 1W and so you can use it to run smaller devices. Also, it would perfectly work as a battery maintainer. Use the link below to buy a unit of it.

It weighs just 27gm and so is a very cool charger for moving. Plus, it is waterproof and durable for rough outdoors. Well, it looks like an ideal option to charge your 6V cell batteries. The most exciting thing about the panel is indeed its flexible design.

You can easily fold it as you see in the picture above and use it to mount over various uneven surfaces.

Why Should You Buy

  • Small 1W Flexible Solar Charger. 
  • Great for Charging Your Small Handsets. 
  • Ideal Solar Battery Charge Maintainer. 
  • Highly Flexible and Ultra-Thin Design.


1. Are Flexible Solar Panels Any Good?

Flexible solar panels are ill-famed for their lower efficiency compared to regular glass panels. But they are great choices for easy mounting over uneven surfaces like a boat deck, RV roof, camping tent, and more.

Because of their low efficiency, flexible panels are not recommended for residential use. It is because they will take up more roof space to meet the ideal power requirements for a home.

2. What Are the Best Flexible Solar Panels?

When buying flexible solar panels, make sure you get the models with quality components. There are a lot of low-quality products that are made of cheap plastic and other materials, which will break up easily.

Brands like Renogy, AllPowers, PowerFilm, Suoaki, and Dokio have been long offering quality flexible solar panels. An ideal flexible solar panel is bendable up to 30 degrees.

3. Do Flexible Solar Panels Last?

Flexible solar panels are expected to get a lifetime of 10 to 20 years only. It is when classic rigid panels have a lifetime of over 25 years, and most of the brands offer a warranty of a minimum of 25 years.

As they are made of plastic and thin-film solar cells, flexible solar panels may get damaged in a short term. But they are quite easier for you to use in various off-grid applications.

4. Do Flexible Solar Panels Overheat?

Yes, they do. As they are made with thin-film plastic and solar cells, they may heat up faster than regular panels. Overheating is indeed one of the key reasons why flexible solar panels are less efficient. Also, when you mount them over the metal roofs of your RV or boat, they may even heat up the interiors.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best flexible portable solar panels. We have tried out to include all popular variants from different categories of flexible solar panels. So, it would be much helpful for you to find the best flexible solar panel to ensure an unlimited off-grid power source. You can now make your trips anywhere with no worry as you have a superbly comfortable solar charging solution.

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