We recently had a hands-on test of this cool Archeer folding solar charger. Archeer sent us a sample unit for testing. Absolutely, it is a great piece of off-grid solar charger, especially thanks to its capability for rapid charging. In our folding solar charger review here, we would like to explore everything about the Archeer solar charger.

In our test with a multi-meter, Archeer solar charger was constantly showing about 1.2A per port under a less bright sun. Of course, it is enough to power up a smart phone in two to three hours, but Archeer in its manual offers 1.8A per port. Maybe, under bright sun, that might come true as well.

As other reviewers have noted, this solar charger powers up your gadgets steady faster. Thanks to its built-in Rapid charging technology, it ensures fast charging, stable power flow and no discharge. Well, it just needs an hour charging for your digital camera under midday sun to make it shoot half an hour video. Anyways, we tested the charger with different gadgets. And below comes our full Archeer folding solar charger review.

Folding Solar Charger Review – Archeer 21W Solar Charger


Archeer 21W Solar Charger Tech Specs

Coming to specs, Archeer solar charger is just a 21W plug-and-play system. Simply, it is a 3-layered foldable solar charger with dual USB ports. Inside the USB socket comes the settings for Rapid charging technology. As you fold up the panels anywhere in sunlight (even indoors when faced against a door or window),  red LED in between the USB ports lights up! Yes, it starts to deliver solar energy.

Like all solar chargers, charging goes in full swing only when you put it under bright sun. Meantime, you can store your gadgets in its inner compartment to safeguard it from extreme sunlight or bad weather outside. However, better than connecting it to your phone, we recommend you to get a power bank. Hence, you can keep it charging all the time around and use the power for your gadgets anytime.


Well, portability is another great thing. The Archeer solar charger features four braided rope grommets so that you can simply attach it to your backpack. Of course, this folding solar charger is ideal for suspending over a backpack, by letting it grab a lot of sun energy as you walk around. When you bike, you can easily rug it up to your bicycle as well.

Moreover, as a great thing for campers and hikers, its solar panels are neatly sewn into waterproof and shock-resistant nylon canvas. After use, you can fold down the panels and fasten up with velcro. What all you have then is a small unit that perfectly fits in your backpack. By the way, size of the solar charger goes 13.2 x 7 x 2 in (when folded up) and it weighs 1.3 pounds only.


Unboxing the Package

The Archeer solar charger came up in a safe package. Being a plug-and-play solar solution, you have actually nothing to do with it after unboxing. Just tear up the pack and take out the solar charger, which accompanies a small USB cable and a user manual. Just out of box, you can put it in sunlight and start charging.


How it Worked in Our Testing

For this Archeer folding solar charger review, we had a thorough check of the product. With a multi-meter, we detected that the solar charger could render sufficient power to charge all types of handets. It produces 1.2A on an average even under a sun with not much shine. Also, we tested the charger with different gadgets like a 10,000mAh power bank, a digital camera and some smart phones and feature phones. It charges all devices very fast, starting from as early as 7:30AM when the sun was hardly out.

Amazingly, it continues to charge until 5:30PM. Of course, depending on the intesity of sunshine the output varies. In the meantime, under midday sun, the Archeer solar charger took only a couple of hours to fully charge a moderate smart phone. For a feature phone, half an hour solar charging was enough to acquire the energy to run it for the rest of the day very smoothly.


However, the solar charger could take around 10 hours to completely charge the 10,000mAh power bank. That means in two days you can accumulate the sun energy required to charge iPhone 6 around 3 times. Certainly, the best idea for a hiker is to use the solar charger with a power bank, rather than a gadget directly. Thus, you can keep your gadgets safe and grab solar energy anytime from the power bank.

What Makes it Special

Simple, Easy-to-Use Just out of Box

As noted above, the Archeer solar charger is simple and easy-to-use. It has no complex setting. Just unpack it and place in sun. You can start charging your gadgets soon after. Thanks to inner storage compartment, you can keep your handsets safe inside while you wander around. It will continue to charge your gadgets all the time the sun is in the sky.


Portable, Durable for Outings

Compared to other advanced models, it may be a bit hefty and thick. However, carrying this charger won’t be a burden for a regular camper. After use, you can just fold down the panels and put in your backpack. Its rugged and durable design also adds to the advantage of it as a super cool solar charger for campers.

Compatible to all USB Gadgets

Well, with dual USB ports, it supports all USB-enabled gadgets out there. Whether a phone, camera, tablet, GPS navigator, portable music speaker or anything else it works quite nicely with the solar charger. With dual USB ports, you can certainly charge two devices at the same time.


What you May Not Like

Being a very basic solar charger and priced quite affordably, it doesn’t feature ultra-thin solar panels. As well, it is not fully waterproof. Yes, the nylon canvas is water and mount-resistant, but not built to get by heavy splashes. The inner compartment for device storage is just sewn as an extended part of the nylon canvas. So it is not big enough and the velcro locking is also not perfect enough to store larger device or multiple devices.


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Customer Rating and Reviews

The Archeer solar charger is attracting good customer response on all sites it is on sale. As of writing this, around 30 customers have shared their thoughts on Amazon.com with its total rating at 4.8 out of 5 stars. Certainly, most customers are excited about its rapid solar charging feature. Indeed, its portability and durable design are other noted attraction points with the Archeer solar charger.


Final Thoughts

In the end, we surely recommend the Archeer product to regular campers and hikers. To have a faster solar charging solution is very important when you are going on an outing. It gives you access to the unlimited source of green energy from sun. No doubt, this Archeer solar charger is the best for beginners who want to join the portable solar foray to make their trips and outings fantastic and enjoyable.

Hope you have loved this Archeer folding solar charger review. If you own this product don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments. Or if you are looking to buy your first portable solar gadget, we recommend it as one of the best model on shelves. Stay charged all the time.

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